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Weight STool
Created by soh
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va16
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

EDIT: Here's a link to the original author's version of the S...
Futurama Zoidberg
Created by Flagg
Player model & NPC

Model and textures: Flagg
Compiling: Flagg

Elsa & Anna Playermodel & NPC
Created by SilverBelle
Queen Elsa & Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen!

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel Hands

Elsa Jigglebones:
• Cape

Elsa BodyGroups...
Futurama Bender Rodriguez
Created by Flagg
Player model & NPC

Model and textures: Flagg
Compiling: Flagg

GMod Tower: Player Model Pack
Created by MacDGuy
This is a pack of all the player models that were used in GMod Tower.

Yes, they are compatible with Sandbox.

Most player models have coloring support unique to their original models. Credits for coloring: Vipes, MacDGuy, Digi

About the Creator
Hotline Miami's Jacket
Created by Splinks
You have a new message! *beep*
The following is intended for mature audiences only.
Viewer discretion advised.
All suspects are innocent until p...eriencing technical difficulties.
Please hang up an.....ocate the nearest exit and
Indiana Jones Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones from Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
  • Player Model


Models and textures: Artificial Mind and Movement / Amaze
Porting, rigging and com...
Iron Man [Playermodel/NPC]
Created by Dusty
Iron Man's Mark 7 armor, used as his primary suit in The Avengers. The Iron Patriot's armor, as seen in Iron Man 3.

What's in it:

- Two NPCs for each set of armor, good and bad. Sorry, they just use the standard rebel and combine base - no flying, la...
Left Shark playermodel
Created by The One Free-Man
A player model and ragdoll of the real MVP.
First skin uses the player colour, but switch to the second for that distinct and authentic all-shark blue!
Say no to good choreography and dance like you're not wearing a shark suit

Also, I don't know why...
Philip J. Fry
Created by Flagg
Player model & NPC

Model and textures: Flagg
Compiling: Flagg

Advanced Duplicator
Created by WireTeam
A tool for duplicating contraptions that include many complex components including Wiremod devices, and most other SENTs.

Nebual made the amazingly creative icon for this.

Wiremod Landing Page:

Jesus Playermodel
Created by Rokay
Jesus from Heaven

Player Model


Models and textures: Marc "Pharaoh" Nuar
Porting, rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"
Toy Story: Woody Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa

Woody from Toy Story
  • Player Model


Models and textures: Avalanche Software / Asobo Studio / n-Space
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa...
SProps Workshop Edition
Created by shadowscion

Smart Weld
Created by Stalker
Makes the stock Weld tool obsolete!

---How do I use it?---
  • Select every prop you want then you have a few options. Weld all of the selected props to each other, weld them to the world, weld them all to one prop.
  • Hold E and Left
Created by WireTeam
A collection of entities connectable by data wires, which allows for the creation of advanced contraptions.

Wiremod Landing Page:



Discord: https://discor...
Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
ACF Weight Tool
Created by karbine
TGIFallen's ACF weight tool- this tool is used to set prop weight, set armor thickness, and see vehicle total mass for Armored Combat Framework.

Set mass in menu, left click prop to set.
Set thickness in menu, press Reload on prop to set.
E_left cl...
Cyanide & Happiness Playermodel
Created by Rottweiler
Cyanide & Happiness playermodel. The model has some flaws, I made it from scratch.

TAGS: Cyanide, Happiness, C&E Cyanide and Happiness, CandE, player, model, playermodel, player-model, explosm...
Dalek player model
Created by Pecius
A Dalek player model with animated arms, head and eyestalk.
Comes with 4 skins and a detachable gunstick (as a bodygroup).

Original model created by NeoDement.
Classic Dalek skins made by Kask Daxxe....
Pingu - Player Model
Created by MystFro
"Noot Noot"

― Pingu

28 May 1986 – 3 March 2006

Pingu is a clay penguin who is very mischievous and playful. He lives in the Antarctic where he plays with his family and his friend the seal.

Enjoy :)...
Playermodel - Kermit the Frog
I decided to do some quick playermodels tonight. I hope you like it!...
Oogie Boogie Playermodel
Created by FZone96
Olaf Playermodel
Created by x227man
In between other models I have been putting this together. Olaf will fall apart when killed and he likes big warm killing sprees. Enjoy!

What playermodels do I have planned next? Not necessarily in this order.
- Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace / Red ...
Lich King Model and playermodel
Created by Maxxy
Arthas the Lich King has arrived for Source Engine!
Arthas is the final boss of the Icecrow Citadel in World of Warcraft.

For Garry's Mod, It's available as a ragdoll and playermodel! (Looking for someone who can turn it to an NPC!) ...
Slimer Playermodel
Created by Sythen
Slimer model fixed for Garry's Mod 13.

Yes, i am aware that this is on the workshop already, but for some reason, those either dont work at all, or have issues with multiplayer servers, or have broken animations.

Mad props to S-low who originally mad...
Zero Punctuation | Player Model
Created by B-Bud
For fans of Zero Punctuation.

Four hat bodygroups; Yahtzee's hat, hatless, pants on head, and hair of the MASTER RACE.
A wide* (*moderately-sized) range of facial expressions, including a Zombie skin.
Option for gender.
Big buff...
Gesture Menu & Commands
Created by Tenrys

This addon adds a new sub-menu available in the Context Menu, named ''Gestures''. Clicking any option will make you perform a Gesture, like dancing, or agreeing.

You can alternatively use chat commands...
Food and Household items
Created by CHILI
This pack contains well over 200 props, mainly food but also cleaning products.
McDonald's Food
Kinder Surprise + Box
Chips bags
Cillit Bang
Wine bottles
Much, much, more...


DewRitos Playermodels
Created by Ellistron
Doritos bags and Mountain Dew bottles as playermodels!

- Multiple skins for each model based on various flavours
- Viewmodels hands (c_models)

These models were converted from a Counter Strike source mod.
All credit goes to Th...
Gm_Building v1
Created by [Blyat Luminatas]
A map made specificly for building games/series!

Much like yogscast's gmod building series (Art Gallery/other)

4 Seperate rooms for each team, Colors to let everyone know which one they belong to....
Created by Aaron
Restriction system for ULX. (Requires ULX and ULib),5269.0.html

Please read the wiki for additional help:

Please feel free to comment on my profile and add me if y...
Prop Launcher (Launch any prop)
Created by Jaxswat
Based on 2014's "Boot Launcher", Prop Launcher introduces the ability to CHOOSE what prop you want to launch. No need for multiple SWEPS for whatever prop you need to fire at the time.
Melon Launcher, Boot Launcher, Baby Launcher, or even Prop Launch
Natural Disasters
this addon was created by Hoffa

Wanna play Storm Chasers on any map? Like evading flying lava? Dying to dodge destructive disasters of doom? This is the perfect addon to spice up your sandbox or Stranded or RP server. Why not unleash an Earthquake on ...
Epic Sax
Created by uacnix
►►►►►EY YOO!! YES YOO!! IT DEZN'T WERK 4 U? DEN SCR00L DAWN!!!!◄◄◄◄◄

The Epic Sax Guy is epic, says the internet meme, so is this swep. Ported to meet the giant requ...
Gm Northwest Airfield
Created by Doomologist
This is a re-creation of the northwest airfield from Chernarus using hl2 assets. A few buildings had to be cut from the original plan because source doesn't allow for a 1142 meter runway, 800 meters isn't too bad though.


fm_warehouse V2
Created by Daveyy!
My first try at a Flood map, and, by extension, a map at all....
Flood 2.0
Created by Mythic
After some problems with scriptfodder, we decided to give back to the GMOD community that has given us so much so here you go. A completely re-written from the ground up version of flood.
Brought to you by

1) [M...
Enhanced PlayerModel Selector
Created by LibertyForce
It's the playermodel selector from Sandbox... but better! And available everywhere!

Garry's Bombs 5 Base
Created by Dusk
This addon was not created by me! It was created by Rogue Cheney
I had Garry's Bombs 5 on my pc so i decided to reupload it. This is the latest version! Enjoy!

You WILL need [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Garry's Bombs 5 Materials
Created by Dusk
This addon was not created by me! It was created by Rogue Cheney
I had Garry's Bombs 5 on my pc so i decided to reupload it. This is the latest version! Enjoy!

You WILL need [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Created by rafuet
Created by Manny Maximus
Not Made By Me, Only Uploaded Because It Was Not Already Here...
Created by Lexi
Fishtank is a map for the Flood gamemode.
The map idea was thought up by Disaster Returns, who gave it to me to actually make.
The NPCs you can see are in fact alive and will stare longingly into your soul if you catch their eye. Try not to look at them....
Created by Skotty
FM_Bastion is made for Flood gamemode. It is very big and detailed. While being in the night, it still has enough light to construct.
It features 6 lockable rooms for team building and the big main room for everyone else. To prevent breaking in other's ro...
Playermodel - Vibri
This is a playermodel and also works as a ragdoll! I decided to try to recreate Vibri from Vib Ribbon into a 3d character. I guess i succeeded. I hope you enjoy it, infinite white line not included....
Created by Ark_32
Zangief From Street Fighter...
Mr. Meeseeks playermodel & NPC
Created by Hummy_Seed
I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!

This file should give you a player model and ragdoll of Mr. Meeseeks.

NPCs are also available in the humans + resistance category
The npcs use the combine soldier animations

For the ragdoll, open spawn menu and lo...
Nadmod Prop Protection
Created by Nebual
NPP is a simple and efficient Prop Protection system.

* Admins can touch all props (configurable)
* All player spawned entities are protected by default from:
- All Tools
- Properties menu (right clicking props while holding C)
- Gravity gun punt/p...
Created by Almos
Version 1.0

A long and large road, with desertic environnement. Same map as Gm_Highway192000, but with a construct zone, a building, and new open areas. Perfect to test cars or vehicles. Inspired by the video clip 19-2000 by Gorillaz.

