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Future Flier
Created by Populus
You gotta lick my hat Scout. You gotta - listen *burp* there's no time Scout, you need to *burp* lick my hat. We need to go to the future Scout. It's important.

Populus - Animation, hoverboard model texture.
Sparkwire - Hoverboard Model.
Greg - Promos...
Hoodoo Hex
Created by Hypo
What was that? a sudden twinge in your spine? Its probably nothing to worry about... Probably.

Hypo - animation, promo video, SFM poster

Zoey "Sexy Robot" Smith - doll model, backpack icon

Square - concept, concept art, SFM po...
Taunt: Zoomin' Broom [All Class]
Created by Populus
Spooky race!

Challenge your friends to a broom race!

Check out the Sorcerous Student here!

---Technical part---

The taunt animation is built so it could work with movement in conga-li...
The Corpse Carrier
Created by Sparkwire
The only thing worse than your buddy dying in your arms is your buddy killing in your arms...
The Slasher's Staple
Created by @NoNotTheMemes
Are you scared of what lurks in the dark?

Mod Download Here![][IMG]http://orig03.deviant...
The Squid Pro Quo
Created by Segab
an inkredibly stubborn hat friend

Model & Texture - Segab
Concept - GetGrenade...
Halloween Balloons
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
We all float down here, Scout! We all float!

Don't you want one?

* Balloons have jigglebones...
The Schuhplattler Dance
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
A traditional German dance, called the "Schuhplattler", performed by the Medic.

Note: The animation is 10 seconds long. If it was the standard 3-5 seconds, it would need to be cut or sped up.

[UTaunt] Puppet Master
Created by FissionMetroid101
With movements that ridiculous, someone else must be pulling the strings.

FissionMetroid101 - Particle Editing
Jimm Dallas - Concept
Dr.Squidbot - Renders...
Balloonicorn Onesie
Created by Dewzie
Now everyone will know you were too busy trading hats to make your own Halloween costume from scratch....
Created by PEAR
Made for the Batman arkham contest!

Paintable and available for :

Spy LOVE ME...
Glacial Gauntlets
Created by Mr. Tinder
Revenge is a dish best served cold...
Galactic Gastropod
Created by RetroMike
OK, so they were a little slow and missed the ships headed for the Invasion. Maybe they will catch the next one? Give em a break, they are slugs after all.

-All class!
-Face flexes!
-Jiggle bones! (On pyro since he has no flexes)
[Unusual Effect] Rave in the Grave & Death by Disco
Created by Chaofanatic
Now here’s an unusual that’s sure to rattle your bones!
Let me tell ya, I felt like I had a femur dream working on these.
Worked right to the carpals, and that ain’t a fibula!
What? You don’t think these puns are humerus?
Come on, grow a spine.
Nah, ...
Fumbler's Fanfare
Created by Codenator
Everybody makes mistakes, rub it in with this trombone taunt!

Codenator: Animation, video, backpack icon
FiveEyes: Modelling, texturing, promos...
Taunt: The Catwalk
Created by Nonamesleft~
A new way to strut your stuff and be fashionably late to mid!

See video above for demonstration.

The music in the trailer is not part of the taunt....
Puppet Fortress
Created by Astute
"Functionally identical."

Wow, where to start with this. These guys were originally supposed to be simple background props to add ambience to my puppet-themed Medic set. Boy, did this get out of hand. They went from hand-sized marionettes to fu...
Brooks' Bouffant REDUX
Created by Yikes
I love my big curls.

Based on Stephanie Brooks by James-AB! (warning: occasionally lewd)

sadly he could not accept revenue this time, so he told us to submit w/o him.

Paintable band...
Created by Sir.Grey

The long awaited nope.taunt is finally here, brought to you by CrazyHalo, Kritzkast[] and by the creator of this iconic meme: [url...
Created by InfectedPotato
- Paintable
- Self illum
The Crystal Seeker
Created by K_Factor
Store all your hard earned, self-mined crystals in this convenient bag.


K_Factor: Model
Dim: Concept
ToxicWeasel: Textures, UV, Jigglebones
Daesdemona: Promos...
The VAC Badge
Created by Quin
For the Good, the bad but not the banned.

This item is merely a suggestion to valve since alot of people on reddit and other communities suggested a re-destribution of the "Cheaters Lament" after the huge ban-wave on april 30th 2016, wich many said woul...
The BFG-9000
Created by Netorare
You can try this weapon as a Cow Mangler mod here:

"Mine eyes can but weep as they bear witness to the majesty... the BFG-9000!"

Since the release of Doom in '93, the BFG-9000 has been one of the most iconic an...
Maurice Le Mischeesvious
Anyone who carries around gold coins with their own face embossed on them almost deserves to have them stolen by our crafty villain Maurice! I'm looking at you, Lizzy.
Soviet's Slicer
Created by Kirillian
"We will take the fight to their land. To their people. To their blood."

-Updated image for Frontline! Community Update.

Check sketchfab outside of steam browser to see the model in 3D View! That's rad!
Idea Box 7000
Created by ToxicWeasel
Solve even more practical problems and keep a plentiful supply of your important designing equipment with this dispenser for the technically gifted!

Team Colours
glowing screen
3 LODs

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promo: T...
v a r i o u s ~ a r t i s t s
Created by bakscratch

#1 Best looking map on workshop ~ All Time
#1 Best soundtrack ~ All Time
#1 Most creative map ~ All Time
#1 Best lifestyle ~ All Time
#1 Best map that isn't v a p o r w a v e ~ All Time
#1 Highest growing 4...
Max's Soldered Head
Created by Gadget
Max's Soldered Head

o Paintable
o All-class
o 2 LODs

This is one of the unreleased hats from the Robotic Boogaloo update....
Created by Kowalo
Heavily armed, and heavily armored.

Model: Kowalo
Textures: Gadget
Concept: Earl de Darkwood
Iron Guard
Created by Gadget
Iron Guard

o All-class (except Pyro)
o Paintable
Vtoroy Front
Created by Svdl
A fur lined long coat for the Pyro.

See also the rest of the set!...
Shaitan Truba
Created by Svdl
A thermobaric rocket launcher, a type of weapon often officially classified as flamethrowers.

Pyro secondary.
4 lods, single texture.

See also the rest of the set!...
Match Stick 2.0
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
Pyro went through a phase where he would stick small animals in the microwave and see what happens. As expected, most died. In fact, all died except for the final subject. Twitching and deformed by radiation and heat, a creature was born, more vile, more i...
Volcano Arm
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Volcanic rocks and 1000C lava flowing in your arm. Item not suitable for tiny baby men.

* Paintable veins

Zwacula : Concept + Promo images
<<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba: Model + Texture
The Bear Claw
Created by Hypo
Professional wrestling may or may not be fake; however, what is definitely not fake is the fear you're going to instill in your adversary's big dumb skull. Whether you make this your introduction or your finisher, you'll be sure to terrify your opponents w...
Gopnik Accessories
Created by Populus
Running is good for Heavy! But not for tiny baby men running away!


The Timid Torcher
Created by Yikes
Don't be shy

100% original

(does not work with hats, is a whole head replacement)

Made partially as a tribute to the late Satoru Iwata. He was a man who really shaped the lives of myself and many others, the games he created...
The Rasta Imposta
Created by Hobo on Fire!
We be Jamming Mon

- Jiggle Bones!
- All Class!
- Paintable!

A Rasta Hat Costume with dreads for all....
Created by Yikes
He'll eat something after this

Like the unconscious dude in the poster? Check out his threads:

Models: Spacedad
Textures: K_Factor
SFM: Hotrod McCoolguy
Ironforge Irons
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Nothing beats literally beating an orc to death with fists of steel.



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The Weary Mann's Windbreaker
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
For those rare moments where it is just too cold to get nude and cover yourself in honey.



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The Sack Man
Created by Zoey
Created by Zoey
Sweet suffering....
The Bendigo Bucket
Created by Boothy
Found abandoned somewhere in the Victorian Bush, The Bendigo Bucket once protected an infamous bushranger from enemy bullets... for a short period.

