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ROK Server Update Changelog
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A per-version guide on anything you need to know when updating server versions.
R10 Server Changes
Authentication Changes:
  • Removed the steamAuthTimeout from the ServerSettings.cfg because it's no longer used.
  • Fixed a bug in the steam authentication that may sometimes cause the server to crash on logout.
  • Added a more useful error on the server when the steam authentication fails to initialize.
  • Fixed a bug in the steam authentication that could cause the server to reject a player if they login, logout then login again really quickly.
  • Improved the backend performance of logging.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a client from connecting to a server that is hosting on a port above 32767.

Paging Changes:
Paging has been changed to allow objects to be instantiated over time. This allows more densely populated areas of the map to be loaded in smoother. Previously loading in a dense area could cause large pauses. Changes were also made to treat empty areas more cleanly, thus reducing the cost of disk I/O and general garbage creation.
  • Instantiate objects over time to reduce the impact while paging.
  • Instantiate things in two parts to reduce the chance of breakage due to missed states.
  • Pool block page cells to lower the impact of block instantiation.
  • Introduce some versioning in paging to try and eliminate the need for breaking future save.
  • Update previous saved data to the current paging system.
  • Reduce some of the garbage produced by paging.
  • Create a system so that block events are delayed so state changes won’t be missed.
  • Reduce disk I/O by requiring disk reading so often.

What you need to do:
This update should not require any changes from you. It should work with the same settings you had before. Your old saves will be upgraded to work with the new paging system.

From our tests we did not see any problems with the upgrade. But, just in-case, the paging system does a backup of the old page files. If a problem does arise, when we fix the problem you can revert your page files to the old ones then run the server again to perform the upgrade again.
R8 Server Changes
  • Switched to a more secure Steam Authentication system. This new system requires server administrators to allow another port through their firewall. The default port is 27015. When running multiple servers on the same hardware you will need to change this port so it is different for each instance of the game server.

So make sure to also port forward the steam port! Default 27015

For more information about port forwarding, visit the Playing With Friends section on the page below:
Alpha 22 Server Changes
Alpha 19 Server Changes
  • A new feature that only allows players to play on a server if their ping is within a limit.
  • Auto Restart added to the server console.

Ping Limiter
The ping limiter is a feature of the server that will kick players if they have a bad connection over a period of time.
How to Enable:
  1. Download the latest build through steam and run Server.exe at least once to generate your config files.
  2. Open ServerSettings.cfg from the Configuration/ folder.
  3. Find the Ping Limit section and change:
    enablePingLimit = 'False'
    enablePingLimit = 'True'
    Typically you want the pingPort to be the same as portNumber from the Server section.

Console Auto Restart
You may have noticed that the game already has an auto restart option in ServerSettings.cfg. This is a legacy option for those who do not use the Server Console. It is recommended that if you use the Server Console that you disable the auto restart in ServerSettings.cfg and instead enable the auto restart inside of ConsoleSettings.cfg.
How to Enable:
  1. Download the latest build through steam and run Server.exe at least once to generate your config files.
  2. If you currently use the auto-restart in ServerSettings.cfg:
    • Open ServerSettings.cfg from the Configuration/ folder.
    • Find the Server section and change:
      restartTime= '300'
      restartTime = '0'
  3. Open ConsoleSettings.cfg from the Configuration/ folder.
  4. Find the Auto Restart section and change:
    autoRestartTime = '0'
    autoRestartTime = '18000'
    18000 seconds = 5 hours
  5. Save then, start your server again.
Alpha 17 Server Changes
  • Server console can now automatically update your server files.
  • Server.exe is able download all of the necessary files to run a server.
  • A new dedicated server app was created to download the build with anonymous login. (381690)

Server Console Auto Updating
  • How to Enable:
    1. Download the latest build through steam and run Server.exe at least once to generate your config files.
    2. Open ConsoleSettings.cfg from the Configuration/ folder.
    3. Find the Auto-Update section and change:
      autoUpdate = 'False'
      autoUpdate = 'True'
    4. Save ConsoleSettings.cfg then start Server.exe again.
      You will notice another command line window opens when it checks for updates. This is normal.
  • How turn on updating checking when the server is running:
    If the update interval is turned off the server console will only check for updates when starting or restarting the server.
    1. Download the latest build through steam and run Server.exe at least once to generate your config files.
    2. Open ConsoleSettings.cfg from the Configuration/ folder.
    3. Find the Auto-Update section and change:
      updateCheckInterval = '0'
      updateCheckInterval = '300'
      300 seconds is 5 minutes.
    4. Save ConsoleSettings.cfg then start Server.exe again.
      It will now check every 5 minutes to see if there is an update. If an update is found while the server is running, it will safely shutdown the server then restart it after the update.