Including node...
Created by Bloodclaw
A large building map divided in multiple parts :

- The main island with the spawn room, a lot of flat space to build, some small hills, buildings (including 6 garages and a small city), helicopter landing pad, roads (including large ones for planes), do...
Created by Jackarunda
Murder: Advanced. Plays just like Murder, except better.


All questions already answered in the above link will be ignored and/or deleted.

Also, this map is awesome:
Superhot Playermodel
Created by TFA
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
Includes a second skin that matches player color. Please remember to follow my workshop and subscribe to the Vauseric channel, who produced the trailer. I w...
T. Rex Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
everyone's favorite dinosaur, now with longer arms

• Very silly proportions
• Red and not-red color variants
• Ragdoll & playermodel
• NPCs! citizen & combine variants
• Hitboxes that should be compatible with TTT
• Jigglebone ja...
Rick playermodel, NPCs, and ragdoll
Created by Hummy_Seed
Rate up if you enjoy!

A friendly and a hostile version of the Rick NPC has been added to the Humans + Resistance category.
A ragdoll should also be available in the spawn menu under 'addons'
Hold C and choose player model to change your playermodel to...
BB-8 Playermodel
Created by Talon240
BB-8 Playermodel

As of right now the ball/body is not movable. It will be fixed soon.

If his eye is an error then you need CSS textures.

All models are owned by Disney and lucasfilm

These are the droids your looking for.

Rigged: Talon240 ...
OW- Reaper Playermodel
Created by Ɀynth
Before a bunch of Overwatch models were removed from the workshop due to a thirparty DMCA issue. Though after doing some reading it seems to be resolved and models are now being uploaded once more. I saw that there had yet to be a Reaper one so here it is!...
OW- Widowmaker Playermodel
Created by Ɀynth
Before a bunch of Overwatch models were removed from the workshop due to a thirparty DMCA issue. Though after doing some reading it seems to be resolved and models are now being uploaded once more. I saw that there had yet to be a widowmaker one so here it...
OW- Mercy Playermodel
Created by Ɀynth
Before a bunch of Overwatch models were removed from the workshop due to a thirparty DMCA issue. Though after doing some reading it seems to be resolved and models are now being uploaded once more. I saw that there had yet to be a Mercy one so here it is! ...
OW: Tracer P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
If you want, and you like my workshop, I think the donation is the best thing you can do to help me! and if you do that, I will appreciate that, thank you for your collaboration!

Mr. Poopybu**hole Player Model and Npc
Created by xXGOTPIZZAXx
Mr. Poopybu**hole PLayer Model and NPC!

from the best show ever Rick and Morty

everything by me

have fun!...
Illuminati player model

KMPlayer.3x3 mod3l of l3 r3al !llum!nat!©, th3 h3ro of d!ff3r3nd MLG parod!3z & montag3s n0w !n gm0d!!1I!11!
!nclude 2NPC'z(h0st!le and ally) and play3r m0d3! wiz b0dygr0upz.

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
[The Ship] Donald Trump [Ragdoll/PM]
Created by omgwtfbbq
L4D2 Flexes and rig_biped_simple are available!

Whole porting stuff (Meshes; UVs; Armature) & Playermodel: omgwtfbbq
vmt setting up & Textures & Gmod stuff: SuperCheater5
Game files & Preview: MrShlapa
Terminator Playermodels
Created by Grumpy
Fully functional Terminator Playermodels, these high textured models have been brought to you by Joazzz. However, they've been converted to be used as regular GMOD Playermodels, there are two models that aren't configured to use PM animations however, thou...
Bob Ross PlayerModel & NPC!
Created by Vengeance
Commissioned by Gozar. By the way i know there is that white line and when i tried to edit it out in photoshop the face file was broken in game so I left it as is, however if you find and make a fix please tell me and I will make you a creator of this mode...
Created by JesterKatz
It it a bird? is it a plane? ...oh no, that's a bird. But this is Escape-Man, the silhouetted character you see in various "escape" and exit signs. He was even popular enough to be in Portal. That being said, this particular Escape-Man is actually inspired...
Toothless Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
the name is a misnomer

• Playermodel
• Viewmodel hands
• Ragdoll
• NPC: citizen/combine
• A few face poses (and a joke flex)
• Hitboxes (you can headshot)
• Jigglebones for wings, tail, jaw & ear flap things
• Lots of weapon cl...
Picolas Cage playermodel
Created by aap15
Do you like pickles? Is nicolas cage your favorite actor?
then this is your lucky day mister.
you are now able to play as PICOLAS CAGE. And the only thing you have to do is to click the subscribe button.
don't hesitate.
Just do it, don't let your drea...
Ragdoll Combat : Character Import
Created by RiiR
Automatically use player models as characters in ragdoll combat. Doesn't always work, for reasons that should be obvious....
Ragdoll Combat : Classic Characters
Created by RiiR
The characters the Ragdoll Combat originally came with....
GM Flatgrass Turbine Tower
Created by Gallium31
For my ragdoll combat server.

Please give credit if you use on your ragdoll combat server....
GM Flatgrass Tower v3
Created by Gallium31
For my ragdoll combat server.

Please give credit if you use on your ragdoll combat server....
Hold Out!
Created by anime

So this is my first gamemode, Hold Out. Basically the premise is that upon spawn, you are given a physgun, and you have 3 minutes to spawn 1x2 props out of a little menu and build a defensive structure out of them. After that, your physgun is taken ...
Steel's Cars - F&F Flip Car
Join the Steel's Cars group!

Flip Car from the movie Fast & Furious 6

(My first vehicle, it's not perfect but I think you're going to live.)

Vehicle can be spawned from "Steel's Cars"...
Simple Prop Damage - Ultimate Destruction
Created by xyzzy
Simple Prop Damage - Ultimate Destruction

Simple Prop Damage (SPD) is an addon that adds a new feature to all regular props:
You can now damage any prop in Garrysmod!

Frustrated by the fact that weapons don't damage or destroy most p...
YouTube Play Buttons
Now you can have your very own diamond play button!!

And of course don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so i can get the real one. :3


Every workshop model is ...
Energy Ball Spammer
Created by Raus
Just a simple SWEP that spams energy balls.

If there's anything you dislike about it, please comment about it!

  • N/A

  • N/A
Jiggly Crowbar
Created by Ellistron
Adds jigglebones to the crowbar

- Replaces the default crowbar viewmodel and worldmodel
- Compatible with any crowbar reskins!
- Viewmodel arms compatible as well!

This will sometimes break completely and the top will glitch out, this i...
Mos Mesric Map Textures
Created by Colonel Hadley

IF you are too poor to afford Counter Strike Source then goto: k a j a r 9 . w i x . c o m / c s c h e a t e r 2 # ! d o w n l o a d s / c h g d
There is the files you need for Counter Strike S...
[TTT] Star Wars - The Force
Created by TheBroomer
This is an addon for the mode "Trouble in Terrorists Town". Pls don't report errors or leave negative comments if you tried it in another mode.


As a Traitor you are now able to buy a light saber, which will grant you the...
Star Wars Weapons

A pack of Star Wars weapons with both first person and third person models.

This pack contains the following weapons:
Star Wars PlayerModel Pack
Created by MS32
[img][/img]A pack of working Star Wars playermodels.[img][/img]

The pack contains:

Star Wars player models
Created by |Reaper|
Requirements:Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike:Source

Battle Droid
Boba Fett
Darth Vader
Imperial Officer
Rebel Trooper
Sand Trooper
Tusken Raider

techknow, ...
Sith & Jedi Playermodel Pack
Created by KILOJOE
Note: I Just Want To Let Everyone Know That I did Not Make All The Playermodels In This. Some Were Made By Other People, Which I Will Give Credit Below.

This Pack Includes:
Darth Vader
Anakin Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Sidious
Mace Windu...
Star Wars: Episode III RoTS Obi-Wan Kenobi [Playermodel/Ragdoll]
Created by Calmoon
This is a player model of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars: Episode III (Revenge of the Sith).
Goes well with the Anakin Skywalker playermodel! Get it here!

Star Wars: Episode III RoTS Anakin Skywalker [Playermodel/Ragdoll]
Created by Calmoon
This is a player model of Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: Episode III (Revenge of the Sith).
Goes well with the Obi-Wan Kenobi playermodel! Get it here!

STAR WARS Luke Skywalker Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Luke Skywalker was a Force-sensitive Human male who helped defeat the Galactic Empire in the Galactic Civil War and helped found the New Republic, as well as the New Jedi Order.
  • Playermodel
  • Hands
How to download? J...
STAR WARS Han Solo and Chewbacca Playermodels
Created by Voikanaa
Han Solo was a Human smuggler from the manufacturing planet Corellia who achieved galactic fame as a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic. Born on Corellia, he was orphaned at an early age and taken by the pirate Garris Shrike to ...
Double Jump!
Created by Willox
Some Information
This lets players double jump. The addon is made properly and even predicted ~oooo~. You'll get errors if you don't have Team Fortress 2 installed (it's free, come on.)

The multijump_default_jumps co...
STAR WARS Alien Playermodels
Created by Jellik
Map is dm_neon

Three Common Star Wars Aliens:

- Rodian (Greedo)

- Weequay (Hondo)

- Tusken Raider (Sand Person)

These models are very well made and HD, however I did not originally create...
Created by Ryuk (OP)
This is the taser gun for TTT.
Just to the detective.

Este es el arma taser para TTT.
Solo para el detective.

TTT Homerun Bat
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

Its a HomeRun Bat, you guess what it does. If you hit a Player ist loses 1 Ammo and he will fly away instant...
Manhack Deployer
Created by Becer
Deploy Manhacks and order them around!

Primary fire : Deploy a manhack.
Secondary fire : Direct your manhacks.
Reload : Detonate your manhacks.

The models are originally from Obsidian Mod....
Zombies Perk Bottles (TTT/Sandbox)
Created by Hoff
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group:

These are a series of perk bottles from Black Ops Zombies! You can get them in sandbox and ttt.

Current bottles:...
Created by Nyrb
TTT weapon that spawns 5 manhacks. Throw or attach and in 30 seconds 5 manhacks will spawn.

