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Double Phoenix Materia Glitch/Exploit [DISC 2]
By Ramza
Simple trick on how to attain TWO raw Phoenix Materia - very useful for obtaining Master Summon Materia

The following is a quick guide on how to obtain two raw copies of the Phoenix materia through an exploit in the game, which is very easy to do. This might seem pointless but actually saves a lot of time/effort in the long run later in the game (explained in the next section). This exploit only works pre Disc 2, before or on the Huge Materia mission at Fort Condor.

Why is This Glitch Useful?
Later in the game, if you master a complete set of every single summon materia in the game (roughly 1Million AP), you can receive a special materia from Bugenhagen (given you didn't fail the Huge Materia sidequests on Disc 2), called the "Mater Summon" materia. This has every single summon in one materia, so as you can imagine it's very useful and very strong. It's also required to get at least 3 full sets of the Master Summon materia to complete a perfect game (something a lot of people strive for).

This is why the glitch is useful. By having two fresh Phoenix materia, you can immediately begin to master both without having to wait for the second one to be born (which you will have to do with all the other summons). Although it might not seem like much, this still shaves a lot of time out of the AP grinding.
How to Perform the Glitch [Video Included]
Video quickly showing the exploit in action and how simple it is. Read on to find out what the requirements are to do this.

During the Shinra raid on Fort Condor on disc 2 for the Huge Materia, you must take part in a mandatory mini game. Win or lose, you will fight a boss battle vs an enemy called CMD Grand Horn

  • It's very important that you don't lose this battle, as if you do, you will be kicked out of Fort Condor FOREVER and will be unable to perform this exploit if that happens.

  • After the battle, a scene occurs and the phoenix materia becomes available to you outside to pick up. The man upstairs tells you to go outside and inspect what happened.

  • This is the beginning of the exploit. DO NOT head outside here, but instead leave the materia there until Disc 3. Don't worry, it won't disappear.

On Disc 3 in the Bone Village, you can dig up the Phoenix Materia in the spot shown below.

With your first Phoenix materia in hand, fly back to Fort Condor and now proceed to head outside and pick up the second Phoenix materia!

And that's all there is to it. If you did this correctly, you will now have 2 raw copies of the Phoenix materia in your inventory!

Why Does This Work?
To my knowledge, the reason why this works is quite simple. The game allows you to dig up certain missable/rare items at bone village later in the game, most notably the w-item materia, Bahamut ZERO and Phoenix. However, the Phoenix materia is unique in that if you don't pick it up and just leave it at Fort Condor, the game still marks it as "missed" allows you to dig it up at Bone Village.

Since you can get kicked out of Fort Condor and forget to pick up the Phoenix materia on the way out, you are ultimately locked out of getting it until Disc 3. The game assumes this is the situation and thus when the Phoenix materia is left "unpicked up" it believes you have been kicked out, thus putting one at Bone Village. This allows you to dig one up and then proceed to pick another one up at Fort Condor, assuming you haven't been kicked out.

This is unique and different from the w-item and Bahamut ZERO materias ; these are legitimate missable materias that cannot be backtracked to, thus why the game lets you dig them up at the Bone Village. Phoenix is different in that you fool the game into thinking you've been kicked out and have "missed" the Phoenix materia.