Use Server.exe to download the server files.
You can now use Server.exe by itself to download all of the necessary files to run a server.
  • Simply run Server.exe by itself and it will ask you for an app id. Our dedicated server app id is 381690. After entering the app id it will start downloading the files. You will notice it opens another window, it is entirely normal for it to do this.
  • You can skip entering the app id in the console by placing a file called "steam_appid.txt" and putting 381690 as the files contents. This could be useful for running many servers on the same machine.
  • You can also use an existing ConsoleSettings.cfg file to skip entering the app id in the console.

A New Dedicated Server App
We created a new app so server administrators don't need to use a steam account to enable auto-update on their server.
  • If you enable auto-update and it is asking for your steam login, follow these steps to use the anonymous login instead.
    1. Download the latest build through steam and run Server.exe at least once to generate your config files.
    2. Open ConsoleSettings.cfg from the Configuration/ folder.
    3. Find the Auto-Update section and change:
      steamAppId = '344760' userName = ''
      steamAppId = '381690' userName = 'anonymous'
    4. Save ConsoleSettings.cfg then start Server.exe again.
    5. it should no longer require you to login to auto- update.
Alpha 15 Server Changes
  • New server console that starts and monitors it's server and restarts it if it freezes. (Server.exe)
  • Fixed some major bugs with the /permission command. It can now be used again.
  • Added multi-level support to the server config files.
  • Removed the Game Mode config value because it was not actually used.
  • Added a config option to adjust the server fps cap. (Higher fps caps will consume more cpu power)
  • Previous saves are no longer compatible with the current version.

The New Server Console
The new server console allows administrators to manage the server through commands and chat. When you enter chat in the console it sends a chat message as the server player. You can perform any command as the server. (Stuff like /feed probably won't work)

The server console also monitors the server and restarts it if it does not respond for over 30 seconds. (You can change this time in ConsoleSettings.cfg)

This is what the server console looks like:

If you close this window, it will shutdown your server or if your server is not responding, it will kill the server process. Killing the server process may result in up to 5 minutes of save rollback.

  • How to use:
    1. Get a copy of the build from steam.
    2. Run Server.exe.
    3. It will tell you to look over your configuration files and close. (Only if it is the first time you have run the server)
    4. Look over your config files under the Configuration/ folder. ServerSettings.cfg will have the most important values.
    5. Run Server.exe again.
    6. You will know that the server has finished loading because the message below will appear:
      Type /shutdown to shut down the server.
  • Common problems:
    1. My server just shows an error and shuts down!
      This can happen for many reasons:
      • If the console says it cannot connect to the server, try increasing the connection timeout from 30 to 90 seconds in the Configuration/ConsoleSettings.cfg file. This is happening because your server is not starting up fast enough for the server console to connect to it.
      • If you are trying to run multple servers, make sure you have a unique port number in ServerSettings.cfg for each server.

The Permission Command
The permission command is now available again.
Type /help permission in the server console or in-game for help with the command.

Multi-Level Support
You can now change the level that the server runs in the config file!

  • How to start a new world with a different level:
    1. Ensure your config files exist under the Configuration/ folder by running the server at least once.
    2. Open ServerSettings.cfg under the Configuration/ folder with a text editor. (NotePad)
    3. Find where it says worldSlot and change the number in single quotes to -1. It should look like this:
      worldSlot = '-1'
    4. Find where it says levelName and change the level name to one of the levels listed below. It should look like this:
      levelName = 'StormWall' # CrownLand, StormWall
  • Current Available Levels
    1. CrownLand - The original island map where the ancient throne is atop of a massive stone statue of a knight.
    2. StormWall - The second island map where the ancient throne is surrounded by a moat.

Removed Game Mode
We have removed the game mode value in ServerSettings.cfg because it was not actually being used by the game.

Server FPS Cap
We added a server FPS cap value to the ServerSettings.cfg file. The default value is 60. The higher this value is, the more CPU power will be used by your server.

