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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Created by MAIET Games
GunZ 2: the Second Duel
Rediscovery of action shooting! We present to you GunZ 2: the Second Duel. GunZ 2 is an online action shooting game. GunZ 2 provides a whole new user experience that players have never seen from other games.

Key Fea
Created by Kill3rCombo
“Winner: 2011 Best Sidescroller” -
Vote for Elsword for exclusive starter packs on Steam!

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique ...
CABAL Online
Created by ESTsoft
Immerse yourself in action-packed fluidity with ESTsoft’s original hit MMORPG, CABAL Online.

CABAL Online is a beautiful 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) focused on delivering a high-intensity action packed social gaming...
A Mass of Dead
Created by Dev Arc
Now in a dead city you have been attacked by a mass of mutants... to survive in this world you have to upgrade three strong weapons and must massacre the dead.

Game features
- PC, Mac, and Linux support
- 30 stages
- 6 or more special, boss zombies
ACE Online
Created by Suba Games
ACE Online is a unique, fast-paced, intense MMORPG aerial combat game, with a focus on PvP warfare. Enlist in one of two nations, take part in dozens of quests, and vanquish your enemies for total air superiority. Participate in Clan Battles, GM events, ...
Army and Strategy: The Crusades
What will you fight for?

Army and Strategy: The Crusades takes place on the historical field of conflict between Crusaders and Islam during the Middle Ages. As the ruler of a kingdom during this dark time, you must survive and expand you...
La Tale
Created by OGPlanet
La Tale is a free-to-play, fantasy, massively multi-player, online role-playing game (MMORPG), with classic 2D side-scrolling and the friendliest community.

Season 2: STORM, the biggest update to ever hit La Tale, has just launched! This update revamps ...
Granado Espada
Created by Redbana
Granado Espada is about discovering new continents during Europe’s Age of Exploration era between the 1500s and 1700's. The Multi character control (MMC) is the most unique feature of the game, allowing players to control a party of up to three char...
Divine Souls
Created by
Divine Souls
Real F2P Action RPG & MOBA

Divine Souls is a stunning, free-to-play, Action MOBA that immerses players in a massive war between the forces of Light and Darkness.

Divine Souls allows players to participate in solo or collaborative gamin...
Love Beat
Created by


- Genre : Free Online Rhythm Action Game

Love Beat is an easy and fun rhythm-action game that you can play with your friends.
There are plenty of songs for both beginners and experts.
Feel the beat and enter the notes at the r...
Created by
Action Champion 'CRONIX'

CRONIX ONLINE is a multi-player online action game. You will experience excellent action and feeling of exhilarating hit game that you've never done before.

CRONIX Online will open a new chapter of the Action Online Games....
Ocean Fishing
Created by
OCEAN FISHING is a classic online fishing game for gamers all around the world. You can enjoy a premium leisure sport and catch large open-water fish species such as tuna, marlin, and shark in a moving boat out in the ocean.

A fisherman lives for the ...
6180 the moon
Created by Turtle Cream
Let's super high jump through the screen!

About the game

6180 the moon is a platformer game with a unique mechanic. It offers a fresh, unseen gameplay style by connecting the top and bottom of the screen. This allows in a mecha...
Dandelion - Wishes brought to you -
Created by Cheritz
Dandelion ~Wishes brought to you~ is a famous otome(female-oriented dating game) game.
For more information, visit

The game revolves around a girl called Heejung Kim.
She moves out of her moms house and tries to live independent...
Ender of Fire
Created by XinessGames
Ender of Fire is side-scrolling 3D Fantasy Action RPG game.
It provides high quality realistic graphics and realistic combat impact.


A year has passed since 30 years of Forest War between Zentilus Kingdom of Human Tribe and DYERS Alliance o...
Color Symphony
1.Introduction of the game
Color Symphony is basically a side scrolling game.
But it has the added element of color and gives you something different.
You can be a main character in the game and fight the enemy, eliminate the obstacles or find a ...
Priston Tale
Created by Suba Games
About the Game
Priston Tale is a Free-to-Play MMORPG set in a large 3D fantasy world, where every day is a fight for survival. Hack and slash your way to fame by amassing powerful items, use your special skills to destroy legions of deadly ...
Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle
Created by HandMade Game
About the game

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle is a unique puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzle mechanics and platform games. In a twisted mansion made of rooms that slide like sliding puzzle, player must find a way to the e...
Created by Team Distortion
Distortion is puzzle action game, and powered by Unreal Engine 4.

