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TGL: ThanksGiving LIFE
Apr 11, 2015 @ 10:57am
Sep 13, 2015 @ 10:09pm
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TGL Reached Goals!!!
TGL's Kickstarter campaign reached 33%
Release date: Early Access 2015, Q4


- "TGL" is a Open World Practical Life Tycoon & GOD simulation game in which a user acts as a god of the imaginary world and realizes dreams and desires of A.I. characters believing they are human beings.

Key Feature
  • A.I. characters are designed to have a “communication”, not an interaction.
  • Meet the goals A.I characters set
  • It’s amusing to intervene in the lives of A.I. characters in a direct/indirect ways
  • Environment variables affecting the lives of A.I. characters
  • The Features of God
  • A Variety of Interesting From Cross Multi Play

Detail Feature

A. A.I. characters are designed to have a “communication”, not an interaction.

- The decision making of A.I. characters in TGL is affected by various factors such as experience, knowledge, memory and personality.

B. Meet the goals A.I characters set

- Each A.I. character’s external aspect is quite differentiated from one another for which option they choose.

- It’s fun to watch A.I. characters using various means for the same goal.

C. It’s amusing to intervene in the lives of A.I. characters in a direct/indirect ways
a. A.I. Selection

- A user chooses one A.I. character to help and can play the game as the character itself.

b. Move Boost

- If you guide A.I. characters to the way they are going on, the movement speed is up. But, those who have low stamina are easily tired and stop to take a break soon. Making them run can bring positive results like improving physical strength and reducing weight.

c. Consideration

- A.I. characters always stand at the crossroad, before doing some specific actions. A user can affect the decision making.

d. Accident

- It’s possible to drop the piano in the middle of the road where A.I. characters are walking on to block the route and prevent them going to the specific determination.

e. Including Sleepers

- When A.I. characters are in a deep sleep, a user is able to give them indications about what to do tomorrow. To make the function work well, a user should enter the command while a brainwave measuring device shows very slow movement.

f. Move Location

- A user has an absolute power to change the location of A.I. characters. However, the movement is recognized by the target A.I. character and others in a close distance. Without witnesses, there’s no fuss. Even the moved one would forget about it. The more A. I. characters see the process, the more a user gets a risk of getting disadvantaged for direct intervention.

g. Hitting

- A user is allowed to hit every A.I. character in the game. Not only the controlled one, but all the characters can be targets. When a user’s character gets involved in a conflict (a fight), it’s possible to attack the enemy.

h. Other Intervening Elements
- All this, as well as a number of direct or indirect intervening elements are at an embodiment stage. They are going to be gradually unveiled in the news about TGL.

D. Environment variables affecting the lives of A.I. character
a. Time

- The virtual world is similar to the reality, having its own time flow. However, it doesn’t accurately correspond to that in reality. All A.I. characters live their lives on their own, while a user isn’t playing the game. When logging in, a user can check what A.I. characters have done during the off-time and choose whether to delete the save data or continue playing from the timeline. Remember they are continuously leading lives regardless of your engagement.

- A.I. characters meditated on the day’s events in theirs sleep. The recollection about what’s good and bad is replayed. It helps them to move in the right direction.

b. Weather

- In the virtual world of TGL, the weather is varied just as the real world.

- The physical & mental conditions of A.I. characters are changed according to the weather.

c. Surrounding Markets

- Surrounding markets of A.I. characters’ home are also influential factors in their lives. They may buy a shopping center or have a part time job at any store.

d. Transportation

- In the virtual world of TGL, there are various means of transportation which are the same with those in reality. A.I. characters can buy or use them.

e. Economy

- In the virtual world of TGL, economic activity is necessary to be rich and the wealth provides with more elbowroom.

E. The Features of God
a. God Ability System
- Every time a user successfully achieves the goals of A.I. characters or finishes their lives as a god, Soul Point is given. Soul Point in needed to get more mighty power for interventions and various advantages.

- With more abilities, a user’s capability is stronger by degrees.

F. Variety of Interesting From Cross Multi Play
a. During friends’ absence, a user can intervene with their A.I. characters
- While a user isn’t playing the game, A.I. characters are still leading self-determined lives by themselves. If both users are playing, one of them has a right to control the countering A.I. character. It’s allowed for a user to watch a replay of what friends have done in an absence. What If the A.I. character’s life is completely ruined by other players? It’s not a big deal. A user has an authority to restore everything after checking what happened and changed.

b. It’s very interesting to coming across the A.I. characters that other users play and intentionally have positive/negative influences on them
- After listing as friends, a user can see the A.I. characters of them showing up in the world and mingling with all together. Those characters appear superiors or beloved ones and they are also affected by the god of the world (a host user). What if the characters whose players are friends have an accidental encounter? What If the meeting results in a conflict? What if a user attacks the friend’s character as a god? As the beaten A.I. character tells on it to its god, the full story of fighting must be revealed. Even though the damage is not fatal, but it could have a negative influence on the attacked one with a nuisance to the friend user. Consider the possibility of revenge before assaulting the A.I. characters of friends.

c. It’s amusing to share the world with friends
- A user can share a real-time synchronized world with friends.

