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Director Mode: Basics
By Carrythxd
In this guide, I will show you the Basics of the new Director Mode for Grand Theft Auto V on PC.
Entering the Director Mode
There are 2 different ways for entering the Director Mode but before you can do any of those, you have to make sure that you are not wanted and that you are outside of a vehicle.
If you are wanted, you have to lose the wanted level before you can start using the Director Mode and if you are in a vehicle you have to exit the vehicle before you can start using the Director Mode.

Option 1:
By hitting M on your keyboard, you will open up the Interaction Menu, from here you can scroll down to Director Mode and hit Enter.

Option 2:
By hitting Esc on your keyboard, you will open up the Pause Menu. From here by moving to the right you will find a tab called 'Rockstar Editor', choose Director Mode and hit Enter.

The 'Acting Up' Trailer
Once you have loaded up in Director Mode, you will spawn at the 'Acting Up' trailer. From here you can choose the Actor you are going to be playing as ingame and also the ingame settings.

From here you can choose which Actor you will be playing as in the Director Mode. You can choose from 17 different actor sets: Animals, Beach Bums, Costumes, Downtown, Emergency Services, Gangs, Heists Characters, Laborers, Military, Online Characters, Professionals, Special Characters, Sports, Story Characters, Transport, Uptown and Vagrants.

The Actor can also be changed ingame, as long as you have previously used Actors.

You can spawn ingame by pressing Enter on your desired Actor.

Some of the actor sets, such as Story Characters and Heist Characters can only be unlocked by doing something with the character. For example, the Story Characters can be unlocked by completing the Story Mode, of course the side mission characters have to be unlocked by playing their missions. The Heist Characters can be unlocked by using them in Heists.

From the Settings menu, you can choose the Time of Day, Weather, Wanted Status, Pedestrian Density, Vehicle Density, Restricted Areas and also use the Story Mode cheats without messing up your savegame.

These settings can be changed ingame too, so you don't need to change them here if you don't want to.

Shortlist Actors
The Shortlist Actors section, is a list of characters that you have shortlisted. You can shortlist a character by choosing them in the Actors section and hitting the Tab key on your keyboard.
Shortlisting means that the character, who you shortlisted, will always have the same clothes, face, etc. This way it is faster to move between characters if you are doing a video that requires different characters to be used but you want to keep the same clothes, face, etc on the character.

Recently Used
The Recently Used section, is as the name says, a list of the Actors you recently used.

Once you have chosen your character and you spawned in the game, you can open the Main Menu of the Director Mode by pressing the M key on your keyboard.

From here, you can choose the Settings, Location, Action, Dialogue, Switch Actor and also access the Garage of Frankin, Michael and Trevor.

From the Settings menu, you can choose the Time of Day, Weather, Wanted Status, Pedestrian Density, Vehicle Density, Restricted Areas and also use the Story Mode cheats without messing up your savegame.

The only difference here is the Clear Area setting. This will clear the nearby area of pedestrians and vehicles.

In the location menu you can create your own spawn locations and teleport to Rockstar created locations. Such as Docks, Sandy Shores, Cable Car and so on. You can teleport to these locations by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

You can also create your own User Spawn Locations by choosing the User Location 1 or User Location 2 and hitting the Tab key on your keyboard. This will save the location where your Actor is at and make it into a spawn location.

The Action menu allows you to play the same Actions that you can do in GTA Online. You can preview an Action by pressing Enter and by pressing Caps you can perform the action ingame.

The Dialogue menu allows the character to play a set of preset dialogues, the dialogues are the same for all Actors.

The dialogue can be previewed by pressing Enter and performed by pressing Left Ctrl on your keyboard while ingame.

Switch Actor
This menu only works if you have had any previous Actors in use in the Director Mode, if you have not used any Actors before, this option will be greyed out.

This tab allows you to access the garage of Franklin, Michael and Trevor. This option is greayed out if you don't have any vehicles available at their garages.
You can spawn the vehicle by pressing Enter on it, however, you are only able to spawn one vehicle at a time.

The Weapon Wheel
The weapon wheel features all of the weapons available in the game, the weapons also have unlimited ammo but you have to reload them.

The End!
Now you should be ready to use the Director Mode!

The Director Mode also features the Action Replay and Recording functions, so you can record your videos here and they show up in the Rockstar Editor just like normal clips would that have been captured in the Story Mode/GTA Online.
But do keep in mind, that the first person mode only works on Franklin, Michael and Trevor. It does not work with any of the other Actors, I'm not really sure whats the point of that but it just is like that, and there isn't really anything that you can do about it.

If there is any mistakes or some improvements that I should to the guide, please let me know in the comments below!
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walking dogo Jul 26 @ 5:49pm 
i dont get all weapons wehn i start and it keeps breaking random options
JCGemX Oct 16, 2018 @ 3:33am 
Question:Is there a way to sneak? because as of now, I can't sneak in director mode, it won't let me.
SUPER-TANK Sep 16, 2018 @ 4:19am 
PS: If your summoned vehicle wrecked, just redo option
BillySaw Mar 27, 2016 @ 6:55am 
First person also works if you play as an online player
alemismun Jan 14, 2016 @ 7:48am 
is there a mod to spawn with no weps?
alemismun Jan 14, 2016 @ 7:48am 
how to spawn with no weapons?
LazyPyro Aug 17, 2015 @ 4:16pm 
thanks man i know can play as my gta 5 chachter from online really thanks -kitty face-
Sir Charls H. Wildwind Aug 7, 2015 @ 10:04am 
i tried that, left online mode in the outfit but it returned to the default. :L
Carrythxd  [author] Aug 7, 2015 @ 2:08am 
I think you need to switch to the outfit in GTA Online and then return to Director Mode
Sir Charls H. Wildwind Aug 6, 2015 @ 7:58pm 
Im trying to use my Online Character in Director mode, while my characters default outfit (her normal one worn most often) is fine, i want to use one of the diffrent outfits i got. any tips on how i can get Director mode to work with that?