To solve the puzzle, you must not believe that it is visible.
If tread on the blue block, it is possible to distort the reality.
In the game, there is a Distortion Mode of two.
"Top D...
Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~
Created by Cheritz
Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~ is an Otome (female-oriented) game developed by Cheritz.
It was initially released on Nov, 2013 in Korean, English and Japanese through the official website.
"Dandelion", Cheritz's debut project, has been Greenlit...
Ruler by Default
Created by PistachiStudio
Ruler by Default is a fantasy life simulation with dating elements, played from the perspective of a 21 year old male who is inadvertently summoned to another dimension and subsequently crowned successor to an evil overlord after an un...
HIS (Heroes In the Sky)
Created by GameUS Inc
[img] [/img]
Title: HIS (Heroes In the Sky)
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: GameUS Inc
Publisher: GameUS Inc
Languages: English, German, F...
Created by Pixellore
Subterrain is a sci-fi theme based top down tactical shooter game where you are what looks like the only survivor in the underground city of Mars colony. You must find way to survive and fight your way through towards a possible escape or otherwise....
Tiny Light
Created by LittleShiri
What would you do if you were a firefly?
Discover whatever happened to this ruined house.

Hi, I'm a high schooler in South Korea and this is my first challenge to Greenlight. Tiny Light is an adventure game without violence. You can lead several firefl...
Undead City : The Reckoning
Created by XinessGames
To survive, you must confront hordes of zombies!!

In an abandoned city, the citizens have been turned into hordes of zombies.
To escape the city, you must find remaining survivors and find out why the zombies have appeared

You can enjoy zombie shoo...
Biggy Fakky
Created by NamedMo
Protect animals and people from Fakky!
Tree of Life: Beginning of a Journey
Created by OddOneGames

Sandbox MMORPG.
In a massive world explore, settle with thousands of other players.
We unfold a new world where you can do whatever you would like!

  • Real-time changing of the environm
Lucy - The enternity she wished for -
Created by NamedPlayeR
[Read more testimonials]


'Lucy - the eternity she wished for -' is a Visua...
Perfection of Wisdom
Created by leegod

About the Game :

Perfection of Wisdom got theme from 'Heart Sutra'.
From Wikipedia,
The Heart Sūtra (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञापारमिताहृदय Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya) is a famous sūtra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its Sansk...
Dungeon Warfare
Created by Groquest
Dungeon Warfare
is a hybrid tower defense strategy game where you use more than 20 different kinds of deadly traps and contraptions to defend your dungeon against greedy adventurers!

More than 20 unique traps (more to come)
Rumble Fighter: Revolution
Created by GamesCampus
Rumble Fighter is a unique 3D beat-em-up MMO that plays a lot like the ‘Super Smash Brothers’ series on the Nintendo consoles, but online with MMO elements. Players can brawl it out and beat each other senseless in this fun fighting game. The game has vari...
Created by tabrls (chief choi)
Enigma: An Illusion Named Family.

Yoo Minhyuk, the fourth son of Yoo's family, loses his father in his childhood in an unexpected accident during vacation. He blames himself for the incident and spends most of his adolescence brooding in h...
Created by Inigames

Play Araha and retrieve your sister's belongings from an abandoned hospital on a deserted island!

Experience breath-taking horror by joining the adventure. The story of Araha starts in an abandoned house in Kore...
RF Online
Created by GamesCampus
RF Online is a compelling PVP-intense Sci-Fi Fantasy MMORPG where you align yourself with one of three races in the fight for survival. RF Online combines unique skills and engaging storylines to create an addictive adventure for you and your allies.

