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Copper Creek
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Apr 24, 2015 @ 8:56am
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Copper Creek

Update, September 30, 2018:
While I still love the look of this map it has long been reported that I failed in my testing duties before its original release. There is not enough water flow through the rivers to provide a city beyond about 50k population with enough water. I likely won't be doing any updates to any of my maps in the future, but if you'd like to use this one I highly recommend getting a mod like Bloody Penguin's Extra Landscaping Tools so you can sort out the water issues to your needs.

Original Description:
Welcome to Copper Creek!

Copper Creek is a map made specifically for those who want a bit more room to spread out and expand their city. It's not flat, but the rolling hills of Copper Creek are very friendly to an open, free-form building style. The terrain still offers plenty of features and contours to follow while making a more organic looking city. Copper Creek also offers some impressive looking farmland. The goal here was to create an aesthetically pleasing agricultural region that could even serve as a guide for those curious about how to make good looking farm fields in the game.

- Completely handcrafted with custom brushes. No real-world terrain height maps were used.
- Dense forest, Agriculture, Ore, and Oil deposits are all available.
- Wide expanses of rolling hills and rivers that offer interesting tile choices for expansion.
- Highway, Rail, and Air connections are available.
- Friendly for those who enjoy the 25 tile mod.
- Approx. 35,000 more trees can be placed.

Gameplay Notes:
- The farmland looks great, but it does come at a slight cost. The agricultural and oil resources were used to change the ground color and achieve the look I was going for. Because of this the resources aren't laid out in a natural way, but instead conform to the contours of the farm plots.

- I highly recommend using the tree brush mod with this map. For those who enjoy decorating with trees you will want to remove many of the trees I've placed. The tree brush mod should allow you to do that easily, even outside your city borders.

- I'm sorry if the lack of any sea connections is a bother for you. This type of map just didn't lend itself to having any good sea routes. It didn't feel realistic and the waterways were too small to handle them.

-This map does not allow for any good dam building sites. It's just the nature of the terrain.

Final Thoughts:
Thanks to everyone for being patient with me this month. I work in kind of an independent contractor capacity, so individual projects come and go. Some months are busier than others. This month was exceptionally busy for me. And that's good because I love what I do! But it meant that I had very little time to actually sit down and make maps for C:SKY. Be assured that I still really enjoy making content for this game and that I plan on continuing to do so.

As always, thanks for your support! Happy city building!
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Just search it in the search bar
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