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Time is Money
By neong
Lets the profit begin!
Sorry for bad english or any typos & grammar.
Last update: Game version 2.1
Mining operation

Starting somewhere
Why should i chose the Prospector Class? If you love mining, then this class is your best choice.
  1. A boost in minging & exp gain from mining
  2. 2x Standard mining device & a better fuel tank
  3. A level 10 skill Astrogeology, with that you can identify asteroid ore.
Your first priority is to get the Endeavor. Cost ~1500d
Either you do few mining run and get the 500d or...
Optional: Since you start with only 1000d, you cant buy the Endeavor yet. But if you do the first Quest from Joe and get the Banshe. You can sell the ship for 760d. Now you can Get the Endeavor.

Ships options
You want as much cargo as possible, technical speaking you dont want to neglect survival stats as well. When you die you will lose time and money!
  1. Endeavor (450 cargo) - a must have for beginner
  2. Freighter (800 cargo) - next upgrade for Endeavor
  3. Asteria (1000 cargo) - HUGE cargo space for miner expert
  4. Stingray (400 cargo) - an alternate with lesser cargo with a hefty price tag.
  5. Stingray Mk2 (600 cargo) - a better Stingray
the advance of the Stingray Mk2 is, they have much more Booster & Device slot

Gearing up
The next logic step for me would be a better generator & fuel tank, but i will leave it up to you to decide which gear you want update next. I will list the Gear, which i would buy in order from top to bottom.
  • Generator - stronger generator = faster electric-power recharge
  • Fuel tank - hold more fuel = can stay longer in space
  • Mining devices - better mining device will extract more ore with each use
  • Engine - faster travel = take lesser time to get somewhere
  • RCS - better maneuvering
  • Shield - an extra layer of protection before the ship hull take dmg
  • Grappler - can pick up loot drop from npc/pirate/alien
  • Radar - can lock target at higher range & faster

Mining devices

Defensive tactics
EMP Discharger: when you go to a higher level sector. The enemy are also stronger. I recommend the EMP Discharger. This one have a big range and will disable hostile ship/turret.

Cruising speed
On the late game. You want to travel faster, since your time is money. Having a max out cruising speed will help you get to the next location much faster, save fuel consume and out run most of heavy geared enemy.

Tactical retreat
- If you find your self surrounded by more than 3 pirate and you cant handle them? Just turn on your "C" cruise engine and get out of the hot zone. The best way is aim for the station. They have turret which will mostly kill the pirate.
- Dont try to be a hero and get in to the fight. The station turret rocket hurt when they hit you, so they may accidently kill you. The lost of money and cargo is not worth it. Go ahead and dock, while the turret will chase the unwelcome guest away.
- Oh and dont try to ram an asteroid while "C", you are likely going to explode...

- from time to time you can get a mining quest from the station commander. You have to deliver Glepsite ore. You should have more than enought to turn in this quest. Easy money and exp.

Good to know
- A stronger generator mean also a faster electric-power generation, lesser time with waiting your electric power charge up
- With a strong generator you can use more than 1 mining device at the same time, with this you can empty a asteroid in second!
- Stronger generator also use more fuel
- While "C" you can use both key Q&A or E&D to avoid ramming in asteroid
- "Spacebar + S" stop your ship faster

@ - Abby Sciuto thank for the tip: Stingray ship
Skills recommendation
In this session i will recommend some muss have and nice to have skill.

The first few level up / skil point should be spend for this skill tree.

1. Mining expertise 3/3 - muss have
2. Advanced mining operations 10/10 - nice to have
3. Ore processing 10/10 - nice to have / work best with the mod "Mining device fix"

Next recommendation is the Social skill tree.