Little Devil Inside
Created by kody
Find us at Kickstarter -
Facebook -
Twiiter -

Little Devil Inside is a truly engaging 3D action adventure RPG game where yo...
Blood Cell
Created by dchipin
3D puzzle adventure game.

you become a white cell to protect a body from alien substances.

you have two analog stick for move & rotation, and you can also have special dash attack.

there are many condition for success or fail, so you'll be caref...
Buff Knight Advanced
Created by iliyard

Buff Knight Advanced is a 2D Pixel RPG where you’re constantly on the move. Kill the invading monsters with your sword or by timing your use of spells carefully! As you progress the game becomes more intens...
Gwan Moon High School
Created by Studio AWE
Indiegogo funding campaign failed, raising $221 from 9 backers.
We express our gratitude to everyone who gave us support and interest in our campaign. We are sorry the project failed due to our lack of capabilities.
Multilingual featur...
Merendam - Escape and horror adventure.
Created by oramiku
It has launched a Full PC version Merendam.

But I fail to register the game on Steam site. There is no way.

So, Those you wait for the PC version, the free version to distribute.

Free direct play link1 :
Dary The Dungeon (Old title: Legend Dary - The platformer game!)
Created by rightguy22
This game is becoming to a more PCGame-like version!
King: Go defeat the dragon! And bring back its horn.
Dary: And?
King: You can marry my dear princess!
Dary: Not interested....
TGL: ThanksGiving LIFE
Created by Dexter

- "TGL" is a Open World Practical Life Tycoon & GOD simulation game in which a user acts as a god of the imaginary world and realizes dreams and desires of A.I. characters believing they are human beings.

Stray Cat Crossing
Created by Team Fridge

Stray Cat Crossing is an indie pixel horror game developed in RPG Maker.


You find yourself in a roadside clearing. A little girl named Cat is crying ne...
Discouraged Workers
Created by Lee Yunseok
An Indie Adventure Kinetic Novel
Discouraged Workers is a satirical story based on the popular Korean soap operas-styled plot. It compares Ga-yeon’s bleak everyday life to the dark side of youth.

Discouraged Workers has been greenlit on...
Tree of Savior (English Ver.)
Created by IMCGAMES
Tree of Savior(abbreviated as TOS thereafter) is an MMORPG in which you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in the world of chaos. Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics in TOS will have you reminiscing about precious mom...
Karos Returns
Created by GamesCampus
After a tenuous peace between the four races of Broccion, the world is at war again, seeking leadership. Players take up arms for their guild and for their nation to battle for land, resources, and victory. Choose from four races (Human, Shadow, Seroine, a...
Created by SOMI


'RETSNOM' is a puzzle platformer game having one subject. - 'Players can break the already-made map.' You should resolve the puzzle as changing and ru...
Color Symphony 2
Created by REMIMORY
■ Storyline
A man who lost everything went back to his old world to fix it, not knowing that everything has changed...

■ About the game
Color Symphony 2 is a puzzle action platformer that utilizes the ambiguity of color. Try to elimi...
Created by danielkim.designer
Deadweight is a strategy oriented shooter in which you must rely on more than just the gun. Manipulate and strategically arrange objects around you like portable barricades, explosive barrels, and automatic turrets to survive in an arena where you are forc...
Silver Bullet: Prometheus
Created by Byulbram
Note: Video and Images above are captured from mobile version (will be released 15.06.24)
For PC version, Mobile UI will be removed and total graphic quality will be jumped up too.
Drift City
Created by GamesCampus
Drift City, unlike most free-to-play MMO racing games, has a story. You are in the future and you have no oil. You magically find a new island with this amazing resource on it. It's called... Mittron! This new resource powers every mode of transportation. ...
Pirates War- The Dice King
Created by IDIOCRACY
Pirates War – The Dice King is
- A Digital Board Game
- A Free-To-Play Game
- A cross-platform game; PC, Mobile & Web

In Pirates War – The Dice King, you are a pirate captain competing with others. Like other ...
The Lord
Created by kcuem
The Lord

In the result of many wars, the land was devastated and the peasant life gradually impoverished.
With the war not yet solved, the king appoints a new landlord near the border..

Rebuild the devastated manor caused by endless war and lead you...
Mold on Pizza Deluxe
Created by BTNcafe
Today we are excited to announce that Valve has approved our store page! From now on we will communicate on the forums in our community hub and post announcements on our store page!

Add our game to your wishlist and make sure to follow us!

the Stained
Created by $$ENTA
---- What you see depends on how you see.

Do you think the world is made up of only things you can see and you can believe? The world changes by your perspective.

