Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Red Assault
Created by LATTEH

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Ive spent the...
Created by [HS]=>®omano
Version pour Rising Storm
Version pour Heroes of Stalingrad ici: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106959332

Cette carte est un remake de la carte originale fullmj_Rifleonly par Spraduke

Règles pour cette carte: il n'est pas auto...
Created by Defwen
A custom map originally created by M.Palko. Updated and re-released with a permission of the original author. If you want to receive future versions, please subscribe to this one.

TWI forums thread:
Streets of Stalingrad
Created by PsychoPigeon
64 player - city map - combined arms...
TE - Climb Up Beta 1.351
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Last Update: 04.1.2014

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Some Infos:
Mapname: TE - Climb Up
Version: 1.31 beta
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to cap the Hill / All Artys...
TE - Stalag 13 Beta 0.55
Created by |DD|Spaehling
Update: 05.11.2014

Mapname: TE–Stalag 13
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to liberate the Camp
Special Thanks to: |DD|Thor,|DD|Mad-Fred, |DD|GrimReality,|DD|-Team, Danh, 11_Harley_11 (Custom Trees), [I...
Created by BOH-rekrut
remake of the standard Red orchestra ostfront map RO-Kaukasus

alternative download links for Kaukasus-V4

clientfiles= {LINK REMOVED}

Created by BOH-rekrut
correct version(B5) for the new build
Remake of the RO:Ost map RO-Koitos

alternative download links for Koitos1943-B5

clientfiles= {LINK REMOVED}

TE-Train Beta 0.151
Created by |DD|Spaehling
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Map Type TE (Upcoming: S&D, FF and maybe CD)
Max Playes: 16 Players
Map Name: Train
Special Thanks: [HS]Romano, Twrecks, [DD]Thor, [DD]-Team Danh, 11_Harley_11 (Custom Tre...
Created by pilen
** Updated 12 of October 2015

Filip Pilebo (f.pilebo@gmail.com | http://www.filippilebo.com)

No new video for v2.0

Game Type:
Territory (2 capture points 1 fallbackspawn)

Infantry Only

Hangar ...
Traduction FR corrigée pour RO2 / RS
Created by [HS]=>®omano
Mise à jour 23 Septembre 2014. Une traduction du jeu et de ses menus revue pour corriger de nombreux problèmes.

/!\ ATTENTION: si vous voyez le message TELECHARGEMENT TERMINE dans le menu, il faut absolument REDEMARRER LE JEU car j'ai mis à jour le mod,...
Wake Island 1944 Beta v5
Created by John S͘teamOS™
Wake Island is dead. I might return later, who knows.
Also, fuck Tripwire.
Your community has shown their support for Wake, but you refuse to listen to them.

Special thanks to G_Sajer at the TW forums, and Mike over at RGN for server hosting and co...
WF-Saint Amand | Heroes of the West Map
Created by nymets1104
Saint Amand is a fictional map set in North Western France after the breakout from Normandy towards the end of the Battle of the Falaise Pocket (August 12 - 21, 1944). It is a Attack / Defend map with Allies (101st Airborne) attacking dug in German Forces....
Created by Commander Shepard

You need the Heroes of the west Mod to play this map, get it from http://store.steampowered.com/app/440090

This is the West front compatible version of the TE-Donner map with some improvements:

1. All bots Working Bots! All bots now do g...
Tank Gunnery & Small Arms Range
Created by nymets1104
Learn how to fight with the Tanks or learn how to kill the Tanks. This is a single player practice map similar to the Practice Range map in Darkest Hour. You can choose to operate any of the 4 Tanks or play as the AT Rifleman. Targets will respawn at diffe...
Created by BOH-rekrut
3rd place of the phase one mapping contest in the category best original level

ready for the current build

alternative download links for Univermag-B5

clientfiles = {LINK REMOVED}

serverfiles= http://www...
Animal Pak Ro2 main menu background + splash
Created by couch potato
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Bloodthirsty beast hunts german kids in snowy Russia.