Does not need to be armed and can only be disarmed by hitting with the crowbar
TTT - Door Locker
Created by Exho
Ever felt like locking a door and murdering the Innocents inside? Well now you can!

**** Info:
Billy Mays here, er.. This is a project I've been working on to add a change in gameplay and something cool to do on maps. You can Left Click a door (provide...
TTT Cannibalism (Texture Fixed)
This is just a reupload of the original, but fixed. No more missing icon!

This is only for TTT, probably won't work on any other gamemode.

Check out this addon on my server!


Feel free to post the IP of the server you'r...
TTT Defibrillator Detective/Traitor
I reuploaded this defibrillator:
All credits are going to Willox.

This is only for Trouble in Terrorist Town and it wont work in sandbox.

However this defibrillator can be bought by tra...
Holy Hand Greande + TTT
Created by Hds46
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch(Worms).
Made for Sandbox/TTT.

Worms: Armageddon style explosion effect.
Custom sounds and models.
Nice icons.
Big damage and radius.
Sandbox/Trouble in Terrorist Town(Traitor) support.

TTT Banana Bomb
Created by GHXX
This Addon adds a Banana Bomb which releases many small, explosive Bananas.
It was originally made by schnul44. I updated it.

Causes error in Sandbox, but you can just ignore them.

This addon works for both Sandbox and Trouble in Terrorist Town (tro...
Minigun TTT
Created by Sigmaskill
this is not ment to spawn in but ment to be from the poinshop as a vip weapon!
i did not make the model i just ported it for sigma clans ttt server...
TTT - Minifier
Created by Lykrast
WARNING : it's buggy for reasons I don't know, it will requires multiple clics to (de)activate and will print scripts errors in the user's console. Other than that it works fine.

A real tool to annoy those pesky innocents, for 1 credit any traitor can a...
TTT Randomat
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"- Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

The Randomat is an Item for the Detective which will, after it was used, do something random.
I will try t...
TTT Minigun
Created by NgYuKang
Working Minigun FOR TTT
I olny fixed this for my server and for learning lua,but i'm just posting it here for e...
Ancient China Prop Hunt
Created by GrandTyrant
Ancient china styled prop hunt.
created for The Arche Gaming Servers
Come play with us
(if missing Texture pleaase comment with a screen shot thank you)...
Blockparty - TTT, Sandbox Deathmatch
Created by Danny Judas
Deathmatch map set in YV's mansion from GUNGODZ.

Has a music loop... That takes a long time to start for some reason. I'll have to fix that.

If people want a version without it I'll make one.

All content is included within the BSP.

Supports TT...
Coder - TTT, Homicide, Murder
Created by Danny Judas

Coder is a medium sized TTT/Murder/Homicide map set in Endless Adventure Studios' coder farms, where the next blockbuster video games such as 'Warground 5', 'Reminder of Obligation: Phantoms', and 'The Grou...
Created by VoodooRaisins
Futuristic city map for HL2 Deathmatch that resembles Coruscant from the Star Wars films.
Name of map is "dm_cloudcity"...
Roblox - Crossroads
A direct port of the classic Roblox map into Garry's Mod.
This is a remastered version of my original Crossroads port, which I've since taken down because I'd like to start this from scratch.
I put a lot of time into writing code to port this directly ou...
Crisis - TTT
Created by Danny Judas
"What hath science wrought?"


It is nearly silent on the coast. Though the waves crash with their usual intensity, the world sounds so empty. There are others here. You know this.

You don't know where they are.

Some have betrayed you.

Death Machine for TTT
Jay a weapon that looks pretty nice is for TTT :)

__--==| Credits |==--__
Importing (for TTT): Tanki Flo
Model/Sound: Raven:

Ty guy that I can use this models :D...
Defibrillator for TTT
Created by Wizard Cat
Zap zap people back to the living.

Recode of the well-known defibrillator.

This is a D and T weapon.

Differences to the original
- Makes noise
- Succes-rate
- Doesn't show a T as alive when they get defibbed

Created by IVG | Spartankiller
Doge Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
wow much dog

• Playermodel/ragdoll
• Viewmodel
• Jiggle tail/ear/jaw (posable!)
• more polygons
• more seamless textures
• Hitboxes that should work in TTT

• command / path?
cl_playermodel "Doge"
DOOM Imp Playermodel/Npc
Created by NutOnHerLip

The Imp from DOOM (2016). The model is low quality because it comes from the Pinball FX2 DOOM table.

Good & Bad Npcs
Santa's Hat Bodygroup (For Christmas)
Glowing Eyes

My Group Join If You Wanna ...
DOOM Revenant Playermodel/Npc
Created by NutOnHerLip
DOOM Revenant

The Revenant now in Garry's Mod took me a while rig. Materials might look a bit crap, thats because Im really just a beginner with materials. Thanks to k_thod, NoirSuccubus and everybody else at the Facepunch thread for the hard work they...
Dubstep Gun for TTT
Created by Wokki
A dubstep gun for Trouble in Terrorist Town

Uses effects and model from the SR4 Dubstep gun addon...
Existential - TTT
Created by Danny Judas
A lonely, empty city. No one walks the docks, no one strolls the plaxas, no one rests within the seaside manor. All is quiet, save the sounds of the waves and the passing street crawlers, looking for anyone breaking curfew. You and your friends came here t...
Mos Mesric
Created by Silver Knight
A map designed around the star wars location Mos Mesric. Orginally designed for Star wars: Sagas. This map was made by Ardowa Lalin.

This map features a Tatooine city, just the city. An R2 unit wanders around the map, there's a housing section, Cantina,...
Fallout: Fatman - TTT
Created by Doc
Fully Functional For Trouble In Terrorist Town.
Sandbox Version:
Perfect Choice For Fast DL.

Traitor Exclusive Weapon.
Spawned from the 'c' menu.
The icon is a simple rpg at the moment ...
Gabe the Dog Meme Run
Created by HungryShark™
For use in Meme run


The Meme community is devastated by the loss of Gabe the Dog so i made this to remember him by.

His barking and growling will get increasingly louder the closer he is to you

If it does not work type in console:

Jenssons PacMan 2015 Playermodel
Created by Jenssons
This PacMan is the redesgined made for the 2015 PacMan cartoon

if a playermodel crashes your game it must be an addon that you have

our patreon page

if you wanna see what am working on right...
Created by Benigane
Mustafar from Star Wars

This map features a droid factory on the planet Mustafar. There are several iconic places on this map that were seen in the movie. The map was mostly inspired by the movie...
Night Trap - TTT, Murder
Created by Danny Judas
This map requires counter-strike source to function on your computer. If you do not have CSS installed and mounted, don't download this map. You'll only be dissapointed.


Best suited for 16-20 players. More are supported, but not recommended.

Party City
Created by Gree the Hatty
This was originally created by "Nipper".

I have just uploaded it to the workshop since it is not on here.

File will be displayed as de_partycity in the Counter Strike: Source maps.

Since this was originally made for CSS, you need CSS (Counter-Str...
Lord Voldemort Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Lord Voldemort, was a half-blood wizard who was considered to have been the most powerful and dangerous Dark wizard of all time. The son of the wealthy Muggle Tom Riddle Sr. and the witch Merope Gaunt, he was orphaned and raised in a Muggle orphanag...
Lykrast's TTT Weapon Collection
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source.

This single pack will contain all my TTT weapons. For now, it merely contains the ones from my previous packs, but it will later have some extras that I will not release as separate packs (unless I hit the size limit).
All those wea...
MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting
Created by MiRe
MapVote is a Fretta-like map voting system for Garry's Mod 13, with a few added features. It was originally created by Willox and released in the facepunch thread here.[]

I have received permission...
MC TTT - Parking
Created by White Wolf Guardian
Mad Chronic TTT map....
Created by Jenny Craig
A prop hunt map of the original Auschwitz concentration camp

- Hl2 episode 2 is required

- 32 player spawns (although I'm not sure how well this map would play with 32 players)

- If you have any suggestions tell me in the comments

make sure Hl...
Created by EHOT
just another map fot prop hunt :)...
Created by UtharQ
ph_Comancher is an edited version of map ttt_comancher_censored. It's westerned themed map with some custom props and textures. As the title says it is made for prop hunt. Contains some unique mechanics like catapults. Thanks for downloads and likes.

Created by SoloHeisbeer
It's the Melon Splasher, now as traitor weapon

it's an RPG that shoots melons

Primary fire: One shot, 2 seconds delay between shots
Ammo: 10 melons
Secondary fire: Nothing (For now)

Link to sandbox version:
Prop Hunt
Created by EP45
I won't reply any more comments. If you want help, subscribe this one instead. Sorry :(

==========PROP HUNT===========
Where did you find this? - [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Remote Sticky Bomb [TTT]
Created by Marcuz
The Remote Sticky Bomb
General information
The Remote Sticky Bomb is a traitor weapon for TTT that allows you to plant a C4 on a target player, doing so requires a lot of stealth as the traitor can be seen holding a C4 in his or her hand....
Prop Hunt - Cruce
Created by RoX
A simple Prop Hunt map. Its like a little street with two houses and some random stuff.
Only hl2 required to play (no css, tf2...)

Video from VanossGaming:

Created by RoX
The normal school has a section of corridors closed and uncomplete witch connects with the small part of corridor thats already in normal school , and goes around and connect to another door at the cafeteria that was just closed off .

I just reopened t...
Created by Smez Moré Prakezz
//NEED Counter-Strike: Source, if you don't have it, download CSS Content Pack and install, find it via Google.

Welcome to my first map, this is Prop hunt map that I crafted it for 9 hours. :-)


If you found bugs, cheat hiding spot, or anything...
Ratskitchen TTT
Created by Topf it
Two years ago I lost the data after ongoing work on the map. After achiving 10K Subscribers which i did really not expect (and the comment of ProAmerican, to be honest ;D) , i spent a week off from University and tried to fix some problems, rewo...
Prop Hunt : Market Battle+
Created by agarpac
map filename : ph_marketbattle_freq
Welcome to Market Battle map!
This map includes :
> 2 Markets
> 2 Strange Buildings
> Props!
> And More!
Yes, this re-upload version of my old map (and ...
Created by UtharQ
It's slightly edited version of ttt_Whitehouse with few prop fixes. As the title says it is made for prop hunt.