[ the Stained ] is a platformer puzzle game that seeks new possibility within new persp...
The Room of Black & White
Created by Ready
<The Room of Black & White> is a story about one girl entering a mysterious room.
The player will take the role of a girl named 'Diane' and will have to clear the Keepers' quest in order to escape <The Room of Black & White>

The player is able to rec...
Game of Dragons
Created by leegod
▶A RPG strategy card game, you can create card focused on your Hero’s adventure and its party, turn based game play.

▶Construct and manage your own deck of cards as your cards are essential to the gameplay. When the game gets released, more than 200 car...
Ace of Protectors
Created by xPathfinder

"Can you see this?! I can't believe it! According to the legend, You will be the Ace of Protectors. If it is right, You're only the
The Coma
The Coma's big day is coming up. As with any small games development team, we have our fair share of challenges ahead of us. We're working through this new experience one problem at a time and feel confident that everyone will have an...
Created by
is a 3D Casual MMORPG and Easy, Cute, Stylish MMORPG.

character customizing is available without relation with Gears that characters wear.

continues the story line of its predecessor, mar...
Cross Set
Created by puchikon
Cross Set is a simple and brain-teasing new number puzzle game.

The rule of the game is quite simple: make every row and column consist of each one of 1, 2, 3, 4,…
The game is fully developed already for PC/Mac/Linux.

Islet Online
Created by morenori soft
About Game
Welcome to Islet Online.
Islet Online is a sandbox-style MMORPG.
It is all about digging and placing bricks to build your own land.
And with various materials from wildlife, bricks can be combined to make useful items, too.

I still miss her
Created by i_jemin
How far would you go, to take back your lover?

"I still miss her (그래도 그녀를 그리워한다)" is visual novel "Gal game" which you can conquer 4 beauty girls.

The antagonist "Jin-Tae" took your lover by using illegal drug.

Now you must take back yo...
Dim Light
Created by SANBAE
Can you be the one to escape from this pitch-black madness?
Horror adventure game, "Dim Light"

- VR mode(Oculus Rift) support

- Description
The main objective of “Dim Light” is to escape from a dark hospital, solely depending on a single flashligh...
Created by The illusion cube

근본적으로 의미가 없는 삶을 살아가는 사람들을 다루기 위한 심리치료 방법이다. 삶의 의미와 가치를 깨닫도록 목표와 책임감을 느끼도록 하는 것에 주된 목적을 두며, 인간 실존의 의미를 찾고자 하는 인간의 욕구를 다루는 치료기법이다.

T. T. E.


1. this game is first person adventure game. The special feat...
Created by Alphe*
'Wicce' is a platform action role-playing game.

The story is about the witch, Wicce, who lives deep inside the forest.

Her daughter departs on an errand to the village, but when night falls she still has not come back. With her daughter missing, Wicc...
Gone with the Demon
Created by BoyAndWitch Studio
Gone with the Demon is a first-person melee combat game with RPG elements. The game is set in underground structures that consist of passages and rooms. You will assume the role of a man whose wife has been taken by the demon and face countless fearsome en...
Si, Yeon -The Flower of Three Kingdoms-
Created by studionoop
Tag: Dating Simulation / Otome / Anime / Visual Novel


Developed by Studio NOOP!, <Si, Yeon - The flower of three Kingdoms- > is a Korean indie game released in 2014.

<Si, Yeon> is a dating simulation based on China's famous
Discouraged Workers TEEN
Created by Lee Yunseok
Thank you for my voters!
Created by LuiCypher
You are the best pilot of Republic.
Your mission is cease the launch of enemy nuclear missile.

This Game is designed for Virtual Reality. must need a HMD Device. (like Oculus DK2...)

SOLRAVEN is rail scrool shooter game for Virtual...
Hack-and-slash action with two stunning heroines, tight and stylish gameplay
— sounds like your cup of tea?

Then SMASHING THE BATTLE is for you!

