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Kunduz, Afghanistan
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Apr 14, 2015 @ 10:31pm
Jun 5, 2016 @ 11:49pm
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Kunduz, Afghanistan

With over one year of work and many failed attempts I'd like to thank Bohemia Interactive, contributors and the Arma 3 terrain modding community for their part in the successful completion of Kunduz.

The goal was to create a detailed real world Afghani green-zone to help represent real world campaigns and missions undertaken in similar areas against a resurgent Taliban. I've always felt the Afghani green-zone could be done differently since the release of Arma 3. Despite the specific location of the terrain it should be appropriate for the following countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States & some ISAF Forces.

The community we have here is truly special, as long as we continue to collaborate and pool our knowledge anything is possible! A big thank you to Bohemia Interactive too, never give up! Building a terrain for Arma let alone anything else is very difficult so be sure to support any modders you see!

History of Kunduz

The War in Afghanistan and specifically within the Kunduz Province saw German Forces fighting the Taliban for over 10 years, for more information see the links below.

Technical Details

Grid size : 2048
Cell size : 2.5
Terrain size : 5120
Texture layer : 20m
Satellite image : 10240px
5 Surfaces + Normal Map
Total objects : 158,431
Development time : 1 year
Real world location :,68.8721757,11855m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

3 Phase Wall Destruction
Infantry or Armored breach:
Result: &

This can be done on all types of walls.

FOB Clearings for Construction
FOB Area 1:
FOB Area 2:

You will have to construct the FOB's as i've provided the foundation, this is the best way because there are mods for it and allows custom-ability.

Secret Bunkers

4 Tunnel Systems

Tunnel Locations:


- James2464

- Project Reality
- JBAD by Milkman & SmokeDog
- Afghan Lighting by Fabiano Celentano
- Northwest placement by Minimalaco
- Qalat Tower by Robster
- Wheat fields by Opteryx

Special Thanks
- Mikero Tools by Mikero
- X-Cam by Silola
- Ben Rampling

Thank you.
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immortal_phoenix Jul 2 @ 2:21pm 
the doors need serious work
CaptainPotato14 Jun 29 @ 12:48pm 
doors won't open. please fix
BuBz556™ Jun 27 @ 10:58am 
Please update!! This is a great map, just needs more work done to it..
Malikyte May 26 @ 9:31pm 
Doors are still unopenable.
KiritoKun223 BE! OBSCENE! May 13 @ 5:31am 
Is this map ever going to be updated?
BUFF UP May 9 @ 9:50am 
how can i play this, where do i find it in game
KiritoKun223 BE! OBSCENE! May 9 @ 12:35am 
@Crimsonphoenix8 he is using the RHS Mk11 with a silencer.

@ivanshvets2008, where are you searching for it? You should have it in the map selection when creating a new terrain
Fedor Dostoebskij May 4 @ 1:23am 
Where do I find this in the game after installing? I can't find it!
Crimsonphoenix8 Apr 8 @ 2:16pm 
please i gotta know what is the sniper the guy is using in 2rd to last screenshot