The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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coleccion de seba
me gustan las cosas nueas que son filetes y se ven bien. Tambien me gusta que ayan cada ves mas cosas en el grandioso mundo de skyrim
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The Hobbit-Skyrim Weapon Pack
Created by master libab
Adds 4 new weapons to the game: Orcrist + scabbard (sword), Umraz (axe), Fili's Hunting Knife + altered vanilla scabbard (dagger), Witchking's Dagger + scabbard *restored version* (dagger)...
Steel Longsword Pack by JRC
Created by JRC

As the title states this is a steel longsword weapon pack. I have spent many weeks on making these swords. There is a total of 24 swords in the pack (46 if you count the Greatsword versions), I am working on matching daggers, I thank you in advan...
One hand Hammers - Original
Created by Sir Alex Bearhood

Maces are good, yes...
Created by rebel-o-conner
This mod adds craftable backpacks which increase the carry capacity by 150. 6 different colors.
It adds also a craftable duffle bag which increases the carry capacity by 300 but decrease the sneak skill by 10.

The bags use the body slot 47 and can hav...
Eli's Nightwatch Armor
Created by Eli
This Mod adds a new armor and sword.
The Armor is the Nightwatch Armor from the Game of Thrones Series by George Raymond Martin.
The Armor and Sword can be found at Outpost above Ysgramors Tomb (Already marked on Map)
The armor parts are:
(RUS)†Armored SabreCat Mount†Новые ездовые животные†
Created by Vokshus
Armored SabreCat Mount
Автор: tumbajamba
Перевод: Siegrun
Перевод в Steam выложил: SIRIUS

Этот замечательный мод добавляет ездовых животных, да не простых. Эти мощные звери носят прочную броню, так что их боевой вид - отдельный предмет гордости хозя...
Created by (^-.-)>
"The Umbra Sword was enchanted by the ancient witch Naenra Waerr, and its sole purpose was the entrapment of souls. Used in conjunction with a soul gem, the Sword allows the wielder the opportunity to imprison an enemy's soul in the gem. Naenra was execute...
Ancient Viking Armory
Created by lagrie
- ancient Viking Cuirass
- ancient Viking Gloves
- ancient Viking Boots
- ancient Viking Helmet

- Nordic Viking Cuirass
- Nordic Viking Boo...
Detailed Towns
Created by Dex
Detailed Towns is my third graphical enhancement modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Giving each town a more vibrant feel. Detailed Townes primarily uses assets already in the scene to have as little effect on load times and performance as possib...
Thief Garrett Race w/HDT Physics
Created by TH3 GR8>



Josh's Skill Capes
Created by Josh Mate
Show off your achievements with these dashing capes.

And out of nowhere, nearly 4 years later, a huge update!

What is this?

+ Adds 44 custom capes to the game all using custom meshes and textures.
+ 18 Skillcape...
Smithing Redesigned - Legendary
Created by alien.system
Craft new armors and weapons in a redesigned Smithing tree!
This mod brings you several new end-game armor sets from both the Dawnguard and Dragonborn addons, as well as all the content of Owlburger's popular [url=
The Sword of Dovah
Created by Paul
Hi Dovahkiin !

This mod add :

-2 swords with enchantment (one hand)
-2 swords with no enchantment (one hand)

You can find this swords in the High Hrothgar ( see the picture )

I hope you like , don't hesitate to rate , comment and subscrib...
Guards of the Hold - Windhelm
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod changes all Guard armour in Windhelm (Eastmarch Hold) with models imported from The Witcher II.


Guards were quite short-changed ...
The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie 3" Misc and Bows and Lists" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit

Part 3 of 3 : bows and tools WITH Leveled lists
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0o
Parts 1 and 2 are needed ! Load t...
Talos Armory - avatar of talos
Created by lagrie
Talos Armory
- avatar of talos helm
- avatar of talos gloves
- avatar of talos boots
- avatar of talos cuirass
- avatar of talos shield
- avatar of talos sword
- guard of talos helm
- guard of talos cuirass
- guar...
Desteros Uruk-Hai-Followers
Created by Destero
What this mod does:

This mod adds some Uruk-hai to the "Sleeping Giant Inn" in Riverwood...
Become High King of Skyrim v2
Created by Mr.Infinium

This is a remake/continuatuion of the original mod unlike the other BHKOS mod on steam this version will be updated please Give suggestions in the comment section below or...
Medieval Furor from Oblivion V1.3" now with new size!"
Created by Sam Suphit

Download the file: If so, I got a fix for the invisible weapons (by re-linking all weapons to their new mesh and texture paths in t...
The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie " 3(- bis) Misc and Bows Only" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit

Part 3 of 3 bis : bows and tools WITHOUT Leveled lists
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~...
Throwing Weapons Lite
Created by JZBai
Throwing Weapons Lite
by: JZBai
Version: 2.01

Adds script light throwing weapons to the game. Also integrates them into the leveled lists and allows them to be ...
Hahkun - Battleaxe of the Dragonborn
Created by ArcadeParty
After the sucess of my Qahnaarin - Sword of the Dragonborn mod I was inspired to start a series of similar weapons. Hahkun is the Battleaxe of the Dragonborn.

It has the model and most of the stats of the standard dragonbone battleaxe, however it is mo...
Craftable Guns
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

This is a simple mod that adds craftable and fireable Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Blunderbusses, Musket Balls, and Musket Shot to Skyrim. The Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flintlock Bl...
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
Gondor Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Dragon Bone Weapons Complete
Created by churchofsmalldog
Dragon Bone Weapons Complete Set


Adds craftable Dragon Bone Weapon...
The Shadow Scale Set
Created by Sebastian
Like any respectable assassin, the Shadowscales follow the Five Tenets, lest they incur the wrath of Sithis.
Though the group has long been defunct, pieces of them remain - buried, hidden from the light, and...
Hedge Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Hedge Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set. This armor brings back memories of Oblivion with it's knight in shining armor feel. If you prefer an exquisite, royal looking armor, this set is for you.

ll - ...
Unique Uniques
Created by InsanitySorrow

Version: 1.8

One of the biggest complaints and requests I see on the TES forums is the lack of a unique appearance for the many unique weapons in the game. This isn't much of
a problem for the small...
Throwing Weapons - Death From Afar
Created by Madrilous
This mod has been completely rebuilt from scratch an re-uploaded as Throwing Weapons: Redux. It contains new weapons, new features and fewer bugs. I have improved it greatly over...
Sword of the Ancient Tongues
Created by Corvalho
Adds a new sword fitting into TES' lore. It has the Seal of Akatosh engraved in the handle and letters in dovahzul also engraved in the blade, which says "- Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to keep evil forever at bay..."

Sword of the Anciet Tongues ...
Sabre gear backpack
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Bag-Pack Add-on! v2.0
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, tumbajamba


This mod add-on aims to improve on TreasureChest's Fur Bag...
Vagabond Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Vagabond Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, light armor set. It has a refined look and feel - that of a noble wanderer. The set's design caters to all play-styles by incorporating elements of plate, leather, and cloth. Prepare to kill in style.

Baratheon Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Baratheon Armor' is a semi-lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set. This is the set of armor donned by Robert Baratheon when he takes the field of battle. If you enjoy the "Game of Thrones" TV series/books and wish to take your passions for it into th...
Dragon Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Dragon Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both genders and all races. This set of armor provides the option of a more refined and knightly approach to wearing the bones of dragons.

ll - Detailed Descript...
Created by fuccboi
Project: Glimmer
Author: Elvarheim
Version: 2.7
Release Date: 11.06.2013
Category: Weapons

Glimmer, a beautiful sword designed with high standards in mind. Can only be crafted at the skyfo...
Matys Medieval Knights
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Stormlord armor
Created by Gechbal
The stormlord armor is a new heavy armor that has the look of a great bearlord.

You can kill ulfric and take his if you've sided with the imperials.
Forge it if you have ebony smithing perk.
Buy Hjerim in Windhelm, it will be in a chest behind the mai...
Lord Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod add a complete Heavy armor and weapons set.

All the set have daedric stat. and craftable at forge under deadric item.
You can enchant or improve all armor and weapons.

Unfortunatly, there's no Helmet, and Hooded Helmet for Khajiit and Argon...
Viking Chainmail Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Viking Chainmail Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor or light armor set for all genders and races. I found there to be a serious lack of chainmail in Skyrim. Now you can wear an authentic looking Viking chainmail set as you maraud the Nort...
The Fellowship in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor
06/06/2017: Check out this amazing custom voiced Gimli follower, made by Gimli son of Gloin:

This mod adds the Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings films as followers to Skyrim...
Dragon Bone Weapon Pack
Created by EvilPeanut
A pack which adds various craftable Dragon Bone Weapons to Skyrim with the stats of thoose from the Dragon Bone Weapons in Dawnguard.


Weapons in this pack:
- Sword
- Axe
- Mace
- Greatsword
- BattleAxe
- WarHammer
- Dagger...
Forest Mounts and Followers NO DLC version
Created by gg77
ATTENTION: if you have the DLC Dawnguard, you must subscribe to Forest Mounts and Followers DAWNGUARD version

Forest Mounts and Followers NO DLC version 2.1.1TER allow you ...
Roma Victor
Created by Swedish Duck

Resources made by Jedo Dre and team, used with permission. Check our their excellent work on Steam and Nexus:
Generic Chainmail Armor
Created by JZBai
Generic Chainmail Armor
by: JZBai
Version: 1.1

Adds chainmail armor, coifs and aventails with four different color variations each.

Silver Dwarven Retexture
Created by K13RAN64
Silver Dwarven Re Texture Replaces Original Dwarven Weapons Armor And Material Textures And Contains Both Male And Female Versions.

Feel Free To Use This Mod As A Resource As Long As Credit Is Given ...
Drunkzealot's somewhat historical weapons 1.43
Created by Bemyguest
Ulfberth sword, Kindjal Dagger, Longsword, Viking war axe, Viking shields, Viking two handed Axe, B@stard Sword, TypeXV Sword, Zweihander ! More to come...
Use the forge to get them, iron and steel smithing.

Update 1.43 (12/08/15)

Zweihander motherf...
Portal to Sovngarde
Created by Milan
Make this simple.

Throat of the World portal is now functional portal to Sovngarde. Just step in and woooooooooosh - you are in Sovngarde. Same for Skyrim. Use small light portal when you are in Sovngarde to return to Skyrim.