Now you can don this iconic head protection in a fancy computer videogame! Such is life....
Children of The Black Stars
Created by Sky
Strange is the night where black stars rise, and strange moons circle through the skies, but stranger still is lost Carcosa...

Paintable, all class....
Jukebox ( Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman
On a mission from God....
Floppin' Frenzy | Unusual Taunt Effect
Created by Heart

Heart - particle design, promos
Metabolic - concept, fish artwork...
Australian Argyle
Created by Bapaul
Keeps you warm and fashionable

Model/Texture by Bapaul
Promos by SedimentarySocks...
Scotsman's Stagger
Our experts have concluded that this is the actual real way people walk in Scotland, we promise.

Looping taunt that moves at the same speed as the Conga.
The Beat Blasters
Created by Rozzy
Bigger and better this time.

Comes in a variety of eye bleeding colours....
The Old Boy
Created by Yikes
Model by Spacedad
Texture by NeoDement
Concept by Ye Welsh Tabby
SFM by Hotrod McCoolguy...
Toasty Texan
Created by OverPovered
Be sure to dress warm for the winter.

GameBanana download (as requested):
Taunt: Highlander
Created by Wreckso

Gadget - Concept & Model
Raxxo - Animation...
ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

Sleeper Agent
Created by Zoey
Knock out the competition, permanently.
Radical Rider
Created by Psyke
Show those Gnarly punks who's the most radical around' without looking like a total hoser

[Editors note: May effect dialect.]

Comes with lods!
Rad-Scruffy hair!

Model by DeRosaJ
Concept/Texture by Psyke
The Street Beats
Created by Rozzy
Take the sound to the battleground with this revolutionary portable cassette player.

For all classes and paintable.

Mod Downloads

Garry's Mod...
Man's Best Friend
Created by Populus
A 3 part taunt with Man's most faithful of friends - the fully robotic canine.

The taunt is meant to be 3 different sequences.

-------------------------[TECHNICAL INFO]---------------------------

Due to the importer technicalities I was forced to import...
The Granite Chin
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
The Longterm effects of heavy-weight boxing can include Cauliflower ear, Broken noses, and something we like to call "Pug-Face"

- Zwappa: Concepting
- Rain: Model/Textures/Promo Materials
- Psyke: Textures
- Donhonk: Flexing

**Both "The Co...
Banzai Blockers
Created by ToxicWeasel
Samurai themed chest armour

Team colours
2nd lighter toned style...
Holy Christmas | Unusual Effect
Created by JackoZ
The perfect Christmas that everyone was waiting for. You can get everything inside: Snow, Snowflakes and Stars too!

Imgur GIF:

JackoZ - Everything c:...
The Tenth Class (Decalable Mask)
Created by Mnemosynaut
“The Announcer takes what is hers, lovely Pyro. And only death may pay for life. You extinguished me and the two I was with. You stole three deaths from the Announcer. We have to give them back. Speak three names and the Spy will do the rest. Three lives I...
Taunt: The Heavy Metalist
Created by Chuck
"I live, I die, I live again!"

Bonk-Tastic! Animation, Promo Posters, Idea,
Stove Pipe, Support, Backpack Icon....
Unusual Effects: Fire Crown
Created by Cheesypuff
It's not team coloured 2 Effects can come in orange or green

Cheesypuff: Particle Design
Saint Lombax: Concept
Duckdog: Promotional Art
DAGREEKHUNTER:Promotional Video...
Outrun Sunset | Unusual Effect
Created by Heart
Ride into sunset
With team color variants
Feel the aesthetic.


Heart - particle design, promos
Vipes - concept, artwork assets...
Created by GetGrenade
You can't be a real adventurer without fancy hat and a proper gas mask.

Paintable, normal map, 2 lods....
The Hand-me-down Hardhat
Created by Merczy
Back to basics!

Model and Textures by Merczy
Flexes by Taco
Concept by Gibbly...
World on Fire | Unusual Effect
Created by Heart
Raining fire meteors

Comes in four color variants: green, orange, purple and blue
Not a team-colored nor paint-based-colors effect....
The Civ-Villain
Created by Sparkwire
Robbing banks, spooking your sister, or evading your landlord hounding you for rent, this scary halloween mask does it all....
The Huntsman's Headgear
Created by Bolt DTD
Too weird to wear, too rare to find.

*Snazzy Hawaiian shirt not included*

polycount: 598...
The MannChop
Created by ZOAG
Pff... who needs knives?

Can be "equipped": kill a MannChop Spy and he will drop the MannChop Mannual.

The Winglet - Animator, Promo Images, Video
heinous - Model, Texture
ZOAG - Original Idea, Initial Model, Uploader, Promo Images...
Taunt : The Stupid Face
Created by Sinful Creature
Almost as bad as biting your thumb at us, Sir.

Technicall stuff;

Frames - 89
Blend In Frames - 3
Blend Out Frames - 6

Feedback is always welcome in the comments, and don't forget to vote/favourite!...
Starless Campaigner
Created by Hawf
A real nasty case of hat hair.

Made for the 72hr summer TF2Jam!...
The EZ Breather
Created by Psyke
Free yourself from your ever-crippling Mysophobia and breath easy thanks to this portable respirator!

Comes with lods!
Virtually No clipping!
Doesn't Require MAIR!...
Bumpkin's Banjo
The taunt is animated so that it can loop in game!

Payload Race: 2fort
Created by ThePlayaJam
Note: This map isn't meant to be taken seriously. However, it's not meant to be like those extended maps.

If you can take 2fort and extend or twist it to absolute insanity, why can't you shove a few bomb carts and some tracks onto it. So that's what I h...
Scottish Reserve
Created by |ARSE|FACE
A replacement for the grenade launcher with new animations. This was made about 2 years ago, but one of the updates changed the grenade launcher to a C_model. So, I thought I would put it up in the workshop....
Rogue's Roulette
Created by Adamtheamazing64
Ever wanted to play the most thrill-seeking game? No, I'm not talking about Capture Point! What? Why would you even consider Capture The Flag thrill-seeking?!

No! I'm talking about Russian Roulette! (Russian not included) Dare to try your 1-in-6 chance ...
Wasteland Racer
Created by aaaaaaaaa
Paintable All-class

Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!...
Malibu Sunset & Tropical Dawn | Unusual Effect
Created by Heart
Aloha from the outsets of Badlands.

Can work as a team-colored unusual effect


Heart - particle design, promos
無敗 Muhai - original concept, island tree artwork...
Boaster's Banner
Created by Mall
I am a true patreet, no wait... What was that word? Polltrit? Peritat? Potrat! That's right, I'm a true potrat at heart! No, that's not right...


-Mall: Animation, Backpack Icon, ...
The Rolling Thunder
Created by Texman

now as a full set! check it out here!
Texas Mann Tail
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Move that headgear up and ride out!'

Paintable hair
Teufort Fool
Created by Vap
Juggling flaming horses while riding a unicycle that is also on fire.

The Pyro is talented.


3 LODs
Doctor's Defibrillators
Created by Hex
Shock both friends and foes into submission!

-Team Colors
-3 LODs

-Hex: Animation & Concept
-Rozzy: Model, Material, & Backpack Icon

Special Thanks:
-Eternal, for lighting and partially animating the promotional video.
Starboard Crusader
Created by FiveEyes
"You think you can fare the sea better than me? Give me a break"

- Paintable
- 2 Styles

FiveEyes: Model
Metabolic: Texture/SFM Paintover/Concept...
Tsar Platinum
Created by FiveEyes
"This coat was made by a tailor in Pakistan. 100% sheep fur. Its nice."

FiveEyes: Model
Metabolic: Texture/Concept
Jzeeba: Rigging
Big Bob: Normal map...
The Grilled Gunman
Created by Hypo
Who won the most prestigious award of Single Best Killer of 2016? You did! Wait, where's your trophy? I'm sure your competitor wouldn't mind lending his head.