In the year 2085, a huge multiplex construction site becomes a victim of a massive sca...
1943 Megami Strike
Created by GameUS Inc
Fight Shooting Game with Pretty Girls <1943 Megami Strike>

◆1943 Megami Strike!◆
- Collect Pretty 400 Girls Cards
- Form your own formations
- Evolve your Cards
- Ask for help to your friends

- Quest mode with the Unique boss!
- Var...
Phantom: The Rebound
Created by manhaepark
Summary of Story

The story follows several young children who have been previously manipulated by a secret organization with ancient alien technology. These experiments resulted in the children having supernatural powers to step inside another living cr...
Break the Genius zero
Created by GalTra
Break the GENIUS zero is a light-hearted noir where you trace clues of the real murderer.
[Break the GENIUS zero]는 진짜 살인범을 찾아내는 가벼운 추리게임입니다.

Being a huge fan of detective fiction, K, a high school student, is on the way to handle the case.
탐정소설의 광팬인 ...
SPLIT BULLET is a game all about "splitting up" a massive crowd of enemies—yes, those polygons— crawling towards you. Don't let 'em get you and survive as long as you can, by using your instincts and your weapons.

_ Features
ManaField Card Defense
Created by DWMOON
Mana Field Defense brings new type of gameplay to the Tower Defense genre. Its fantasy based defense game with cute graphics but gameplay is pretty hardcore. Hope you can see more than just a Generic Tower Defense game.

Road Of Ants : Ant War
Created by hamibeck
The battle of the ants!
- PC
- Real-Time Strategy
-Eng , Kor

This game allows users to control everything such as movement, attack, resource extraction, construction, vitalisation, occupation using pheromones, an unique trait of an ant.

Digimon Masters Online
Created by MoveGoChange
The Digital World, inhabited by the Digimon,
is a virtual space created by network developers.
The project was prepared by creating an island or a continent
where Digimon could be made closer to humans.
The result of this became "visualized" as the ...
Dear RED - Extended
Created by pinkerator
Red had grown, she understood what happened, why he always mentioned those words although she couldn't stand watching and being overwhelmed by the old memories all the time. Now that he's dead, it doesn't have to be so anymore...

Dear ...
Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation Game
Created by Project Moon
Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game.

Our game was inspired by the monsters from game and movies such as SCP series, Cabin in the woods and Warehouse 13.

Furthermore, it ...
Power Rangers Online
Created by MoveGoChange
You’re not the Ranger alone

Power Rangers Online is designed based on “Magic force” which is most famous among Power Rangers series.

The game is side scrolling action MORPG, and express perfect Heroes & Enemies correspond with ...
Mike & Milkbox
Created by Summergrass, Inc.


Mike, a detective of the local police department, is recently thinking of retirement. Meanwhile, mysterious circular signs began to appear, and Mike, who knew by intuition that it was the wo...
Black Hole Hazard
Created by superthumbgames
Black Hole Hazard is a mouse only puzzle action game with a fascinating sci-fi story.
Be Dr. Albert Armstrong, shoot the jet gun to survive and find out the truth. There are hidden log files which may hold some clues about what happened and where he is n...
Created by Dandylion
Turn-based Battle like XCOM & Story-based Play like JRPG


Valhalla, the free trade zone. It’s also called the El Dorado of the villains.
After years of peace, turf wars about to begin among the gangs.
Now, Va...
Versus: Battle of the Gladiator
Created by Netker

Become the ultimate gladiator!

Versus is a gladiatorial PvP action game with brutal non-targeting melee combat. You're a slave gladiator captured by Claderan empire...
Mystery of Fortune
Created by Dotomchi Games Inc.
Re-imagination of SRPG in real-time action

Mystery of fortune is the 6th episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. You can choose characters from the SRPG, Rebirth of Fortune 2 in this new real-time action game.

You can enjoy exciting storie...
Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One
Created by Stupid Stupid Games
Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One is an action RPG set in an urban fantasy environment.

It’s 1979 in New York. Johnny Graves is a former agent of Hell and Satan needs him back desperately to finish the job he started over two centuries ago. Now every monst...
White Day : a labyrinth named school
Created by SONNORI
★ Remade after 15 years with improved graphic and game features!
‘White Day’ is a remake of the PC version of the same name released in 2001. The original game gained much popularity in South Korea and is still fondly remembered by fans. It also gained a ...
Created by Kal
Kalonline is the Oriental Fantasy MMORPG for the most hardcore players. Have you ever heard about Oriental Fantasy? It’s not China fantasy. Kalonline is Korea fantasy in the oriental. In Kalonline, the players can explore the abundant oriental fantasy wor...
NIRVANA:In search for ideal world
Created by The illusion cube
Living and Death...