No complicated scripts o...
Ram Ax
Created by OverPovered
Note: I had to reupload the mod, because the creation kit does not allow mods to be updated.

This Ax holds the spirit of a ram, which allows it to stagger opponents with a bash.

Takes (1) horned steel helmet, (2) iron ingots to craft
(blacksmith for...
Hrothmund's axe
Created by Føndue
Mythic two-handed weapon, the Hrothmund's axe is now available in the Hrothmund's barrow in Solstheim....
Warchief Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Warchief Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy or light armor set. This armor is a fusion of Orcish brutality, Nordic resilience, and tribal bloodlust. If you want to feel like a beastly barbarian marauding the countryside, this set is for you.
Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor
Created by Blacklake
The expert in battle would first make himself invincible, then wait for his enemy to expose his vulnerability. -- Sun Tzu

Dragonbone Ebonsteel heavy armor is a stand-alone set combining the raw strength of dragonbone with the more malleable resil...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Kill Them Generals
Created by Reinsdyret
Tired of Stormcloak Generals and Imperial Legates being essential during or after the Civil War?
Well, no more!

This simple fix removes their essential status allowing them to be killed.
Galmar and Rikke doesn't count, as they're required in quests. ...
Faction: Pit Fighter
Created by ThirteenOranges
Pit Fighter contains an all new faction to join, complete with NPCs, progression through the ranks, unique rewards and side quests.

"The Pit Fighters of Windhelm were once the city's proud Arena Team, known throughout Tamriel as The Paladins. Since t...
Knights of the Nine V2.6
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Either become a knight that shows the merciful side of the Nine d...
Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-On
Created by ThirteenOranges
Pit Fighter Travels is an Add-On for An Elder Scrolls Faction: Pit Fighter which provides multiple new pit fight locations and rewards as well as new creatures, weapons and armor. [...
Konahrik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory
Created by Sir Edhelsereg

    Ƭake a journey through time in the lost Dragon Priest stronghold, Revakheim. Unlock unique equipment and create armor not seen since the First Era.
Convenient Horses
Created by Alek
Mod features:

- Horses for followers (UFO, AFT and EFF compatible, up to 15 followers' horses, scripted AI, advanced features).
- Mounted combat for followers!
- Horse equipment (new saddles and horse armor for both player and followers).
- Mounted c...
Drakul Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod add a new set of High Resolution heavy Armor to the game.It is Male only.The drakul armor also armor has a capeless version of the cuirass.

*Drakul Armor Defense Base Ratings:


*Where to find ...
Matys Mithril Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Warchief Stronghold
Created by HSF
My first upload! Feel free to leave a comment!

Adds a medium-sized defensible stronghold to the tundra of whiterun for the dragonborn to claim as his/her own.

Summonable Followers Dawnguard Dragonborn Edition 8.5
Created by gg77
**************************The DLCs Dawnguard/Dragonborn are required**************************

ATTENTION: If you have not the DLCs, you MUST ONLY download the Summonable Followers NO...
Mod Status: Cancelled --- || New concept version in rough progress ||--- Dwemer Accelerator / Dwemer gun
Everyone be aware that i cant support any f my old mods at this point, those files are gone due to my computers cpu being busted, however i am still working on things, i simply cant work as diligently as i once did. for this im sorry i do hope...
Nightingale Crossbow
Created by Sam Suphit
= VO : Nightingale Crossbow =

credit(meshes et textures): DJjojo

Lien VO:

Prérequis: Skyrim, Dawnguard

Description :
Ce mod rajoute une arba...
Dawnguard: Craftable Falmer Armors v1.1 (Ancient added)
Created by Caerlocc
New version: 1.1: see changes below

For those who don't recognize this armor, Hardened Falmer Armor and Heavy Falmer Armor are 2 armor sets, visually identical, that are part of the Dawnguard DLC. However, they are hard to find, as they only spawn on h...
The Door To Sovngarde Easy
Created by ItsJustJord

Hey guys this is a little mod i made, its easy to get to sovengarde in this mod there is a door near the Whiterun Market, you can't miss it!

Hopefully you like this and give it a rate...
Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer
Created by InsanitySorrow



This is a simple mesh and texture replacer for the Ebony Longsword and Ebony Greatsword. Wasn't fond of them myself and decided ...
Flyable Broomstick
Created by J3X
Flyable Broomstick 0.4: This mods adds a flyable broomstick and a levitation spell. You can fly around everywhere with it and it will not clip into the terrain. It can also be used as a weapon, shooting deadly bolts of lighting.

You must fight a witch i...
Rebirth of an Empire
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod REPLACES all Imperial armour and weapons with models imported from The Witcher II and Regent Armoury.


Weapon Relics
Created by Dogtown1
This is a collection of weapons I have used in past mods

my first thought was to add them to creature and NPC weapon leveled lists, but there are SO many weapon mods out there that I just wanted people to enjoy the stuff without fear of conflicts in lev...
Diamond Weapon Smithing 2.0
Created by UberSmaug
6 New Diamond and Gemstone weapons! (Mace, Warhammer, War Axe, Battle Axe, Halberd, and Spear!)
This is an exstention of Diamond smithing 1.5 which contains (Swords, Great Swords, Arrows, and A Diamond Bow)
I will be working on Crossbows and bolt next, ...
Mjölnir (Thors Hammer)
Created by Lazlow
Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall posses the power of THOR.

- Craftable under iron.

24/2 - updated sound and visual effects.

29/2 - updated texture, added percentage chance of a hit knocking back an opponent....
The Stamford
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Stamford is a steel Viking Longsword, it's craftable and can be found under the steel section, the stats are similar to thos...
Mercenary War-Gear
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

An Imperial mercenary company has been developing a new type of soldier known as [Combat Engineer] to replace the Mages and get the magical aspect out of warfare completely, since Mages take so many years and so much education to train in ...
Insanity's Steel Bow
Created by InsanitySorrow



A new Bow for Skyrim!, Yep you read that right xD

This adds a new Steel Bow into the game, the bow is completetly new, meani...
Imperial Dragon Armor
Created by RenegadeKnight
My first mod that adds a high level imperial armor, somewhat based off the one from oblivion. It can be aquired by crafting it at a forge with the ebony smithing perk. The armor is slightly weaker than dragon bone.Sword is equal to daedric in damage. You c...
Roman Imperial Armor and Weapons (replacer) V1.4
Created by [SF] Jaydo
*15 April 2013 NOTICE: This full version of the mod can now be found here:

As of version 1.6 I overceded the maximum allowable file size for Skyrim Workshop mod (100...
The Thegn
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Thegn is a steel Viking Longsword, it's craftable and can be found under the steel section, the stats are similar to those o...
The Azincourt
Created by fuccboi
This sword is named for the battle of Azincourt, October 25, 1415, where the exhausted, sick and starving English army of Henry V was faced by a confident French foe outnumbering them four to one. Force...
Greek Armor Revamped
Created by [HoB] Vulkaan🐺
Like my page on Facebook to stay informed about my work!

If you like what I do, you can donate here:
Many thanks to those who chose to do so!

This file
DCR - Blade Set
Created by JDGameArt
=== Title ===
DCR - Blade Set Version 1.1d - 5/10/2012

=== Description ===
This Skyrim mod installs the DCR Blade Set. The DCR mods for Skyrim are a continuation of the original Dark Crusader content from Oblivion.

=== What this mod contains ==...
Created by Sauron
UPDATE: Added a 2 handed version for those that want it. Keep in mind that I had to make it larger to fit the characters grip.

This is Orcrist, Thorin Oakenshield's sword. Forged by the elven smiths of Gondolin.

You can craft it at a forge with 2 ste...
Inferno Adze
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Inferno Adze is a combination Hatchet and Pickaxe that originally came to life in Runescape. I decided to bring it into Skyrim beca...
Hammer of the Gods
Created by UNSCSpartin

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.
The dwarves are gone, but their legacy remains. It is said that a great power dwells within Skyrim, perhaps if you can find it you may see if you are worthy to...
Guards of the Hold - Solitude
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod changes all Guard armour in Solitude (Haafingar Hold) with models imported from The Witcher II.


Guards were quite short-changed ...
Guards of the Hold - Dawnstar
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod changes all Guard armour in Dawnstar (The Pale Hold) with models imported from The Witcher II.


Guards were quite short-changed i...
Simple Balanced Crossbows for Vendors and Crafting
Created by FlipFlopFloop
Dawnguard DLC required for mod to function.

This mod adds crafting recipes for crossbows and bolts similar to the ones bethesda has added for bows and arrows. Crossbows and bolts are now also everywhere bows and arrows are sold. I also tweaked the damag...
Scout Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download this package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only

Scout Armor - Weapons Only
[FR] Equipement d'Astora (Dark Souls)
Created by Flawqs
For English version see at
I am not the creator of this mod, I just translated it.

Dans les catacombes de Blancherive est enterré un chevalier venu d'un autre monde...
Il a été enterré avec son équipement...
Salem - skyrims best Arena mod
Created by chopfest
You will find out how to access Salem by subscribing. You can then head to Riften and go down the steps near the water. Speak to the salem traveler leaning against the wall next to Elgrim's Elixirs. He will give you a special book that lets you know how to...
Exclusive Weapons and Armors
Created by Nups
This mod adds two merchants which sell exclusive merchandise.
First merchant is inside Bannered Mare in whiterun and the second merchant is inside Bits and Pieces in solitude.

Giant club, Executioner's Axe, Blades Sword, Blades Shield, Explos...
Honor Guard Armor
Created by tygabor
This was an armor that I'd made for another mod, which I never completed. I thought I would release it anyways, enjoy!
You will find it in a locked chest in the Great Hall of the Skaal village. Requires dragonborn.

