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Runestone Keeper

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Step by Step
By Pooka
So, you are having problems remembering everything, don´t you?

This guide is incomplete, I enjoyed every minute of the game and while writting this text, but, due personal circumtances it is impossible for me to invest anymore time in this game. Also, i finished story mode with the second character.
Even so, the info is usefull. I will keep updating it with your comments and sometimes playing it for a run or two.
Hope it will help you traveling into the deeps.
Before going into the deeps
There are three adventurers ready to go deep down into the dungeon, will any of them reach the end?

Guy: HP 31, Mana 8, Str 5, Dx 3, Int 2, Sta 5. Skill: Adventurer´s roar, reduces enemies attack for 1+ number of blocked tiles, minimun 1. Cost 2 mana. Passive: Restores as much HP as the number of monsters killed in the previous floor.

So, Guy has no memory, and he wants to go to the bottom rock. My recomendation is to unlock as many tiles as possible in each floor, but remember to kill all the monsters with healing abilities as soon as they appear. This way, when you use the skill, you´ll be able to kill the enemies with the strongest attack getting the minimun damage possible back. Afterwards, eliminate the rest of the minions. Try to get a ranged weapon ASAP (buy it if it´s necesary) and increase the DX each level, ignoring armor and being capable to fire back ranged enemies is too juicy to let it go. Also, it increases dodge and hit ratio.

Svafa: HP 25, mana 9, STR2, DX 4, INT 5, STA 3. Skill: Morphing: Halves damage and HP of a monster. Eliminates their skills, excluding mana carrier. Sometimes it erases armor value or its reduced to half. Cost 3. Passive: Restores HP for a value of double of Mana consumed in a skill.

She is a magician who felt the power of the Dungeon and headed the exploration, and for me the easyest one. I usually unlock as many tiles as possible, as she has a wand which attack may bounce. Prioritize attacking low attack enemies so those with high attack may die before facing them. Also, as you go deeper, you will find weapons which chain attack or increase the number of bounces. Keep always an eye on your HP and use the skills to heal, also count how many mana carrier monsters are in the floor and have that mana on acount to heal. As you can manage your hp and mana, it´s very easy to keep the HP in the maximun before taking hearts of healing. For using the best staff, needs you to have 5 ST and 13 INT. At least put a point in ST to be able to equip belts and some medium staffs. Ignore ranged weapons, magic attacks are ranged, and remember to keep your morphing with you, is one of the best spells of the game.

Hogg: HP 27, Mana 6, Str 4, Dx 4, Int 3, Sta 3. Skill: Vamprire Gnash: For 3 turns attacks don´t miss and heal 100% of the inflicted damage. Cost 3. Passive: When getting a Heart of Live, recovers double HP.

For not being a Vampire he is very vampiric. The skill that allows him to attack and hit for sure, allow you to go with two weapons and take items that increase your critical ratio. Develop your gameplay based on STR
Gods And Tatoos
There are 9 Gods in the game, each one of them grants access to 3 tatoos. For unlocking the 9 tatoo achivment, you´ll need worship a God, get the tatoos, betray it in favour of another, and so on. The tatoo cost increases, gradually. Each God unlocks an event

Once unlocked, they can be worshiped before entering into the Dungeon, granting different Benefits, but with a mayor cost, also you will need to pay some gold.

Goddess of Benevolence: If a Soul Point is recovered, also an HP is recovered. Max Soul reduced in 20 points, to a Max of 40. Bear in mind, if there is no Soul to recover, there is no healing. Cost in town:134 g.

- Restore 2 HP each time you recover a SP
-Immune to Curse effect (each stack -2 Max HP)
- 50% chance to resurrect with some HP and MP

The Spirit
After killing a monster he will speak in the name of the goddess and ask you about the meaning of getting all the souls:
-Doest´n matter, takeback whats yours: Betrayal of the Goddess, you lose all SP.
-Act as a blindfold follower: Max HP+5, STR +1
-Ask if you are being judged: SP Max +10

Curse: you lose all your SP.

God of Treasure: Each time a mist tile is unlocked it rewards a gold, also, final gold reward increases 10%. Attack -3. Cost in town 434 g.

- Luck +50
- Killing monsters is rewarded with +1 gold
- Max level +2 (12 in story mode)
Curse: You wont get any gold at the end of this run.

The Envoy of Fortune
After killing a gobling he will beg you to not kill him, but instead give him coins in order to get greater richness afterwards:
- Give money: You give ALL your coins-> Get a Treasure God tatoo, if you have all of them and have betrayed him, you get a tatoo of your new belief.
-Kill him.

