Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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Dadzilla: Attack on Octogon Island
Created by Sliferjam
Such a peaceful little city. I hope nothing happens to it.

Fight the evil Abazor! Climb the Umpire State Building! Smash the city!

Unlike in the video, the completed version has music....
First Person Home, Sweet Home
Created by Luthyr
Did you ever wish you could play Octodad in first person? See why things can be difficult for Octodad from his point of view!

*Not responsible for motion sickness....
Little Dad Dining Room
Created by Luthyr
Play around as Octodad in a dining room 5x larger than normal!...
Movie Theatre Simulator
Created by jrburger95
Do your daily job at the movie theatre. Make the guests happy and kick out the people making a disturbance....
Octobot Factory
Octobot Factory you play as Octodad dressed as a robot. The factory is located in the middle of a desert. The map also has a simple day night like cycle using in game light that changes over a period of time. Each day is only about 8 minutes or about 4 min...
Octodad Shorts: Birthday Cake (Reupload)
Created by SlightlySimple
Octodad bakes a birthday cake for Stacy (Notes: Based off of the Octodad Shorts Announcement Trailer, This is a re-upload since people were having A LOT of trouble with the original)...
Octodad on a Plane
Created by Bryan
Octodad takes flight.

Short and not particularly fun, but just experimenting with the editor. Thanks to 3dregenerator for the plane model....
Whose House is This?
Created by Luthyr
A simple mod showing off a replacement model that we rigged to match Octodad's body....