- We hope the world sharing function will be served for multiple users as many as possible, but its prototype will be a limited version only two users are linked one on one. The linked users can play the game at the same time, sharing the same virtual world. If a connected user’s A.I. character become a neighbor, it will be more interesting. Or else, there are plenty of opportunities for each other’s A.I. characters to come across. A real-time synchronized link service will be available to only two users at first, but it’s being developed to enable users to change whom to be connected whenever they want.

Thank you for the read.
We promise to finish the development of TGL successfully.

Copyright ⓒ 2015, All Rights Reserved by DDT games
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Oct 1, 2015 @ 7:14am
Mar 2, 2017 @ 10:58am
Release ?
< >
Machdju Dec 26, 2018 @ 9:52am 
Is this Dead?
Leogirl Mar 17, 2017 @ 12:01pm 
2017년 인데....아무소식도 없는건 포기하신건가요?ㅜㅜ 무슨 소식이라도 좀 주세요 기다리기만 하는건 답답하네요 ㅠㅠ
리로레인 Dec 16, 2016 @ 6:57pm 

나오면 꼭 사겠습니다. 빨리 나와줬으면 좋겠어요.

15년 4분기에 나온다고 블로그에서 봤는데 아직 안나왔었네용 ㅠㅠ
SA Jul 24, 2016 @ 6:10am 
Fourth, they have the big internal conflicts.

Basis of fourth hypothesis is psyburster's last online was 26 days ago.

But, early access release date is 2015, Q4
May be this game was almost developed when around January, 2016
It was have to release if they have the big internal conflicts.

Fifth, TGL isn't developed until now.

I don't know about this thinking.
But I can say that TGL should be release at least March, 2016

Lastly, may be they are enjoying the over watch.
So, they didn't any updates.
(Last hypothesis is joke)

Please any some updates.

저처럼 TGL을 잊지 않고 기다리는 사람들이 많습니다.
약 일주일마다 확인하러 오곤 합니다.

작은 소식이나마 들을 수 있도록 도와주세요.

긴 글 읽어주셔서 감사합니다.

Thanks to read
Thanks Giving Life
SA Jul 24, 2016 @ 6:10am 
Second, may be one person of developer was died or very sicked.
So they didn't develop more.

I want that this thinking isn't true.
Anything updates since last updates when
(green light 22 October, 2015), (youtube 13 Septenber 2015), (facebook 22 September, 2015).

green light

And, based on the Today develpoers's last online date is
ioloo is online,
psyburster was online 26 days ago,
insarn is online,
aisilol was 10hrs, 47mins ago,
Dexter was online 16hrs, 36mins ago.

They have about 9 months.
They will post updates even If one of them was very sick.

Third, thier game have had serious bugs.

According to comments, other peoples couldn't hear updates too.
So I think this hypothesis isn't true.
SA Jul 24, 2016 @ 6:09am 
This Green Light ended up reaching. But this game still didn't open.
I have hanged on open of this half year ago. I heared that this will open 15 year's fourth quarter.

So I had hypotheses about games.

First, I think that may be ddt games run out of cash for development.

But, this thinking shouldn't be true.
Because according to the passage, Kickstarter to raise money to develop were successful.

So First hypotheses is contradict.
Syrokor Jun 19, 2016 @ 3:25pm 
please no any news from the developers??? :steamsad::steamsad:???, we can still have any hope toward this game? or just forget it?
Syrokor May 30, 2016 @ 10:15am 
Wiseclock thanks for news is really sad, they can try to use patreon instead of kickstarter is more safe and they can ask like $3 to 5,00 per person per month then wen someone reach x value get a game copy and more x get extras, this can help them develop the game and don't have problem with "peoples taking away money, i tried to bake then but i had a bad problem with my credit card then i needed to take my pledge.
another note why they officia site is offline they also explained it??.

i really wish this game get really finished and proper funded we really need a competition for the sims series as life simulators i'm really tired of see ea and maxis being lazy and greedy and releasing crap products and keep fooling they poor fans specially when part of then are the typical blind follow which will pay anything for anycrap as long have the mark on it, we really nee something to make ea and maxis learn to respect they customers and stop with all they greed.
WiseClock May 29, 2016 @ 7:09pm 
:v they didnt receive most of the money (seems like the backers who pledged 5k and 8k didnt really pay), so now they are refunding. however, according to the newest post, the development will still continue.
Syrokor May 26, 2016 @ 7:47pm 
ok a little question someone from the kickstart backers can say what is happening here please?? i saw a post update 25 may but is limited to bakers only someone could say what is happening?