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Apr 17, 2015 @ 9:19pm
Oct 21, 2017 @ 5:15am
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Updated for 1.9 (Green Cities patch). Please report any issues, particularly around modifiable traffic lights/stop signs and sewage systems (yes, seriously).

Note that if you're loading a city with crossings created prior to the MT patch, they will probably break or show other weird behaviour. I can't do much about that I'm afraid. Please test with a city created *after* the MT patch before reporting any bugs.

NOTE: If the button is not appearing for you, and you have any of the [ARIS] mods installed, please try disabling them. Some (but not all) people have had them conflict. We're trying to figure out the cause, but have had no luck so far.

This mod allows you to places crossings on your roads at locations other than intersections and transitions between road types (where they are automatically placed).

To answer the most common question first: This mod does NOT allow you to remove the crossings the game puts in by default. Nor do I have any particular plans to add that (but I don't object to the idea - feel free to submit a patch).

To place a crossing, go to the Roads menu. Underneath the buttons which allow you to select straight, curved etc there should now be a button with a pedestrian icon on it. Select this and you will be able to place crossings at most of the same locations where you can currently create an intersection.

To remove a placed crossing, simply right click on it using the same tool.

NOTE: I've tried to squash all the major bugs, but please don't blame me if it doesn't work properly, corrupts your savegame or sets your computer on fire. However please DO submit a bug report (ideally as an Issue at the github link below) or, better yet a patch.

As far as as I know this mod is compatible with all other traffic management mods. In particular, I've tested it with:
* Toggle Traffic Lights
* Extended Road Upgrade
* American Roads
* Road Color Changer
I've also had reports that it works fine with:
* Traffic++
* Traffic Manager Mod (but don't try to mix their crosswalks with these - that's where you'll hit problems).

If you do find any incompatibilities, please let me know.

Known bugs:
* The crossing texture looks smeared right at the centre on 4 lane roads, but 2 and 6 lane roads are fine.

Future enhancements:
* Add tooltips for when a crossing can't be built
* Stop street signs appearing at crossings
* Highlight buildings which will be destroyed by crossing creation (which can sometimes happen on curved roads because the curvature changes slightly).

Source code is available at

Thanks to everyone who helped me out and everyone else who made their mods' source code available for referencing and copying. And thanks to Colossal Order for giving us a fantastic game. Thanks especially to @hyperdrive_engage and @LinuxFan for submitting patches.

If you want to say "thanks" financially, there are plenty of people in the world who need the money more than me. Throw a few bucks to your favourite charity (mine's ).


Q: Can I remove crossings at intersections with this?
A: No, and I don't expect to add that feature any time soon - it's a non-trivial bit of work which, beleive it or not, has almost nothing in common with the work I did for this :)

Q: Do pedestrians actually use these?
A: Yes!

Q: Why aren't crossings appearing on [my favourite road type that comes with some other mod]?
A: Odds are the texture with the mod doesn't include crossings (they probably don't appear at intersections either). If that's the case, there's not much I can do - this mod doesn't change any existing textures, nor add any new ones.
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Nov 8, 2017 @ 2:21am
Known bugs: * The crossing texture looks smeared right at the centre on 4 lane roads, but 2 and 6 lane roads are fine.
Jan 26 @ 4:24pm
Incompatibility with Network Extensions 2
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OuTSMoKE Apr 10 @ 8:04pm 
I rarely get them to place like in the picture. They place instead like two crosswalks as if an intersection was between them.
WOLK [RUS] Mar 23 @ 9:53pm 
update, does not work for me
Dengler Feb 23 @ 12:37pm 
Thanks for the quick improvement of the DLC at that time
en3he Feb 20 @ 6:18am 
very good thank you :eaglegrin:
surf2explore Feb 18 @ 4:25pm 
@Spectra you are welcome. Hope that if anyone else has issues they can try to fix it with this info. Any of the other 105 other Mods i tested didn't have any impact on your Mod.

A lot of work, but gave me a chance to clean up my mods and assets, so it was a win - win situation.
Spectra  [author] Feb 18 @ 3:32pm 
@surf2explore Thanks heaps for spending the time to pin it down. I've tried a couple of times to pin down what it is about the [ARIS] mods (and apparently their derivatives) that trips this one up, but because I haven't been able to reproduce it myself it's been pretty hard. My working theory is that it depends on the disk order of the mods as to what order they're loaded in (and therefore whether the problem occurs). However it's not easy to mess around with that to try to reproduce it :(
surf2explore Feb 18 @ 12:09pm 
Well I have tested a lot of mods and restarted my game like a "million" times, but i have found the cause and how to solve it, but.... I have no idea why it all of a sudden happened. No changes have been done in either that MOD or this Crossings MOD.

The MOD that caused the button to dissapear of Crossings is Remove Stuck Vehicles [1.6] by Chryssie .

This MOD is based on an [ARIS] MOD (i guess) and you need another MOD to make it work according to the description Skylines Overwatch [1.6 ] .

The strange thing is i never used it and i worked fine. Also with the crossings MOD. Until 1 month ago.

If i activate the requiered MOD ( Skylines Overwatch [1.6]) The crossings mod works again. If i turn the Skylines Overwatch [1.6] off the next time, the crossings MOD keeps working.
So if you have this issue and are using this MOD than this could be the solution.
surf2explore Feb 15 @ 6:39pm 
I am not using anything of him. I started a new map with the crossings mod and it is working. Going to add a new mod every time and see when it stops working.
HGscMENTOR Feb 15 @ 6:17pm 
ARIS mods really wreaked havoc with my games - finally just stopped using any of em.
Spectra  [author] Feb 14 @ 7:35pm 
@surf2explore If you're using any of the [ARIS] mods, check those first. A number of people have reported trouble running those at the same time.