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Harry Potter Wand [Outdated]
Type: Weapon, Addon
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Apr 3, 2015 @ 7:46pm
Apr 17, 2016 @ 8:11pm
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Harry Potter Wand [Outdated]

UPDATE: Recently my friend, Calafex (Mr. Mind previously) remade the harry potter wand with new features added to it, such as stuff for you darkrp server or as I like to call them admin abuse servers and a custom vgui for changing spells. This wand will be on the workshop page after getting a confirmed answer from Calafex,, however if you want a wand for rp servers, then this is not the right addon for you. Please go check out the new wand, Calafex and his friends poured blood, sweat, tears and time for you potterheads.... or potheads..... or flower potheads.

Okay, Lend me your ear (literally, give me your f*cking ears. Lol just kidding) people. THIS IS NOT MY WEAPON, originally this is HK47 but he went crazy and deleted his addons. Mr Mind then reuploaded it, but since Mr. Mind doesn't make cool stuff for garry's mod and now working on his own games (which i hope to see), I asked if i can have the weapon. He gave it to me and now it's in my hands. Now just to be clear, this is the true harry potter spell wand with 80 spells. That other one you saw belong to a stupid idiot, who didn't care about the complaints that people were posting.

List of wands:
Wand (obviously)
Demonic Wand
Mind Wand
Advanced Wand
Magma Wand
Intrinsic Wand
Dark Wand
and finally the wand that represents the line. Can you guess what it is?
Q and As

Q. Are you going to get the brooms back?
A. I'll see what I can do (I got them now)

Q. Why did you reupload this?
A. I reuploaded it because it went into the wrong hands.

Q. Does this include all 80 spells just like in the old one?
A. Yes, it does. It includes all the spells

Q. Does this REALLY have 80 spells?
A. Why don't you see for yourself. Go on, press the subscribe button

Q. How do you change spells?
A. Press your secondary attack button (right click on your mouse or your trackpad) and you'll see a tab showing a list of spells

Q. How do teachers learn spells, how do students learn spells?
A. I don't know, I'm guessing you are starting a darkrp server and you want people to learn spells. My guess is that this weapon is NOT usable for DarkRP

Q. Will you make it that wizards can learn spells?
A. I can't because Mr. Mind is developing a better wand than this.

Q. Didn't you already make a spell pack Deika?
A. Yeah, I did. I don't think I will update it.

Q. How do you favorite them?
A: /addfav spell_name_hp (make sure you type this in the chat. NOT ON THE CONSOLE)

Q: How do make a spell admin only
A: type /adminonly_hp spell_name_hp (make sure you type this in the chat. NOT ON THE CONSOLE)

If you're going to favorite or admin a spell be sure to check the spell description for the spell ID

Credits goes to Mr. Mind for giving me this, thanks :D

And a Special Thanks to Lio67 for making the wand models. I really like them :)

Hope you guys are happy for what I did

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