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TrackMania² Valley

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TrackMania² Titlepack through Steam
By S e k i 1 3 😂 わたしは
The title pack allows you to play all TrackMania² environments (Canyon, Stadium, Valley) into one. However, this isn't possible to launch the title pack through Steam because the system only allows to load one single environment.
This guide will show you how to make a clean install on Steam in order to launch the title pack.
First of all, you should possess all 3 TrackMania titles (Canyon, Stadium and Valley) if you want to make the title pack work.

If you have all them, you can download the title pack in the Maniaplanet Store in the left side of the menu screen. After you installed it, when you want to launch the title you get this message:

Restarting the game will make Steam download a fake update and will have no change.
The problem is that Steam separates every title into one and no update will fusion them.

However, you can play this title if you download the ManiaPlanet client from the website. It's what we're going to do and we replace the files into Steam. Here we go.
We will now make an entire clean installation of ManiaPlanet to bypass the fake update on Steam.

First of all, go to ManiaPlanet official page and download the client (122 Mb):

Once downloaded, install it and go to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps
You should find the 3 titles as follows:
  • ManiaPlanet_TMCanyon
  • ManiaPlanet_TMStadium
  • ManiaPlanet_TMValley

Simply drag and drop the "Packs" folder of each title into the clean ManiaPlanet install located in C:\Program Files\ManiaPlanet

Once it's done, drag and drop all the files of ManiaPlanet into a Steam folder.
For example, drop the files into ManiaPlanet_TMValley

Your "Packs" folder should end like this:

The clean install of the client will allow it to bypass the environment limit from Steam.
As you can see TMStadium.pak, TMValley.pak, TMCanyon.pak files will allow the title pack to launch.

Now just launch the game you have installed all the files and open the TrackMania² Title. Enjoy!

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My login is sekii13
Thank you.
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my bad May 12, 2017 @ 3:26pm 
kinda useless now with maniaplanet 4, but great guide anyway
Owen Jones Jul 27, 2016 @ 11:26am 
Noice ;)