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CS:GO Trading Float Value Explanation
By Arnold Schwarzenegger
In this guide I will try to explain you what the float value is and what it makes up on items prices.
This guide is more likely to be for advanced traders :)

PS: I apologize for my English and gladly take any hints on my mistakes :)
Also thanks for so many clicks on my recently guide! You guys are awesome!
If you haven´t seen it yet watch it here:
It goes about avoiding scammers in CS:GO
What is a float value?
The Float Value is a number, mostly in decimals but sometimes in percentages. (View: Where can I find my float value?) This number is from 0-1 / 0%-100%

Big percentages are good but small decimals are good. This is because the percentage tells how much of your weapon is COVERED with the skin but the decimal tells you how much is MISSING.

If you have the decimal of your float value and want to get on your percentage just count 1-*float value*
For example: My M4A4-S Cyrex has the float 0.071 that means 1-0.071=92,9% coverage.

If you want to get the equivalent decimal you count (100%-*skin percentage*) / 100
For example: Your AK Vulcan has a 89.55% wear; (100%-89%) / 100 = 0.1045 is the equivalent decimal number.

This number tells you how good your weapon looks, if it has many scratches or not.
For example a Field-Tested AK-47 Vulcan can look Minimal Wear OR Well-Worn too.
It all depends on the float value.
Watch the picture. My Cyrex looks Factory New right? Well its Minimal Wear with Factory New float! You can have nice skins for cheap like that :)
Where can I find my float value?
To find out your skin's float value you need third party websites/addons. I will only list the most common ways because there are too many websites offering this service ^_^

1st way: On CSGOLounge the float value is shown in percentages since the last website update.
However it does not always show, dunno why. Just login, go on "Search" then go with your mouse on your item and it will mostly show its float value in percent. You can see other peoples float value like that too.
If you do not know the website yet you really should check it out, it is really nice for trading ->

2nd way: The website (yes this is the URL) is perfect for float stuff, it has a huge item data base too I do not use it often though so you need to find out yourself how to use it.

3rd way: A google Chrome addon called "Steam inventory helper" shows you float value and the market value of the item in your inventory, just install it (only works on google chrome browser, that's why I do not use it)

4th way: This is how I mostly check when CSGOLounge doesn´t tell me the float or I want to be very sure about it. Go on the website and click on "Search float DB"
Now you will be asked to fill in the user´s steam ID, you can find the ID if you open steam in a browser and go on the person´s profile. Then watch the URL-Link: The last part is always the steam ID.

For example my steam URL is: <- And 4nderi is the steam ID

However the steam ID can be a number too if the user did not set his personal ID.

For example this is the URL of one of my friends: <- the number is his steam ID

Just copy and paste the ID in steamanalyst and it will load the float value of the user´s whole inventory. However sometimes it doesn´t load on the first time, you have to wait 5 minutes before retry or press load several times (Thank you for the nice servers Gaben)

Float value in community market
You can find out the float value from items in the community market via the website ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.net
Just log in with your steam account and click on "Steam market" in the middle. (Don't worry the site is legit I tried it).
Here you need to post the inspect link of the item. You can get it by going to the community market: Click on the small arrow on the item picture on the left site then RIGHT CLICK what pops up and press "copy inspect link" -> Paste it on ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.net
If you do not right click the thingy your game will open to inspect!

PS: Big shoutout to ma boy Anomaly who showed me this:
What is a good/bad float value?
Here you see a picture of the float value table:

So let´s say your AWP | BOOM has a 0.16 float value.

That means it is really near to the Minimal Wear and looks Minimal Wear, that can rise the value of some items very much. For example the Crimson Web Knifes´ value heavily depends on the float value.

But your AWP | BOOM can have a 0.35 float value too that means it looks close to Well-Worn which is bad. When the float value is somewhere in the middle at 0.22 or something your item is just average.
Minimum/Maximum Float Value
This is a bit more advanced and not as important if you do not really care about float value.
To make it short: Every single skin has a maximum and a minimum float value. You don't need to panic now, everything you have read so far is right.

The minimum and maximum is MOSTLY 0-1 / 0%-100% just as I wrote.

However there are some exceptions, for example:
-AWP | Asiimov
-AK47 | Redline
-Desert Eagle | Crimson Web

This skins have a smaller wear range or in other words a lower maximum/higher minimum.
This is also the reason why some skins do not exist in all conditions and why some conditions of them cost much more.

For example the AWP | Asiimov can have a minimum wear of 0.18. Thats why it does not come in minimal wear or factory new condition because minimal wear starts at 0.15 (see picture above).

Another example: All crimson web knifes and the Desert Eagle | Crimson Web have a wear minimum of 0.06. As you can see in the picture above, Factory New starts at 0.07 so there is only a 0.01 range between start and minimum. In other words: getting this skins is almost impossible which explains why these skins are expensive and rare as hell.

I use to check skin's wear minimum/maximum.
Just open the site choose a weapon, choose the skin and there it is.
Does usage decrease/increase the float value?
It´s maybe a stupid question but many people do not know.
The float value does NOT decrease/increase when you use the gun.
Also the condition (minimal wear, field-tested,...) does NOT change.
I got so bothered by people asking for their skin´s value in the comments so I decided to make a paragraph about it.

To answer your question: YES float value can increase a skin´s value.


It depends on the skin!

Crimson Web Knifes are a♥♥♥♥♥♥load of money more when they have a good float value.

Flip Dopplers/Fades etc. are usually in very good float, the MW ones too. So this Flips with good float are not very rare/worth more.

I can not anwser the question "How much is my item xxx worth?" for every of you guys. It really depends on the case. Also I am no god at pricechecking items. So please stop asking for it in the comments. If you really think your skin is worth something open a reddit thread at:

Last but not least.
I am sorry to tell you but your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ cheap skins (all skins under 10€) are not worth anything more. Even with very bad or good float value. Sorry kids.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger  [author] Aug 25 @ 10:27am 
@tyson no it stays the same for ever
Tyson | Jul 31 @ 7:59am 
As we use continously same skins in game does it changes from fn to mw
Tyson | Jul 31 @ 7:58am 
When the float value increases of knife. And when fn skin becomes mw
Purple ninja May 19 @ 10:40am 
If you have a bad flot of the skin it isnt decrease a value of the skin
Arnold Schwarzenegger  [author] May 19 @ 10:15am 
@girthy Most of the time not.
PreBeatedMeat May 19 @ 7:37am 
Sorry, I meant to say if a bad float value detract the monetary value of a skin
Purple ninja May 19 @ 6:38am 
On the TM the low float increases the value (for example i buy ak safari mesh FT with good float by 0.20$ when in normal it costs 0.15$)
PreBeatedMeat Apr 27 @ 12:20pm 
does a low float value like .145 on a minimal wear decrease the value?
tuz1k Apr 25 @ 4:07pm