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Airport and Co.
Here you will fin all my airport related items.

My work for the community is free and it always will be. However , if you enjoy my creations and think they deserve it, you can make a small donation with the present link =)
Items (33)
Baggage Truck prop
Created by kurtus_mob
Baggage Truck by kurtus_mob...
Boring 749 Jumbo Jet - Prop
Created by kurtus_mob
Boring 749 Jumbo Jet - Prop by kurtus_mob...
Cimair Billboard
Created by kurtus_mob
Cimair Billboard by kurtus_mob

A quick billboard ad for the fictionnal company, CIMAIR airlines, in order to embellish your airport !

Check the entire collection

Feel free to comment...
Lift Truck Prop
Created by kurtus_mob
Lift Truck by kurtus_mob

A simple lift truck for your airport =)...
Luggage carts Prop
Created by kurtus_mob
Luggage carts by kurtus_mob...
Modular Airport Empty Tarmac Section
Created by kurtus_mob
Airport Empty Tarmac Section by kurtus_mob

A quick piece of enclosed tarmac, to connect your modular buildings....
Modular Airport Fuel Depot
Created by kurtus_mob
Modular Airport Fuel Depot by kurtus_mob

Designed to fit with my other airport asset, this one is pretty simple but nonetheless crucial !
No props needed.

Maybe you would appreciate my other airport related items :

Airport & Co collectio...
Modular Airport Main Terminal
Created by kurtus_mob
Modular Airport Main Terminal by kurtus_mob

Here comes the big brother of the Express Terminal, the... well, the Main Terminal ! Quite massive but still modular, designed to perfectly fit with the Express one or any other asset (like this one fo...
Modular Express Terminal
Created by kurtus_mob
Modular Express Terminal by kurtus_mob

Modular Express Terminal by kurtus_mob

Tired of these neverending queue lines ? Grab your premium pass and head to the Express Terminal for a quick and smooth boarding !

05.02 update :
- slightly moved t...
Modular Parked Jetliner
Created by kurtus_mob
As I'm seriously reworking my entire collection, this asset has been reshaped to fit the other modular sets (and so will be the Jumbo and the small liner). Also, the (updated) prop is now required to be fully functionnal :
Parked Jetliner PROP
Created by kurtus_mob
Parked Jetliner PROP by kurtus_mob

PROP only.

V2.1 changes :
- corrected nose mesh and textures glitches. No more weird shaders effect.
- now needed for the ploppable asset :

V2 ch...
Parked Jumbo Liner
Created by kurtus_mob
CIMAIR airlines is glad to introduce you the brand new 749 Jumbo Liner from Boring Industries. Pretty low polycount (1700) so you could plop gazillion of it if you wish !

As always, come also in a prop version for your own airport fantasies : http://ste...
Plane stairs prop
Created by kurtus_mob
Plane stairs prop by kurtus_mob...
Small Liner - Parked - V2 !
Created by kurtus_mob
Small Liner - Parked by kurtus_mob

FlappyWings Airline - Airsub A311

Massive update here people :
- entirely redone the nose of the aircraft, no more deformity (see screenshots for comparison) and a well-better looking
- added "Mockingbird" decal...
Small Liner - prop - v2
Created by kurtus_mob
Small Liner - prop by kurtus_mob

Updated prop of this jet plane :
[Anywhere]Parked Jetliner
Created by kurtus_mob
[Anywhere]Parked Jetliner by kurtus_mob

Updated version of the classic Jetliner, now placeable anywhere !

Check my other assets :

Airport & Co collection :

As always, enj...
Small Liner (A311) - FlappyWings
Created by kurtus_mob
Airsub A311 Small Liner - FlappyWings by kurtus_mob

After months been on strike, FlappyWings employees are back to work and ready to fly you again !

This is a port of my previous static Small Jetliner (
Airport Deicer
Created by vasimr22
An airport de-icer for removing ice and applying anti-freeze agent to aircraft during the winter. This model contains 900 Tris with a 512x512 texture, and a 250 Tri LOD mesh with a 64x64 texture....
Airport Belt Loader Extended
Created by vasimr22
A belt loader for an airport. These are used to load baggage into the cargo hold of passenger aircraft. This model is in the extended position and is the correct height for the 737 and A320 airplane assets. This model contains 750 Tris with a 512x512 textu...
Rotating Airport Radar Tower
Created by Tomcat
Airport Radar Tower inspired from Oxford Airport, London.

This was one my old asset ideas but when I created before it was static model so I was not happy with it. But now it has rotating radar! :) I hope your airports will look better with this little...
Small Airport ATC Tower (Alone)
Created by vasimr22
A Small airport ATC Tower (I believe the building this is based off of is actually a ground countrol tower). This is just the tower part of the mesh from my other asset here:

This model con...
Small Airport ATC Tower With Admin Building
Created by vasimr22
A Small airport ATC Tower with an attached administration building (I believe the building this is based off of is actually a ground countrol tower). The tower height (base) is 18m.

This model contains 875 Tris with a 512x512 texture, and an LOD with 25...
Small Airport Terminal Pack
Created by vasimr22
Basic Info

This is a collection of buildings for a small airport terminal. It...
Small Airport Terminal (Functional)
Created by vasimr22
This is a functional version of the small airport terminal from my pop pack ( ).
There are 3x planestops, at an angle (to minimize distance from the building). I have verified that this asset...
Airport Roads
Created by SamsamTS
Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)

Fixed version of Runways and Taxiways mod.

Adds runways and taxiways to the airport menu.

Runway has t...
Airport terminal module (Glass)
Created by Zoki
A Modular terminal building i made for myself but wanted to share with the community.

Yes its funcional.

As this is my first real hand made asset and i love airports naturaly it had to be airport related.
Its loosely based on the terminal module ...
Plane stand x1 [Fixed for 1.4]
Created by SamsamTS
Planes will land if connected properly with Airport Roads. It may take some time until planes start to come (~a month of in-game time).

Radar Tower Scenic (AD)
Created by BaskB
Radar Tower Scenic by BaskB

**** Now with After Dark twinkly lights ****

Full credit goes to [xxxvxxx] Dorcas Lane for his original model:-

This version removes ALL worker, water, el...
General Aviation Hangar
Created by Tomcat
Simple general aviation hangar for airports, can be used as military aircraft hangar for mid size aircrafts as well.

*Aircraft is not included.

Cessna 172 prop link:

Another GA aircr...
Jetway (Jet Bridge) Prop
Created by Tomcat
I created this jetway to use in my airport asset but then I decided to share it as prop in case of someone wants to use this in other assets. It has 324 tris and 512x512 diffuse texture.

I used this prop in this Blue Airport asset:
Plane stand x1
Created by Zoki
A Small stand for just one plane...
Brush 12x12 Concrete
Created by [RWB] FxUK
This is a ploppable area filler - part of a collection containing various sizes and styles.

Complete Collection & Video:

* You can paint them almost anywhere, the round 1x1 variations ...
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good stuff, dude.
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@kurtus_mob So you are saying it isn't possible to make a custom airport asset that functions? Otherwise one could create an airport that is just a runway.
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id love the airport to be able to flatten the ground rather than wrap it self to the shape of the ground... some of these runways and taxi ways from the original airport look insane with the gradients of their placements