삶과 죽음...



1.'NIRVANA:In search for ideal world' is the advanture game for the first person. It has the similar play type with 'Dear Esther/Jour...
Created by XinessGames
Having been summoned to a dream world, the three animals embark on an adventure to go back to their world.
Each animal can move only in one direction and they can move in more directions when combined.
Combine them wisely to find a path to the key.

Shikhondo(食魂徒) - Soul Eater
Created by b0000000
食魂徒 - Soul Eater
The Soul Eater is shoot'em up game.

Select one of the Grim Reaper or girl.
Find escaped yokai from limbo, extricate soul that they absorbed. You must reseal them after

  • Oriental background a
Nemo_D.O(Nemo and D O)
Created by Merk(GGHF)
Nemo_D.O is a puzzle action game and a player should one control each character in two screens simultaneously with one controlling . It has two modes, a single- play and multi-play, and a player has to achieve the goal, controlling the both characters.
Deep Dark Dungeon
Created by Yurikiti
Deep Dark Dungeon is a Rogue-lite Action game in which the player dives into the deep, dark depths of various dungeons filled with bad-tempered monsters that will attack them on sight.

Local/Online Co-op Arcade Action
  • Can be pl
Created by fastbird
Gather resources, expand your ship, raise a strong crew, build defense systems and protect your people.

It all happened in the year 2821. That's when everything changed. Before that, they were just a distant wonder. A miraculously odd telescope r...
Crazy Busters
Created by Crazy Busters
Action TPS - Crazy Busters

"Here come the veteran shooters! The most cold-blooded battle has begun!"

Make your weapons stronger! Equip more unique suits!
The buster who win the crown of this league is YOU!

Decades of weapons and distingruished ba...
One Day : The Sun Disappeared
Created by Magris
The Story

One day, the Sun disappeared…

The world is about to turn into a ball of ice and something has to be done!

A boy starts on a jo...
Marvelous Designer (Personal)
Created by Marvelous Designer
Marvelous Designer is 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows and Mac OS, developed by CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. It is an application used to create 3D clothes for use in film, television, game development and interior design. It is based on patt...
Abandoned Hospital VR
Created by azkha
For the game
'You have to escape from this insane place.'

You've lost your memory and are trapped in a dark hospital. You don't even know why..
Look around carefully with your imagination and reasoning to find clues that will help you to es...
Created by Zephyo

Escape from an isolated, totalitarian nation modelled after North Korea in Suppressed, a visual novel and 2D platform game.

Suppressed’s goal is to entertain while educating. Those who play will ...
Created by REMIMORY
* Game Introduction
‘D.N.Age’ features a DNA system that will open your eyes to a new, never-before-seen world of monster merging. Improve the DNA of your monsters to create stronger specimens and form a party to complete quests! Furthermore, cou...
Created by SOMI


Replica is an interactive novel game played through a cellphone and social media.

You are given a cellphone of an unknown owner. You must ...
Yellow Bricks
Created by Gseeds
'Yellow Bricks' is an adventure story game in which players find “episodes” and create a story through a variety of interactions in the field. 'Yellow Bricks' contains the original story of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' written by L. Frank Baum in 1900.
- ...
Sally's Law
Created by nanalistudios
<Sally's Law>
Hi, everyone! Greetings from Seoul, Korea! We want to introduce our game 'Sally's Law'.

The title of the game is 'Sally's law'. Just in case, you don't know what the term is, 'Sally's law' is an opposite word of 'Murphy's law'. The word w...
CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy
Created by HandMade Game
HandMade Game presents...
an Epic Crossover between Crane and Jenga...

CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy

▥Crane Simulator Meets Jenga


Beatstep Cowboys
Created by amy221
Cowboy Duel played with beats on a Step Sequencer? This is what you need.