Be sure to check out my New mod: [url...
Dragon Hunting Set
Created by lagrie
dragon hunting Set
- dragon Hunting helmet
- dragon Hunting Cuirass
- dragon Hunting Boots
- Dragon Hunting Gloves
- Dragon Hunting Hammer 2h
- Chest: bone Chest
GDSDO - Guard and Soldier Diversity overhaul
Created by Jalvr
My thoughts on Vanilla guards
My first 10 play Through's in this game, were well OK..
But when it came down the the Civil War quest line I never really wanted to complete or play through the Quest because i knew the soldiers were pitiful, one swing of m...
The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie 1" Shields and Swords and Perks" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit
Part 1 of 3 : swords and shields. "now the mod is fixed!!!"
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0o
The first part can be...
Draugr-Weaponry Expansion (deutsch) OUTDATED
Created by Destero



In my workshop you will find two german an...
Deutschmann's Hunting Sword
Created by UberSmaug
Inspired buy one of my favorite swords from the MET's armor room

Location: Bloated Man's Grotto,a werewolf lair from the "Ill Met by moonlight" quest aka Hircine Daedric Quest

Stats: weight=15 Dmg=13 Crit=6 Value=720

Tempering: 1x steel ingot
Crossbow Bandits
Created by Sukor
=Dawnguard Required=
This mod WILL NOT WORK unless you have the Dawnguard DLC.

This fairly simple mod makes it so that the Crossbow from Dawnguard has a chance of spawning on bandits.
This is the only thing this mod changes.

I made this mod...
Viking weapons from Miðgarðr
Created by ODINN
This is a weapon mod for skyrim. The swords, battle axe, and shield are all craftable from a forge. I tryed to make these weapons as close to my ancestors as i could with my own design. Steel smithing is required to make these awesome norse weapons, and dw...
Falcata Sword
Created by kazumamqj
I'm not good at English.


Add the sword of ancient Hispania.
You can craft in the forge.

Thane Weapons Improved
Created by Zim

All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged ve
Battlefield Mod 1.17.2
Created by Ivar

Ever wanted to make huge fights between different teams in no time ? Now you can!!!
This mod allows you to spawn different groups of fighters via spell!
The groups are spawning at the impact point of the spell.

Throwing Weapons Redux
Created by Madrilous
Defeat your enemies from afar using more than just spells and arrows with Throwing Weapons. Inflict death from afar with axes, knives, javelins and grenades.

Diamond Weapon Smithing
Created by UberSmaug
A custom set of Diamond and Gemstone edged weapons and shield. (Long sword, Great sword, Dagger, Shields). To Install click the Green +Subscribe button under the screen shots above, it will download when you launch Skyrim.

Lord of The Rings | Total Conversion
This is a MOD that i am currently working on which turns the game from Stormcloaks vs Imperials to "The Armies of Mordor" vs "The Armies of Middle Earth"

Current Changes:

Stormcloaks are now Uruk Hai
Forsworn are now Haradrim
Other Small Changes
Pocket Empire Builder v1.49
Created by splynter
This version of the Pocket Empire Builder v1.49 is no longer in development.
The new version called "Empire Builder v2.X" is now public and can be found here:

Hadhafang (Arwen's Sword) LOTR
Created by Prophet
Very light one handed elven sword from Lord of the Rings universe. Features a clean and shiny blade, and detailed ornaments and inscrption in Sindarin.

Find more about the sword on the LOTR wiki[].

The sw...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dawnguard Addon
Created by PrivateEye
For people who are confused: this is an upgraded version of the old Heavy Armory Dawnguard edition. The old version is now outdated and won't be updated anymore. Check out th...
Assassin Yataghan Sword
Created by Twistybum
“Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine' -the Wisdom of our Creed is revealed through these words - 'We work in the Dark, to serve the Light. We are Assassins.'

Hello Assassins' here is another mod this one adds a new sword to your game

The Forgotten Weapons of Arcanie 2 "Blunts" (FIXED)
Created by Sam Suphit
Part 2 of 3 : blunts (maces, warhammers, waraxes and battleaxes)
o0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0) O (0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o0o
The Part 1 is neede...
Secret Of The Silver Blades
Created by jagdtiger

It adds 27 silver-plated elegant weapons for a more civilized age. They range from an accurate reproduction of a historical Oakeshott Type XVIIIe Danish blade or historical ancient swords, to fantasy elven blades and the Daywalker's Blade f...
Death Knight of Tamriel Ashenrune - weapon - armor - NPC - Horse
Created by lagrie
Adds inventory models. Now the daedric armor icon is replaced with the Death Knight armor in the inventory (see screenshots).
Also, ...
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Ver 2.0
Created by Shezrie
This mod adds a brand new town around the Old Hroldan Inn located in the Reach. There are many new shops, a secret underground town, enter able windows on all NPC houses, NPCs turn their home lights off at night, four homes the player can buy, see through ...
Nature's Taxi Service
Created by Nick
This is a pretty simple straight forward mod. Chase down a deer or elk and you can ride it. Once you reach your destination just hop off and the animal runs back to the wilderness. Perfect for those nature loving wood elf characters, but all races can use...
Reversed Daggers
Created by Manic Zombie
By Maniczombie
Current Version 2.1


Adds a (Reversed) Variation of most usable daggers in the game and smithing recipes to create a reversed dagger or change it back. To Reverse a dagger take it to the Anvil at the blacksmith with 1 ingot...
Randomly Distributed Items
Created by Sarthes Arai
Randomly Distributed Items adds some armor, weapons, and other items, both from different Elder Scrolls games as well as some original creations, to the world of Skyrim and semi-randomly places them throughout the world. Some items are simply generic items...
Dovahkiin Race
Created by Tony Tagliano
Rate and comment please!
[img] [/img]

Thanks to Kampfsteak for making the armor and the textures for the race.
This race is male only!
Veteran's Dragonscale Armour - Standalone Armour Set
Created by Macinjosh
Veteran's Dragonscale Armour is a completely standalone armour set I originally made for my old 360 character Aeredan that I ported over to Skyrim several weeks ago. As of the current version, it is available in Heavy and Light armour versions and can be c...
BDO -Clead Armor v1.0- by Guard016 & ReGenBot03
Created by Guard
Model&texture:Black Desert Online
Skyrim Conversion : Guard016(me)
Model.texture export : ReGenBot03

1. armor can be made of a Forge
2. The types armor, helmet, gauntlet, are four of the boots
3. armor You can smelting in...
Craftable Module - Base
Created by A__Gun
This is part of the Craftable mod available here
All Craftable modules are fully compatible with each other, but do not use the modules at the same time as the full mod, as this will cause conflic...
Draugr-Weaponry Replacer und Expansion (deutsch) OUTDATED
Created by Destero


Dragon Blood Blade
Created by N.W.O
Dragonborn REQUIRES LOCATION RIVERWOOD. freeweadpon and armor don't forget to rate the mode have fun...
Greybeard's Outfit V1.1
Created by Loa Kai
This mod makes the Greybeard's outfit wearable. Each piece of clothing has a 20% shout time reduction enchantment. You will find these lying on top of a dresser in the living quarters of High Hrothgar.

Please view change notes for more.

Please report...
Blackguard Armor
Created by Manic
I myself have always liked the look of the guard's armor. However, I wanted one more neutral in color. These are non-replacer recolors of existing in game items. They work with both male and female genders, and all vanilla races. Hoods are compatible with ...
Smithable Nightingale Armor and Weapons
Created by RC Scorch
Adds a set of Nightingale Armor as well as the bow and sword that can be smithed, enchanted and upgraded.
Base stats on the armor are slightly upgraded to the same as dragonscale armor.
It will not replace anything and should be compatible with any other...
Skull Lord Armor set
Created by lagrie
Skull Lord armor
- Skull Lord Boots
- Skull Lord Gloves
- Skull Lord Crown
- Skull Lord Cuirass
- Skull Lord Sword
Npc + location
- The Skull Lord
- Skull lord location
- g...
The Elder Scrolls Online Imports
Created by Sarthes Arai
The Elder Scrolls Online Imports adds some Locations, Items, Spells, NPCs, and other things appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online into the world of Skyrim.
I've tried to keep close to the original while still showing the ammount of time that has passed be...
Royal Vampire Hood
Created by Kinjo
*Requires Dawnguard

This mod adds Serana's hood so its accessible to the player, you can find 2 of them at Castle Volkihar in the same location as the Vampire Royal Armor. The hood has the same stats as the guild master's hood and is made of leather for...
Scout Armor - Armor Only
Created by DoODABoOM

This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download the full package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only
Witcher 3 style armor 4k
Created by Krezmick
Witcher 3 Style Armor

****** 4K Version ******

Obviously inspired by the up coming Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game I made a new armor to look similar to Geralt's armor we see in the trailers.
This is a simple retexture of the thieves guild armor as a sta...
Created by johnskyrim


Shadowmourne is a legendary Two-handed Axe that was forged in mind-freezing temperatures using the souls it had once captured. It has been passed down to Death Knights who overcome numero...
DarkWraith - Armor - Weapon - NPC
Created by lagrie
- Dark Armor
- Dark Gloves
- Dark leggings
- Dark Helmet
- Dark Sword 1h
- Dark Wraith NPC's

- these will spawn randomly when you a...
Improved Blacksmithing!
Created by Underman
Over 30 new blacksmithing recipies!
Craftable Arrows!
Brand new arrow types!
Craftable Lockpicks!
Craftable Staves!
New craftable weapons and armor! (Balanced)

Vanguard Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
**The first automatic open/closing helmet mod in all of Skyrim! See below!**

'Vanguard Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both males and females. The vanguard of an army are the first soldiers in line. They take the brunt of the the e...
Contractor Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
Contractor Armor

This mod add a new set of High Resolution Light Armor to the game.It's MALE Only.

Understand that the Mask/hood was tailored to humanoid faces therefore not for Kathjit nor Argonians.
There is also an enchanted version geared toward...
Assassin's Creed Revelations Armor of Ishak Pasha
Created by Guard
Model,Texture:Assassin's creed revelations

1. ENB link? →

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.Where is it crafted? → Check the forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscr...
Ratonhnhake:ton Outfits
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture:Assassin's Creed 3

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click\

.Please do not upload mode files to your sites
Noldor Content Pack
Created by Maty743
For 2k texture version download from Nexus.[]
So Steam decided to change the background c...
Fur Hoods HD
Created by Northborn
Brave the harsh Skyrim weather and keep warm with your trusty fur hood.

1.5b now released. To craft your hoods, read the instructions below!

Now wearable with circlets and available in all armor types, three different colors, with and without scarve...
A Few Weapon Variants
Created by jreese46
Just a few weapons I've been toying with, while learning nifskope.

