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Weaponsmith Plus 2.2
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Apr 14, 2015 @ 6:03pm
Sep 4, 2016 @ 9:04pm
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Weaponsmith Plus 2.2

Weaponsmith 2.2

Mounted Core Armor now available
Rebalancing of Engine modifiers and Maneuvering Thrusters.
Prototype Monitoring System for Supports has been revamped to provide a benefit.

Weaponsmith is an attempt to create unique weapons for Star Ruler 2 without having to create dozens of new weapon subsystems. Using up to four modifiers that are attached to weapon systems, you can create everything from a spinal mount heavy laser to a twin mounted rapid cycling light railgun weapon system. Now includes new modifiers and subsystem to improve ship engines.

Weapons -
There are four weapon modifications that can be placed on a weapon subsystem just like the targeting or bulkhead modifiers. Each modification currently has two options that are mutually exclusive so that you are not able to create strange weapon combinations like a light heavy weapon. The modifications and their options are:

Weapon Class - Light Weapon, Heavy Weapon
Weapon Mount - Twin Mount, Spinal Mount
Weapon Action - Charged Action, Rapid Cycling Action
Weapon Ammo - Armor Piercing, Rocket Assisted, and High Yield Warheads (Missile only)

The ammo is limited to railgun weapons only (except for the High Yield Warheads). The other modifications can be placed on any flagship weapon subsystem. The basic concept is the basic unmodified weapon system is a Medium Single Mounted Single Action weapon with standard ammo. These modification will alter those descriptors to make the weapon system perform differently. Some Examples of Weapon Systems that are pretty fun:

Heavy Twin Mounted Railgun with RA Ammo
Heavy Spinal Mounted Rapid Cycling Railgun with AP Ammo
Light Twin Mounted Hyperdense Rapid Cycling Laser

The mod now has two new modifiers just for ship engines and a new subsystem:
Engine Overdrive Modifier - You can now boost your engines thrust output above maximum.
Vectored Thrust Engine Modifier - You can improve the maneuverability provided by your engines.
Enhanced Maneuver Thruster Subsystem - These externally placed thrusters will boost your ships maneuverability but are fragile and require power. It's easier to mount them to smaller ships.
Tip: Enhancing a drives natural virtues nets you better results than modifying it for a purpose against it's design parameters.

In order to add some versatility to the shields, I added two new subsystem modifiers:
Linear Shield Amplifier - This amplifier allows you to boost your shield capacity at the cost of shield regen. However, there's a decrease in power use from the increase in power conversion efficiency.
Pulse Shield Modulator - This modulator boosts your shields regeneration at the cost of power and capacity.
Both of these advanced systems may be used together to gain both benefits at a reduced effectiveness. Your shield system becomes increasingly fragile, the more modification that you add to it as well.
Note: Deflectors are affected as well to a lesser degree than standard shields.

Prototype Subsystem Modifier - This modifier can be placed on any support ship subsystem with a core. It will add a slight maintenance cost to the ship but also prevent it from being built by automated defenses. In addition, it acts as a lesser control module. It provides a reduced command and repair capability to the attached ship. Fleet command wants to make sure it's new prototypes survive.
Mounted Core Armor - Mounted Core Armor (MCA) was designed to protect a vessel's weaponry from the hazards of space travel and to a limited degree battle damage.

Because it uses modifiers rather than subsystems, it should be compatibile with all weapon subsystem mods.

v2.2 (09.04.16) Added Mounted Core Armor; Rebalanced Engine Augs and Maneuvering Thrusters; Reworked Prototype System for Supports
v2.1 (08.19.16) Added Shield Modifiers
v2.0 (08.11.16) Added the Compatibility flag to the mod. Not sure if 100% compatible, post issues in discussion.
v1.2.1 (04.20.15) Unlocked Maneuvering Thrusters and Replaced Prototype Mod for subsystem version
v1.2 (04.19.15) New Modifiers and subsystems
v1.1 (04.15.15) Unlocked all modifiers for use on support ships.
v1.0.2 (04.14.15) Unlocked all modifiers for use in regular games.
v1.0.1 (04.13.15) Removed Flak Ammo due to issues.
v1.0 (04.12.15) Initial Mod release.

Blind Mind Studios - Thanks for making the game and giving the community access to mod tools.
GGLucas - Thank you so much for giving me so much help with those asserts!
Subscribers - You guys are what keep me going back and trying to improve the mod. Thank You!
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brigadon Jul 1 @ 3:40am 
Your mod is quite nice, but unfortunately it does something screwed up to the diplomacy section. If give too much money to charity, it screws up and gives you 0% of the galactic stake.
ShadowDragon_79 Apr 23 @ 12:27pm 
Very useful mod - Thanks :) .
owenbevt3 Dec 13, 2016 @ 2:41pm 
I often start with ships which are basicly massive torpedo lauchers with rockets on the back. Now giving them Heavy and Charged they take out Reminant fleats in one shot, then spend the rest of the exploration phase recharging.
Xwhyzed Nov 26, 2016 @ 3:46am 
Is there a non DLC version?
PugleBugle Oct 30, 2016 @ 6:44am 
Hi , can you please upload this mod to external link? (moddb) Im non-steam SR2 and i want to use this mod with Rising Stars. Did not found any external link and without owning this game on steam it is impossible to download this mod. Thank you.
bearhiderug Sep 4, 2016 @ 7:56pm 
Thankyou for this.
grffnhwk  [author] Sep 4, 2016 @ 7:06pm 
A warning on the latest update: It might invalidate ship designs. During the rebalance of the engine modifiers and maneuvering thrusters, I discovered a math error that meant neither scaled properly. They are working as intended now with larger ships requiring enormous power to move their mass faster. I apologize for the inconvenience if so.
grffnhwk  [author] Aug 11, 2016 @ 8:07pm 
Well, I'm sort of back, at least to try and update the mod for you guys. I looked at the new stuff added in the patch and Herald, and I don't think it has an effect on my subsystems. They remain "add ons" that are only dependent on the system they are attached to. So unless they added new subtypes of weapons or changed the flags, it should be good to go.
bearhiderug Jun 11, 2016 @ 11:05pm 
Realy hope someone decides to update this mod. Had quite alot of neet features.
bearhiderug Jun 11, 2016 @ 11:04pm 
Not Herald compatible.