Pixel: ru²

Pixel: ru²

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How to Play
By Wolfenhex
Can't figure out a mechanic in Pixel: ru² or want to know some advanced tricks? This guide is for you!
The objective is simply to get to the goal. You need to be able to stop on the goal to continue to the next level, this means that jumping or falling into the goal won't count. Keep this in mind on levels where the goal is oriented differently than you are.

Your health bar is in the upper-left corner of the HUD. It displays your current color and how close you are to becoming white.


Your weapon information is in the lower-right. The icon in the white box is your currently selected weapon and the top color on the ring is the color that weapon is shooting.


Your score is displayed in the upper-right. Your score is based on many factors (more on those later) and is only important if you're interested in competing on leaderboards.


Messages related to the game's story will be displayed in the lower-left of the screen.
  • Because the levels are currently being tested out of order, messages are currently disabled.
Flip Up
Flip Down

Left / Right

Left and right will move you in those directions.


Jumping will raise you in the air for a brief period of time. The longer you press jump, the higher you will go.

Flip Up / Down

Flipping will invert your gravity. When you flip up your gravity will go upwards, when you flip down your gravity will go downwards.
Barriers will only let entities that are the same color as them pass through. You can change your color by touching triggers that add or remove color channels. If you need any help with color mixing, there is a color wheel in the lower-right of the screen.


You're red and you need to get through a yellow barrier. Look for a trigger that will add green, because red + green = yellow. Once you do that you will be yellow and be able to pass through the barrier.

You're cyan and you need to get through a blue barrier. Look for a trigger that will remove green, because cyan - green = blue. Once you do that you will be yellow and be able to pass through the barrier.
Every entity has its own gravity value. This means that the player can be on the floor while an enemy can be shooting at them while moving along the wall. There are gravity triggers that will change the gravity of any entity it touches.


If there is a box falling up towards the ceiling as well as a gravity changer that points downwards. You can flip up and push the box into the gravity changer so that it will now fall downwards allowing you to push it someplace that may be more useful to you.

If you flip up (reversing your gravity) and hit a gravity changer that is pointing left. You will fall right, because your gravity is reversed.
Left Mouse Button
Change Weapon
Right Mouse Button
Change Weapon Color
Scroll Wheel


If you're not using a joystick to shoot, you will shoot in the direction of your mouse cursor. If you are using a joystick, you will shoot in the direction you point the joystick.

Change Weapon

All weapons have their own pros and cons. You can change your weapon to one that is more suited for the situation you're in.

Change Weapon Color

You have the ability to change the color that almost every weapon shoots. You want to shoot enemies with their opposite color (use the color wheel in the lower-right for help).
Advanced Combat
When you shoot an enemy with a color, you're adding that color to their existing color. If the enemy you are shooting is blue and you shoot them with red, they will eventually become magenta. If you then shoot them with green they will become white and be destroyed. Instead of shooting the enemy with two different colors, you can shoot them with yellow which is a mix of both red and green. This will save on the amount of shots you need to take.

If an enemy is cyan and behind a yellow barrier you won't be able to shoot them with their opposite color; red. Instead you can shoot them with yellow which will penetrate the barrier and destroy the enemy, because yellow contains red.

If the enemy is red and behind a green barrier and has a plus blue trigger by it. You can shoot green through the barrier, hit the plus blue turning your projectile cyan before it hits the red enemy.
Your score is based on how many resources you cost or free up while getting through the level.

These events adds to your score:
  • Data Collected (how many bonus points were collected)
  • Enemies Destroyed
  • Enemies Hit

These events remove from your score:
  • Time (calculated by game cycles)
  • Respawns (how many times the player has died)
  • Shots Fired (each time the player shoots the weapon)
  • Projectiles Fired (each projectile that is created)
  • Damage Taken