God of Rock: Armor + 10, Hp +10, Mana -2. Cost in town: 134 g and -1 Max Mana.

-Element Resistance + 15%
-Max HP +20%
- When Hp below 30 % next attack will be critical.

God Of Contract: All atributes +5, but you wont get XP anymore. Cost in town:-1 in all atributes. (so , you will get just +4) and 134 g

- Recover 10 HP entering in a new floor
- 1 point less of damage from toxic effect.
- 10% chance of Double attack

(This happened after lefting the God of the Rock) A dead goblin approaches you to ask why you gave up on a god you belived once:
- to be stronger: You lose 5HP, you get a tatoo from the God of contract. (no effect if you alredy have all of them)
- what you got for your runes wasnt good enought
- Provoke him

God of Destruction: EXP +50%, Cost of activate items +5 Soul Points. Cost in Town: 134 g.

-EXP obtained from killing monsters +15%
-Each time you unlock a tile, you recover an armor point.
- Max SP +20

Goddess of Magic: Elemental Damage +3 (appliable for magic damage), incoming fisical damage +3. Cost in town: -1 Max mana,-1 Int, and 134 g.

-10% chance to recover a MP when attacked
-10% chance to recover a MP whenrevealing a mist tile
-Recover a MP when using skills.

God of Vengance: number of monsters displayed in the top left corner, when killed 50% of HP is recovered. If not, 20 Soul points and half of the HP are consumed. Cost in town 134 g.

- Critical hit +10%
- Killing monsters rewards with one extra soul point
- Evade +20% when HP below 30%

God Of War: Attack +1 one and -1Mana, each time a mist tile is unlocked, max +10 attack. This text leads to misunderstanding, as it only has effect for ST and DX based weapons. (so you cannot have a Svafa who gives a crap about magic to have a super basic attack.) Cost in town 134g, -1 STR. -1 INT

-When you kill a monster +1HP
-Immune to weakness
- Once per floor recover half HP when killing a monster and HP at 15% or below

The blood sacrifice:
Suddenly after killing a monster you fell the urge of sacrifying some blood:
- Cut yourself and spill it: Attack +2
- Offer the monster´s corpse blood: -2 Attack
- Do nothing

Curse: You will be drained of all your SP and your HP will be 1. Also, you lose 8 points of attack.
God of Evil:
Dungeon Tiles and Monsters
General Events
There are some events, that may happen, whoever is the character you are playing.

The Ogre Bar

When you enter into a level, the event appears all of a sudden, two options are given, but, with 5 of Intelligence or more a third option appears.
Fight the beasts -> If you kill all the monsters of the level you´ll get some gold as an extra reward. If you don´t, you´ll be stabbed on the back and lose HP
Only a passerby-> You pass to the next level, without the exp and the equipment.
Int 5+ Drink with them-> Nothing happens. (i suspect that with enought stamina, you can do something different than just get passed out)

The young Elf
The first magic addict you will find, is this disgusting elf who has a magic fish. With enought INT, your character will realize that maybe its a bad idea to trust him. He will ask you to feed his magical fish (and its not a metaphore)
- Ask about what does it eat
- Ignore him and keep moving.
- Realice he is an addict.
If you are curious about the diet of the magic fish, you´ll have the chance to feed it by casting (-2 MP, +1 Max MP) a spell or get out of there.
In the last case you may take it or wait, if you wait you may get the Fire Fish, if you take it, you may gain the Fire fish and recover 3 mana or lose 2 MP, some gold and get +1 to max MP.

The older Elf
the second of the magic addicts, is kind of more sensitive, but with more visible marks of his dependance. After seein him you may:
- Cast a magic fountain: If you have met the younger brother in this run before him, different conversations will be avaliables.
- Leave him

If you cast the magic fountain, and you haven´t see the brother, this one will give you a message for him. For this errand you will get a silver rune.

The Alchemy Experiment.
There are 2 events related, the first one, where you get to find a book. You will only have the chance to read one of the pages the options are:
Spiritism page
Rare Metal page
Potion elaboration page
Scroll writting page
Rune Crafting page
Do Nothing

Each time you find this event, you should choose a different page, as they´ll unlock options in another event while you won´t lose the chance to do so, even if you die in this run. Rune crafting gives lore but has no use and also do nothing has no effect.

-Make a potion: You lose all you equipment, ancient legacies (items), half your gold to get Max HP+10, Max MP +1 and Max SP +10
-copy the scroll: Level up. It has no effect if you are under the effects of the God of Contract.
-Lure Spirits: Replenish your SP
- Craft an armor: You will be forging a mithril bar, which has a soul. You can keep hitting it until it begins to threaten you to be a devilish armor, you stop and throw it away, for later pleasure of keep hitting it (STA +1) or keep forging (+10 Armor, it has effect just in the level you are). If you dont have the page, you will get just useless scrap.