This adds 5 different weapons, 3 remeshes and 2 retextures, to the game. The meshes are what I was really working on, but I had the retextured weapons laying around, so I figure I'll t...
Uruk-Hai Berserk Sword
Created by Sir Alex Bearhood

Mod add Rusty Berse...
Arms and Armour 5 Axes Maces 1
Created by Asko

Subscribe to Arms and Armour 5 Axes Maces Collection!!...
Created by JZBai
Version: 2.0

Adds a craftable and upgradeable quarterstaves to Skyrim.

I know there are other mods out there that add quarterstaves, but I wasn't satisfied with
Hevno Dovah
Created by Gechbal
Hevno Dovah, translated Brutal Dragon

Hevno Dovah is a powerful lategame warhammer, it is forgable if you have ebony perk smithing.
But to get Hevno Yol Dovah: Brutal fire dragon enchanted weapon you must complete the quest Evil in Waiting in
Created by johnskyrim


Doomhammer is a legendary relic that was originally crafted on a distant planet. It has been passed down through generations of Orc and now its power serves to protect the Frostwolf Clan. A port...
Orcish Blademaster armor and weapons standalone
Created by Vita
Orcs - the strongest and bravest warriors of all Tamriel. Talented smiths with thousands years of expirience, and keepers of the orichalque smithing secret for generations. But why? Why do they have to wear this crappy , ugly vanilla orcish stuff made of I...
True Nordic Hero Weapons
Created by Sku11M0nkey
** Mild Companions Spoilers below for the faint of heart... for those of you who are brave ONWARD!!**

Drab Nord Hero weapons got you down? Sick of those dull gray swords with weaksauce damage? Did you go through the entire companions questline only to...
Standalone09s Purifier Sword
Created by Standalone09


Nexus Link: http://www.nexusmods....
Created by johnskyrim


This had been requested quite a few times and whilst working on another mod, I wanted to try out a different technique to improve the quality of my mods. As always, I have taken heavy inspiratio...
Armure de Sauron. (Sauron Armor)
Merci a TOXA01 pour l'armure.

Thank to TOXA01 for the armor.

Voici l'armure de Sauron du Seigneur des anneaux, avec des textures haute qualité.

Note: Vous trouverez l'armure dans un baril, derrière la maison Douce-brise, à Blanche rive, elle est d...
WoW Weapon Collection by EXCissle
Created by EXCissle
This is my first Weapon Mod for Skyrim, so don't expect the best Quality on this Planet ;-)

It add's certain Weapons from the game World of Warcraft to Skyrim.

All Item-stats are Based on Daedric weapons, so its more like an Optical Weapon Mod.

Sulfuras, The Reclaimed Hand
Created by johnskyrim
Check out my newest mod: The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape)!


This is a 100% free mod. If you like this weapon, remember to rate! a...
Tamrielic Lore: Chrysamere
Created by thebigmuh
Due to public demand, this mod is now also available on the Skyrim Nexus, enjoy!

I also added a complete walkthrough video:


Uncover Chrysamere, the Paladin's Sword, Swo...
Vicious Weapon Pack
Created by Dartanis
Hybrid's - Vicious Weapon Pack - v3.0
Author: Mystihybrid/Gabriel Gullbergh

I made this for you. Please "Like" it. :)

Craftable WEAPON PACK for Sykr...
The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix - One Handed Version
Created by Adam
*As requested, uploaded to the Steam Workshop.

"The Sword of the Eternal Phoenix is a one-handed sword, wielded by a Dragon Priest from long ago. He is still rumoured to be guarding the stone, where he enchanted it to remain, until a worthy opponent cou...
Valiant Nord Bow
Created by Corvalho
This mod adds a new custom bow and arrows to the game (including quiver and projectiles). To aquire the items you may either craft them under the Steel Smithing menu, or cheat your way there, by typing "help valiant" in the console and then using the ID to...
Dragonlord Greatsword
Created by NiuHaka
Dragonlord Greatsword

ATTENTION! Mod update 9-11-2012:
Lets get this over with quickly. This update makes the sword available to anyone who does not have Dawnguard. Anyone who has ...
The Bastard
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Bastard is a Bastard Sword(Two Handed) that is available through crafting. The Bastard can be found under the Steel Material...
Scythe Compilation Mod
Created by Kempalot
Scythe Weapon Compilation Pack

Please read description before commenting.

## Includes:
Iron Scythe
Steel Scythe
Orcish Scythe
Dwarven Scythe
Elven Scythe (NEW)
Glass Scythe {NEW}
Hidan's Scythe (Ebony)
Ebony Scythe
Daedric Scythe
Frostmourne Sword
Created by Sam Suphit
At a forge -you can craft at Steel weapons section

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games.
Thanks to Blizzard for the sword concept.
Thanks to JaySus
Thanks to Jojjo

[RUSSIAN] Frostmourne Sword, by Jojjo
Created by eЯmac.hdp
Данный плагин добавляет рунный клинок Фростморн (Ледяную Скорбь), из игры Warcraft III.

Автор данного мода – Jojjo

Данный переведенный мною мод, добавляет меч без ножен. На сайте автора...
Shortswords for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
Did you ever miss the shortswords that disappeared from the Elder Scrolls series after Oblivion?
Or are you looking for a weapon to fill the gap between the dagger and the normal sword?
Than this is your mod!
The shortsword will make a fine weapon for a...
DCR - Heavy Weapons Set
Created by JDGameArt
==== Description & Info ====
[Short Description]
This Skyrim mod installs the DCR - Heavy Weapons Set. The DCR mods for Skyrim are a continuation of the original Dark Crusader content from Oblivion.

[What this mod contains]
-Demon Crusher Mace: Two h...
Old Barbaric Wild Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Old Barbaric Wild Helmet
- Old Barbaric Wild Cuirass
- Old Barbaric Wild Gloves
- Old Barbaric Wild Boots
- Old Barbaric Wild Club
Sabre Cat Gear
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Mod Pack Extravaganza!!! v 2.2
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, LordOfWar, Targaryen, tumbajamba, asc_kel, Froda



The Helm of Ysgramor
Created by mcgirkke
********** DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DLC **********

This mod adds the Helm of Ysgramor to the game. It is added to a chest located next to the chest that contained Ysgramor's Shield within Ysgramor's Tomb. Co...
Legionary Vanguard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Conan Hyborian Age

-------------------------- Dedicated to All Conan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans --------------------------------------

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

Nordic Spears (by P3dr0)
Created by P3dr0
ATTENTION : I discontinued the development of this mod. BTW even discontinued it still work and still look good.


Adds spears to skyrim.
Custom HD textures and models.

These weapons have a slightly longer reach, speed and critical ...
mjy Van Helsing Crossbow
Created by MJY
made a crossbow way back, had crashing issue with the pluging, fix, added automatic shooting, modified the power of it, balanced it.

[ is at nexus ] VanHelsingregular = has 2 damage, 2 crit , 1 bolt shooting at a time and speed of 1.00 and can have ench...
Runed Nordic Weapons
Created by foxlight713
Required Files -----
Offical Dragonborn DLC

Skyrim Nexus -
(A replacer version is also available on the the Skyrim Nexus)

This mod is inspired by the Runed Nord Hero Weapons here -
Knights of an fallen Empire (with craftable Blades Armor, WIP, required Dawnguard), forever free
Created by GoettlicherOreo
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Knights of an fallen Empire
by Legion1995ME


"Each event is pr...
Blade of War - Remastered
Created by JRC


- Remade the sword completely from scratch. Both the model and textures.

So I've been contemplating whether or not I should remake the first ever sword I did. Well here it is, I actually got around to doing it and I couldn't be...
Become High King of Skyrim - Immersive Edition
Created by Golem
This is my attempt at integrating (most of) the features of aysigago's "Become High King of Skyrim" into the existing world of Skyrim. He/she created this mod. All I've done is make a few changes.

This mod adds a quest to let the player become High Kin...
Additions to Lakeview DLC
Additions to Lakeview DLC is the companion mod to Additions to Lakeview. It offers unique custom storage for the Black Books and Elder Scrolls, the otherwise undroppable quest items of the DLC`s, as well as for the additional Dragon Priest masks and loot....
LOTR - Strider's Sword
Created by DEvasto
This adds the sword first carried by Strider/Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings films, before it was eventually replaced by Anduril. The sword is obviously not tremendously special, but it nonetheless served the ranger well until Anduril supplanted it. The s...
Black Mage Armor
Created by Reko
Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by every race, male or female.

Blaze Of Eventide
Created by Alek
- True flame effects.
- Fiery footprints.
- Illuminates surroundings (optional).
- Glows at night.
- Follows player.
- Custom summon mechanics and effects.
- Fire damage immunity - fire heals instead.
- Fiery avenger (burns attac...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
Created by Maty743
Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!
If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my [url=
Dynamic Fires
Created by woodbyte
Allows one to ignite and extinguish fires by using fire and frost spells, respectively. It also puts out fires that have been running for some time. (**update** - torch bashing now lights up fires too)

This initial release features all campfires. Other ...
+ Amazing Race Tweaks! Nord
Created by sp0ckrates
For Nords, it's all about the combat. Now it's more epic! This mod enhances melee for Nord and Nord Vampire player races (see the video) and adds new powers and abilities. It's safe, as no changes are permanent. If you unsubscribe, your powers and a...
Dragonborn Castle
Created by monstersock1
Requirements: None, just Skyrim :)

Location: Northwest of Solitude (next to Ravenscar Hollow)

UPDATE (August 10, 2015)
Summary (look at the Change Notes for a mor...
Fishing In Skyrim 1.00
Created by Arod Snaux
Adds working fishing poles, nets, dwarven boomfishing, working fishing gear, and many other fishing-themed goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free pole and net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local gen...
When The Dragon Priest Was here?
Created by Sam Suphit
hi my friend i come back with new mod ,yes it's no perfect but i can make better if you help me!

A new look for new dragonpriest mask,

All these Masks can be forged and improved to the blacksmith's, so you can put the enchantment of your choice...
Nord Hero Weapons - Honed
Created by doomwolfx

My first mod, so be gentle.
It always irked me that honed draugr weapons were just as good Nord Hero weapons. SOOOooooo...... I've added a few new Nord Hero weapons that require the Draugr honed weapons (and supple bow). They h...
Bloodskal Blade Improved
Created by Zim

All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged ve
Monster Mounts (Montures Monstres) 2.6.6
Created by gg77
The 87 mounts are in the Whiterun area (near the Whiterun stables and the Honningbrew Meadery)

No DLC required !

