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Nightmare : Among Shadows
Created by ENP
Fear is a machine,

A machine the likes of no man signals off shore in the Atlantic a call ... an ode to a man of constant sorrow, as if fate called for it or things far worse .... A world opens up beyond our own ... one lurking and living with us for fa...
Created by Saibot Studios
Doorways is a first person survival horror game, with a complex story and a deep atmosphere.
Each level of the game will challenge you with dynamic gameplay and distinct visuals and sounds.

If you like the horror genre, you are in for a treat.
Penumbra: Necrologue
ENG - This is total conversion of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Game will continue Philip's history and will tell about his new adventures. Our purpose is to keep the atmosphere of game and to please fans with worthy continuation. In game you will me...
Created by snaksan
Eng: This is a story about one man. He survived the portal storm, seven-hour war, the occupation of the Alliance. But fate again presented him with surprise. You will visit the Traton City. Discover its history, find out what happened here and why you are ...
Created by Dream Wave Games
Trapped in a time loop where you must relive the same night. Explore the mysterious lake house and discover it's dark secrets. But be careful. You are not alone…

You have inherited a lake house from your estranged father who disappeared unde...
Wooden Floor 2 - Resurrection
Created by pheenix93
“Andrew Winter is an author living in a small house near the woods. Who knows what he’s working on at the moment. Before he became an alcoholic, he used to live with his wife and children in the mansion on top of the hill in Blackdust Field. One day the...
Penumbra: Necrologue
Created by Fatalist
Total Conversion (mod) for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Penumbra: Necrologue is a continuation of the Penumbra series made by Frictional Games. Join Philip in the last part of his journey as he tries to find the answers to everything he witne...
Created by MattDementous
Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice.
Paranormal is a 3D fully dynamic haunting experience. The player takes the role of Mattel Clark, an artist who has a haunted house. Mattel decides to film the hauntings with his camera, whi...
Created by Dandy


You play as "Number 3", an innocent man, who was taken from his life to become a torture subject of a demonic man named Walter. Your objective is to escape a chilling abandoned maze that is monitor...
The Birdcage

'The Birdcage' is an Action-Adventure Music Video Game! A first of a kind music album that is experienced entirely through a video game featuring world renowned artists from Guns N Roses, Evanescence and more...
Plague Doctor
Created by butters1992
Action of "Plague Doctor" takes place in a small town that is located on an island. The town has been covered by the plague. But the local doctor has found an effective way to defeat the deadly disease...

Plague Doctor a ...
Created by El lobo
Please understand that at this moment the game is still in its pre-alpha stage, so the meshes, 3D models, colliders, and the animations are temporary. I do promise that the future release version will have much higher graphic fidelity and...
No70: Eye of Basir
Created by Volkan DEMIR
Aslında çocukluğumun geçtiği güzel bir yerdi burası, babaannem ve büyükbabamın yadigârı…

Seneler sonra nasıl geldim bilmiyorum, geçmişi anımsıyorum, çimenlerin süslediği tahta çitlerin yolundan geçiyorum, hatırlamaya çalışıyorum. Ellerim titriyor…

Created by TheLastBreath
About the game

Dark Mark is a video game that mix the horror genre with FPS and RPG.All the generated in the map is random,the number of rooms and floors,the furniture,the consumable items and even the enemy will be chosen randomly,thoug...
Created by Konsordo
During the summer of 2003, events in the northeastern United States involving a strange, human-like creature sparked brief local media interest before an apparent blackout was enacted. Little or no information was left intact, as most online and written ac...
House of Caravan
Created by Rosebud Games
A spine-tingling horror adventure, House of Caravan takes place in a single mansion in Candlewood, northeast USA, in the early 20th Century. Stepping into the role of a young boy captured by strangers on his way to school, you’ll be tasked with exploring t...
Beyond Despair
Created by NETrazor
The world after powerful and destructive disaster. Players are survivors whose destiny depends on their own abilities. Aggressive environment with it`s difficulties, wilderness, the remnants of the destroyed civilization and many other excit...
Horror in the Asylum
Created by dohmee
“Horror in the Asylum” is a first person horror game where you play as mentally sick patient that wants to escape his nightmares, he imagines the hospital to be a dangerous and terrifying place where monsters and creatures live.
It is up to you how much ...
Created by brunomtc
You wake up on a spaceship, dazed and confused from the effects of cryosleep, and begin to search for the rest of the crew. Where could they have gone? All too suddenly, you discover that most of them are dead, and those still al...
Created by marcsteene
Society has collapsed. Humanity faces extinction. You are the last person alive in your city. But you are not alone.

You have one goal - to survive. Survival by hunting, by foraging, by building, or by fighting, whatever it takes, as long as you make i...
Created by Yellow Bun Studio

Разум растворяется в окружающей тьме, как в вине растворяется боль. Остатки воспоминаний крошатся и стремительно утекают, как песок сквозь пальцы. И лишь одно имя застряло в скованном ужасом горле, как ...
Created by Ebb Software
Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry.

It is designed around the idea of "being thrown into the world". Isolated and lost inside this dream-like world, you will explore...
Hunted: One Step Too Far
Created by DK Productions
You love to Geocache. It's a good way to escape the daily life. You like doing it alone and at night. It has that special adrenalin rush.
But what will you do, when you find out that you're not alone?

Hunted: One Step Too Far, is the first Game of Indi...
Inner Voices
Created by alek.sierzega

Tune yourself to the voices lurking in the head of John Blake - the tormented man dwelling in a trap… that only you can guide him out of.
You will never know w...
The Conjuring House
Created by RYM GAMES

The Conjuring House is a paranormal horror game, the facts take place in the early 20th century in an old abandoned Victorian style house with a pretty dark past, a team of mediums and parapsychologists were sent to unravel the mysteries an...
Created by sadsquarestudio
*This video presents the alpha version of the game. The final result will be polished and bug-free.

Visage is a psychological first-person horror game.

The game will be set inside a huge house in which terrible things hav...
The Facility
Created by Measuring
During World War II, in the remote mountains of southern Germany, a hidden underground bunker was built by the nazis to secretly perform horrible experiments on human beings. The bunker has remained a secret... Until now.

Nathan and his girlfriend All...
Welcome to Hanwell
Created by Natcracker

An open world psychological horror game set in a city in which your worst nightmares have become an everyday part of life.

The Hanwell Council of Public Protection
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ERTYNEA Jan 27, 2017 @ 3:29am 
Hi @DJ Oleg:
We would like to contribute our bit with our own project ...

"Survival Diary"

Is a telltale-sandbox game with strong RPG characteristics and based on random events.
ZigZag Games Oct 17, 2015 @ 2:36pm 
Hi, Consider adding our new game: Abrix the robot:
It's a puzzle addicvtive game and I hope you will like it.
jaket Oct 1, 2015 @ 2:33am 
Have a look at Syndrome, a survival horror game where the player wakes up in a ship with his memory blurred from cryosleep. There are weapons but ammo is limited, which means the player must carefully plan his moves - when to hide, when to run and when to fight.