Hypo - all animation, video, promo art, backpack icon

Donhonk ...
[Unusual] Magical / Cursed
Created by FissionMetroid101
Some spooky particles for a spooky season.

FissionMetroid101 : Created the particles
Hydrogen : Lending use of his server for the viewmodel variants
Stachekip : Restoring the beta explosion sprite card

Created by Bapaul
Blam blam

Entry for the arms race competition.

Get it as a mod release:

Special thanks to Blood...
Baker's Bib
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
If you can't stand the heat...

Rain* - Model/Texture
Scruffel - Item Name
Venezuelan - Item Description...
Progressive Punchers
Created by Roast
All's fair in glove and war.

check out the rest of the set:
Mann Of The Manor
Created by Texman
Pipes sold seperatly!!

feel free to suggest a better name...
Chest Pain
Created by donhonk
Let's see if you remember the basics of CQC...

Paint that shiz!
Radical Knife.
Perfect for the Jungle! :^)...
The Random Pattern Generator
Created by Dunkle
Nothing is more humiliating than getting killed by a man with a TV crammed on his head. Give your enemies a taste of that humiliation with this classy visual image transmitter.

This item was originally intended for the scout, but since the model also f...
Drum and Drummer
Created by Hobo on Fire!
The iconic package for a traveling street performer including a Drum, Horn, and Cymbal set.

Jiggleboned! The wires acts as a pull string for the drums.

Part of the One Pyro Band Set....
Hasty Worker
Created by ..
Shaped by years of sentry-running

Lod 0, 1...
Dead Head
Created by Constructor

Concept, promotional material: Greg
Model, Texture: Constructor...
Created by Constructor
When a handgun just won't do the trick, an armgun is what you need. (Firing this beaut for twelve seconds costs an arm and a leg.)

Barrel spins, bandolier has jigglebones.

Fresh Frames
Created by Sky
The worst thing since lime scouts.

[Taunt] The Arsonist's Gallop
Created by Fruit
Animator: EyeCandry

Concept Creator & Backpack Icon: TheFORBIDDENFruit

Promotional Poster: [url=
The Slaughter Smock
Created by Ertz™
People say to Borski "Dress for job you want". Borski say "That is stupid, Borski get blood on him from tiny baby men he kills everyday, so he dress for job he have"

-team colors...
The Butchers Britches
Created by Ertz™
"Just Because you butcher tiny baby men all day, doesn't mean you can't wear nifty pants."

-team colors...
Lazy Lounger
Created by Populus
It's the Sniper's Rancho Relaxo! Including an un-robotized chair, a 50%-off barely used cooler, and hopefully a non-lethal umbrella!


A rancho relaxo style taunt for the Sniper for all his relaxin' and cam...
Lenticular Lid
Created by bazooka
Inspired by Marty McFly's colorful cap in Back to the Future II.

Check out the Back to the Future II collection!

The color-shifting effects shown in the video require some simple ...
Taunt: The Facepalm
Created by ToxicWeasel
All class taunt to show your team mates how terribly bad you think their combat skills really are.

(Please note that all voicelines are for example only)...
Created by Wichilie
In case you just can't live without the pleasent experience of having the skin blasted off your bones.

(Make sure to watch the video in high defenition. The effect contains tiny particles that might not be visible with lower resolutions.)...
The Snap Shot
Created by 'R' DoubleTap
Say cheese! No wait, you're dead.


3 LODs
Team Colored


6.2 seconds duration


'R' DoubleTap: Animation, SFM
Robot Agent: Pro...
Created by YoshiPoland
good hat i guess...
Unusual:Feline Frenzy
Created by Cheesypuff
keep in mind it was not designed to be god tier

Effect Creator: Cheesypuff

Sprite Designer: 無敗 Muhai

Promo & Thumbnail Creator: [url=https://stea...
Pyromancer's Performance
Created by Codenator
This vibrant taunt works as a loop taunt with 2 flairs


Codenator - Animation, sound, backpack icon
Paysus - Animation
The Winglet - Animation
Vipes - Concept idea
NeoDement - Model and texture
Bonk - Particles
Harry - Promos...
Ze Doctor Is In!
Created by Whomobile
Good Grief!

Years of following idiots around, trying to make sure they don't die takes it's toll on the human spirit. Now that you got rid of that pesky soul, why not make those idiots come to you! All you need is a few boxes, some markers, and a disregar...
The Plastic Pisstol
Created by heinous
In the jungle, you can't run low on ammo if you don't use ammo.

Try it out:
Schizoid Mann
Created by OverPovered
Updated tag for Halloween 2017.

Dunning-Kruger effect is just a four letter word. It's time to wake up and smell the foul stench of reptilian blood as it pollutes the minds of our beautiful America. Pull the wool from over your eyes, stop drinking the wat...
Death Bringers Hood *UPDATED now comes in 3 styles*
Created by Hawf
With the appalingly high Robot mortality rate these days, you'll have to look the part!

Threads and scarf are paintable and hood tail is jiggleboned!

Comes in three styles!...
DR Retroland
Created by Conne
The synthwave and "Zombies in Spaceland" inspired deathrun map by Conne, now out for the awesome deathrun servers of TF2!

More of my maps here[]

Credits and respective owners of some content used:
Trade_V A P O R W A V E_V1
Created by Aleph-Null
Here it is! The first ever Vaporwave-themed trade map! It includes multiple Vaporwave songs and plenty of a e s t h e t i c. Most of the textures were designed by BΛKSCRΛTCH. I created the map itself. Also, feel free to give any helpful feedback or constru...
The Pomade Pack
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Stay classy, Teufort.

Note: This is actually a pack with two items. It was originally going to be submitted as a single hat, but I decided to split it up into two. Why? Because I believe Valve made a fantastic call in splitting up the Security Shades an...
Jackhammer Rodeo
Created by The Winglet
In-game demonstration:

A new controllable looping taunt for the Engineer!

The Winglet: Animator, Texture
XB33: Concept, Model, Backpack icon
Zxo ...
Modestly Hat
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
I think my imagination's broke.

Made during Winter 72 Hour Jam!...
The Insulator
Created by K_Factor
Had to reupload due to contributor issues.

Makes you look like a G.
Bulletproof Blinders
Created by FiveEyes
"A master marksman never forgets his safety glasses FOR his glasses!"

- Paintable
- Team colored

FiveEyes: Model Texture
Kibble: Concept

Full Metal Jacket
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Note: Jacket is only 30% iron

[img] [/img]...
The Artillery Sentry
Created by Rotzlöffel
"Sentry ahead!"

Feel free to try the mod:
The Mask of Shootamagaw
Created by QuestionablyInsane
“Shootamagah, The god of face shooting and boundless love.”

3 LODs
Jiggle boned feathers
Paintable Feathers
Facial Flexes to express the sniper’s emotions.

I did the modeling, texturing ,Facial flexes, and some of the promotional art.
Flat Pengu...
The Paradise Sight
Created by Spike Nitros
Welcome to the Jungle.

All-class bling shades, 3 LODs & team color...
The Highschool Horror
Don't look up...


The Senpai Stalker
He'll notice you one day.


The Bishojo Bangs
That means you're a girl, right?


miami mode
Created by ceno0
miami 80's style pistol skin
update: added no"MIAMI" version
community and valve will decide what is better
The Badlands Veil
Created by JPRAS
A veil and cigar for Soldier stiched to his face.


-LOD 0 - 696 Tris;
-Smoke Effect.

Update notes:
-Changed equip region from Beard to Face.
-Updated normals map to have a phong mask.
Merasmus's Private Stash
Created by JPRAS
A halloween-styled Buff Banner item.


-Exclusive Particle Effect;
-(Backpack/Cabinet) Door Jiggles;
-(Backpack/Cabinet) LOD 0, 1 2;
-(Horn/Potion) Liquid Jiggles;
-(Horn/Potion) LOD 0 - 1460 Tris;
-Packed exactly like Gold Star items.
Angel Wings
Created by Tuna Melt
An update to an old model, now for all-classes! Soar above the clouds for a rendez-vous with the stars.