1. Silver tounge 5/5 - muss have
2. Level 10: Trader 5/5 - muss have
3. Trading Expertise 3/3 - muss have
4. Level 5: Persuade 1/1 - nice to have
5. Gentleman 3/3 - nice to have / work best with the mod "Select Station Quest", option "mining contact"


1. Level 15: Heavy Frigates - muss have / enable to fly Freighter / Stingray
2. Level 30: Light Cruisers - muss have / enable to fly Asteria / Stingray Mk2
3. Thruster turning 3/5 - muss have / open up next skill
4. Cruising 3/5 - muss have / open up next skill
5. Level 10: Advanced cruising 5/5 - muss have
6. Transport operations 5/5 - muss have
7. Cargo optimization 5/5 - muss have
8. Cargo compacting 1/1 - muss have
9. Space optimization 3/3 - nice to have

  • Its recommend to max out all the skill listed above, if you have the skill point to spend
  • In case you want to fly a higher ship class, then you should prior this skill tree

Mining location examples
  • The sword symbol "10" show how strong your ally/friendly/enemys in this system are.
  • The center symbol show which faction is present in this system.
  • The cogwheel symbol show how advance the tech level is. This also apply for the gear selling at the station in the system.
  • The station symbol (bellow the faction symbol) show how many station is available in this system.
  • Asteroids density show the amount of "Asteroid" in this system.

Naturally you want to aim for a system with:
  • Dual Sword: as low as possible
  • Tech level: as high as possible
  • Asteroids density: medium or high

In the map you can setup nav point for "auto pilot". The auto pilot feature is not the best, but it work.
Asteroid & Ore

In the game version v1.2.6 there are 4 type of asteroid. Each type can come with 3 size, Tiny, Small and Big and 2 quantities. Currently there are no real quantities differences between these asteroid size. I mean you can find a small and big asteroid next to each other and they have the same quantities. There are no in game names.

Type 1:
Appearance: Hard earth like. This is the most common type.

Mineral you can expect to mine from this Asteroid:
  • Gledsite ore - available: mostly in the highest number
  • Cyactite ore - available: decent number
  • Fraclasite ore - available: decent number
  • Mangkolite ore - available: mostly in the lowest number

Type 2:
Appearance: Hard Rock.
Availability: this is a common type

Mineral you can expect to mine from this Asteroid:
  • Gledsite ore - available: mostly in the highest number
  • Cyactite ore - available: decent number
  • Fraclasite ore - available: decent number

Type 3:
Appearance: white with blue-ish marble stone
Availability: this asteroid come with the Seralucite ore, the most expensive after Serizonite ore. You can find this asteroid fairly common in star system with radar disturbances, else it is very rare in common system.

  • Cyactite ore - available: decent number
  • Mangkolite ore - available: mostly in the lowest number
  • Seralucite ore - available: decent number

Type 4:
Appearance: vulcan rock, lava rock
Availability: The vulcan rock look like asteroid are rare and can be found in higher level system or in system with a dark star (sun). The Serizonite ore are the most expensive ore you can find.

  • Cyactite ore - available: decent number
  • Fraclasite ore - available: low number
  • Mangkolite ore - available: mostly in the lowest number
  • Serizonite ore - available: decent number

There are total 6 ore type you can find in the game.
  • Gledsite ore - available: abundant on asteroidType: 1 & 2
  • Cyactite ore - available: decent on all 4 asteroid Type
  • Fraclasite ore - available: decent on asteroid Type: 1, 2 & 4
  • Mangkolite ore - available: few on asteroid Type: 1, 3 & 4
  • Seralucite ore - available: decent on asteroid Type 3 only
  • Serizonite ore - available: decent on asteroid Type 4 only

Trade run
Your mining operation are all successful and you want to try few trade run?