Requires CS:S installed to work & look properly!

Credits: 90% to original creator(Jackal Warwick), 10% to me for editing.
Created by EHOT
Game mode: prop hunt

Small map with just one building.

32(16/16) players.

You need css/hl2 content for play without problems.

You can also download map here:
Created by KuaN

A map I created for my (private) Prop Hunt server. I spent 60+ hours on this map. You could theoretically use it for role play, although it obviously has a crap ton of physics pr...
Prop Hunt : Office FSG
The prop hunt map set in the classical cs_office theme.

(Counter-Strike: Source required)

Riot Shield
Created by Jordan
"I can dodge bullets... no?" - Sinavestos

Anyway , this is a SWEP that uses the Modern Warfare 2 Model. The shield will stop any bullets from dealing any damage to you. It's great for DarkRP and Trouble in Terrorist Town , or any other game-mode that in...
Secluded - TTT, Prophunt
Created by Danny Judas
There are plenty of physics props and weapon spawns, and the spawns are split in T and CT, therefore the map can be played in both TTT and Prophunt. The map will have a navmesh once more on Monday, and it should already have cubemaps, so it will be useable...
Silk Road - A TTT Map
After 2 months/my entire summer, it is complete! TTT_Silk_Road is finally here!

With plenty of tactical positions, interesting traps, and easter eggs, this map brings a lot of re-playability for a TTT game. In addition to that, there is only 1 custom te...
Prophunt/TTT Horror Island
Created by Danny Judas

Dropbox for editors and server owners:


After escaping the hunters on the docks, the props amde their way to the flooded coastal town of Freshw...
Prop Ink Train
Created by Nanotek
It is a train! with props!
originaly made for TTT, but works fine with prop hunt!
map name:
Prop Hunt Classic Map Pack
Created by eelikay
For the people who want the classic prop hunt maps but not the unofficial Prop Hunt gamemode.
NOTE: This map pack requires Counter Strike: Source for textures and models.

ph_ratrun_sewers AND Ratrun Material...
Silence - TTT, Homicide, Murder
Created by Danny Judas
This map requires counter-strike: source! Sorry to those who don't have the luxury of a money bath.


Please consider downloading Homicide. It's a fantastic gamemode for fantastic people:
Created by Hanslik 2
This map is only for PropHunt.

Why hall? Bcus It was a testing map for easy hallway, then i added some more rooms, props, and then i thinked, i could do a prophunt map.So,There is it.Only For Yo....
Prop Hunt: Storage
Created by Schae T. Civ-689
Come seek out those pesky props a brand new, run-down storage facility!! The map has a lot of places to explore, with two main sections. The first and largest section of the map is a huge open warehouse. There are three levels to explore: the ground level,...
Star Wars : Imperial Content
Created by Binary Space | SWFS
This is the content for my map....
TTT - CS:S Traitor AWP
Created by epies
The CS:S AWP for Traitors in Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!

How to install:

1 • Download GMAD Extrator:
Star Wars : Imperial Map
Created by Binary Space | SWFS
THIS MAP IS EARLY WIP , so please don't complain about any bugs , you can report them but don't complain , ok ?

This map was created for a community , but feel free to use for any servers.

-Yavin 4 with an Imperial
Summit - TTT, Prophunt
Created by Danny Judas
With World War Three on the horizon, the nations of the Earth send in their greatest ambassadors to the National Living Security Summit, a yearly meeting which at one point had hoped to bring world peace, but now is the only weak thread by which the world ...
Created by Benigane
This is my rendition of the planet Tatooine from Star Wars. I made this for the baikour gamemode but can also work with other gamemodes. The map is AI noded and features a 3D skybox. Iconic places on this map are a tusken raider camp, sarlacc pit, sandcraw...
Tower Unite - Milk Carton Playermodel
Created by Jordan
After spending about a day or two dealing with headache after headache, I'm finally done porting the Milk Carton playermodel from Tower Unite!

For anyone that's curious, I did get permission from Tower Unite's lead dev to do this....
Training HD - Sandbox, Prophunt, TTT
Created by Danny Judas


This is a re-release of an older map I made, with numerous improvements ranging from bug fixes to outright layout changes and atmosphere changes. Cs_training has always been one...
Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands
Created by Bender180
This addon requires that you have ULX and ULIB installed on your client/server. You can get them here[]

This addon is a joint effort from Bender180 and [url=http://steamc...
TTT - Cloaking Device
Created by Lykrast
I'd first like to thanks v_hana for helping fixing bugs.

A functionnal cloaking device for our dear traitors in TTT. For 1 credit (like all equipments), you can buy this wonderful piece of technology.

Simply hold it in your hand to be nearly i...
TTT - CS:S Detective M3
Created by epies
The CS:S M3 for Detectives in Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!

How to install:

1 • Download GMAD Extrator:
Created by epies
The CS:S FAMAS for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!...
Created by epies
The CS:S MP5 for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!...
TTT - CS:S P228
Created by epies
The CS:S P228 for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

Includes .vmt and .vtf weapon icon.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be able to see the weapon!...
TTT - Grapple Hook
Created by KappaJ
This is a simple grappling hook that may be added to your server. You will probably need your own icon, everything can be edited via the shared.lua file.
This does NOT belong to me (I didnt make it) this is just a simple re-upload since I have not seen a ...
TTT - Jetpack
Created by Lykrast
This device can be bought by both traitors and detectives for 1 credit. Simply hold your jump button while holding it in your hand and watch yourself fly upward !
Just be careful, as getting up is easy, but going down or changing direction mid air is a re...
TTT - The Vampire
Created by Exho
An alternate take on Traitor Cannibalism.

*** Info:
This is the Vampire! Using this you can steal health from other players to make yourself stronger and them weaker. Although you can only make yourself stronger to a certain limit, you can sti...
TTT - Time Stop
Created by Vipes
Toki yo tomare!

Time Stop is an expanded upon Za Warudo. It freezes the players, blinds the players, freezes any AI, and freezes physics for nine seconds. In order for the bullet...
TTT Concrete
Created by Ziks
Recently discovered I lost the VMF for this so consider it the final version.

Example weapon placement:
ttt cyberpunk
Created by Ben
Uploaded so I can use it on my TTT server is is the Originial map from Xenon....
TTT Dead Ringer
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.


Its the Dead Ringer from TF2, fixed, and now working with SpecDM (newest version of it, please look out fo...
TTT DeathFaker
Created by jayjayjay1
TTT DeathFaker Addon - The Traitor can buy a death faker in the Traitor shop - but beware! The Detective can easily identify a fake body with the visualizer

Big Update! Scoreboard now updates and configuration of the killed person, weapon used to kill a...
TTT Explosive Baby Launcher
Created by ChriskyBusiness
Give your enemies the gift of childbirth!

Force parental responsibilities upon them by unleashing an explosive rocket propelled baby upon them. They won't know what's just happened, and will simply stare at the marvelous creature before it starts crying...
TTT Golden Gun
Created by Just4FunKiller.#
The Golden Gun is Dedective only. It is pretty simple for TTT, you got one shot and it does one hit if you hit a Traitor with it, but beware if its a Innocent then you're instantly dead.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)...
TTT Homing Pigeon
Created by Gamefreak
You can only shoot it if you look at a Player.
It will fly automatically to him and explodes him.

The map is ttt_waterworld.

I take no credits for the Code
Originally its from Ownage.
I also fixed it up a bit....
TTT Identification Bomb + Defuser V2.0 [ID Bomb]
Created by Molag△
A pretty neat traitor + detective item for Trouble in Terrorist Town
-New Icons!

-Added visual...
TTT Identity Swap
Created by F*cking camper! LUL
Wechselt die Identit??t mit der eines anderen Spielers....
TTT Jihad Bomb
Created by Gaz
This is a Jihad bomb made to be used in the TTT gamemode.

How to Use

Left click detonates the bomb and right click taunts other players.

Alternative downloads:
GMA Download: Dow[]...
TTT Magnum Random Spawn
Created by ERROR

Damege: 65
Recoil: 0.8
Delay: 0.5
Clip Size: 6
Used Ammunition: Deagle Ammo
Slot: 2

Works only on TTT.

Orginal LINK
TTT Kalashnikov Ak47
Created by Keydose
This is an automatic spawning weapon (doesn't require any work to spawn it in your TTT maps), it is currently not purchasable in the detective or traitor shop, although you could modify the .lua file if you would like. If you would like the .lua file, down...
TTT Poison Station
This creates a Traitor "Health" Station similar to the Detectives Health Station, however when used, will drain life from the person using it down to 5 hp as long as the player keeps attempting to use it.

== Configuration ==
TTT Prop Exploder
Created by Gamefreak
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

After you buy it, you can choose a valid prop that you want and
left click it. Then you can press right cl...
TTT Realistic Chainsaw
Created by [L²] Nightmare
The original addon was made by LordiAnders - I take no credit for creating the base weapon, only for porting.


This is my second weapon port - instead, this time, we're goin...
TTT Satisfaction
Created by DJ B4XT3R
A Trouble In Terrorist Town trainyard map set in the HL2 universe. Features multiple garages with weapon and ammunition spawns, a large warehouse, an open grassy/gravel area with trains, a sewer, cafeteria and a secret storage room hidden behind a breakabl...
TTT Terrorception
Created by raubana
BSP DL MIRROR: www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/?r2ds37zchssfirw

A map for Trouble in Terrorist Town that's lightly themed on the movie "Inception". This map has been in development for over a year, and is designed with gameplay in mind.