- Jiggleboned
- Paintable
- LOD 0 1 2...
Demon Flaps
Flap outta hell!...
The Hell Done Stakes
Be all GODLIKE on the spooky creatures that come out on All Hallow's Eve. What better way than to carry a HOLY BOOK with you at all times together with a set of WOODEN STAKES to drive into the hearts of those bloodsuckers. HELL is truly DONE FOR.

Gothic Mannicure
Created by Ruskeydoo
Show how different and unique you are by following a different set of rules about how you should dress! Goth up for All Hallows Eve.

Default colour is black....
The Skullface of Snake Mountain
Created by Constructor
Do you hear, Scout? The final moment has come. All the forces of Teufort, all the powers in the universe will be vested in me!

paintable hood = cool

Sky-High Tops
And they said stapling bits of card in the shape of wings to your shoes would only slow you down!

Concept/design: Fudgie Wudgie
Model/rigging: The Heartsman
Texture/paint: Frying Dutchman
Idea/inspiration: Merczy...
Templars Tabard
Created by AyesDyef
You will be instantly recognizable, not only due to the large celtic cross covering your body but also from the strong smell of alcohol which it's covered in.

[Unusual Effects] Foreshadowing Feline, Bittersweet Nightmare, Cauldron Kitty
Created by Cheesypuff
Spooky witches cats

Video made by Retro
Particles made by Cheesypuff
Concept made by Aardvark

Comes in Orange,Green,Purple

Foreshadowing Feline: Purple

Bittersweet Nightmare: Orange

Cauldron Kitty: Green...
The Corvus Cross
Created by Nugget
“Live with vultures, become a vulture; live with crows, become a crow”...
Unusual Effect: Witching Hour
Created by Nooters
Hurling below the moon so bright, hope you don't fall off mid-flight....
The Inconspicuous Appendage 2: The Return
Created by multitrip
HE'S BACK AND IN BLACK (You can paint it black)...
The Vampire Slayer
Created by +HyperVolt+
Still better lovestory than twilight.

(turns players to skeletons when backstabbed ?)

Mod Link - {LINK REMOVED}...
Created by Merczy
For when you want to burn stuff like the little punk that you are.

-Full Paintability!

This is a remake of one of my old items....
Kid Vicious
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Punk shirt for Scout.

* Paintable skull

Supa Kyatto~: Concept
Ye Welsh Tabby: SFM
JZeeba: Model/Texture...
Charm Caster (Unusual Taunt Effect)
Created by Kath
NOTE: Due to a dumbass not testing them ingame, I guess this can't be used or accepted since the particles are broken lol

Ever had those moments where your merc buddies BULLIED you for not being able to cast spells? WELL SHOW THEM WHO'S THE WITCH/WIZARD...
The Bewitching Copycat
Created by Corvalho
"This lil'fella was found crossing the streets of Boston, announcing to all that Halloween is coming to town."

- Paintable
- Flex to match scout's facial expressions
- Jigglebones on the head and tail
- 3 lods
Witches Britches
Created by Corvalho
"They say boots are made for walking, whoever said that doesn't know who I am."

A pair of witch shoes and socks for the scout.

- Team colored
- Paintable
- 3 lods


You mi...
Burns the Witch
Created by Yikes
I like the curve on the brim, dont you?

1 low LOD
normal map

Bloodfart: Render
Smooth Moonman: Model/texture/that stuff...
The SawBat
Created by Panzram
Although not really a saw nor a bat, this thing can sure be a designated hitter when you need it to be....
Death Effect - Bats
Particle effect of bats flying out of your body when you're killed. On a scale of 1 to 10 of spookyness, I rate this a solid 9.5

Also a version as an unusual effect with less bats, but still just as spooky can be found here:
The Bat Pack
Created by thirteen
B.A.S.E. Jumper Replacement for the Batman Contest

Yep, its a weapon....
The Caws of Death
Created by heinous
Yes, Valve, it works straight from the .zip file. ;)

Did you know some people see a raven or a crow as a bad omen because they eat carrion? This particular one has been following the Spy and Medic for a while now due to the free food.

Check out the r...
The Bat Outta Health
Created by Uncle Grumpskin
AKA "The Overhealer"

- Flexes! Shares the emotion of your class!
- All-class!
- Paintable!
- Jigglebones!
- 2 LODs!

Model/Texture by Sparkwire
Flexes/LODs/SFM by Uncle Grumpskin
Concept by Breadmeat...
Taunt: Heart Attack
Created by The Winglet
Ever wanted to perform delicate medical experiments while on the battlefield?

Probably not, but now you can anyway!

By the way, that "oops" line isn't actually in the taunt file. It's just a guideline for what I imagined the Medic saying, if Valve pl...
Ghostfaced Killa
Created by Sparkwire
Possessed bed sheets never have good endings...
Spy's amusement
Created by Green
It's hard to amuse spy.

It's even harder to know, if you succeeded.


If anyone knows how to add more voice lines, please let me know....
Caretaker's Kimono
Created by AyesDyef
Featured map: arena/koth_suijin
A lovely japanese themed map, get it here today![]
A collection of Haiku by poem masters.

Running through fire,
Bullets, rockets and grenades,
To heal my a
3 lods
for Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy, Spy, Engineer...
The Cocktail Surprise
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Should this item be utilized in-game, the molotov could be used as either a throwing item, or as an Ullapool Caber-type melee weapon (Valve's method of incorporation could vary).

Hope you like it :-)

If you wanna look pretty with some molotovs on you...
Rainproof Raincoat
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Jungle update? Doesn't it like... rain a lot in the jungle? and who doesn't like rain? Pyro of course! so grab one of these raincoats for extra protection before a single rain drop dares to get close to your body!

* Paintable camo pattern

Download fro...
The Inside Jab
Created by Napy Da Wise
This is a Spy Knife replacement based on the british Sedgley OSS .38 "Pistol Glove".

Click to download !

The Western Front
Created by Gigazelle
A classic western cowboy shirt for the engineer. Features embroidery on the front + back, paintable seams, and a look so stylish you could kill a man.

Made for the Summer 2017 72 Hour TF2 Jam + charity drive. [url=https://redkitecelebrations.everydayher...
Open Field
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Operation Expose T-Shirt has proven to be a success. Soldier can now call it a good day knowing that everyone can recognize not only his Air Force pride, but his ability to open jackets in public.

Includes dogtags, paintable t-shirt and US Air Force insi...
The Hydro
Created by Vartose
Mod Files:

Voguish Rogue
Created by AyesDyef
From the maker of the original Stylish Spy, comes the next generation of fashionable vest wearing rogues!

It comes in 4 different stylish ways to wear, including the classic Stylish Spy with sleeves rolled up and shirt tucked in.

Downloadable Mod! Re...
The Nutcase
Created by SNIPA
With this snazzy uniform, nobody cares that you're a pyromaniac, lunatic, nutjob!

Paintable, LOD's 0,1,2.
Nut-crushing ability = 9000

Merry Christmas!...
The Big Iron
Created by JPRAS
The Big Iron - Secondary weapon for Pyro

By JPRAS & Texman

Comes with an LOD and custom shell (bullet) !

Feel free to comment with weapon stat suggestions, rate and be sure to follow me (JPRAS) and Texman!

The images comparing flare guns (sayin...
Lapper's Leathers
Created by Big Bob
Concept by Extra Ram
Model by Big Bob
Texture by Metabolic
Promos by Duckdog

Check out the rest of the set!
The Slick Slacker
Created by Petachepas
Be fashionable while staying fire-proof!


Concept: Vipes + Petachepas
Model: Petachepas + JZeeba
Normals: Big Bob
Texture: JZeeba
Promos: T...
Merc's Shearling
Created by Texman
Being a mercenary is back breaking work!...
Fat Mann
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Terrifies teammates and opponents alike!