Previous Saves Not Compatible
Any save that is from Alpha 14 or lower will no longer load when you launch a server.
Alpha 14 Server Changes
  • New ServerSettings.cfg entry timeBetweenPlayerJoin = '10'
    This entry tells the server how many seconds it should wait before allowing another player to join. During this time the player will be placed in the queue. Setting this value to 0 will disable the feature.
  • If a server is still loading any connecting players will be placed in the queue until the server has loaded. Once the server has loaded, it will start allowing players to join. (See above)
  • Community servers now have hack protection from EAC. Any user found hacking will be banned (silently) on that server. Currently this feature cannot be disabled on community servers.
  • The permission command has been disabled due to bugs being introduced. This is temporary until we can fix the problem. To edit your permissions you will need to edit the config and restart your server. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Known Problems
  • Cannot ban players!
    This was fixed in a hot patch soon after the release of Alpha 14. Make sure to download the latest version from steam and update your servers.
  • Guild chat is not working!
    This is because the guild chat format has changed. If you are lazy you can simply delete the Permissions.cfg file and restart the server to generate a fresh permissions file.
    For those who don't want to reset their permissions:
    The problem lies within the guildFormat entry in the permissions config.
    1. Navigate to your server folder and open the file Configuration/Permissions.cfg
    2. Replace
      guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]'
      guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %name% : %message%[-]'
    3. Make sure you replace all instances of the above.
    4. Save the file then restart your server.
  • If you are having any more problems please feel free to leave a message. We do see them, even if we do not respond.
Alpha 13 Server Changes
  • Some bugs have been introduced in the /permisisons command. It is recommended you do not use this command. Instead edit the permission file directly and restart the server. This is only temporary until the bugs are fixed.
  • Fixed some inventory bugs however old saves may contain broken items that could have unintended effects to players' inventories. It is recommended you clear saves of your server but not necessary.
Alpha 12 Server Changes
  • The main change you will notice as a server administrator is that the save location has changed for your world data.
  • Now the save location is located next to ROK.exe under the Saves/ folder.
  • The guest group no longer exists in the permissions file. It was instead replaced with the default group. You should not need to worry about this if you did not change the permissions.cfg.

How to Use Your Old Saves
Now the save location is located next to ROK.exe under the Saves/ folder.
  1. Ensure that a folder name "Saves" (without the quotes) exists beside ROK.exe.
  2. Locate your old saves located at %appdata%\..\locallow\Reign Of Kings\ ( paste that in windows explorer )
  3. Copy all of the contents from the appdata folder into your Saves/ folder next to ROK.exe.
  4. Ensure the ServerSettings.cfg under the Configuration folder has the "worldSlot" value set to the slot you want to load. This number should be the same number as the number at the end of the world folder. So Saves/Slot1 would mean you need to change it to worldSlot = '1'
If you have multiple world slots and don't know what which one your server was using before. It is most likely the slot with the highest number.

How to Change the Save Location
You can now change the save location to any location on your computer.
  1. Ensure you have config files under the Configuration folder. If you do not you can generate default config files by running the server once.
  2. Open the ServerSettings.cfg file located in the Configuration folder.
  3. Where it says saveLocation = 'Saves/' change Saves/ to the new save location.

The Guest Permission Group was Removed
The guest group was originally for players who have not registered on the server yet. However, in Reign of Kings, it is no longer needed since players register their names in the character customization screen.
The guest group was just making the already confusing permissions system more confusing. So we decided to remove the guest group and instead all players are added to the default group.

Your permissions config may look like this now.
# guest { # nameFormat = '%name%' # chatFormat = '%name% : %message%' # guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]' # permissions { # - 'rok.fairplay' # } # } groups { default { default = 'True' inherits = 'guest' nameFormat = '%name%' chatFormat = '%name% : %message%' guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]' permissions { - 'rok.fairplay' } } admin { nameFormat = '%name%' chatFormat = '%name% : %message%' guildFormat = '[00CC00][%guild%] %chatFormat%[-]' inherits = '' permissions { - '*' } } } macros { } users { }
This is perfectly fine. The # symbols infront of the guest group just means it was commented out. Our configuration file code never deletes values from your configs, instead it comments it out so you don't lose any valueable data.
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