  • A ship with as much cargo as possible
  • ~30k or more as start capital
  • Fastest cruise engine you can get

  • You always want to trade with wares in Ressource & Goods.
  • Look out for all the ware, which are currently sell under the default price.
  • The lower the price the more profit you will make.
  • You may want to buy the most expensive ware first.
    - Lets say: Luxuries & Bio Material
    - Buy out the stock if you have enought money
    - Aim for the nearest station or next system station
    - Sell all the wares if the margin is high enough & buy all the under default price items

Good to know
- You can see the default price by mouse over the ware
- The more expensive the wares are the more profit you will make
- As you can see in the Picture below. The Medicine default price is 150d, you only buy if the price drop to 149d or lower. And sell only if the price on the next station are at least 151d
- Important: when you are selling items, look at the price in YOUR inventory not at the Market inventory
- Advoid buying ores, you are only fill your cargo. Serizonite ore is the only one ore, which you may want to buy, if the price is droping very low

Wares value
Updated: 2015.06.20

in this list you can find the price for all goods. I note all the lowest & highest price during my trade. It can goes even lower or higher than the number in my list. Just let me know and i will adjust the number.

Ore Type

Gledsite ore
Cyactite ore
Fraclasite ore
Mangkolite ore
Seralucite ore
Serizonite ore
Bio material

Thx@: Anonymous Crab
Note: the list need to be update. I hope you guy can help me get the best lowest & highest price for the list.

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GortKill Jun 29, 2015 @ 2:47pm 
Swell! thanks for the informaiton it is helpful ot me as a new player. You answered some quesitons I had!
Anonymous Crab Jun 27, 2015 @ 12:10pm 
I also just found a station where I could sell Bio Material for 807d (once again I have a screenshot)
Anonymous Crab Jun 26, 2015 @ 4:14pm 
Thank you :) I could also buy polymers and luxuries for 1d at a space station... I have absolutely NO idea how this came to be or if it's since the newest patch... I am playing with a few mods but none of them change the prices of items... (I also have a screenshot of those two things believe it or not)
ai_enabled  [developer] Jun 22, 2015 @ 8:09pm 
In 1.4 the price for goods/ores can be in range 0.75-1.25 of the default price, however the price can be adjusted more if you invested into the trading skills.
ai_enabled  [developer] Jun 22, 2015 @ 8:06pm 
Anonymous Crab,
"Does anyone know what the currency d actually is? Is it dollars or what?!?" Nobody knows, even us :-).
1.4.1 is available in Experimental branch on Steam and it contains some nice improvements and re-balancing for trading. Now you can earn some experience by selling good with higher price than when you bought them. More info is there http://steamcommunity.com/app/324260/discussions/0/594821545176018729/
Anonymous Crab Jun 20, 2015 @ 2:21am 
110d for serizonite and 19d for mangkolite.
neong  [author] Jun 20, 2015 @ 1:22am 
i stop play the game since version 1.2.6, so few have change, the default & price range. I will update the Guilde when the 1.4 patch is out.
i have update the Valued list. do you mean 10, 11 or 110d for serizonite? and 9 or 19 for Mangkolite when bought?
Anonymous Crab Jun 19, 2015 @ 3:56pm 
I just found a station where medicine cost 82d!!! (I have a screenshot)
Anonymous Crab Jun 19, 2015 @ 1:48pm 
I just found a station where seraculite was only worth 15d :) I bought ALL OF IT xD I have a screenshot so you can see for yourself...
I found another one where I could sell electronics for 246 (also screenshot)
I also found one where luxuries could be sold for only 385d (I have a screenshot)
Oh and a question in general... Does anyone know what the currency d actually is? Is it dollars or what?!?
I also found a station where I could buy serizonite for 110d and sell it for 106 (I also have screenshots of that) but I'm wondering if this is because of a recent update as serizonite's base worth is 80 and not 50 as yourguide says... Mangkolite could be bought for 19d (which I have a screenshot of too)
Thanks for the tips by the way! They helped a lot!!!
P.S. I have upgraded so I both have silver tongue 5/5 and trader 5/5...
neong  [author] Apr 13, 2015 @ 3:47am 
when i start Trading i got like 30k. after trading for 1h i got around 150k. i trade for 3+h and got around 500+k. the first 1m didnt take long after that. the more money you have the faster you can make/earn money, because you can buy up all the item on sale (price under standard price). i hope that help.