You are in the duel of your life.
You have four beats to decide what moves to make.
Your opponent is making their move. What do you do?
This is the life of the Beat
Beyond Eden
Created by Studio Pieplus
[Beyond Eden] is a visual novel set in the Victorian era, centering on the themes of "love-hate" and "revenge."
The player will discover why Alex, the protagonist, deeply hates and seeks to destroy the Baron's family, and how he becomes entangled with th...
Viva, Bacon!
Created by byeolzui
* In [Viva, Bacon!], a single-player video game, players chase, explore and try to find their way through a series of thrilling journey to regain the stolen bacon. While playing as a main character, a player will pass 10 different, totally strange worlds....
Jungle Dino VR
Created by einpictures
It's VR(Virtual Reality) game for using Oculus Rift DK2. Oculus Rift DK2 makes you can see VR from all directions. You can enter the Dinosaur island and see various kinds of Dinosaurs in many areas, In addition, you also enjoy fear and joy at events with...
TwoSides : Super Orbit Action
Created by AnyRaiN
TwoSides : Super Orbit Action
"TwoSides : Super Orbit Action" is an easy game for a simple input. But.. is it easy?
Numerous enemies that appeared in two orbits attack with the two colors.
The player have to change the color of the ch...
Baru and the Spirit Prince
Created by Tingly
Only the brave can see the magic of Elenav! Heroes of the Kingdom of Locria set on an adventure in search of Elenav, a heavenly fruit that appears only once every thousand years. In the village of Lucril, Baru finds himself in the middle of a skirmish by e...
Publisher Tycoon
Created by leegod
Here is new tycoon game!
At this game, you will become manager of book publisher company, and run publisher on your own.

Really fun management simulation game!

Publisher's core work is making books!

Making books is just not hard at all. You can m...
50 Years
Created by Jinsimer

Hello. This is Jinsimer.
Finally I have corrected the translation, but I can’t do it anymore.
Because I didn’t do it this time.
As I said before, there will be no language with next game.
The reason is that all people can look into my...
Ellie & Max
Created by AppetizerGames
Ellie & Max
is a puzzle game that uses optical illusion between 2D and 3D.

You can control dimension to solve the puzzle by rotating the game world.
(by using keyboard, mouse and game pads)
We were ...
Pixel Princess Blitz
Created by lanzegames


‘Pixel Princess Blitz’ is a fantasy-themed roguelike action RPG that combines elements from hack ‘n’ slash and tabletop board games with a fu...
Music Inside
Created by Reality Reflection
Take center stage and hit the drums to the rhythm of the music with the only drum simulator rhythm game designed for virtual reality. Choose music from a dynamically updating list of Soundcloud’s Top 50 or play with your own music.

Music Inside is the o...
Defense General
Created by JangGF
This is a Tower-Defence game that requires strategic thinking.

Players must set up a maze and utilize scientific support to hold the enemy back.

Players receive funds and technological points on wave’s end.

These can be used to purchase new suppor...
Wizard King
Created by MaruGames
Wizard King is a strategy collectible card game (CCG).

You can make your own powerful deck by gathering magic (cards) of Nordia (World of Wizard King) and composing them by duel with various opponents.

Let’s be a Wizard King who is the first wizard o...
Fruit Garden
Created by s8820
Fruit Garden.

Get all fruit with your boomerang.

Jump and Throw boomerang.

Get many Stars to unlock more levels....
21 Days
Created by 21daysgame
Live as a Syrian refugee for 21 days!

<21 Days> is a simulation adventure game in which you can experience the life of syrian refugees. Main character is a syrian man named Mohammed Shenu who escaped from Syria to western europe. Becoming Mohammed She...
Pleasure in Dream
Created by Yswichard
Every person can have a dream during sleep.
But if the contents of dream aren’t decided randomly but decided by [Dream point] gathered from a two-dimensional space called [Dreamality] right before having a dream, how do you feel?

[Pleasure in Dream] i...
Treisia Story
Created by chunmu1
Sad and beautiful Story classic style RPG game!