This map is current...
[TTT] The Kick by Nesjob
Created by Nesjob
for TTT, Sandbox and DarkRP (another not tested)


TTT The Kick by Nesjob (c)*
Version 1.3.5

*Editing and upload to the workshop is not allowed (There was an incident...)...
TTT Traitor Remote
Created by ✪ Killberty
HELP WANTED: If you can make ViewModels, please contact me.

This is the Traitor Remote for TTT.

German video by 'Spandauer Inferno' of it in action:
"Mega geil" - [url={LINK REMOVED}...
TTT Traitor Turtlenade
Created by TheTrueLor
A grenade for traitors that spawns several hostile turtles (using the headcrab npc) on detonation.

Requires Trouble In Terrorist Town, CSS.
Legacy Addon/Scripts: or

The mat...
[TTT] ttt_pacman_v1
Created by Fatisko
- - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to PacMan! - - - - - - - - - - -

● 4 Traitor Traps!
~ Release Blinky - [Red Ghost]
~ Release Pinky - [Pink Ghost]
~ Release Inky - [Blue Ghost]
~ Release Clyde - [Orange Ghost]
~> Open the Traitordoor and jump in to t...
[Gamemode: TTT] Traitor Harpoon
Created by RustyPrimeLUX


This Addon adds a throwable harpoon to the traitor shop in Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Please report any...
[TTT] M4 SLAM (Tripmine + Remote C4)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode. It's already included by default under "Half-Life 2" Category.

The M4 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munit...
Created by Barzani
A TTT map of a small town in a desert. The inspiration came from two wooden swinging doors.

A large open map with many interiors and tight corridors plus highrises for snipers.
There's a small chance that the map will be covered by a sandstorm, but a ...
[TTT/Sandbox] Predator Blade
Created by Zaratusa
The Predator Blade is once buyable per Traitor. It one hits, if you attack the head or from the back. For each kill you get a speed boost of 10% for 10 secs as long as you use this weapon. Primary attack to attack, secondary attack to ju...
Created by specialkarry
A very popular Trouble in Terrorist Town map, and an awesome one IMO.
I am not the creator, it is just a re-upload....
Created by yatooma25
A TTT map made for the Barons of Bull*s*h*i*t TTT server IP: ttt.baronsofbull*s*h*i* Please rate and post comments about bugs/ideas for the next release. (Remove the *, stupid steam.)
Created by ExpertAmateur
I take absolutely no credit for this map, and I am only uploading this to workshop so players who play on the Evocati server have ease of access to it and can download the map faster and more efficiently. The original creator from garrysmod . org is: Rubix...
Created by Asherack
second map i made, about a year ago, a fairly large map for use with the trouble in terrorist town gamemode...
Created by Flechita
Map for TTT gamemode made by me.
Based on some kind of flying ship.

· 32 Player spawns.
· Traitor tester for 2 players (needs 2 players to work).
· Rideable helicopter (fixed path).
· 2 traitor buttons.

Includes custom skybox texture m...
Created by ExpertAmateur
I take absolutely no credit for this map, and I am only uploading this to workshop so players who play on the Evocati server have ease of access to it and can download the map faster and more efficiently. The original creator from garrysmod . org is: XLoad...
Created by specialkarry
A updated version of a very popular TTT map, and it is quite hard to find on the interwebs. I take no credit for it....
TTT Unsilenced AWP
Created by Chad
This AWP is the unsuppressed version of the Traitor's silent AWP.
ttt_ and de_ maps will have them automatically spawn and they are not buyable in any shop.
Aside from being unsupressed, the regular AWP offers a 10 round magazine capacity, and a total of...
Created by rafuet
Author and credits
Map originally created by XLoad3D. You can download this map by cliking here[]


This is a new take on 67thway. v5 has existed bu
TTT Weapon Turret
Created by Cleaned
This is a Weapon Turret for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

This is accessible via the Traitor menu....
Created by g0dd_
TTT Winery
Created by Wheaties
This map features a Traitor Tester, a Traitor Room, Traitor traps, and much more.
The tester is located in the warehouse next to the main building.
The T-Room is located behind the stage and features a "break tester" button, as well as a "activate lasers...
TTT Weapon - Heckler & Koch XM8
Created by Hum
== MODEL ==

I have found the model on Gamebanana at
It was created by Gamebanana users:
  • Mr. Brightside
  • EndOfDays
  • WangChung
  • KingFriday
  • XLongWayHome
Created by Zaratusa
A medium sized map based around an large passenger aircraft for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell. Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo...
Created by BocciardoLight
Spawnscript: Link
You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:

If you don't add this, weapons and ammo won'...
Created by Asherack
fair sized map based around a suburban cul de sac, includes 4 buildings fully furnished and 1 under construction, a playground and a skatepark, and a small underground system with subway and a train passing at intervals that WILL kill you

made for bbrol...
Created by Asherack
a mid sized rats map based around a teenagers bedroom, multiple routes, close and long range combat areas and good sniper sitelines, best played with around 20 - 30 players

made for ttt server
server ip:

Amazing map for TTT gamemod....
Created by Colek
Introducing TTT_Casino ported from the source engine mod Goldeneye Source. I take absolutely zero credit for any textures, models or brushwork within this map.

This map currently supports the following:
- 32 players (Generally only 16 is needed howeve...
[TTT] Jihad Bomb (Charred Corpse)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

Every Traitor can buy a Jihad Bomb once per round and/or spawns with it (configurable via ConVar). Press ...
[TTT] Fargo
Created by Archadimus
A map based in Fargo, North Dakota, in a shipping/recieving facility. Hope you enjoy the map! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment, or PM me. Thanks!
Created by unobtanium
Are you ready for yet another adventure?

A modified and smaller version of the popular ttt_minecraft_expedition map for the Trouble in Terrorist Town Ga...
[Gamemode: TTT] Detective Portal Gun
Created by RustyPrimeLUX


This Addon adds the Portal Gun from Portal to the Detective Shop in Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Please r...
[PH] A House
Created by Kiyoshiii
Hello, this is my second map for Garry's Mod!

This map doesn't use any custom models or texture(no CS:S required too)!

The map has more than 70 spawns, so no worries.

Enjoy and have fun!

Note: I am not taking any custom requests on makin...
[MAP]The Simpsons
Created by Party times?
map "gm_simpsons_street"...
Created by Blah
I did not create this map. All credits goes to the original creator. I am merely uploading this to the workshop for convenience.

Created by Delta7x
Please Note: This is NOT my map, nor am I the original Author of this map. I am only re-uploading the map for an easier method of download. I agree to remove this submission of the original Author or if Valve decides.

***This map uses CS:S Props and Tex...
Created by Tomekk
Ich habe hier die Map "ttt_compound_b1" hochgeladen. Es ist eine Map mit vielen Verzweigungen für TTT.
Viel Spaß!

Bum -
Die Credits bleiben beim Ersteller, ich habe die Map nur hochgeladen....
Created by Dooglz
A trouble in terrorist town map based on the game show "The crystal Maze"

# 4 zones: Aztec, Futuristic, Medieval and Industrial.
# Teleport rooms for the traitors
# A chance to win a luxury caravan holiday in Skegness, Lincolnshire (N...
Winter - Deathmatch, TTT
Created by Danny Judas
WARNING A: If you don't have counter-strke: source, you won't be able to see any of the props and most of the textures. Make sure you have counter-strike: source installed and mounted before you subscribe to this map.

WARNING B: This is optional. If you...
Created by Blah
I did not create this map. All credits goes to the original creator. I am merely uploading this to the workshop for convenience....
Created by feNRa
A spin on Nick Alger's classic TTT map dm_island17! There now is an elevator that takes you to the top of the lighthouse! For those extra lazy traitors.

Now has weapons included....
Created by Vizzys
ttt_fastfood is a medium sized trouble in terrorist map fun for around 10-20 players.

The map takes place around a fast food place that is inexplicably unnamed (yet)

This is version a6.
(May 21st, 2013)

Probably final version

Created by Buzzlightyear
!!! The map was created by Dr.Boo, all rights belong to Dr.Boo !!!

!!! Textures, sounds edit by Dr.Boo !!!

-ttt_weapons & ammo
-edit ladder and bridge in the dancehall
-music soundtrack edit by myself

Map size for 5-7 player...
Created by Stefe144
This is my first map. ttt_Killville is a small outside map with many secrets. Can you get on top of every roof or find the chamber of the demonic babydolls?

You can play TTT, Murder (no loot) and even prophunt or many other smaller gamemodes. Even thou...
Created by N8-Ball
Trouble in Terrorist Town map based off the village from Fez. I made it from a Minecraft map made by inthelittlewood on Minecraft Forum. I used Sourceforge to bring it over. Textures by Edgepixel.

-Supports 16 people
-No CS:S needed

Please alert me ...
Created by PL
ttt_forest_final by Shifty Pete


- Improved visuals
- Fixed minor bugs and glitches
- Completely remade the spectator course
- Tweaked the skybox
- Optimization (Higher FPS)

Overall, everything is fixed and finished, there are no pro...
Created by Zerroxx
Created by Hamhock
A trouble in terrorist town map made of Lego. No need for Counter Strike textures! Please leave suggestions of what to add or change in the map.

UPDATE: Works for multiplayer dedicated servers, no broken textures.

Models from the 2001 game Lego Islan...
Created by tc
ttt_magma_v2, the sequal to the hit map, this has improved optimization, detail, and is a much larger map in general.
Features a T room, 3 magma chambers, living quarters, and the elevator.

Uses Half Life 2 ladders! No longer will complain about slipp...
Created by DerpliciousDerpy
No credit to me i just uploaded all credit to (=CG=) Finniesp. A Trouble In Terrorist Town MC beta map. If the owner wants it off the workshop he can just leave a comment.
1. Realistic minecraft blocks
2. Nether dimension portal
3. Small m...
Created by rafuet
Author and credits
Map originally created by digitalstimulus. You can view this map in GameBanana by clicking here[]


This map is designed to work
Created by V-Rico.315.黑.ulow


I only uploaded it into Workshop, so it will be easier to download for everyone.
I agree to remove this item from Workshop if original author or Valve decides.