Thanks to Testiger2 and XP32 for the Sabrecat Idle Animation Fix [] ("Permission : F...
Nazgul Followers
Created by JP Doctor

PLEASE READ: Guys as much as I appreciate the shed load of ideas and suggestions for this mod, I'm afraid I just don't have the time currently to work on this anymore. A lot of the ideas, while sounding very cool, would take a lot more work than I thin...
Lich King's Armor
Created by Sam Suphit

credit:meshes and texture Author: jojjo

-READ THE FREAKING DESCRIPTION. Maybe your answer is there.
-If you are disrespectful, I wil
[RUSSIAN] Lich Kings Armor by jojjo
Created by eЯmac.hdp
Данный плагин добавляет броню Короля-лича, из вселенной Warcraft III (Примерно то, что носил Артас Менетил)
Автор данного мода – Jojjo

Как достать броню:
В кузнице любого города, в разде...
New Gryphons Mounts and Armies 2.0
Created by gg77
This mod adds GRYPHONS* in Skyrim (No DLC required)

Video with the version 1.0.1 from 1’00 to 3’45’’ (Thanks to Chaos_Hellfire/S.Silin/Ikari)

* "Gryphons/Griffins/Griffons are legendary creatures with the tail, backlegs, and body of a lion, with...
Elder Rim Shield
Created by NinthKnight
A shield forged by a mighty dwarf for the first dragon born.

Armor Rating: 36 Weight 10 (Heavy) Value 300

Can be forged under the iron weapons section....
(Yet Another) Ranger Mod
Created by A__Gun
Full description below

If you like my work, please rate it :)

Version History
  • a1.6 New Winter variant of the armor. At the moment its's stats and everything are identical to the normal armor, it just looks differ
Created by Gechbal
Emperors' will, can be obtained from forging, killing tullius or buying Proudspire Manor in Solitude
You need daedric smithing to be able to forge it, then you can find it in the imperial selection at the forge.
Same goes for Emperor's Warth and greatwra...
Fountain Guard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Mixed Unit Tactics (Form an army of followers, Control your troops from a Dragon)
Created by flexcreator

SKSE is NOT required!
Plugin doesn't change the native follower system, so it should be compatible with most follower mods.

This pl...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 4 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Hunt Armors (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 2 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Elder Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 3 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Reinforced Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Open Cities Skyrim - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind - specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and ...
Helm of Ylgar
Created by RJinthematrix
What this mod does:
Makes the Ancient Nord Helmet female model the same as male (why they are not the same, I don't know) meaning ALL (read: male & female) ancient nord helmets will have horns
Gives Argonians a new antlered mesh they did not originally h...
Shield of the Forgotten Jarl
Created by {CFH} Alkarath

Hello my name is Alkarath,

First off thank you very much for visiting my mod .
This is my very first mod, it took me a total of 2 months to make starting without any knowledge about 3d modeling, texturring and modding in general. ...
Veteran's Iron Armor
Created by Sir Edhelsereg
    Ghunzul, son of Shelakh, son of Mog, son of Grul, son of Durgob, son of Uzgakh, son of Ramol
Open Faced Guard Helmets [Russian] / Открытые шлемы стражников
Created by Wehrwolfmann
Russian version of Open Faced Guard Helmets.

Версия: 2.0
Всегда задавался вопросом, что скрывается под этими неподвижными, внушающими ужас масками.Теперь вы можете это узнать. Плаги...
Assassin's Creed Rogue Viking Armor
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture :Assassin's Creed Rogue

2. You make Female version.? →I do not intend to create a Female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check forge

4.How do you Mod download...
Become Overlord
Created by DooM
Requires Dawnguard!

first i need to thank

Liliths Obliterator - Custom Battleaxes, Waraxes and Maces 3.0

Overlord Armor & Dungeon boss

for the awesome meshes

WARNING! if you got previus versions it could be that the game will crash on loa...
Dwemer Garb
Created by tygabor
Adds new clothes with a dwarven theme, all with both an enchanted and unenchanted version. The clothes can be found in any dwarven chests and in a few specific locations. Perfect for Dwarven mage or stealth characters. Includes both a male and female versi...
Knight of Dark Fire - Armor - Weapon - NPC
Created by lagrie
- Dark Fire boots
- Dark Fire Armor
- Dark Fire Gloves
- Dark Fire Helmet
- Ironsword of Dark Fire
- Knight of Dark Fire NPC

Redguard Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Redguard Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy or light armor set. This set was built to cater to the Redguard players out there. There was only one Redguard themed armor set in all of Skyrim... until now.

ll - Det...
Elven Steel- Heavy Elven Armour
Created by Smol Gem
A heavy variant of the in-game vanilla armour. Works for all races and genders. Crafted with steel, moonstone, and corundum. Fully temperable. Requires the Elven Smithing perk, obviously.
It has similar stats to Steel Plate armour, with slightly less pro...
Overlord Armor
Created by aodnagne(하회)

I converted Oblivion Overlord armor mod(made by Найхаан ) to Skyrim. and add some retexture, glowing effect.
Helmet was made by me.
Originate from Overlord 2 (pc game).

Three Armor sets for male. (This mod doesn't have female mesh...
Vagabond Swordsman
Created by angertis
Table of content:
1. What this mod gives?
2. The Story
3. Thanks and other great mods
4. Change log


1. What this mod gives?
This mod allow the player to forge a complete set of Vagabonds Swordsm...
Legendary Creatures
Created by demi
Adds 8 powerful creatures to locations around Skyrim. These are greatly enhanced versions of normal creatures, some with new habitats. When you kill them loot their corpse for a special reward!

For locations of these creatures, head to The Bannered Mare...
Thunderfury and The Bulwark of Azzinoth
Created by johnskyrim
Check out my newest mod: The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape)!

Like my facebook page! or find me on Skyrim Nexus!

[ Voidcraft ] The Armory - Core Edition
Created by Saint Void
This is a simple lore friendly crafting mod for all the unique armors and weapons of the game.


*** Arrow Crafting ***
*** Three New Swords ***
*** Armor Bug Fixes ***
*** Daedric Ingots for...
BIG: Helmetless Combat Perks! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you better combat perks when you don't wear a helmet!
You took a lot of time to make your new character's face look great. So why cover it up? The obvious answer: There's no advantage to going helmetless in the vanilla game. Well, thi...
Craftable Thief Armors (Linwe's and More)
Created by HugeJerk
This mod adds the Linwe's, Thieve's Guild, and Guild Master Armor graphics as unechanted, craftable, and upgradeable armor sets. Requires the Elven Smithing Perk and can be found in the Leather tab of the forge. Base armor is boosted to still be viable for...
[ Voidcraft ] The Armory - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Saint Void
This is a simple lore friendly crafting mod for all the unique armors and weapons of the game.


*** Bug Fixes ***
*** New Dragonking Greatsword ***
*** Improved Artifacts / Craftable ***
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw - a Morrowind artifact
Created by PrivateEye
One of Valenwood's legendary heroes is Oreyn Bearclaw. Son of King Faume Toad-Eye, he was a respected clan hunter and a future leader. Wood Elven legend claims Oreyn single handedly defeated Glenhwyfaunva, the witch-serpent of the Elven wood, forever bring...
Witcher 2 Style Heavy Plate
Created by Robertson
This adds a standalone and craftable version of the generic Steel Plate armour, and is essentialy a mesh and texture edit of L0rd0fWar's excellent ported Witcher 2 Heavy Plate armours and includes improved textures and normal maps to give it a more 'worn' ...
LOTR Soldiers
Created by ProdoSlam
LOTR V2 IS OUT NOW! Check it out on



Because a lot of people are having issues with ...
LOTR Mirkwood Elf ranger armor with hoodless mask, promo for LOTR Epic battles Armies Mod
Created by Galvatron
craftable armor re-textured nightingale with maskless hood aswell as mask option for all races. smithing under misc
will improve on female texture

this is really a promo to generate interest for my LOTR Epic battles Armies Mod. that mod is on the nexus...
Hedemark Viking Sword
Created by uschtenbrau
Hedemark Viking Sword

One-handed sword, can be crafted at any forge. Requires skill Steel Smithing.

Model and Textures made by me.

Feel free to use model in your project.

Enjoy =)

