Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Bugfix' Maps
A collection of all my hand-crafted maps for Cities: Skylines. Not totally realistic, but well balanced and fun to play on.
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Delvin Bay (Temperate)
Created by Bugfix
Delvin Bay is a temperate rolling coastal landscape with a flat center and mountains (east), hills (south, west) and sea (north) at the sides of the map.

- Small rivers: Watch your water/sewage management here!
- Differ...
Pearl Beach (Tropical)
Created by Bugfix
Pearl Beach is a tropical river delta of two rivers meeting the ocean. You start on a large island formed by these rivers. Perfect for a tourism oriented town: Create your own little paradise.

- Mostly flat landscape wit...
Northern Falls (Boreal)
Created by Bugfix
Northern Falls is a coastal boreal river landscape with a harsh coast at the north. The map consists of a large valley with a lot of water.

- Large bodies of water require a thought-out traffic system
- Mostly rolling l...
Norderhaven (European)
Created by Bugfix
Norderhaven is a typical Dutch and German inspired north sea coastal landscape. The map consists of a lot of flat land and large river outfall suitable to build a big harbour.

You have to use a map theme that supports sand i...
Caldera (Tropical)
Created by Bugfix
Caldera is a tropical volcanic island archipelago. There is one large main island and a few smaller ones. The main island contains a huge (inactive) volcano. It's perfect for building your own little island nation.

- The...
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