Created by BocciardoLight
Spawnscript: Link
You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:

If you don't add this, weapons and ammo won'...
Created by Comrade Stinger
ttt_mc_skyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft bu...
Created by tc
A patched version to my large scaled rooftop map, made for the gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Counter Strike: Source is needed for the textures.

What's new in the patch:
• Fixed the hotel client crash, and removed a few rooms from the hotel
• Ad...
Created by Voodoo
Set underground centered around a lake, ttt_mc_snowden (Day version).


- 4 traitor traps
- Traitor room with fast exit and 2 other exits
- Tester that requires Innocents to spread out and search for a way to turn it on
- Acouple of secret...
Created by BocciardoLight
Spawnscript: Link
You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:

If you don't add this, weapons and ammo won'...
Created by ExpertAmateur
I take absolutely no credit for this map, and I am only uploading this to workshop so players who play on the Evocati server have ease of access to it and can download the map faster and more efficiently. The original creator from garrysmod . org is: Shift...
Created by Vova
Created by youmenow1
Placeholder trailer re-upload:

TTT_rooftops_2016 has arrived, bringing with it an immense number of additions, enhancements and changes to both the visual and mechanical.

After years of develo...
Created by Raggle
Explore your inner psyche and consume endless amounts of material posessions with your friends. Solve murder mysteries in a vaguely descript mall, set in the 90's. With memes.

L i k e t h e t r u e M i l l e n i a l y o u a r e.
B r e a ...
Created by BocciardoLight
Spawnscript: Link
You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:

If you don't add this, weapons and ammo wo...
Created by rafuet
A group of experienced thieves have raided a high scraper in order to steal a famous book. However, someone does not want that to happen and starts to pick them off.

I am using workshop ID's in place of fastdl, so if I didn't see it on the workshop, I u...
Created by Mr EA King <YT>
Duncan from the Yogscasts Tekkit Series Castle. Not an exact replica but pretty accurate some changes to make it a more interesting TTT, Murder and Prop hunt map. Map is set up for all modes. Please Share, Comment and Enjoy!...
Created by ExpertAmateur
I take absolutely no credit for this map, and I am only uploading this to workshop so players who play on the Evocati server have ease of access to it and can download the map faster and more efficiently. The original creator from garrysmod . org is: Purpl...
Created by BocciardoLight
Spawnscript: Link
You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:

If you don't add this, weapons and ammo won'...
Created by Colek

Just uploading another map I like and it's not on Workshop. Here's MW2 Terminal, from Call of Duty MW2.

thegregster101 - original creator of map (
Created by GRANTastic
Fun map that can be used with TTT. Includes a basketball hoop for throwing objects at, a T closet, 2 enterable houses, and several audio easter eggs...
Created by Littlehavok
Office Space for up to 8-16 players. There is a traitor button that will switch off the lights for some spooky attacks. Enjoy and let me know what needs to be fixed!

You need to have CS installed, along with Half Life 2 for the textures and some props....
Created by youmenow1
The classic legacy version of the popular map 'ttt_rooftops' from an official source!

Set across rooftops with vast open spaces, traverse from building to building as you hunt down both innocents and traitors alike. Perfect for sniping due to its...
Created by Soleedus
A medium-sized ship designed for Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Created by Dark Redemption
Scar Island...but with frames.

Based off of ttt_scarisland_b1, this partially optimized version makes judicious use of Area Portals to keep you from rendering most of the inside of the lighthouse, the sewers, and the basement, unless you need to render ...
ttt_skyscruuper 1.0 release
Created by [GFE] Tuxie
A fun, wierd skyscraper map... flipped on its side!
Do you like things with a twist, stupid humor, terry pratchett references, secrets, ducks, and.. uhm.. seinfeld?

Try this map ;).

Tested, gone through a ton of iterations, and been played on a ...
Created by BocciardoLight
Isn't the Southpark universe perfect for Trouble in Terrorist Town...

Spawnscript: Link
You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:
Created by Vizzys
A large map for Trouble In Terrorist Town

maybe final version: b3 [jun 16th, 2013]

Looks best with hdr on....
Created by dieFaust92
Reupload from Hollistupid ( )

Original map by Eikester, edited and rearmed for TTT by Hollistupid.
Created by mighty baby

Fully armed, final version.

Get the .bsp for servers here:
Created by Scandisk7
-This is the third version of my map ttt_the_room.

-Now its more playable and the 2 opened doors of both rooms let the players move easily throughout the map and is harder for traitors to get caught by innocents. Ducts are also more connected.

-Some ...
Created by XaZ ⚣
Toysoldiers is a Ratz styled map were the terrorists are scaled down to the size of a toy soldier inside of a giant sandbox.

The map is medium sized and has a 3d Skybox
The blue buckets act as teleporters

Original map "[url=
Created by Citroos
A map made by me for the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode.

This map contains following:
-Randomly(mostly) spawned weapons all across the map
-Recognizable and pretty environment (Offices, Pool, Sewer, Commercial buildings, Park, Detailed Alleyways e...
Created by Dooglz
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based in a swimming pool complex.
Small/Medium map (5/10 players)
Treacherous Traps for the Traitor to torment Terrorists with.
The 2 large waterslides are traitor detectors, a light at the top lights either red or green ...
ttt_traitor_industry (TTT MAP)
Created by Minemes
A map for TTT with 3 areas and lots of traitortraps....
Created by Jollibee.

-FLYING HELI!! Prefab by Aurora
-This is a TTT version of my de_vessel_beta1 map, except with improved stuff.
-Optimized as much as possible (20-30 more fps compared to de_vessel_beta1)
-TTT Version
Created by Cuba Pete

Hello vault dwellers! We at Vault-Tec hope you are enjoying your stay here, and wish you the very best. We have finished constructing a new vault for you all to occupy...
Created by Devilswarchild
From Orginal Description located at

-Map Introduction-

An abandoned hotel filled with pesky traps and untold mysteries. Discover what lies within the hotel and the secrets it holds!

-Map Features-...
Created by Von_Funk
This is my first official map.

- a big island to explore.
- 6 traitor traps.
- 2 fully working teleporters
- an exploding toilet.

You will need counter strike source in order to play this map.

TTT Portable Tester
Created by Zuko
A TTT Portable Tester I made. As a Detective you can buy this and use it on another player to confirm they are Innocent or if they are A Traitor. Both you and the player must hold still while testing them. You must not look away from them or let go of the ...
Created by N8-Ball
A Trouble In Terrorist Town map based off the Kestrel from the popular rogue-like FTL: Faster Than Light.

♦Supports up to 16 players
♦Traitor tester in shield room
♦Med room
♦Traitor teleporter
♦Traitor room at the front of the ship
Created by Larry David
A map inspired by the Classic DOOM. This map uses the original textures from Doom.

Report any bugs or problems with the map and I will try to fix it.

Ive tried my best to make it look as close as it can to how the classic Doom would but please reme...
Improved Weight
Created by [IJWTB] Thomas
Improved Weight Tool
Improved Weight is an entirely rewritten version of Marii's Weight STool. It has been cleaned, optimized, and provides many new helpful featur...
Created by SnafuSnake
Created by Scahry
Lavender ( Lavandia ) Town from Pokemon as TTT map with nice music.

put a ttt_pkmn_lavendertown.txt ind your map folder when running a server for weapon spawn with this inside:

(not the link but what's there when you c...
Created by a_dog
Im back boyzz

well this is my new ttt map


in case of encounting bugs and exploids put it down in comments so i can read it and fix it

any feedback is welcome
Created by Marlonie2010
2 Traitor rooms
2 Traitor traps
Minecraft style
Marlonies flair
TTT Yandere
Trouble In Terrorist Town Map...
TTT Asylum
Created by [GT]Karnage
Asylum, originally created by netwalker for the popular Half-Life 2 modification Zombie Master, has been ported and remastered as a horror map for the Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town!

Asylum combines the paranoia and panic of TTT with the...
Created by Scotty

but it's ttt version

- Traitor Tester
- Traitor Room
- 5 Traitor Trap
- Fog Controller (1 Credit)
- Secret Knife...
TTT Heaven
Created by Comrade Stinger

Weapon Spawns file: save it as: .../garrysmod/maps/ttt_heaven_ttt.txt

Originally rp_skyhigh now ttt_heaven!...
Created by Mr. Kabanos
Welcome to Grove Street , most popular place in Los Santos.

Houses of : Ryder , OG LOC , CJ and Sweet are enterable

Map features :

-Few Traitor Traps

-Working radio with radio stations

-Traitor Tester

-Traitor room

-32 spawns

Write ...
Space Marine Playermodel (Dawn of War)
Created by Vipes
The Space Marines from the Warhammer 40k game, Dawn of War, as playermodels.

Includes two skins, one with the Blood Raven chapter insignia, one without. Supports Playercolor. And unlike most Mark VII playermodels, it has a Power Pack.

Want the Space ...
Created by Marc1944
This is the Brain Parasite Gun for the gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town


- If a Player was hit by the shoot from the Brain Parasite he can not stop shooting until the infection
killed him.
- The Weapon has only ammo f...
TTT: Traitor tester - Placeable
Created by Liberty [VU] [DK]
A placeable traitor tester for the detective.

Console commands:
ttt_traitor_tester_kill_interference - If set to 1, anything that goes inside the traitor tester when its scanning, will be destroyed. The one who gets tested must stand still otherwise h...
TTT Blue Bull
Created by Gamefreak

Try the New Blue Bull! For Traitors and Detectives!
Its a passive Item so it doesn´t takes a slot.
With it you can jump higher then ever before!
And you can Jump in the Air again! Two Times!
You can also run 50% faster!

[TTT] Genji's Katana
Created by Rising Darkness
This is a SWEP based on Genji's Katana.

Special Thanks for ClearSkyC for the animations, go check the l4d2 addon if you are interested:

and the Original one for Sandbox:
TTT Money Launcher
Created by spartancs014
A stylish Money Launcher with 3 shots for traitors. Disguised as a Five-Seven.

