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Sneeze - The card game
Game Category: Card Games
Number of Players: 2, 3, 4
Tags: 4+
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Apr 16, 2015 @ 8:55pm
Aug 15, 2019 @ 6:57pm
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Sneeze - The card game

The game of infect, be infected, cure and be cured. Available on The Game Crafter.

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The complete rules are also available:

--- GAME RULES ---

The last player who is not too sick wins. For three or more players, a player is too sick once infected with five different colored infections. While a too sick player can't win the game, he or she continues to play and infect other players.

For two players, a player wins when the other player has every color infection.

The setup

Shuffle all of the Sneeze cards together and deal each player three cards (for two players, deal 6). The dealt cards are held in a player's hand.

The remainder are set face down in the middle as a draw pile.

How to play
Play starts with the player who washed his or her hands most recently.
On a player's turn, he or she draws one card from the pile and plays one card from his or her hand. If the draw pile runs out, shuffle the discard pile and start a new one.

Playing germ cards
A player plays a germ card by either infecting himself or herself or by infecting another player.
A player must first be "infected" with germ strain or germ color before infecting other players.

Infecting yourself
To infect himself, the player plays the germ card in face up on the table. At any given point, a player can be infected by only one of any infection color, even if they are different germs. He or she can have more than one of the same germs though.

Sneezing (“infecting others”)
Once infected with a germ strain or color, the player can "spread" a matching germ card from his or her hand to another player by sneezing (you can go ahead and make a sneezing sound when you do it). Achoo.

The recipient of a player’s germ card cannot already be infected by a germ of that color.

Playing antibody/antibiotic cards

On his or her turn, a player can cure an infection by playing either an antibody or antibiotic card. These cards remove the infection for a germ of matching color. The difference between an antibody card and antibiotic card is that an antibiotic card cures everyone at the table of the same color (rainbow antibiotic card cures an infection of the player's choosing). Both the antibody and antibiotic card and any cured infections are discarded.

Rainbow Antibiotic card: The rainbow card is a wild card. When played, it is immediately discarded. Each player gets to choose which color infection he or she wishes to cure. His or her choice is immediately discarded.

Playing a pass-the-infection card

Finally, a player can also play a pass-the-infection card, which moves an infection from the player to any other player who does not have that color infection already. Discard the pass-the-infection card.

Becoming Too Sick:

In games with three or more players, when a player is infected with at least five different colors, he or she is "too sick" to win, and the player cannot cure himself or herself with antibodies or antibiotics.

However, a too sick player isn't out of the game.

Once a player becomes too sick, generally, he or she continues to take turns like normal until the end of the game. The only difference is that if a too sick player plays antibiotic and antibody cards (e.g., discards them), they are not effective for anyone, including currently healthy players. In other words, a too sick player can continue to infect himself or herself with new colored infections or pass infections to others, but cannot cure himself or herself.

In a two player game, the game ends when one player gets all seven colored infections.

Getting cured:
While a too sick player cannot cure himself or herself, another player can if they play an antibiotic card that makes the player have less than five infections. If this is the case, they are back in the game.

Winning the game
When all but one player is "too sick," the remaining player wins.
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Ludo Nov 16, 2015 @ 3:37pm 
A relatively quick card game (takes up to about 20 minutes). I've played it several times with two players and once with three. Because of the draw luck is needed, but mostly it comes down to relatively simple strategy. Recommended!