The 6 handprints
There is an event, which allows to choose between 6 prints of different colours. Each one causes a different effect on the current character:
-The Red Handprint: STG -1, DX +1
-The Purple Handprint: Max Mana -1, Max HP +10, full healing
-The Blue Handprint: Max Mana +1, STG -1, Max SP-10
-The Black Handprint: Max HP -10. STG+1, INT +1.
-The orange Handprint: Max SP -5
-The yellow handprint: INT-1 Max SP +10

The cannibal Leader
Sometimes, when you kill a Cannibal (those who throw spiked clubs at you) an event will appear. He is the leader of their tribe and can grant you access to their treasure chamber:
- Kill him and take the key: you will activate a trap and get injured, -15 HP
- Ask him for something precious (and drink it): -10 HP, +1 STR,+1 STA
- Ask for something without value for him: You get a huge pile of money
-Ask for something he doestn´t care at all: Skull Vine Cup
- Spare his live and his debt.

The Alchemist Troll
In a room full of burned corpses you find a troll, you may:
-Take an item by looting the corpses: Equipmet item, Random
-Draw his attention. If you do so, he will offer you his fantastic products, which cost is runes. If you buy a fluid of protection against a kind of monster, those monsters will miss all their attacks against you in this run of the game.

The Chef
You may find a Chef who offers you a meal made of monsters. You have two options, pass or accept the mision, in which case you will have to kill every monster to get the taste of his magic main courses. Each option gives a benefit:
-Troll Liver Resistance +1, restore 10 HP
-Rat BBQ DX +1 Restore 15 SP
-Curse frog soup: INT +1, Restore 5 mana.
-Huge worm sashimi STR +3
-Pass (again)

The head in the pot
You will find some monsters playing with a head inside of a pot, which will be complaining of the unpolite behavior of said monsters: As it happens with the chef you may accept the quest to help him by killing all the monsters, or dont. If you fell heroic you may recover the glass broken, and getting a Gold runestone for your efforts or have a conversation with the head:

1-Talk about the reset of the Dungeon
2- ask about why you should care
3- Thank him politely and keep going

The first option is the most juicy about lore, and takes the conversation to a new level:
1.1- Ask for the need of removing your head
1.2- Refuse to do such a sacrifice: you recover little of your hp

1.1.1- How did you lose your head?: Clues of dungeong reseting.
1.1.2- The status between life and death is the soul: More clues and +1 Max mana.

2.1- Go look for an urn: Golden runestone
2.2- Are you sure?: you get an ancient legacy
The Dragon altar
You may find an old religion dragon altar, wich gives you four event options:
Cast a spell: the dragon teach you a random hability or you will experience a lot of pain (INT 5 or less): -1 INT -1 Max MP
Make an offering: One of your three items is broken and your SP go full
Examine it: Luck +10, HP -15
Pass by

The necronomicon

In a room full by the smell of corpses you find an evil book, you may:
-Burn it.
-Try to learn a little looking the pictures: Info about the lich and the dungeon. +1 INT

The Wolf
A pair of red eyes look at you in the darkness, you may:
-Kill the monsters
-Approach with care

In the second case, a black wolf will jump on you, without time to react you choose to:
-Fight back: You get the wolf pawn mark and +5 MaxHP
-Struggle off
-Cast a protective spell: You get Wolf pawn Mark.

The salvation Brotherhood

A man approaches talking about it, and offering you to exchange runes, you may:
- Refuse
- Accept the change
- Ask for the brotherhood

If you ask for info about this club, you will have to make an exchange. In both changing cases, you can give all the runes of the same class (bronze, silver or gold) to receive them all in one of the other two (randomly selected).

The Mummy
You may find a man who has seen better days, he will ask you for a hug and he wants to learn magic. The options, as follows:
- Ignore him
- Give him your hands: You will lose a skill randomly selected.
- Give him a hug: You will lose all your skills

The Guardian
You may find a human sacryfice in a stone altar. he will ask you to kill him.
- Do so: you will swap positions with him, you can curse him or ask him how can hedo that to you (get the chains of the guardian).
Dwarf events
So, all of the following events, are related to the Dwarf royalty that you may find in the dungeon

The Dwarf Prince
You will find a dirty homeless dwarf;
- Kill him: Dirty Ring
- Wake him up: This way he talks about his father and the dwarf kingdom, he is ready to fight so you:
- Fight back: Golden ring
- Dodge him: Golden ring
- Stop him: Dwarf Ring.
They are related to another Dwarf event.