Based on the BBY-Launcher:
Icon created using GIMP and
Yandere-Chan Playermodel [Reuploaded]
Created by Teikoto
The original uploader: |Megumin|

| Fingerposer: Working |
| Faceposer: Not Working |

Character from: Yandere Simulator
Original Name: Ayano Aishi

If the newest version...
Gingy Playermodel (from Shrek)
Created by 『Doctor Memes』
Gingerbread man aka Gingy from the animated film "Shrek" is now avalible as a playermodel in Garry's Mod !!!

- Gingerbread man playermodel (with two bodygroups)
- Spawnable entity that will give you some health points if you eat it

All m...
MGSV Fulton Recovery System
Created by kipper
Have you always wanted to send random garbage to Mother Base? Now you can!
With this SWEP you're able to fulton extract anything physical, including NPCs!

This addon will DEFINITELY work in Sandbox and TTT, as those are the two it was tweaked for.

Star Wars: Force Arena - K2SO Playermodel
K-2SO was a former Imperial KX-series security droid who was reprogrammed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He was a member of the Extraction Team Bravo which in 0 BBY helped Jyn Erso escape from the Wobani Labor Camp. As Erso ran outside to esc
Thomas The Dank Engine
Created by MonkeysInRavenholm
This is Thomas the Dank Engine Playermodel.
Features: 17 different skins! Dankness slider! Meme worthiness!
Source material: Click me!
Want this model but the file is too big? [url...
Created by BloodMood
-Made for Prop Hunt. CSS is required.
-Small and fun, ideal to play with friends
-Good ambiance
-Do you like the map? Good news, it's not the final version. I will balance, fix some bugs and add new things.
Created by Stixey
Most of the map doesn't require CSS except for a couple of props.

This is a decently sized prophunt map so I would recommend around 8 players for the best experience.
Created by Kung Fu Jesus
This map is inspired by gas stations. Putrid, filthy places where only the most desperate or the most depraved dare take a dump. Are hot dogs supposed to be this shiny and wrinkly? Is it safe to eat a can of corn that expired during the Carter administ...
Created by Hidden
This map for:
prop hunt
sand box

have fun
ph Teybar
Created by TeyoOtter
I wanted to make a map and so I did. Its far from perfect but from what playtesting I've done, its fairly entertaining considering I am learning hammer for more than just portal now.

Sooo introducing the prophunt map Teybar! Its got this resturaunt/bar...
Jenssons zangief Playermodel
Created by Jenssons
I made this playermodel for Tom of the yogscast <3

BTW the death ragdoll kinda goes werid so untill i make a custom model please bear with me for now

if a playermodel crashes your game it must be an addon that you have

this model has a custom skel...
Jenssons TTT BeeNade
Created by Jenssons

This a T weapon and when it goes off it will spawn bees


our patreon page

if you wanna see what am working on right now here is the ...
TTT - Headcrab Launcher
Created by British Gas
TTT Addon: Weapons Jammer
Created by Sheev Palpatimo
This little addon adds a new Item for Traitors in Trouble in Terrorist Town!
The Weapons Jammer allows a Traitor to jam anybody's currently selected weapon by walking up to them and simply pressing the Use-Key. (defaulted to 'E')
This disables the...
MC TTT - Mystery
Created by White Wolf Guardian
Mad Chronic TTT map....
TTT Simple Cubes
Created by Iufaion
This is a rather small map consisting of nine rooms. The rooms are connected by doors which open randomly in cycles. Additionally there are some windows and small openings which allow to go to/look into/shoot into some adjacent rooms.

The traitors may c...
MC TTT - Home
Created by White Wolf Guardian
Mad Chronic TTT map....
[TTT] Better Equipment Menu
Due to a change in the original traitor shop, this only works with a gmod server version newer than Oct. 2017!
Created by Scandisk7
Another surreal map

Credits : TopHATTwaffle and Nipper for the textures...
TTT Rivercliff
Created by Firstlinsas
A large and open TTT map set somewhere in the countryside along a river and a nearby mountain cliff. And also slightly foggy.

Several traitor traps & shortcuts
Traitor tester (requires finding and turning on power)

Requires CS:S to play...
TTT Gallery
Created by MrSlevin
A small sized map for max. 16 Players.

  • Traps
  • Crate for corpse
  • Traitor tester
  • Traitor room
Coming features:

    Requires: Counterstrike: Source

    If you like th
    Created by VIOLATION
    After traveling for endless miles through the intense fog of an ocean unknown, the terrorists find themselves shipwrecked and stranded in a mysterious place- A network of piers, walkways and cliffs that have signs of civilization and unknown tests that app...
    TTT M1A0 Cat Gun
    -Added to Traitor/Detective Shop
    -Increased Damage

    TTT Jarate
    Created by Yashirmare

    Jarate Traitor and Detective weapon for TTT.

    Make your enemies take twice as much damage when they get covered in your piss!

    Effect lasts for 20 seconds and has a medium range, works the same as any other grenade, just point a...
    Created by KleinMeister
    This map will revolutionize your Trouble in Terrorist Town experience.

    It Features special traitor traps never seen before. The dangerous lava basement and a never seen sandstorm are just some of them.
    This map features a floating library in the middle...
    TTT Dodecagon
    Created by DammySumm
    TTT Dodecagon is a smallish map made to be played with a smallish group of players.

    Set in a top secret military administration center, Dodecagon features a simple layout but that also provides for interesting gameplay.

    The map's file name is ttt_do...
    TTT Hugeproblem
    Created by Maybe
    Fight your way through the H.U.G.E Epidemic of traitors!

    A very secret objective if you can find out how to do it... maybe involves cubes and water... also maybe body tubes

    shoutout to boxiii for the idea

    music on map is from bladerunner:
    Created by Kepter
    Made to resemble the real yogtowers as much as possible.

    WARNING: This map is very small. It's probably unplayable with more than about 10 players, though there is enough spawns to support up to around 30....
    TTT The FistPotion (T WEAPON)
    Created by Jenssons

    This a T weapon and it will make you strong and fast


    our patreon page

    if you wanna see what am working on right now here is the link...
    TTT The Penetrator (T WEAPON & D WEAPON)
    Created by Jenssons

    This a T & D weapon. Make sure to stick it in people


    our patreon page

    if you wanna see what am working on right now here is the link: http://steam...
    Created by Bernd Höcke
    A Trouble in Terrorist Town map I set in a pool/office/school/gym/whatever with lots of different rooms, things to do and traps. If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to add me on Steam.

    Created by boris_fps
    Hello! This is my first TTT map. On this map you are playing on a Submarine...

    ...with many rooms and corridors and an outside area. Prepare for fights under water, in small (but not too small) rooms and on the blank sea.

    If you want to play this map...
    [TTT] ttt_terminus_v1
    Created by Fatisko
    - - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to Terminus! - - - - - - - - - - -

    Update Jan-18-2015
    ● Added: NEW TRAITOR TRAP! [Call the Cops!]
    ● Added: 3 Teleporters in old Traitor Room!
    ● Added: Explosives and some other (destructible) props!
    ● Fixed: Crowbars...
    Created by Buzzlightyear
    !!!!!! to run this map you need the custom content !!!!!!
    you can find it here:

    -Sound&Models here:
    -Materials here:
    Created by Probio
    After a long hiatus i have returned with another installment in my ttt series, ttt_Cracked. This map is set in a beautiful Italian city that has been ravaged by a deadly earthquake that has divided the city... literally. fight those traitors while ...
    Created by Eris
    In this map you will find close quarters as you have been trapped in a recent avalanche,
    So search the hotel for guns, bunker down and hope help gets to you before the traitors do.

    CS:S Content is not required, However you ma...
    TTT Officeship
    This map contains an armory,movie room,engine room,3 office rooms,melon room,bar area,2 toilets and 2 secret doors
    also you can go outside of the map but you cant get back in if you ...
    TTT Shocked
    Created by ddd8000
    This is a classic gmod map based off of the game System Shock. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MAP. The original creator of this map is James Rossi. With his permission I was allowed to upload this map to the workshop.

    This is a fairly large map meant to be played ...
    Created by Happy Sloth
    !!! YOU MAY GET LIGHTNING BUGS: COPY PASTE "mat_specular 0 mat_fullbright 0" FOR FIX

    Map description:
    The map has got a big mansion in the middle. There are many different areas like a security house, a kitchen, a bunker with a tunnel, bedrooms, an off...
    If you enjoyed playing on my map, be sure to leave a rating!

    I present to you my first ever workshop upload; a Trouble in Terrorist Town map called ttt_junction.


    ttt_junction co...
    ttt_aircraft carrier
    Created by teper
    This is a ttt map based on an aircraft carrier.
    The map have a medium size.
    The command centre is the traitor room. The traitor can see the basement on a monitor a can flood it with a button. The rockets from the plain on the runway can launch by the tra...
    Created by unobtanium
    You are just an experiment!

    Jump around this small test chamber with colorful shapes. A lot of traversal freedom paired with a clean look.

    === Feature List ===

    Theme: Simple shapes

    Location: In a ...
    Created by clogg
    A small Trouble in Terrorist Town map, set on an oilrig.

    ~ 6-8 players recommended. Whilst there are enough player spawns for up to 16 players, weapons and ammunition would be too scarce for this number of players. More weapon spawns can be added manual...
    Created by gaymann
    This map uses Counter Strike: Source textures....
    [TTT] ttt_alpha_prison_v1
    Created by Alphaverse
    This is a small Trouble in Terrorist Town Prison Map.

    • Map:
      • Indoor:
        • 2 Group Cells
        • Many Single Cells
        • Kitchen
        • Eating Area
        • Showers
        • Medic Room
        • S
    Detective Troopers Playermodels (V4)
    Created by Gonzo
    Detective Troopers. Yep.

    A fun little thing I cooked up at 2am one night when a friend said how cool it'd be if there were 1920s noire detectives in Star Wars.

    Make of this what you will. This was made for fun and not much else. The stormtrooper is ...
    TTT Gravity Gun
    Created by Mka0207
    Introducing the Gravity Gun for TTT.