[Characteristics of Game]

◆ Fall into faint nostalgia through the retro style tod graphic! Nostalgia of 2D RPG Game which drew much attention in that period…. Tried finding such games but there was no...
Summer Nightmare
Created by Elkibe.G


One day, a boy, Riel, has a nightmare. inside the dream there is a school just like in real where terrifying things continues to happen.
Being chased by a blood-soaked medusa, his friends are killed.
Students foam te...
VR Golf Online
Created by Kakao Games VR
The VR Golf Online

The VR Golf Online can be played alone, or with friends when having a party. It can also be a brand new golf putting training apparatus. Various and entertaining 36 courses, that look as if they transfer the actu...
Created by YJM GAMES

Shout out to all racing fans! ‘KART CHASER: THE BOOST’ has finally made it to the VR world!
Immerse yourself in the virtual reality world, take the wheel and feel the thrill of the most realistic kart racing that you've ever
To the hell
Created by Listege
I know the title is a little bit weird. But I added 'the' on the title because destination of player is the world, which is changed into hell because of demons, not 'real hell'. I'm considering changing the title. Thank you for pointing out it.

Created by tprpdlfwn7
"UNINVITED" is a strategic penetration-timing game.

You are a vampire who wants to drink blood of beautiful princess.
But you have just lost all of your dark power.
So you need to climb the princess's tower, avoiding the eyes of the sold...
Created by RealBX VR
RealBX VR by Naviworks Game Factory

“Fun to Shoot”
Haptic VR FPS(First Person Shooting) Game
Combination of the latest VR technologies

A. HMD-based virtual reality (VR) game following recent trends
B. Compatible with next generation HMD such a...
Dragon Lore
Created by madcat games
1. about the game

- Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
- Genre : Turn based Tactical JRPG
- Number of Players : Single Player
- Playtime : Main Quests 20Hrs + Sub Quests 100 Hr +.
- Language : English, Chinese(Simplified), Korean, Japanese
- no...
Created by Rumble
< Description >

Dungreed is 2D Action rogue-lite game.
The town destroyed by the dungeon and folks got kidnapped. You have to rescue them and explore the secrets of the dungeon and solve the problem.

When you die, some part of the game (e.g. prog...
Costumenaut is a top-down shoot 'em up game with a roguelike elements. In Costumenaut, you play as a poor nerd who has been abducted by alien spaceship and wandering the universe, whose costumes are his only weapon. Choose one of the 9 costumes to d...
Created by YJM GAMES
You’ve found yourself inside a futuristic laboratory with no memory of who you are or how you got there. You begin to wonder - are there others like me?

Find your way out of the confines of the laboratory and unravel the story to understand what’s go
Odd Island
Created by MACKINN7
Welcome to Odd Island! Odd Island is a peace loving tribe Chibi’s survival theme park! Throughout its history, the tribe of Chibi had had only one small war and has lived in peace thereafter.

The theme park, which is created based on a theme of legendar...
Sacred Stones
Created by NOXBIX

Sacred Stone is a game that is only consisted of intense boss battle stages.

The story is about a manager of flying island whose mission is to keep precious energies of the Sacred Stone from blatant enemy attacks attemp...
Fingers Crossed
Created by Project.99
Slide your finger on the keyboard.
Shoot em all and survive longer.
Be aware of removing your own fingerprints!

About game

Fingers Crossed is a local co-up shooter which uses all letter keys in a keyboard. You should slide your fi...
Sky Diving Agent
Created by harnskim
Skydiving Agent is a retro-style vertical scrolling shooting game.

However, unlike normal vertical scrolling shooting games, it is a reverse vertical scrolling shooting game where the game progresses in a falling state.

You have to jump out of an exp...
Created by Total Battery
I.F.O is an old school LCD-style shoot'em up game.
You have to shoot UFOs using a classic aircraft and save the animals kidnapped by the aliens.
If you kidnap an alien, your classic airplane gets power up by the mysterious alien power.
Let's save the ...
Created by jaynap
Triearis an ordinary adventure rpg. There will be puzzles, rockets, missiles, puns, god, and many rabbits!

World is going to end because of meteor!
You are going to help rabbits to destroy the meteor!
However, that is definitely ...
Infinite Sunshine Dust
Created by KenaMAKF
Infinite Sunshine Dust (ISD) is a psychedelic horror adventure game.
Four prisoners wander a virtual world for insane experiment.

※This game is somewhat inspired by LSD Dream Emulator, and I use the similar acronym because I just wanted to use the word...
Time To Walk Alone
Created by Sang Hoon Lee
When you awoke, there was only darkness except voices from mother.
And now you can see things with your sight after touching them.
Explore the laboratory and escape.

You can't see things before touching them. (In fact, not all of them.)...
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