Viking Spawn Shield
Created by kizbot
~~~This Shield is craftable under Imperial class from any forge~~~
This mod adds a craft-able Shield to your adventures. The design as some may recognise is from the genius McFarlane, creator of Spawn. This Shield is based off that used by 'Bluetooth' t...
Northman Race
Created by Danyyy001

This mod is now updated and will require these new mods, they supply with new beard and brow styles.

Beards by Hvergelmir:
Brows by Hvergelmir:

Kyne's Wind - Sword
Created by Zuna Roath
This mod adds a sword called Kyne's Wind into the game. Or Kaan Ven as I first thought of naming it. Kaan Ven still means Kyne's Wind in the dragon language. I based it in a kind of viking sword, and it sticks pretty well into the game. It has its own scab...
Dragonhide Robes
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Dragonhide Robes' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor, light armor, or cloth set for all genders and races. One of the main focuses of Skyrim is the slaying of dragons. Now mages can wear their dragon trophies too!

ll - ...
Akaviri Samurai Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Akaviri Samurai Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all genders and races. The Akaviri are great dragon slayers from another continent. The fabled Blades of Tamriel forged their armors in the like of Akaviri warriors.

DCR - King Crusader Armor
Created by JDGameArt
< Mod Content >
Installs the Dark Crusader Reforged - King Crusader Armor, and Locust Storm Spell.

< Where to find the armor? >
Head to Bloated Mans Grotto (South West of Whiterun) and look for two chests (one behind & weapons to the left) the Talos s...
Silt Striders Mounts 1.4
Created by gg77
With this mod you can move in Solstheim with 4 young Silt Striders (Located near the Dusty's Dock in Tel Mithryn). The DLC Dragonborn is required (not dawnguard).

When you dismount,the "saddled" and the "tamed" returns to the "Dusty's Dock", the ...
Mikasha -Wolf Follower
Created by Xim
This is a wolf follower as requested.

Her name is Mikasha

*Base Health: 100 ( 75 buff) + level = 265 total base
*Regenerates 8 HP (combat included)
*Able to enter interior spaces
*Uses Edited Race and Skin Data
*Slightly larger t...
Dark Souls III - Profaned Greatsword
Created by Crossbreed
Adds a new weapon to Skyrim, the Profaned Greatsword! Two-Handed only.

* If you want your weapon with cool flame effect, you'll need the Animated Enchantments Overhaul mod and enchant your weapon with Oblivion Flames Breath, the Dragon's Breath enchantm...
Vahlok - Waraxes of the Dragonborn
Created by ArcadeParty
After the sucess of my Qahnaarin - Sword of the Dragonborn mod I was inspired to start a series of similar weapons. Vahlok Bormah and Vahlok Monah are the Waraxes of the Dragonborn.

They have the model and most of the stats of the standard dragonbone W...
Draugr-Weaponry Replacer and Expansion (english) OUTDATED
Created by Destero



Table of Contents:
Arkay's Hand Reborn ENG
Created by RonnieMagnum

Ronnie Magnum - meshes, textures, location


This mod adds new battleaxe - Arkay's Hand - that deals extra damage to draugrs (25 pts of additional damage). It can ...
Slave Knight Gael Greatsword
Created by GioMagno
The sword of Slave Knight Gael(Uncle Gael), my favorite weapon in the whole game(Dark Souls 3).
This is the original in-game model.

Bonestrewn Crest

Programs used:


Q:Where is the damn sword?
A:At Bones...
Capes with HDT physics
Created by Kryptonian
"HDT Physics Extension alleviates the problems associated with animation by actually using the physics engine that is part of the retail game.
Through some creative use of SKSE, HydrogensaysHDT (the author of the
Physics Extension plugin) has provided a...
Swordsman's Assortment ENG
Created by RonnieMagnum

Ronnie Magnum - meshes, textures, locations
Albert Zaigrov - Berantand music theme
Dimonoider - scripting
9RedMen - exterior navmeshes


This mod adds ten n...
Created by Palonkus •
This mod is an improved version of the vanilla Whiterun's map. The changes that I've made are visible but during the process of making it I was trying to keep the spirit of the original version. Please let me know what do you think about my project by send...
clothes armored and silver sword damage
Created by strangermoon
higher damage level for one handed silver sword weapon now powerfull sword. adds higher  armor levels for some "0" valued clothes I use in game like :

mythic tunic gloves 60+ armor for hglvl crctr
mage hood (art one like on pic) 50+ armor for hglvl crc...
Whiterun Extended
Created by Deycallme Koles
Ever thought the space around whiterun was bare and empty? This mod extends the wall of the city out onto the flood plains! Loads more stuff will be added shortly. I made this complimentary to the Whiterun Enhanced Exterior mod as it adds a good atmosphere...
Dark Souls III - Greatsword
Created by Crossbreed
Adds a new weapon to Skyrim, the Greatsword! Two-Handed only.

\\Check out my mod collection, I'll be adding all my future ports to it. Subscribe to the collection to receive all future ports as soon as I release them \\

Can be crafted at any forge, u...
Standalone Imperialized Ebony Armor
Created by MSPainting
Same as the one I uploaded before, minus the edits to the ebony armor and whatnot. A full set is found in the Emperor's Quarters, near where his robes are found. Temperable....
Dark Souls III - Fume UltraGreatsword
Created by Crossbreed
Adds a new weapon to Skyrim, the Fume UltraGreatsword! Two-Handed only.

\\Check out my mod collection, I'll be adding all my future ports to it. Subscribe to the collection to receive all future ports as soon as I release them \\

Can be crafted at an...
.::\\\V/// Nord Guild Armor
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.17 or older


>: .::\\\V/// Nord Guild Armor.!

>:Custom Made Nord Guild Armor
Royal Knight - Armor - Weapon Npc
Created by lagrie

- Royal Knight Armor
- Royal Knight Leggings
- Royal Knight Gloves
- Royal Knight Helmet
- Royal Greatesword 2h

- Edmun the royal Knight NPC
- Hall of Honor location

- Custom music added to the...
Dark Souls - Havel The Rock - Armor Set - Weapons
Created by lagrie
Adds :
- Havels armor
- Havels Boots
- Havels Gloves
- Havels Helmet
- Havels Greatshield
- Dragon Tooth 1h weapon

- Havel the Rock NPC
- H...
Artorias the Abysswalker - Armor - Weapon - NPC
Created by lagrie
- Armor of Artorias the abysswalker
- Boots of Artorias the abysswalker
- Helmet of Artorias the abysswalker
- Gloves of Artorias the a...
Dark Souls III Soul of Cinder Armor and Weapons
Now you can go ashens ones, go and link the fire.

This mod includes:
-The Soul of Cinder armor (not the Firelink set)
-The Coiled sword
-The Curved Coiled sword
-The Coiled greatsword
-The Coiled longsword
-The Coiled catalyst

They all have gro...
Warden Armor
Created by Manic
This is a light armor, non-replacer, re-texture of Dawnguard armor and 2 dwarven swords(1H/2H). These items are on par with Glass armor an...
Dark Souls III Nameless King Armor and Weapon
In the Age of Ancients,
The world was unformed, shrouded by fog
A land of grey crags, archtrees, and everlasting dragons

This mod includes:
-The Dragonscale Set (Nameless King)
-The Dragonslayer Swordspear 1H
-The Dragonslayer Swordspear 2H

Heavy Stormcloak Cuirass
Created by Rhyspiece
I love the Stormcloaks, this is rather well known among my friends. I also like the satisfying crunch of a two-handed weapon (usually a Warhammer) coming down on my enemies skulls. I also prefer Heavy Armour over Light Armour.

Now, I've seen a few Heavy...
Blue Stormcloak Officers
Created by Edelschinkenschrank
This Mod changes the Stormcloak Textures to a more Blue outfit that fits better with the other Stormcloaks and the Banner of Ulfric Stormcloak.
Please vote up if you like it ;)
Armored Coats
Created by HavocAngel
A chain and scale coat as additional choices for light armor.

They fill in on the level of elven and gilded armor for those people that don't like wearing this fluffy stuff and prefer hard steel to moonstone.

The chain coat requires the steel perk, p...
Bears Mounts and Followers 2.0
Created by gg77
"Bears" allow you to summon 2 Cyrodiilian Black/Brown Bears + 3 Bears + 3 Dovahbears (Brown + Black + Snow) + 3 Armored Dovahbears (Brown + Black + Snow) + 4 Pandas (panda, armored panda, armored dovahpanda, dovahpanda) + 1 Snow armored bear + 1 Spectral b...
Dova Strunmah Höll (Dragon Mountain Hall) v2.1
Created by MurphyMurph
Located atop the throat of the world, this home for the Dragonborn brings an architecture normally saved for a small portion of the gameplay into your day-to-day.

In addition to beautiful scenery and imagery this mod provides:

-all crafting stations/...
Fel'Nin ENG
Created by RonnieMagnum

Ronnie Magnum - meshes, textures, location


This mod adds new weapon - Fel'Nin (can be translated like "Wild Sting") - a sword, that can be obtained at the Dosum Coast Ruins,...
Dragon Sting Sword
Created by Elmago
Here’s my third entrée for the Skyrim mod community. I have two previous swords I made. Hopefully you guys like this one as well. As always, the model and textures are all made from scratch by me.

You can craft the sword or bye it in Whiterun inside ...
Created by JRC

This is a steel longsword. There is a one-handed and a two-handed version, both can be crafted at any forge throughout Skyrim. The damage on the swords are: 1H - 18, 2H - 23 and the weight is 1H - 12 and 2H - 14. The textures are 2K resolution.
Tsun's Sword
Created by Kimagure
Tsun's Sword

Version 1.0

This mod presents a dedicated sword to Tsun.
This sword benefits from all Two-Handed weapon perks.
Deep Wounds and Limbsplitter,and Skullcrusher.
Click on the gree...
Tornado - Battle Axe
Created by Ramhat


Addon adds a new two-handed axe to Skyrim.
The weapon is forged in the blacksmith in the "daedric" section, but requires only the "steel armor" skill.
By characteri...
Durotan's Battle Axe
Created by StiffMe1steR
Durotan's Battle Axe.
Battle axe from an upcoming movie Warcraft (2016). This is an one-hand axe for either hand. Axe without enchantments.

How to get?
- Create with blacksmithing craft. This is an iron class w...
Created by Rha Do
HrothmundsAxe is craftebel in the Blacksmith with Seel, Silver and LeatherStrips.
Damage 30
Critical Damage +20
by a two-handed Level 0
you can improve it with the SharpeningWheel to +10
max Damage 98...
Ash Spawn Battle Axe *Dragon Born*
Created by AllOutVegas
This mod is for those who werent much of a one handed weapon fighter and would rather have a two handed version of the Ash Spawn War Axe.

This mod is compatible with my previous mods and has also been tested to make sure everything works.

One Handed ...
Olaf and Bjorn - Viking Followers
Created by WarlordThorvald
hello guys.
This is my first follower mod. It's pretty simple and uses vanilla Skyrim resources.
Mod adds two viking-styled followers to Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. They are configured to be light armored warriors with shield and one handed. I use tho...
Gray Quarter Expansion Pack
Created by LISK
The mod "Gray Quarter Expansion Pack" is set in the gray quarter of Windhelm and adds a new floor to the grinding poor part of the city. It contains a small player home called Dal D'ren and an alchemy shop, conducted by the old dunmer B'vek. Another new ch...
Time Flies
Created by DF_XYZ
A modified version of Living Takes TIme with Campfire (Frostfall) and iNeed support. Make game time pass when performing actions like crafting, reading, eating etc.

- Make game time pass when crafting, reading, looting, lockpicking, trading, ...
The Northern Overlord - Rafael's Textures
Created by Rafael De Jongh
"- The legend has it that there's an old man who lives far to the north, where the winds are colder than the heart of a whispmother. He is a secluded and solitary man, and in this one specific night of each year, he wanders in his carriage moved by a group...