Simply don this suit and walk around with a clipboard looking like you're busy! You don't even have to know what you're doing! Local doctors will be rich!

For the origin of the name:
CP Sugar
Created by Dannyboyy
Ever wanted to experience pyrovision without those pesky goggles? Well now you can with cp_sugar, a colourful pyroland themed map with a 2 cp attack defend mode!

All pyroland textures were edited/drawn by me using GCFscape (extraction), VTFEdit (convers...
Bad Grandpa
Created by donhonk
Can only be worn by those with High IQ....
Festive Gibus
Created by No Name
The Original Gibus, your first hat ever in Team Fortress 2 just got much more festive!

Model Includes
- Jigglebones
- Blinking Christmas Lights
- Team-based colors
- Paintable

See you on the snowy Battlefield!...
Unusual Effects: Elemental Rings
Created by Cheesypuff
Feel the wrath of the elements, for they will take over the world.

Cheesypuff- Particle Editor
Muhai- Concept, Sprites
RedMser- Promo Art
BlazingVictini22- Promo Video...
Arcane Halation | Unusual Taunt Effect
Created by Heart
Stop your foes from entering your personal space while you amaze them by summoning this magic "anti-mercenary circle" around you! Also works 100% against all sea heavies.

Comes in three colour variants: Yellow, green and purple.
Designed as a taunt eff...
The Tanked Tunic
Created by Vap
Camp Rules:

1. Drinking
2. Magic


Models: Vap

SFM Promo images: Harry...
The Boozer's Boots
Created by Vap
Camp Rules:

1. Drinking
2. Magic


Models: Vap

SFM Promo images: Harry...
The Wasted Warlock
Created by Vap
Camp Rules:

1. Drinking
2. Magic


Models: Vap

SFM Promo images: Harry...
The Bullet Barrier
Created by Black Mesa Workshop
Promotional item for the Steam Release of Black Mesa....
The Silver Shower
Do you fear monsters? Make them cower in fear with a shower of silver bullets and holy water, or radioactive liquid, or [img][/img], or- HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

2 LODs
Team Colours
Paleontologist's Parka
Created by Sparkwire
Arctic wear for the most ice cold professionals.

The latest update changed where the comments tab is, click the comments tab on the top right to leave a comment! :)...
The Geek's Goggles
Created by Black Mesa Workshop
Promotional item for the Steam Release of Black Mesa....
The Dead Mann's Stare
Created by Ertz™
I can seeeee into your SOUL!!!!... and it's dark!

all class


models/texture/renders: ToxicWeasel
models/promos: Ertz
The Toasty Trenchcoat
Created by CoreVixen
The frontline of military fashion.

Thanks to Lev for the name.
Download on the collection page....
The Master Builder
Created by Quin
Who are you calling a pinhead?

Model and Texture - Quin

SFM promo material - Dilly Dong

Re-submitted for Halloween 2015!...
Splosive Sleeves
Created by donhonk
Tactial leather gloves, knee / elbow pads, and long sleeves makes you super tacticool....
The Lost Cosmonaut - Loading Screen
Created by Sparkwire
This is the voyage of the first Russian Cosmonaut. His five-week mission: to explore strange new weapons; to seek out new life and to kill it; to boldly go where no man was strong enough to go before....
Grizzly Grin
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
C'mon Kiddo, Let's go grab a B̩̥̙͝Í͖͙̮T̡̮̳̘̣̪͖E̸̹̖̟̘̹ to E͓AṰ͓

-Misc/Hat Compatible
-Team Coloured!
-Glowing Eye that follow the player!

Part of the Halloween set "Teddy Tinder"

Mod available[]...
Mini Mech-Suit
Created by Psyke
After a series of freak accidents with an experimental shrink ray engineer had to face facts
He wasn't even half the man he used to be,

Luckily this Automated Body-Suit will put you back in the drivers seat.

Misc Compatible
Glow In the dark buttons!
The Covert Covers
Created by Wowza
A winter ski mask, beanie, and hood for the Spy.

-Facial flexes

Mod download:

If you liked this item, follow the creators!
Attack Essentials
Created by donhonk
Who knows whats in the bags, but those shoulder pads are stylin'.

The Feet of Engineering
Created by kf.hammond
A feat of feet.

-3 LODs

Check out the single footed version here:

Download the mod at
Horsemann's Haunted Hoodie
Created by Sky
Cape for the demoman, loosely based on the headless horsemann's cape. Flaps majestically in the wind as you run away from the actual horsemann, who's less than impressed with your cosplay attempt...

Initial Concept by Bloodfart
Model/texture by SMaster...
Aloha Apparel
Cowabunga dude

Multi-class Hawaiian shirt. Mod available here.[]

Hard-headed Hardware
Created by Merczy
"Introducing the paramount of head-replacment technology, say hello to the heat-absorbent, titanium-plated, Hard-Head Hardware. Marvel at the light producing sockets, and razor sharp teeth. Now with 20% more lead. Double the price of our standard Face rem...
The Underminer
Created by Sparkwire
Step one of burying your enemies forever is wearing the proper clothes.
Step two is....

More of this set coming soon!

Remember to follow me for future item uploads, and thumb u...
Freaky Facepaint [All-Class]
Created by NeoDement
The shivers being sent down your spine are in no way associated with the harmful biological agents prevalent in this product's paint.

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
The PipeBomb
Created by FiveEyes
"Now you can smoke a pipe while you smoke others by connecting pipes much like that Bioshock hacking minigame"


- Paintable

- Glows in the dark

- Facial Flexed

- Has Smoke

Model/Texture/SFM - FiveEye...
The Cross-Dresser
Created by Ertz™
Called Wakizashi not Katana !

-2 lods
-2 styles (blood and without)
-2 classes (demo and soldier)

-more or less compatible with soldier backpacks (buff banner, ...)...
Pyro Shark
Created by ToxicWeasel
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water..... Well it never was in the first place!...
The Puppet Master
Created by [:S] Mad Mat
Who knew!?

3 LOD's
Handyman's Holdup
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Team Colored
3 LODs
2 Styles (Bandolier holds Tools in Style 1 and Shotgun shells in style 2
Paintable Scarf

QuestionablyInsane for modeling, texturing, and Photoshopping...
Stronghold Steadfast
This shield is only bestowed upon on the most exalted members of the Jaratist' order, When they're finally fed up of getting covered in piss.

WEAPON SUBMISSION (that would also work as a misc too..)
A Shell of a Mann
"Sure if you roll onto your back you ain’t getting up, but this shell’s gotta be good for stopping backstabbing spies…right?"

Thanks to mrchinchill for the desc[]...
*paintable (watch video)
All invited in the Puppet-show. But the last two tickets to get my the best friend and his Balloonicorn....
The Wheezy Wastelander
Created by Evil_Knevil
Pyro head replacement. Paintable.

Download the mod here:

Update 07/25/2012: Optimized texture....
Magma Armour
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Team Colou...
Volcanic Spartan
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Vigor and Vitality (Paint)
Created by literally a baby
Just another team colored paint set, with a different Red/Blu. I have added a comparison image between this paint and "Team Spirit" (As some people got confused by them).

[Please Note: I didn't extract these colors off of or base them from anything. And...
The Butterflies Catcher
for Mayann Update
"The preservation of nature is a beautiful thing, but in the end, all beautiful things will be caught and used as a backpack."

"Becoming a butterfly monarch has never been easier."

"Pyro retrieved these butterflies as cacoons thinking t...
The Soul of the Sentry
Created by Slifer
Yes, even Sentries have a soul. You should respect them or else they will haunt you for the rest of your life....
Infernal Cape
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

Jiggleboned cape movement
3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord ...
Tinkerer's Tin Mann
Created by Evil_Knevil
-Jiggleboned jaw and arms

Check out Tinkerer's Tin Mann: Sentry Style

Download the Tinkerer's Tin Mann artwork wallpaper: [url={LINK REMOVED}...
The Dusty Breeze (Updated)
Created by JPRAS

The Dusty Breeze - Misc item for Pyro

By JPRAS & Texman

Comes with an LOD, paintability and 2 different styles (Triangle Pattern & Plain)!