The Dwarf Daughter

You may find this lovely girl butchering some monsters and throwing at you something that was inside of one of them a moment ago :
-Catch it: If you dont have enought ST (4 or less) you´ll lose 1 of Max mana, if you have 5 or more ST it will be harmless and you will get some gold.
-Dodge it: If you have enougt DX (5+) it will be harmless, if you dont -1 Max mana.

She will realize that you exist and will ask you what on heart are you doing in here:
- Just walking by: Nothing happens
- Dare her to a fight: Depending on your ST, you may win the pulse and get a rare equipment or fail it (ST-1)
-If you have the Dwarf ring: Show it to her: you get a pice of equipment (right now bugged, you get nothing)

The headscarf
A goblin offers you a fantastic deal, a headscarf for 50 golds.
-You may pass: without effect
-Ask for a better price: Without effect
-Pay 50 golds

If you pay the money you will learn some lore from the spirit of the last Dwarf Queen, but after a moment you will have to choose between:
- Go ignorant: STG +1 STA +1
- Ask for more info: You get cursed, Max HP -5

The second Dwarf son
You may find an interesting dwarf who warns you about the perils of the dungeon. Once you speak with him you may:
-Provoke him: he ignores you and gives you some gold or he becomes an enemy.
-Ask him for the meaning of what he is saying
-Realize normal dwarves don´t speak like that, so ask for the teacher.

The last option will get a little piece of conversation, about the sacrifiying religion:
-You may join: STA +1
-Ignore it

The Dwarf King
I suspect that the body, apparently dead that talks about a kingdom and a throne and a new world is the king of dwarfs you may ask him about:
-The new world
- who is he.

Asking about his identity, will make him respond with the same answer
- Leave him as you realice he is crazy
- Talk about yourself: Get a Gold Runestone--> This option will change if you play like Hogg, learning more about the character and the sins of the king.:Random runestone
The Lich mision

The lich and the filactery

There are two related events. You may find the filactery before finding the lich, if thats the case the first event will be about finding a box with gems. The options are as follows:
- Take the gems out: HP -15
- Break the box: Max SP -10
- Take the box: Max SP +10
- Ignore it
- Study the box. This option will be avaliable if you find the lich before the box and you offer yourself to find it. You will find out that it´s lich´s filactery. In this case you will have the following choices:
- Destroy it
- Study it: More choices: Start with the spells (HP -5), start with the gems, open the filactery
- Draw the simbol of the lich

If you take the box with you and find the lich, a new option will appear. He wants your body, so you may:
- Offer yourself to find his Filactery, after asking why does he need you body so much: -10 SP.
-Offer the Filactery: HP full. (if you have it)
- Beg for your head

Discussing the value of your head will lead to the lich preparing to remove it from your body, if you do nothing he will cut it off. The other option is to offer yourself to find it, he will ask you to prove it, as options you can do so by:
- Swear it: max SP-10
- Confess him he doesnt have any guarantee
- Guess that there will be a deadly trap and you like to keep yourself alive: Max mana +1
Guy Events
In Story mode, normal game, if you get to the 19th floor of the dungeon you will have the chance to give up or keep forward. At this point, keep going to remember somethings about yourself and get a new skill (if you have space for it).

The Sacrifice:
Suddenly you feel weaker,and a voice tell you to sacrify a stat
-Stamina: Stamina -1, Max HP +10
Svafa Events
The Magic tile:
You may find a tile, which will attract you to investigate it. A Runestone may fit in the center of the magical device, with the following effects:
-Copper Runestone: Reveal monters positions on this floor
- Silver Runestone: Reveal Trap positions on this floor
- Golden Runestone: Increase magic attack in 5.
- Do nothing

The past live Tile

You may find an event about a tile with the image of a woman, a man, and a pike y a gore style. BTW the woman has the pike. So it brigns you back old memories, you can ignore or Cast a Spell on it. The result may be to remember old magic (get a skill if there are any avaliable spaces) or suffer the most terrible headache ever and lose a point of INT
Hogg Events
Svafas Corpse
If your last run was playing Svafa and you go afterwards playing Hogg, when you find the tombstone the option to try to revive her will be given to you.

The brothel
So i found this event, and im not sure about it... but you find a female ogre sit on a human male body who asks you if you want to have some fun or you are looking for troubles. If you look for some fun you will be introduced to 4 gorgeous monsters:
-100 golds to spend the night with the charming one-> shes a medusa, 100 gold less and 20 hp recovered.
- 150 golds to spend the time with the adventurer lover
- 50 golds for the bloodthirsty
- 100 golds for the dominatrix miss narcissus.
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