Midas Magic Evolved v17.1
Created by DaRealSlenderMan
Adds 250+ spells to midas magics system. Spells meshes are beams, custom creatures, scripted spells, custom effects, bolts, storms, and more! Spell Meshes are custom!!! :)
From tsunimas to walls of winds, or even burn your targets in brimstone or fire t...
Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
Created by xilverbulet
The return of the Original Spell Mod for Oblivion and Skyrim. Midas Magic adds 80 new and unique spells with custom graphics and effects. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks and as summonable player house. And much more.

Berserker Armour
Created by SeeK
2 new armor sets, both Light and Heavy, based on the old mighty Viking Warrios the Berserkers

This is MALE only

The sets has the stasts of scaled and steelplate armour, because I dind't want to make something that you can get very early in game and u...
Defended Morthal
Created by Xavier Laflamme
This is the fourth mod in my Defended Series. Now that I have completed the captials of each Hold, I am thinking about making the individual villages, and towns more unique.

In this mod a front gate, and wall has been constructed ...
The Real Dark Brotherhood
Created by Horrible Andy
This simple plug-in makes changes to the Dark Brotherhood that, I feel, should have been made by Bethesda. Also changes the look of Shrouded Armor/Robes.

The BSA contains NO SCRIPTS.

Mod Features:
  • The chest in the Abandoned Shack is now saf
Nereva 3.06a (deutsch)
Created by grilli
Neue Version von Nereva.
(aktuell Version 3.06a ... warum hier 3.0 angezeigt wird weiss ich auch nicht!)

SkyrimSE Version auf Nexusmods:

Es gibt auch Videos auf YouTube:

Danke an Ikari: ...
Mjolnir Unbound
I noticed there are many "Thor's Mjolnir" mods that already exist, but most are nothing more than a new Hammer with a lightning enchant stuck at the bottom of some old Dwarven ruin. I didn't expect much more, but still, I tho...
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Wildcat makes combat AI more responsive, introduces combat injuries and increases lethality. The aim is to make combat more dangerous and varied and less like a water balloon fight. It accomplishes this with minimal scripting and no save bloat.

DragoneBone Armor 2k Textures
Created by ✽ cryptosgfx
Dragonbone retexture: Crimson Armor HD

Version 2.0
All textures in 2048x2048 pixel

+ New High res pattern used for all parts
+ Matching FX textures added
+ male and female version
+ partially handpainted details

Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Created by Arthmoor
Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing dayli...
Immersive Patrols
Created by Koda
Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC Required!

No DLC? Use this! Immersive Patrols Vanilla.

Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs incl...
Ars Metallica - Legendary Edition
Created by Arthmoor
A simple mod to expand on the crafting system in Skyrim.

The crafting system is one of Skyrim's better features, but for thieves and archers, there's not much use for the system. Light armor is dead easy to come by in already finished forms, but arrows ...
Ultimate Smithing Immersion Revamp, DLC.
Created by El_Tres
This is a DLC upgrade of my "Improved Smithing" mod with tons of added DLC and my reworking of materials and perks.

The chitin perk is now a seperate perk available at 30 skill and allows you to craft, salvage and upgrade all chitin and falmer armor and...
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Ordinator overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim with over 400 perks to improve the depth and fun of building and playing your character. It accomplishes this in a lightweight, compatible and clean fashion.

Over 20,000 endorsements on the Skyrim Nexus![/...
Created by Nick75
River Helm
Created by RayyDogg
Become The King of River Helm
(RiverHelm is Located down steam from Riverwood)

Attention for update need new save clean,

save clean =
1- disable mod enter in game with mod disabled and "create new save"
2 - exit game
3 - update and active mod ...
Wanderer Series - Aculeus
Created by BrettD117
During the Oblivion crisis a group of adventurers from skyrim set out to claim back their home land. Each adventurer had custom steel swords made so that one day they can be famous. However alot of adventurers perished and after time of battle each sword w...
Enhanced Smithing: Craftable Civil War Armors
Created by raindance maggie
This mod adds various armors seen throughout the civil war to the craftable items list. These items include stormcloak armor, stormcloak officer armor, penitus oculatus armor, and the imperial officer helmet along with the closed imperial helmet. The craft...
Created by NecroVacuum
Version 0.19 [For now mod is not supported. It's does not means that it's does not work]

This mod allows you to take apart many of things that you can finde in the Skyrim. You can take apart clothes into a cloth, than you can use it to craft clothes. ...
Silver Hand: Expanded
When I first started playing skyrim I was kind of disturbed when I found out that the companions were a daedra worshipping man eating werewolf cult. However I went along with it and drank from the underforge fountain. After killing nazeem and a cow in were...
Jangosan's Whiterun Retexture
Created by Jangosan
This mod retextures Whiterun with a texture pack inspired by Bruma from TES IV: Oblivion. It also affects the appearance of any other in game assets that use the same textures.

Also changes some buildings in dlcs (Hearthfire houses, Skaal village) but, ...
Wildlings Of Skyrim 1.5

Wildlings of skyrim is a mod that adds over 60 New NPC'S scattered all over the snowy landscapes of skyrim!
Version 1.5

The People Of Skyrim Complete LE Version - A World Overhaul Mod
Created by Nesbit


Open Face Guard Helmets
Created by BlaQNYC
Always wondered what the guard complaining about an Arrow in their knee looks like? Now you can find out! This mod changes all of the Guard Helms and Stormcloak Helmets to open face versions, so now you can see their pretty face!

If you like it, please...
Rorikstead - Defended, Expanded, Improved!
Created by sboyd2kus
Rorikstead Defended, Enhanced, with DKR Compatibility.

This is a mod that patches hfreeman's Rorikstead Expanded and makes it compatible with my DovKroniid Redoubt and Border Forts of Skyrim (DKR) Mod.

It also could function as a stand-alone mod if ...
Dawnguard Exterior Overhaul
Created by Fluit
This mod adds some nice little features to the dawnguardgates actually making it look safe and able to handle a vampire war. It adds
-4 New Gates
-More than a dozen stockade walls
-A new tower near the fort entrance
-Connects a smaller Tower with the u...
Weapon Reforging
Created by Omnibruce
This mod allows you to forge 2 identical weapons into a more powerful version!

To reforge your weapons all you have to do is find a forge and look under the material tab you wish to reforge and, as long as you have 2 identical items, the reforged varia...
Helm's Deep
Created by Argon098
The great fortress from my favorite story. I hope you enjoy this mod of Helm's Deep based off of the film The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. Thanks for checking this out. :)

HELP: Currently having one final issue. I am trying to allow this to be comp...
\\\V/// New DLC2 Dragonborn
>:>:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Rated M for Mature.!


>:\\\V/// New DLC2 Dragonborn BETA mod in progress.

The Best Thing...
Masterwork Stahlrim Sword
Created by Epispadias
Description: A non replacer new masterwork stahrim sword, forged with even greater smithing skill than the crude looking stahlrim sword of the base game (Daedric smihing perk) I always wanted a high level sword that incorporated one of the many awesome...
Forty Sippa | Rorikstead Player House
Created by NashyBoii
Forty Sippa is a custom player home located in Rorikstead.

I have based Forty Sippa of a fresh gangsta like house.
As you aproach the door you will see a note in a holder to your left, this note wi
Winterhold lights
Created by RustyPrimeLUX
Hello and welcome to my mod!

This mod adds 2 torches on each door in Winterhold.
..and that's about it.

It's nothing special realy.
How the f*ck did I came up with this idea you may ask, well this is the answer:
I couldn't see sh*t and I almost ra...
Created by Spawner
Crafting Improved | Tanning
This is the first mod in my "Crafting Improved" series. This mod adds the option to choose if you want to craft 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 items at once when you use the tanning rack. The cool thing about this mod is th...
Winterhold Walls
Created by GrimThor3
I plan to update it and add more content to it later. If you wish, please comment on what changes you think would be good

Feel as if the prosperous city of Winterhold does not appear to be the prosperous city it once was?
-Large Wall that encircles the...
Bear (My Sword)
Created by TickleMyCow14
This sword is craftable and temperable with the Ebony Smithing Perk

It is a little stronger than Ebony

I got bored on a Saturday and rather than go out an get drunk with my friends I made this. It is still that Saturday and I'm about to go out with m...
Morthal General Store and Tower
Created by El_Tres
The Imperials have set up a tower on the bridge in Morthal, an enterprising Argonian lady, Scrum-Jee, has set up a general store on the outside of the tower. She carries a few specialty goods as well. It's the only place in Skyrim you can buy the famous B...
More Towns.
Created by teroku36

Although incomplete it still works ,so if you want a town in Markarth (Milserville ;pretty much inside sky-haven temple.) ,A town in Whiterun (Gilvensted) ,A town in solitude (Zygrov...
Iron Helmet Buffed
Created by Word
The iron helmet is the most iconic piece of armor from skyrim yet it is the worst armor in skyrim. This mod gives the iron helmet the power it deservess by:
-Increasing it Armor rating
-Changing it to light armor
-Making the price go up
-increasing the...
Clothing and Smithing Pack
Created by ThirteenOranges
This mod adds many clothing and armor sets based on unatainable (and unbranded) faction specific sets and adds new smithing options. These new varieties are renamed in a lore-friendly fashion and DO NOT change the originals.


- Armor a...
Vara'bur barbarian Armor
Created by lagrie
- Vara'bur boots
- Vara'bur Cuirass
- Vara'bur Helmet
- Vara'bur gloves
- Mace Vara'bur
- Shield of Vara'bur
Npc + location
- Vara'bur
- The Barbarian location
More Enemies 1.2
Created by Krezmick
Updated Finally! sorry about the wait, will be working on some more. Also I have another project that needs to be worked on.

*****IMPORTANT NOTE***** i am not trying to copy any other creature or monster mod. I simply made this at my own free will. I th...
Better Combat AI
Created by joop
Better Combat A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
Enhances the combat AI for NPCs within the game.


NEW 4.25.15
Many creature additions:
- Lowered confidence/increased chance of fleeing of animals (sabre cats, dogs, skeevers, mudcrabs, horke...
Insanity's Daedric Sword
Created by InsanitySorrow



This release adds a new Daedric Sword to the crafting menu, it has the same stats as the vanilla daedric sword and is upgradeab...
Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Sea Of Ghosts are the cold and dangerous waters on the northern coasts of Tamriel. Among the mists and fog lie many secrets, treasures and stories long since forgotten. Travel these dangerous waters with the crew of The Winter's Warmth, exploring many ...
Quest: No Mercy
Created by ThirteenOranges
A messenger has been sent from a small chapel of Stendarr to the Vigilant at Stendarr's Beacon, seeking aid against an unknown evil, but the messenger never made it to her destination. Investigate events at Stendarr's Chapel and explore the dark and danger...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to ...