Be sure to check the othe...
Robotic Revolution
Created by Joshimon
"I don't know about you fellas but I sure as heck worry one day that old respawn unit is going to pack in, and I don't like dying one bit, I'll tell you partner, it's not pleasant!
Digging through some of my pappy's old designs I started working on repla...
Tech Noir
Created by donhonk
Detective Steel once left for dead by the Neotokyo street gangs is resurrected by cutting edge nano-technology. As he awakes from his hospital bed the human half of Steel's new cybernetic brain flickers with only one thought. Revenge....
Assassin's Attire
Created by Gadget
Assassin's Attire

o Paintable

Mod Download[]

Anonymous Assassin
The Old Man's Wisdom
Eyes can be deceiving.

- Blindfold is paintable
- Flexes

Cleric's Chest Plate
Created by Kowalo
Model: Kowalo
Textures: Gadget
Concept: Earl de Darkwood
Pyr'o Lantern
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba

Squarey Ghosts: Concept
Scary Nugget: Texture
<<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba: Model
'R' Double Toil & Trouble: SFM

+ Self-illum eyes
+ Paintable
The Rebel Rag
Created by Sparkwire
Part of the "City On Fire" set.

Sorry about the weird clipping on the gloves / forearms, that's a display bug from hlmv and there isn't any way around it afaik. It works perfectly fine ingame :)...
Created by kf.hammond
Download it as a mod at
Possessed Kitsune Mask
Created by heinous
Japanese folklore,[]
Comes to life during Uber.
Volvo add this please.

Workshop description,
Where no one expects haikus.
Created by Dewzie
Various improvements to my previous submission.

Help Ein be the bird he always deserved to be. Donate just one rating today to make his dream become a reality.

Spread the word to improve the bird!...
Armor Suit
Created by GetGrenade
Burlap Bogeyman
Created by Evil_Knevil
Sweet dreams...

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture/promo's by Heartsman
Melody Of Misery
Created by Evil_Knevil
'Burst me bagpipes and me eardrums!'

(name by Captain Chalky)...
The Family Heirloom
Created by TauVee
Just a little keepsake.

Replaces dogtags, hinge is jiggleboned, includes an LOD. Thanks to TheBoxman for the name....
Chrome Dome
Created by Sky
Remake of an old item of mine, redesigned by Metabolic.

The Pumped Punk
Created by OverPovered
You can't be officially delinquent until you have the right uniform.

The strings are jiggleboned.

Promos, rig assistance by Colteh

Concept by Blastel and OverPovered

Sculpt, model,...
Compatriot 2.0
Created by Populus
A remake of Soldier's eagle friend, the compatriot....
Verve Vestment
Created by Vap
- Paintable trim
- Jiggleboned cloth

- SFM promos: Hotrod McCoolguy
- Concept: Vipes
Wizzard Hatte
Created by Pie_Savvy
From casting explosions to keeping suitcase based familiars, this majik infused Wizzarding hatte will let everyone know that you have a vague understanding in the unseen academicals.

Mod download here:
Ingrown Doe-Nail
Created by perrryz
Some cases of athletes foot can turn out a whole lot more dire than expected.

-Body Misc Compatible
-Mod download[]...
Unusual Effect: Hale's Comet
Created by Cheesypuff
Once in a lifetime.

Cheesypuff- Particle Editor
Grambee- Promos
Muhai- Concept Design
Cosmic Afro- Idea...
Spookeyridge (Stoneyridge_event)
Created by UEAKCrash

Halloween reskin of cp_stoneyridge, with added underworld version of the map (inspired by Stranger Things), and coffins that kill you, unleashing your SKELETON onto the map. Drop a big brutal spike on the bombinomicon and blow that smug grin off ...
Highlands Hustle
Created by NeoDement
Take a stroll downtown with this looping taunt! (moves at the same speed as the Conga)[/url
The Gnarly Gibus 2016
Created by Vap
Updated an item from last year.

- Glow in the dark eyes
- Paintable eyes and tongue...
Taunt: Heavy Workout!
Created by _kyle
Start your match right with this routine!

This is a Heavy exclusive looping taunt made for the Heavy content pack

*ABOUT THE ARM* The right arm doesnt look as bad ingame. The Ambient Occlusion in SFM highlights the twist in a horrible way. Unfortunat...
The Strikeout
Created by ToxicWeasel
Annual Player Stats:

Batting Average: 6
Home Runs: 6
Saves: 6
Death: 1

Plague Pyromaniac
Created by perrryz
Plague purging pyromaniac

hat compatible
paintable eyes
click on image for mod:
Spirit of Halloween - War Paint
Created by Populus
Spooky skulls and pumpkins oh my

weapon reskin / warpaint
Merasmium Leviosa!
Created by Mall
All-Class Moving Taunt!


- Technical Info -
Intro: 0 - 115
Loop: 115 - 255
Forward Start: 255 - 280
Forward Loop: 280 - 419
Forward End: 419 - 442
Outro: 442 - 500...
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Where' ya been hiding' the good stuff?

I've been playing too much Vermintide...
Kindler's Ashen Hood
Created by Nidhogg
"Attire worn by the pyromancers of Teufort.

Reinforced with ash and burnt with embers, this hood emboldens the wearer's power."

This is actually a major revision of a submission from 2015, which in itself is a remake of the Cloak of the Fl...
Neo Tokyo - War Paint!
Created by Metabolic
Note: some skins shown in previews have albedo...
Kindler's Ashen Shroud
Created by Nidhogg
"Attire worn by the pyromancers of Teufort.

Reinforced with ash and burnt with embers, this garb emboldens the wearer's power."

This is actually a major revision of a submission from 2015, which in itself is a remake of the Cloak of the Fl...
Polar surprise | War Paint
Created by ❤SodaHunter❤
Celebrate christmas early with this “cool” war paint....
Codex | War Paint
Created by Halcyon
What does it say? Well... we cant read it either, so we'll leave it to up to you

Frozen Dessert - War Paint
Created by Mephist
Available in four flavours....
Unusual Effect: The Striped Swarm
Created by Cheesypuff
What's that noise? Ah, yes, the honey bees in their natural habitat! Found deep into the forest, these bees create large honeycomb-like hives, buzz around and collect honey, only to have some buffoon come along, kick the shit out of the hive and go crying ...
The Skullbuster 2012
Created by Sparkwire
Remastered and resubmitted for halloween 2012.

This submission is approved by the original creators, all parties are credited appropriately....
The Stranger's Cloak
Created by nano393
You better return from whence you came, stranger!

3 LODs and paintable...
First catch
1 First catch of The Whaleman
2 Half of the Sawfish

-50% dmg
+30% attack rate when in water
+70% speed of movement when in water
+On hit, causes bleed for 5 seconds
+ restores 3 health points when in water...
The Six Barrel Serenade
Created by Pogo
"Let me play you the song of my people"

Send those tiny babies to sleep

Stickers are optional, and customisable with the decal tool.

The Desperado:

Extra images:
Popovich Protection
Created by goldenjohnson
"Deflects cold and bullets"

Serious_Greg - Concept, SFM
GoLDeN - Implementation...
Bonk! Sugar Slushie
Created by Gadget
Update [March 22, 2015]: A new version can be found here

Here's my very first item contribution to the TF2 workshop - a cold and refreshing drink for the Scout. It's available in...
The Specialist
Created by Mnemosynaut
A hardcore gun for even hardercorer Scouts. The first recorded player to ever use a Specialist-class bat was famed front-linebacker, George "The Babe" Ruthless, when during game four of the 1918 World Series, George shot the entirety of the Chicago Cubs de...
The Comedian
Created by ✥ℜ☯ℑℵ✥
When you're a clown. Nobody takes you seriously.

