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Cities: Skylines

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Asset AI Changer
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Apr 8, 2015 @ 3:17am
Jun 21, 2019 @ 3:29pm
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Asset AI Changer

Originally Building AI Changer, after merge of Snow_Cat's additions and UI rewrite after that, now a generic Prefab AI changer.

This mod adds a drop down list to the Asset Property editor that lets you choose any AI for the asset you are editing.

Warning - WorksAsBuilding() and WorksAsNet() checks are not implemented.

Assigning wildly inappropriate AIs will break an asset, cause exceptions and other weird things. Broken assets will fail to load and cannot be fixed with the asset editor.

You can try to assign inappropriate AI types (a VehicleAI to a building, etc) but chances are something will break horribly. So if you do, backup your asset before you try.

If you want to create a custom Building AI, create a building and assign your new AI to, if you create a custom VehicleAI, start with a stock VehicleAI and change that, etc.


The main intended use of this mod is to ease the creation of assets with custom AI classes.


Just select the name of the new AI class and click "Apply" after you have made your selection. When you click Apply the new AI will actually be applied to the asset and refresh the properties panel with the new set of options for the selected AI. If the previous and new AI share properties, their values will carry over.

Using custom AI classes

You can assign custom AI classes with this, mod. They will start with the namespace of your mod in the AI list.

Source code & Issues

The source code of this mod is available at

If you want to report an issue, please use the Github issues if you can as I may not always read the steam workshop comments. I will read your comment eventually, but a Github issue will notify me right away.

Update as of 28/06/16:

You can now choose to copy hidden attributes as well. This will copy all attributes that aren't marked as NonSerializable, instead of just the ones marked with CustomizableProperty. On applying the new AI type you will be prompted to select the behaviour.

Thanks to Snow_Cat for his contributions!
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TwotoolusFLY BAUST Apr 5 @ 4:00am 
need to update. not work.
byongtube Mar 22 @ 9:54am 
The dropdown is not showing up. Plz help
emilien.kopp Mar 16 @ 12:47am 
Would it be possible to COMBINE two AI classes in one building ? IE. Education and Entertainment
Cahos Rahne Veloza Sep 27, 2019 @ 1:04pm 

Ploppable RICO is one. Just disable it when you want to use this or any of snow_cat's Asset editor mods.
um3k Sep 27, 2019 @ 10:40am 
Does anybody know of any mods that conflict with this one? I'm trying to use it, but the dropdown doesn't appear.
Martin Lienesch Aug 27, 2019 @ 1:16pm 
I want to switch a orc truck into a forestry truck, but not the normal one the forstry forwarder one from industries dlc. is that possible?
Martin Lienesch Aug 27, 2019 @ 1:07pm 
Its not showing up. I have enabled in content manager
spielerinchen Jul 23, 2019 @ 1:50pm 
i wanted to use an in game residential building & change its function to a sauna, but as saved asset it still says Residential & is not available to be placed in game as a sauna
Ciar Aon Jul 7, 2019 @ 3:29pm 
I would also recommend NOT subscribing to Snow_cat's Asset Prefab(+Building) AI Changer at the same time as this, that's what was giving me problems with the dropdown menu occasionally breaking.