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The Radar block is a block that allows you to scan objects in space, at range. The block itself resembles a real world radar. When an object is detected it will show up briefly on your HUD. The radar scans once every 15 seconds, and when detecting an object displays it for 5 seconds. The objects it detects and their details are dependent on the distance you are from that object, as well as the size of the object.

The radar block, when enabled, acts like a beacon. The distance it scans is the distance people can see you at. Keep that in mind when using it. It is an "Active" radar, meaning it is very very noisy to others, and is why it is seen as a beacon. Other players can see you using the radar, so be careful.

When enabled, the radar actively scans the area and can spot:
a) Asteroids
b) Ships
c) Stations
d) Astronauts

The distance at which the radar spots objects depends completely on the size of an object. The larger the object, the larger it's signature, the easier it is to see.

Object size classifications:
Massive > 500m
Huge > 250m
Large > 100m
Moderate > 50m
Small > 25m
Tiny < 25m

There are 4 types of objects the radar can currently see. They are as follows:

Type classifications:

The distances at which a radar can spot objects is dependent on it's size. The distance will depends on the range you set your radar at (50km is max). At 50km only "massive" objects can be seen. The ranges you can see things are as follows:

Percentage of max range that objects of certain sizes can be viewed at:
100%-75% - Can detect massive objects
74%-55% - Can detect huge objects
54%-35% - Can detect large objects
34%-20% - Can detect moderate objects
19%-10% - Can detect small objects
0-9% - Can detect tiny objects

As you get closer to objects, their details become more specific. The detail levels are as follows:
Detail level when object comes into range:
100%-66% - Unknown object
65%-33% - Size classification - Unknown object
32%-1% - Size classification - Type of object classification

You may filter what the radar spots and remove some things from the scan. You may also set a minimum distance on the scan in case you don't want to view things that are close by. All filters are done using the block name and by adding text tags. The tags are as follows:

NoAsteroids - Ignores asteroids from scan
NoShips - Ignores ships from scan
NoStations - Ignores stations from scan
NoCharacters - Ignores players from scan
NoHud - Does not place hud markers on screen. For use with LCD.
MinimumDistance:<distance> - Replace "<distance>" will the minimum distance you want objects to appear.
OutputLCD:<name of LCD> - Replace "<name of LCD>" with the name of an LCD monitor you want to output radar data to.
TriggerSoundName:<name of Sound block> - Replace "<name of Sound block>" with the name of the Sound block you want this to trigger when something is detected on radar.

Some examples:

Radar set to 50000m

A massive roid (512m) can be spotted at 50km
A huge roid (256m) can be spotted at 37.5km
A large roid (128m) can be spotted at 27.5km
A moderate roid (32m) can be spotted at 17.5km
A tiny roid (16m) can be spotted at 4500m

Filter examples:
Name: Radar (NoAsteroids)
This will scan for everything except asteroids

Name: Radar (NoShips, NoStations)
This will scan for everything except ships and stations

Name: Radar (MinimumDistance:100)
This will scan for everything but anything less than 100m away will be ignored.

Name: Radar (OutputLCD:RadarOutput)
This will scan for everything and output to an LCD monitor with the name "RadarOutput"

Outputting to LCD does not require you to be in the cockpit of the ship. But the radar does need to be owned by you. The format is as follows (one item per line):
Radar:Description:X:Y:Z - {X:Width Y:Height Z:Depth}

Name: Radar (TriggerSoundName:DetectedSound)
This will scan for everything and trigger the sound block with the name "DetectedSound" and play the sound set in that block. This will occur even if you're not in the cockpit.

* New models
* Change block icon in hotbar
* Fix issue with not being able to input GPS coords when radar is pinging (due to it using GPS. Should be moved to hud markers)
* Fix power consumption
* Fix range so that it's smaller for small radar
* Introduce radar dampening (requires massive power consumption, changes to API)

Please remember to rate this mod if you enjoy it. Please post suggestions in comments and bugs in discussions.
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Has a minimum size feature.