- Zwappa: Concepting/Promo Materials
- Rain: Model/Textures
- Psyke: Textures
- Donhonk: Flexing

**Both "The Comedian" and "The Granite Chin" are different items, and don't need eachother to work...
Head Opener
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Sick of opening crates and getting nothing but disappointment? Why not take those keys, make them huge, and open the skulls of your enemies instead? Sure you won't get any unusuals, but you will always know what you will get and always be satisfied.

Created by multitrip
Terminal Killocity
Created by Sparkwire
Prepare for a Fist Encounter of the Four-Knuckled Kind with these comfy gold-foil lined spacegloves.

UPDATE: added better team colors...
Enlightened One
Created by Yikes
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Engineer. The playstyle is extremely complicated, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the mechanics will go over a typical player's head. There's also Dell’s utilitarian outlook, whic...
The Hydraulic Hammers
Created by CoBalt
This item has an updated and improved version here:

For when you need that extra "punch".

- Team Colored!
- 3 LODs!
- Packs a mean punch.
Uranium - War Paint!
Created by Metabolic
Antarctic Uniform
Created by Rotzlöffel
Somebody left a message for you! Yes, you know what this mean. So go a head, take on your coat and step through the russian blizzard.

PS: Don't forget to throw the message into the snow!


Modeling/texturing: Rotzlöffel

DemonstrationPictures: ...
Created by FiveEyes
Legend has it that one rocket eyeball became sentient. Others say that the Demo's remaining eye is just glass.

Just incase you don't get the pun in the name "Mini" + "Monoculus" = "Minoculus!"

- Paintable
- Jiggle Boned
- All-Class
- Super Spook...
Created by LettuceHairedGuy

Cave Hale here:
The point is: If we can store music on a compact disc, why can't we store a man's intelligence and personality on one? So I have the Engineer figuring that out now.
If I die bef...
Pop Art Propaganda - War Paint
Created by Master Chef
At one point, Saxton Hale had hired a painter purely because he had the word "WAR" in his name. The pieces he produced had concerned Hale at first, until he found out that his art was the perfect bait for punchable hippies. In fact, it baited the most de...
Dead Heat
Created by Yikes

Materials by Yikes/ForbiddenFruit
Promo stuff by Donhonk...
The Deli Chops
Created by Ertz™
Newer version of an older version....
Spectral Shimmered - War Paint!
Something a little weird on your weapons there? Hope you're not afraid of no ghosts. They've found a new home with you!

This war paint comes with some friendly (and not so friendly!) specters adorned with top hats (if you're lucky), while some are still a...
Dead Trumpet
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Doot doot !

Even a ghostly skull needs a hat. Even better if it's paintable.

* Disconnected floating object for all-classes.
* Skull and trumpet have jigglebones

Serious_Greg: Concept + Promo images
<<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba: Model +...
Dustbowl Odyssey
Created by Petachepas
Jump into the battlefield with this fancy fella!

Jiggleboned pupils, glowy eyes and paintability


Concept: Earl
Model: Laelae + Petachepas
Texture: Petachepas
Cursed Evil Stump
Created by P!RO
Who would have thought that the accidentally released spell of Merasmus would fall into this stump. And what is the result? Now he's cursed and evil!...
The Hood of Smissmass's Past
Created by A_Guardian
Formally known as the dark hood.
Its freaking spooky cheerful.
All class, and paintable. release :
Page Extender
Created by Py-Bun
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░Who started these█░░░
Fancy MANN - war paint
Created by IJCT
Fancy MANN - war paint...
Sunken Scales - War Paint!
Feel nice and live in paradise with this new war paint fresh from the ocean! Are they fish scales? Are they from a mermaid? Whoever these used to belong to, they're yours now. Finders keepers!

Comes in both red and blue, with hints of pretty pearls and go...
Memphis Print
Created by Yikes
Looking for the POLYBIUS cabinet?

Materials by Yikes
Thumbnail by Donhonk

Main material uses albedo tint

updated with red team material...
Created by Multihawk
My second war paint based on my UMP-45 | Labyrinth in CS:GO (a skin of mine that was accepted a while back!). Instead of orange lines akin to the CS:GO version, I decided to make the line colors based on the faction. I'm very happy with how this war paint ...
Land Freeze - ❄War Paint❄
Created by Earl de Darkwood
Winter is finally here.

Comes in two versions:

And a special light reflection !...
My ugly Christmas sweater
Created by Armin [LV]
My first try

edit (03.11.2017) - made colors darker
edit (05.11.2017) - made colors from teams ( first 10 images are darker (the value of teamwork) then 10 lighter (team spirit)...
Festive Wrapped | War Paint
Created by Heart
Sweeten up your gift-wrapped arsenal with this War Paint...
Hana - War Paint!
Created by Metabolic
nice and clean...
Galaxy Glimmer
Created by Tobiased
Everybody admires the stars, but never the colored space between them....
Souls War Paint
Created by dC^
Capture thier Souls!

I know halloween is gone but who said we cant make spooky skins.

I hope you like it.
[url={LINK REMOVED}....
Growling Grizzly
Created by Populus
H-He's like a bear! He's like a big
non-shaved bear that hates people!

Showcase your inner spirit animal by becoming the said animal....
Jumping Jackboots
Created by Svdl
You got to step all over the rights and freedoms of your enemies - and FAST.

Paintable boots....
Über Villain
Created by Yikes
Model by Yikes
Texture by Donhonk
Concept by Tabby
Promos by Hotpockette...
The Ex-Con
Created by Sparkwire
Disclaimer: Wearing someone elses face for extended periods of time is hazardous to your/their self-image.

What better way to sneak out of prison than by wearing your old inmates face as a mask?

Compatible with all hats and miscs!

Fully flexed!

Thorned Terror
“Let everyone know you are a good gardener with this ominous warpaint. Terror Thorns are difficult plants who need enough moonlight, blood and souls to stay strong. please feed them well.”

Warpaints made by DeadNexus
Compiling and previews made by ...
Jazzy - War Paint
Created by Steeb

note: the in game screenshot of the pistol is sligtly modified because of complications. Just imagine the parts that are supposed to be orange are orange.

The Bozen Bozo Cap
Created by Mark Unread | TF2SP
Now even you can be yodeling, drinking beer and look ridicAWESOME with this hat, originally born in Austria, worn by the Germans and made in Italy.

-3 LoDs
-All Class

Mark Unread: Modeling, Textures, Concept.
Daesdemona: Thumbnail and promotio...
Created by Steeb
Like the song

Reaping Ribs
Created by donhonk
We raided HR Gigers closet during an estate sale, and found this....
Raid Rider
“Hey kid! Want to be cool? Want to be stylish? Want to be totally radical?!? This is a step in the right direction.”

Warpaints made by DeadNexus
Compiling and previews made by Rytu...
Flowery Filete ( War Paint )
Created by DisableBore
Straight from Buenos Aires, ready to kill them all.

Red and Blu variants....
Disco Decked - War Paint!
Created by void~
Get down and boogie with this groovy new disco ball-inspired War Paint fresh outta the hottest clubs in Funkytown....
Toxic Tantrum
People at Mann. Co. really think about the enviroment. Instead of leaving toxic waste somewhere in the middle of the desert or the north pole, they actually recycle it into guns! Always remember kids: Recycling is great! Even if it means that your life ...
Space Crafted - War Paint!
Become the Star Man of everyone's dreams with this Asteroid-inspired War Paint! Not only is it decked out with space panels to the moon and back, this paint will protect your back (and behind!) too. As long as you have a steady shot, you can tell those spa...
War Paint: The Miami Element
Created by Totenkreuz
Pixelized beauty...
Star Struck! War Paint
Count your lucky stars, and collect them all too while you're at it!

This war paint comes in both red and blu, and the phong makes the stars shimmer! So shiny!...
Sweet Death
I bet when you love sweets like me, you definetly won't resist this calorie bomb. Just the sight itself could give you diabetes. Now go ahead and grab one of those sugary little deathmakers and show everyone how sour and sugary death can be. Just don't ...
Cosmic Calamity | War Paint
Created by ❤SodaHunter❤
Ever wanted to go to space? Miss the invasion update? Introducing cosmic calamity! Now you can carry a small sector of the galaxy in your hands at all times!...
Familiar Fade
“You know what, I don’t have to explain. When you pull this warpaint factory new, strange and also unusual you will have a good time.”