Weapon Variant Expansion
Created by Mahws
This mod will only work if your Skyrim is installed to the default directory (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim). Otherwise the items will be invisible in game. If anyone wants to fix it all you need to do is load the meshes in nifskope...
Playable Creatures Pack
Created by MagnetoBlaze
[img] [/img]
This mod ONLY requires Skyrim. You don't need DLC or anything else. Make sure to play this mod on a new save to avoid issues.

Playable Creatures Pack allows you to play as one of the AL...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dragonborn Edition
Created by PrivateEye
What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited se...
Epic Creatures of Skyrim
Created by Patriarachnid
Hello, people. Just thought you'd like to know that Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2 is out. It's still got everything this has, plus a crapton more.
Check it out here:

(Note: If you want to inst...
Unique Bows Collection
Created by artisanix
This mods adds 10 new unique bows to the game (new meshes + new textures). All bows are artifacts, placed in various locations all over the Skirim. Should be quite a lore friendly too, as each has a history, briefly mentioned in Trebonius Catanius' diary, ...
Artillery - Death From Afar - RELOADED
Created by Madrilous
Rain death upon your enemies with unrelenting barrages of catapult fire, fireballs and arrow storms. Simply mark your target with your Marker Arrows, use the Launch Barrage power and watch the chaos begin.

I have reuploaded this mod following a few imp...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons Dawnguard Edition (Outdated)
Created by PrivateEye
Hey everybody

As of now, this mod is outdated and won't be supported anymore.
Heavy Amory has a new structure.
There are 2 main files:
- The Standard vanilla edition
REAL Nordic Hero Retexture
Created by Edelschinkenschrank
Sorry if my English is not the best ;)
When reforging very old Weapons, the first thing I would replace´, is the wood. I found the Textures of the nord-hero weapons always too "one-coloured", so here´s my retexture with brown leather and wood.
Altered Te...
Created by TVR26
This mod adds the excalibur sword to the game.One handed and two handed

Weapon info:

Damage: 45
Wieght: 13
Value: 1000

Damage: 55
Wieght: 17
Value: 1500

It is unenchanted so you can put your own enchant...
Andragorn Replace imperial sword
Created by Asko
"The empire is law. The law is sacred."
"Praise be Andragorn, and all the Divines." huh?

This mod replaces the imperial sword to a gladius wannabe sword.

Only the mesh & textures are changed, stats are untouched.

I didn't like much of the origi...
Created by KushAstronaut
Use almost any miscellaneous item in the game as a weapon! Adds over 70 weapons to the game.

Update v1.2, May 12th 2015
-Added 3 new weapons: Empty Ale\Mead bottles, Hoes, and Large Decorative Dwemer Struts.
-Fixed Dwemer Gyro textur...
Scimitar Sword
Created by Lazlow
1st mod attempt just for kicks

Create at forge under 'iron'

22/2 - removed enchantment, changed stats, altered spec map....
Skorraholt: A Stormcloak Island
Created by raindance maggie
This mod is still being updated and if the creation kit decides to cooperate i'll make a quest.

Skorraholt is a very rocky port island next to Septimus Signus's outpost. It contains a dock, Shrine of talos, Mine, blacksmiths workshop, and a home for Sko...
Nereva 3.06a (english)
Created by grilli
New Version of Nereva.

SkyrimSE versions at Nexusmods:

There are videos on youtube:
thanks to Ikari:

and thanks to sinsunmode for "Quest Mod -...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude Snow
Created by Aplestormy

This experimental mod demonstrates how Solitude were to look if it were subject to a snowy winter!

FGMW: The Gray Quarter (Dragonborn)
Created by felroki
It's seven in the morning - one hour before opening times - and Ambarys, having finished to refill the shelves with drinks, leans on the counter with a feeling of self-congratulation. Things have been going well for the Cornerclub lately, thanks to the ...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Pro - Whiterun
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Pro
First Edition - Whiterun

A new take on the popular mod series, Towns and Villages Enhanced.
Enjoy a rockier, wilder Whiterun - with incredible detail!

Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Make Falkreath beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Falkreath, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light sources
Towns and Villages Enhanced Lite: Whiterun
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced Lite is a new series focusing on bringing you the best Town and Villages Enhancements, at the best frame rates.


The first City in Towns and Villages Enhanced Lite, Whit...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages Redux
Created by Aplestormy
Make Skyrims Villages Beautiful!

A redux of the popular mod, Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages.


Adds many items to the villages around...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Windhelm
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Windhelm
Make Windhelm beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Windhelm, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun Snow
Created by Aplestormy

This experimental mod demonstrates how Whiterun were to look if it were subject to a snowy winter!

Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Make Solitude beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Solitude, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riverwood
Make Riverwood (more) beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riverwood, including:
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • General Flora
  • Light source
Civil War Cleanup
Created by joeThinkStudios
It always bothered me that the cities remained damaged after completing the civil war.

The people of Skyrim need to rebuild after the civil war. This mod does just that.

Whiterun has been repaired to a nice exterior for the large tree; the houses th...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun Exterior
Created by Aplestormy
Please check out my other Mod (Towns and Villages Enhanced), that Adds new levels of detail to towns and villages around skyrim! :) (Similar to this one, but for whole villages!)

Follow m...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riften
Created by Aplestormy
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Riften
Make Riften beautiful!

Adds over 1500 new items to Riften, including:
  • Trees (Featuring new models thanks to GKB Trees)
  • Shrubs
  • Alchemist Plants
  • Gener
Run For Your Lives
Created by Arthmoor
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instea...
More War in the Wild
Created by Ybot
This mod adds more Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers to the wilderness.

Everyone has different preferences! Please use the below settings to make the mod play the way you want instead of asking me to change the defaults.

Change the ...
Places: Laintar Dale
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Elder Scrolls Places is a mini-series of Lore Friendly mods, each adding locations seen in Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena (set in 3E 399), into the modern day (4E 200) Skyrim setting over 200 years later.

Laintar Dale is ...
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
Created by Enai Siaion
Thunderchild features 29 new shouts with multiple effects, powerful abilities to improve your shouting, a new section of High Hrothgar, a high quality Greybeard Robe model, items, improvements and bugfixes to existing shouts. But only the most talented and...
Equipment Flexibility Project - Guards Module
Created by RJinthematrix
Current version (v1.0) includes all Holds!

Features (Guards module):
Lore-friendly & cohesive variation in helmets, gauntlets & boots
Guards may select from a random distribution of many Heavy or Light armor sets
Guards in colder areas use more appro...
Young Uthgerd
Created by Cobi Wan Kenobi
Tired of all the haggard old bitties in Skryim? This mod makes Uthgerd the Unbroken 30 years younger. It changes nothing else but her appearance. Uthgerd in her prime, trust me she will remain unbroken.
Note: Uthgerd is Protected, not Essential. ...
Armor Animation
Created by Gord0n
NOTE: If you downloaded this mod prior to 20.01.2014: Deactivate the mod, save, reactivate it.
NOTE2: If you haven't downloaded this mod before, consider getting the Nexus version here[], it has a fast...
Build a City 3.0
Basically you are given a Charter by the Emperor to develop an area of land in Hammerfell Province into a City.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / Hearthfire DLC:
Build a City 3.0
by: M7. (
The Witcher 3 Ursine armor Set
Created by Guard
Model&texture:The Witcher 3
Skyrim Conversion : Guard
1. armor can be made of a Forge
2. It mods consists of armor,boots,gloves
3. armor You can smelting in the "Steel". It will function

Enhanced Ursine gear > Dwarven Smithing Perk

Superior Ursi...
Guard Variation
Created by SirJTaylor
This mod is like my first mod Stormcloak Variation but, it gives guards (in every hold) different helmets. Just by changing the helmets give off alot of immersion. I might add Dawnguard helmets like Stormcloak Variation.
Leather Helm,
Bear Hel...
Alternate Start - Live Another Life [Russian] / Альтернативный старт - Живи другой жизнью
Created by Wehrwolfmann
Russian version of Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Версия: 3.1.7
Если вам надоело при начале новый игры каждый раз проходить Хелген, то этот плагин, определенно, для вас.

Deer Axe
Created by U_gin
a standalone waraxe
-4k Res....
Leather Saddle
Created by Aksyonov
Mod will add Skyrim a new leather saddle for the horse Frost, the horse can be obtained by executing
a standard quest called 'Give a word - hold' the saddle can not be improved, manufactured, or removed.

Realm Wars - RTS
Created by Salvadorc17
This custom battle simulator allows you to create units and make participate them into custom Skryim Wars.
To start the mod visit Realm Wars Bootcamp at Whiterun.


-Battle mode:

This mode feature a battleground simulation, based on Skyr...
Chainmail Armor
Created by rambozo
My first and likely last attempt at an addon for Skyrim. I just felt the need to fiddle with the game, and chainmail is kind of neat.

Now, let me tell you how to get it; You simply craft it. it's just a simple craftable. It requires a couple steel ingo...
Nord Warrior Armor
Created by omnipojack
Proudly introducing my very first mod: the armor of the one true Dragonborn. This is not a replacer for the vanilla Studded and Iron armor- they will co-exist in the game with this mod, which adds an entirely new complete set of medium-high level armor des...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins
EMP SMITHING (Smithing Perk tree Enhancment)

(EMP Smithing DLC Version with all this mods contents included now ready
to download,please check my other mods)

NO DLC Required
EMP SMITHING FINAL is a mod that lets you make...
Back Shields
Created by diwako

DISCLAIMER: This mod is only for cosmetic reasons!
You cab find those shields in the Weapon tab. However if you play an archer character you will...
Created by Hvergelmir
The popular Skyrim mod has finally arrived for on Steam Workshop!
[And has recently been released for Skyrim Special Edition as well on for PC and XB1]

In case there's any confusion. I am the original author of Beards
Praetutium Shield
Created by Covin
A mod that add the Praetutium Shield to all the blacksmith vendor in Skyrim....
Celtic Shields
Created by Thaledric
(light & heavy shields for all)...