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Three Days
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 6, 2015 @ 10:21am
May 19, 2017 @ 4:07am

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Closed beta testing
First gameplay Video By VirtualGeckoRaptor
Release date: October||December 2015 Delayed due to life march 2016 hopefully id rather get it done without issues

The SCP Foundation wiki and all unique concepts and terms associated therewith are licensed under Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 Below is presented credit for the foundation and relevent licence:

Link to the Foundation wiki:

I also reccomend that you take a look at the foundation there are some really cool imaginative stories that will keep you interested for ages. :


You are a lead scientist working for the SCP foundation on a super secret project [SCP-2432]. However something goes terribly wrong and the ship you are on containing the SCP explodes. you wake up on a distant island surrounded by a vivid environment, the last message on your smart-watch says "You have 3 days to evacuate." Use your skills to create boat and survive this mess. find the secrets of what really happened to the island and escape in time !

Extract from SCP 2432 documentation:

Special Containment Procedures: all contact with SCP-2432 is to be followed with immediate quarantine and decontamination of contaminated subject; if decontamination fails immediate termination of subject must proceed.

All personal must keep 20 ft away from plastic walls of SCP-2432 containment; any breach of this must be dealt with via immediate termination from the foundation followed by decontamination of subject. Once again if this decontamination fails immediate termination of subject must be followed.
SCP-2432 is to be kept within a 16cm thick plastic container housed within an explosive proof 4cm lead housing. Tests on SCP-2432 must be taken via robotic equipment (no human contact is to be made at any point!). SCP-2432 is to be experimented on in these conditions only; any breach of this will follow termination to the foundation subject.
Addendum-01: D class subjects placed in proximity of SCP-2432, orders as follow:

Date of tests: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subject—2293G- D-Class
-Command: [Touch SCP-2432]
-Response: subject walks towards SCP-2432 then panics and runs towards blast door, Subject was removed from the containment and terminated later autopsy showed tar like substance in blood, subject-2293G is kept within containment subject re-classed as SCP-2432-01.
Subject—2578L – D-Class
-Command:[Touch SCP-2432]- subject linked to wireless monitoring
-Response: Subject walks towards SCP-2432 and touches the instance, subject then told to sit down, 1.5 hours pass noticeable changes to subject. Skin 3 tones lighter that before, hands noticeably worn down. Black tar like ooze started to drip from skin, subject attempted to attack class 4 personal trough glasses, and subject was terminated.

-Further tests on living subjects ceased indefinitely.

Exposure—tier 3 gamma radiation-
-Command:[exposure to radiation class 3 ,starting at 100 ending at 7000 ]
-Response to 100 MsV: No noticeable effects
-Response to 2000 MsV: slight glow from centre of SCP-2432
Response to 5000 MsV: SCP-2432 weight dropped, hard to see trough contained window as brightness is, recorded
Response to 7000 MsV: SCP-2432 emitting a sharp screech detected with microphones implanted in the room, the mas has dropped 97.65% along with size decrease.

Exposure— Light –lux –starting at 10 ending at 120
-Command:[exposure to radiation [Light],starting at 5 ending at 120 ]
-Response to 5 lux: No noticeable effects
-Response to 50 lux: slight glow from centre of SCP-2432
-Response to 67 lux: SCP- 2432 mass has dropped 67%
Response to 120lux: All traces of SCP-2432 seem to have gone but reappeared after even, more tests needed.


Simplistic Creation system no inventory:
The non-inventory part of the game is a risk but if I do it the way I think I think it will work , the player will drag 2 objects together to create a new object and so on. Currently this is fully functioning and works really well.

Random terrain generation:
The terrain generation creates an island in under a second and then any underlying blocks are deleted to reduce lag on the system, the system altogether produces between 900-1500 terrain tiles that make a fully random island each time.

Mood system:
The mood system has 15 different mood 6 per category, this is set up with the amount of hunger for example if the player has between 450 and 500/500 hunger points they will receive a good mood that will give them perks and stat boosts such as speed increases, on the other end of the scale if the player is below 50/500 hunger they will receive negative stat boosts such as speed decreases.

Stats system:
The stat system contains 4 different things: time left, health, hunger, temp and moods. There is also now a hydration system that brings more depth to the game.

The auto mine feature will allow the player to walk up to a tree or resource and mine without having to click on it will automatically be detected by the player and the player will start breaking the object that it is near which will make it a lot easier than having to use buttons to do so, and give the control system a simple layout that doesn't use the keyboard much and mainly relies on the mouse. I feel that till will encourage the user to play the game more casually however i will be implementing WASD movement soon.

The stats system is split into three areas , these are health which is affected by the balance of the following 2 stats which are hunger which has to be maintained to a good level which affects the stats system also the temperature system has to be kept to a good level such as if it gets too hot the player will set on fire and die and if the player gets to cold they will freeze and slow down and also lose health, it is best of the player can keep these stats to a good point without dying.

Player Attack system:
The player will create items such as spears and simply hovering it over the enemy will take health away, this combined with moving the character can make for a fun experience when battling.

Fishing mechanic:
The fishing mechanic is something I added on the side of the other more refined mechanics however the fishing rod is created via the creation system. The player will also be able to bypass this with leveling up and getting different perks.

Hydration system:
The hydration system is implemented as an extra stat for the player to look after. They will have to maintain this and with the hunger it will directly affect the mood of the player. I have implemented this and allow the player to find items that will be able to hydrate them with items such as berry’s, and purified water jars.

Upgrade/leveling system:
The upgrade and leveling system will be based around experience the player will gain from the resources they break, the levels will increase exponentially and give the player PP(perk points)each time they level up so they can upgrade their stuff. The upgrade menu will be simple to access , simply by holding down the "U" key

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@Aespher Out on steam wednesday next week :
Aespher May 7, 2016 @ 9:33pm 
The Fossil Poacher  [author] Mar 25, 2016 @ 4:31am 
@A Rather Secure Sitherene Its a fanmade scp game,i havent put it on the scp foundation website. Its a compleatly new original tale . if your interested you can play it :)
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SCP-2432 doesnt exist on the foundation website.
Etangalang Feb 22, 2016 @ 6:33am 
EY b0ss, that's pretty good!
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@ Lueshie Nice job.
The Fossil Poacher  [author] Feb 13, 2016 @ 2:44am 
@^6 RG hacker eleet bb Tutorial has been added :)
england Jan 31, 2016 @ 2:49pm 
Played the Beta, great game, but I feel its not very user-friendly.

Perhaps adding a Tutorial?
Bacon Overlord® Jan 14, 2016 @ 11:41am 
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the finished game.