Warpaints made by DeadNexus_
Compiling and previews made by Rytu...
ghost town - war paint
Created by IJCT
ghost town - war paint
get spooky...
Totally Boned - War Paint
Created by Psyke
This Halloween, Tell the world of your undying affection for Skeletons by plastering all your weapons with them.

Model / Prop by Donhonk

[ First Person Previews Coming Soon ]...
Odyssey Glory
"Behold the newest invention for the grand space race, weapons that look like space station, perfect for shooting aliens, mercenaries and your friends."

Warpaints made by DeadNexus
Compiling and previews made by Rytu...
Golden Skulls - War Paint/Weapon Skin
Created by connn3
Randomized,Seamless Pattern
Thanks for Watching! :-)...
Aces Up
Created by CassiusBenard
Aces Up! A team coloured card game themed War Paint perfect for when you want to show up to a fight with an Ace Up Your Sleeve!

- 4 Textures: Red Cards, Blu Cards, Table Felt, Table Wood.
- Card Textures are glossy and reflect light in game.
- T...
Smissmas Surprise!
Created by Populus
Gift yourself to a loved one! Surprise friends! Ambush and burn your enemies alive! It's a Smissmas Surprise!

Populus - Animation
Square - Concept
NeoDement - Present model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ===...
The People's Pea Coat
Created by QuestionablyInsane


-Swaps out Heavy’s Vest and t-shirt with a Turtleneck and Pea coat.
-Team Colored Coat, ...
23rd Degree V2
Created by Petachepas
Improved model, new texture, and made compatible with paints

Taunt: Condescending Clap!
Created by _kyle
They may have died an embarrassing death but at least you can applaud them for their efforts

Animation, Promo Video & Poster - Killaman_Kyle
Backpack Icon and other art - Elvisblueberry

Shout out to Jordy for the name...
The Quarter Cabinet
Created by SpecialEffect
There's no coin slot, you say? We did that so you could save them for a good cause!

If this item is voted in, 1% of the community revenue share for this item will go to the artist who created it and the remaining 99% will help fund SpecialEffect - a ch...
Wintery Wisp | Unusual Taunt Effect
Created by Heart
You're as cold as ice.

Comes in two color variants: ice blue (Wintery Wisp) and space purple (Arctic Aurora)

heartLyss - particle design, promos
K_Factor - concept...
The Bunnyhopper
Created by NeoDement
Jump around! Flip with mouse 1! Spin with mouse 2! This taunt's got it all![/url
Hungover Hero
Created by drew
Where is my super suit?

donhonk - flexes
metabolic - concept and texture
drew - model
big bob - sculpt
hotpockette & ijct - promo work
[Unusual Effect] Pyroland Daydream
Created by Fruit
“Look up in the sky! It’s a bird? A plane? How about a flying Balloonicorn with rainbows coming out of his rear? Well kid, you must have some crazy imagination to think up that crap, cause guess what? It already exists! Yep, it exists and the vision will n...
Frosty Frenzy
Created by
Running around in the snow is tiresome, even for athletes. So mr snowman is along to give you a cold hand....
Surgeon's Squeezebox
Created by Populus
The success of musical therapy is closely related to the loudness and noisiness of the instrument used in the procedure.

Populus - Animation
NeoDement - Model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

Medic Mittens
Created by Gigazelle
Unfortunately you cannot tickle-punch people to make them burst into laughter, but you'll be tickled pink with how festively sexy you look.

Gigazelle - Model, rigging, texture
Dr. Pyspy - Concept
Dilly - SFM promo and cover art...
Blizzard Walker
Created by Yikes
warm boy

Model by Yikes
Texture by Evan
SFM by Hotrod

Go vote on the Polar Bear!
Festive Dome V2
Created by OverPovered
-All Class
Malibu ~ Sunset
Created by Vipes

Want to get into making your own Warpaints? Follow this nifty guide by CoBalt:

Need something to get a head start on promos for your warpaint? I got you covere...
Created by IJCT

scout scattergun skin! what a lovely night and the sax guy is amazing, dont you think? he have the music in the bones....
Smissmas Glow - War Paint
Created by Pixenal
Hmm, those festive weapons look pretty expensive... Good thing paint exists....
Big Top Horror - War Paint
Created by boomsta
special thanks 2 my dude donhonk for the easy to make thumbnail setup...
Big Top Blunder
Created by Vipes
Make Merasmus rue the day he ever sent you to a fun-filled carnival!

Want to get into making your own Warpaints? Follow this nifty guide by CoBalt:

Need something to get a head start on pro...
Grandma's Grace
"I remember, on cold winter days, I walked through the snow to my grandma's house to get that special warm feeling. Every year I got new sweater, made with her love and grace. I kept each sweater in my closet, for I love her as well. She has passed away...
Watermelon War paint
Created by The Avian Agenda

My first War Paint.

update 1 (11/28/17) - added blue variant...
The Sandvich Board (Decal Compatible)
Created by TauVee
Mini-gun bullets cost a lot of money. Fortunately, selling your body to advertising agencies is a great source of supplemental income!

A wearable sandwich board for the Heavy. A decal-tool compatible version is available in the downloads below if Valve wi...
The Messenger
Created by boomsta
Don't shoot the messenger... He might just shoot back

Serious_Greg on the promos

Mod Link:
Decadent Detective
Created by Big Bob
To solve the mysteries, you must become the mysteries.

- Paintable tie
- Secondary "P. I." style with a plain tie, to be submitted to Valve if the item is accepted

Concept and SFM promos by YeWelshTabby

Click he[]...
Sexy Speedy Sneaky Scarf
Created by heinous
Jiggleboned scarf of badassery. Proud product of Saxton Hale's boutique Mhankö line, located in Mannhattan.

Special thanks to NeoDement for painting pointers

Mod release:
for best results cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff 1
Spy [url=
The Skating Scorcher
Created by Hypo
"Dashing through the snow
On a one-man killing-spree
O'er fields we burn
Laughing all with glee!"

Spread some Smissmas Cheer™ all throughout the battlefield with this jolly moving, figure skating taunt!

The Sinner's Shade
Created by Corvalho
"-Heavy is your huckleberry"
- Paintable
- 3 Lods
- Team Colors...
The Heart Taker ( Reremaster again)
Created by Handsome Mug
i found the models lack of bump map disturbing...
The Trackman's Touchdown
Created by Hypo
What's the difference between scoring a touchdown and capping a point? Practically nothing!... you know, aside from the blood spilling thing, and the guns, and the dying part. Well all that matters is you celebrate them the same way, by gloating all the wa...
Anchor Arms
Created by goldenjohnson
Yo ho ho and a bottle of opium...
Runner's Rhythm
Created by Mall
There's nothing like a solid beat... A beat to the head with a blunt object, that is. But sometimes that's not enough to satisfy the void in your cold-blooded, sadistic heart. Let the beat resonate inside of you with a pair of bongos!

Luxury Lounge
Created by Populus
Because any cold blooded murderer needs a bit of culture from time to time.

Populus - Animation
Donhonk - Model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

Intro 0-128
loop 128-642
Outro 642 - 720

Burning Beanie
Created by ToxicWeasel
Totally warms the top of any gas mask

team colours...
Boatman's Beard
Created by Sparkwire
grizzled happy man

Concept and Texture: Texman
Model: Sparkwire
Facial flexes: Jpras
SFM: MaGGoT4th...
The Blizzard Wrap
Created by _Emblem_
Just a winter scarf for the Medic, i actually started making this last year but never fully submitted the item since december was already pretty much over by then. But hopefully it looks better now since i'm learning more about modeling and redid a lot of ...
Portative Weight Carrier
Created by Young Freak
Good engineer won't maim yourself with hard weight, right?...