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Crisis of the Confederation
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Crisis of the Confederation

In 1 collection by Galle
Crisis of the Confederation and Submods
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Crisis of the Confederation Beta 0.13
Compatible With: Crusader Kings II 2.4.5
Checksum: ZEEX
Crisis of the Confederation has been split into multiple components due to Steam's mod size restrictions! For the custom music and GUI, please see the "Crisis of the Confederation and Submods" collection.

It is the year 2998, and galactic civilization stands on the brink of collapse. Led by the charismatic politician Juan Lebedev, a coalition of periphery states have joined together in declaring their independence from the TERRAN CONFEDERATION.

In the face of this rebellion, the Confederation places its hopes in newly-elected President Morgan Afolayan and the good men and women of the CONFEDERATE SPACE COMMAND, charged with returning the defiant outer rim to Earth's control. As darkness falls across the galaxy, ships speed forth from Earth for the first great battle in nearly five hundred years...


What sorcery is this?!
Crisis of the Confederation is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, set in an original science-fiction setting inspired by Fading Suns, Dune, the Foundation novels, and Warhammer 40,000. Players take on the roles of military officers, megacorporation CEOs turned politicians, space pirate kings, and neo-feudal warlords amidst the chaotic political upheavals of the 31st century.What does the mod offer?
  • A near complete overhaul of all the basic game mechanics. New cultures, new religions, new map, new buildings, new events, new everything!
  • The effects of new technologies on the individual and the family. Transcend the limitations of the flesh with cybernetics! Assimilate all humanity into a schizophrenic hivemind! Sleep with your own clones!
  • New graphics, including the first use of custom models in any Crusader Kings II mod!
  • New crown and demesne laws, and a Senate you will have to get them through, either by politicking, assassination, or declaring yourself God-Emperor.
  • Appointment as a viable succession law. Keep your family in power through brown-nosing and shameless nepotism!
What DLCs are required?Both Legacy of Rome and The Republic are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Crisis of the Confederation relies heavily on the Retinue mechanic and is balanced on the assumption that Legacy of Rome is present. The Republic is not strictly necessary, but there are many republics in the initial 2998 scenario, and so having it will improve your gameplay experience greatly.Many portrait DLCs can be taken advantage of with the appropriate submods. See the "Crisis of the Confederation and Submods" collection.I have no idea what I'm doing!A ModDB article explaining the most important new game mechanics is available here.Tell me more about the setting.For a quick summary of the state of the galaxy in 2998, please see these lovely faction cards, courtesy of LordKee.Is this compatible with...No.VERSION 0.12.2 CHANGELOGBug Fixes
  • Destroyer Hangar II now gives three Destroyers instead of forty-three.
  • Fixed a bug where Corporate Republics changed into Monarchies or Dictatorships would immediately change back.
  • Fixed a bug where Imperial Cultists could not properly change their governments into Monarchies.
  • Fixed a bug where extreme opinions of Hivers would set off mass rivalry/friendship event spam.
  • The "Terran People's Republic" and "Terran People's Union" names no longer have exactly the same requirements.
  • Converting to a different ideology as a Pirate King will now turn your state into a Monarchy rather than a Republic.
  • Pirate republics now have sufficient starting technology and buildings to actually build trade posts.
  • Hiveminds may call their hivemind vassals to war.
  • The Novyy Sol system and sector are now properly localized.
  • The Appointment succession law's description now properly describes its functionality in COTC.
  • Provided proper localization for the moral authority triggered modifiers.
CREDITSProject Lead
  • Gregory "Galle" Hayes
Design and Scripting
  • fatrobo
  • Mathias Ose
  • Willie Wonka
  • Love
Additional Writing
  • SDSkinner
  • cyaziris
  • Sony Tran
  • Manuel "LordKee" Pais
  • Yann Kerfank
  • Killemall
  • AnaxXiphos
  • bitmapmedivh
  • ulti8
  • AJ Prisco
Some Assets Shamelessly Stolen From
  • rein005
Special Thanks To
  • Joror
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