    If you wanted something Half-Life 2'ish and Fun for your TTT server, then you've come to the right Workshop Addon!

    Installation: Simply Add to your Servers Workshop Collection.

    -Authentic Gravity Gun...
    Jenssons TTT Snuggle Struggle (T Weapon)
    Created by Jenssons
    This mod was made by Ice Tea but i have ported it to ttt with bug flxes so enjoy


    our patreon page

    if you wanna see what am working on right now here is th...
    Jenssons (Sandbox\TTT) Mimic Spawner (T Weapon)
    Created by Jenssons
    This is a T weapon that will replace props on the map with mimics (they dont move if you are looking at them)


    our patreon page

    if you wanna see what am wo...
    Town Of Terror - More roles for TTT (The Original New role mod for TTT)
    Created by Jenssons
    This Mod was requested by Ben from the Yogscast!!

    This mod adds new roles to ttt.

    (Thanks to Bodysnatch Thunderpants for the [TTT] Better Equipment Menu as i have added to this mod by default as we both change the "cl_equip.lua" file)
    please give al...
    TTT Super Smoke
    This is a T weapon meant to help you hide things, or use as cover for T rooms, and such. Smoke is bigger, thicker, and lasts longer in comparison to the normal smoke grenade. Is rebuyable....
    [TTT/Sandbox] Dragon Elites
    Created by Zaratusa
    This weapon doesn't replace your default Dual Elites, it is a weapon buyable once per Traitor and Detective. It deals 10% more damage than the Dual Elites ...
    TTT Clairvoyancy
    Created by Doctor Jew
    NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" - Gamemode.

    This equipment is available for the Detective in the Equipment menu. When somebody dies, the detectives who brought the Clairvoyant Powers (and are f...
    [ttt] Rotationgun
    Created by λ_Lambda_λ
    This weapon is available at the Traitor and Detective shop.

    it rotates your target every shot by 20° and does 10 dmg...
    Created by Soleedus
    A small-ish map for Trouble in Terrorist Town.
    Created by BocciardoLight
    Spawnscript: Link
    You need to add this spawnscript to the following folder of your server:

    If you don't add this, weapons and ammo won'...
    Created by Vizzys
    A small (bad) map for trouble in terrorist town.

    A nightclub called Cyberia. Includes animated dancefloor and music.

    no guns, you must create a rearm script with this

    This map is co...
    Created by Comrade Stinger
    A large, open rooftop map, left by its developer to deteriorate over time.

    Counter-Strike: Source is required for the map to function properly.

    Thanks to adam Todarac for the idea for this map. :D...
    Created by Delta7x
    DISCLAIMER: This is not my map, I am only uploading this to the workshop for ease of access for other users who use it on their server(s). I take absolutely no credit in the creation of this map, all credit goes to [url=
    ttt_dharmaville map
    Created by Seymoore

    This is a map inspired by the show LOST.(though is not very accurate to the show.)

    This map contains:
    A series of small houses and buildings.
    A security room.
    An undergrou...
    [TTT/Sandbox] Riotshield
    Created by Oladin
    All of my addons are up for adoption.
    If you're interested in the continuation of one or more of my projects, please feel free to do so.
    You are free to change, add and reupload. However I would greatly appreciate you mentioning me as ori...
    Created by Benigane
    A Woodshop for ttt

    This is a decent sized map that was made for the gamemode called Trouble in Terrorist Town. It's not limited to that gamemode and can be used in others. The idea behind the map ...
    Created by Chris
    Hello again! This map is similar to the ttt_gorb maps but contains many new features! The map now contains vent and a bomb shelter. The bomb shelter can be accessed using 2 computer chips which are hidden on the map. What is the purpose you ask? Well Trait...
    Created by Viralaine [RNG]
    This is a wild west themed map with custom models. Version a2 is a bit more stable than the newer, buggy a3 - thus, uploading for server use.

    This map was originally made by someone else, not me! If you are the creator and do not wish to see it posted, ...
    Created by WhiskeyGhost
    My new and favorite TTT map. Everything in this map is 100% created by me with optimization help from my friend SpyShadow. Based in a desert village with board walks across building tops, train, planning room, stairs, and More!!!, lol. Have Fun!

    CS:S is...
    Created by DoctorDJ
    My first uploaded map, made for TTT
    -Big house with a pool
    -Construction zone with a sniper tower and plenty of hiding spots
    Feel free to suggest something for the map, or report a problem with the map.

    Due to losing my map files after having my ...
    TTT Stg 44
    Created by Kinghoopla
    This rifle is only for TTT, it will not work in sandbox

    Check out my other weapon addons !
    ----Cick here for more addons!----

    This spawns randomly aroun...
    [TTT] M2 Flamethrower
    Created by Munkey
    A M2 Flamethrower for TTT.

    It is a buyable traitor weapon, spawnable through console using "give weapon_ttt_m2".

    I did not make the actual weapon, it has been ported for TTT by me. I got both the actual weapon and models from [url={LINK REMOVED}...
    Blink for TTT
    Created by Wizard Cat

    This is a T weapon.

    - It blinks you (leap, not teleport because this is nearly impossible to do properly)
    - It's fancy
    - You can goomba-stomp innocent with it
    - 99% abuse-proof

    - ttt_blink_range[/...
    TTT Weapon Collection
    Created by Fuzzik

    This content is for TTT servers only. None of these weapons will show up in sandbox. This works with TTT listen and dedicated servers.

    These are some of the custom weapons that I use to use o...
    [TTT] Icevault
    Created by Black Eyeliner \m/
    This map for the TTT gamemode takes place in an arctic research station inside an iceberg.

    Feel free to point out bugs or just tell me what you think about the map. If you like it, do me a favour and give it a positive rating.

    The map has a fully wor...
    A "towny" themed Trouble in Terrorist Town Map by Kirby95.

    This is the first version of this map, it contains ~20 Player Spawns and a bunch of weapon spawns in the center of the map.

    atm. it got no special traitor traps or something like this it may ...
    Western Playermodels - fistful of frags
    Created by amusquiz
    These are the player models from the game fistful of frags. Though a warning these are direct ports from the game, the bone structure of the fof player models work extremely well in gmod. But the models are a bit buggy in the arm region and hand region,...
    TTT Trump Wall
    Created by SnafuSnake
    Make Trouble in Terrorist Town Great Again.

    Overall this map allows the players to visit.
    Trump's Wall
    Trump Tower
    & Putins Palace

    Good Luck Border Patrol.

    TTT City 15
    Created by juul pods
    A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based in the Half-Life Universe

    Story: A group of rebels arrive at a trainstation in City 15; a Combine controlled city somewhere in Europe to take back the city. However there are undercover combine in their midst trying...
    Created by zerf
    I did not create this map.
    I found it lying around in a folder I had. I'm assuming it was originally uploaded to the now-dead If the original author is reading this, I'd love to get your name on this.

    ttt_leetwood is a medium sized wes...
    Created by Korvallis
    TTT_Bankcore_Tower is a medium to large sized map that is meant for 4 to 10 players. The map plays great for Trouble in Terrorist Town, Murder, and Prop hunt. (Although there is a lot of ground to cover) You will need CSS to play this map. Feel free to com...
    Created by Jerudo
    A small ttt map that I made for me and my friends to play on.
    If you know something I could improve, feel free to tell me.

    Requires CS:Source

    Check out my other map: ttt_bricks !
    [TTT] Freeze Gun
    Tired of the hot Flare Gun? Try it's cool brother, the Freeze Gun!

    This weapon freezes it's target so that it can't move, turn around, shoot or basicly do anything.
    It doesn't deal any damage.

    ttt_freezegun_traitor (def. 1)...
    TTT Detective Shield Gun
    Created by Doctor Jew
    Left click to charge up ammo - The ammo defines the strength, accuracy and view punch of the SWEP. As more ammo charges, the more bullets you shoot, meaning more damage.
    Release to shoot your weapon - Fully charged ammo gives a little bonus damage.

    TTT Detective Playercam
    Created by Fresh Garry
    If this addon is installed the Dete Playercam will be a byable swep for the detective.
    If you shoot a person with it there appears a window at the top left screencorner.
    If you open the scoreboard you can drag or close the window.
    If you have closed t...
    Jenssons TTT Golden Gun (D Weapon)
    Created by Jenssons
    you need the "Town Of Terror addon" for this addon

    With the golden gun

    if you shoot a Traitor he dies on one shot

    if you shoot a innocent you die

    if you shoot a Jester you both die (not ending the round)

    if you shoot a phoenix you will get s...
    Jenssons Detective Kermit Playermodel
    Created by Jenssons
    I made this for Zylus of the yogscast <3


    our patreon page

    if you wanna see what am working on right now here is the link:
    Created by vDryBones
    Updated 12/7/16! Major Layout Changes! See Change Notes!

    This TTT MC Map features a little Minecraft Town with a bit of a Traitor problem.

    9 buildings
    A hedgemaze
    An open market
    A series of winding tunnels
    Traitor room with teleport hub
    Toss b...
    TTT Goldenplix Prison (Prison Architect)
    Created by Tobeh
    Prison Architect TTT map, featuring traitor traps, custom textures, physics fun and objectives! Featured on SeaNanners' channel!

    Key Features:
    -11 Traps, 3 traitor doors, 21 traitor buttons!
    -Traitor and innocent objectives, featuring multiple options...
    Abandoned Bunker (TTT)
    Created by Kammorne
    A full remake of the abandoned bunker map that was on my workshop until I replaced it with this.

    This map requires Counter-Strike: Source for textures to work, everything else is included.

    Created by Mitsu
    Requires Counter Strike: Source. Just an Olive Garden map.
    Added the "ttt_ " prefix...
    Created by xor rax, rax
    I only uploaded this to workshop so that I can install it on my Server.

    If you are the Creator of the Map (and can prove it) and you don't want your Map here, please contact me!...
    TTT Richhouse (Sandbox Included)
    Created by killkode345
    Welcome to Richhouse!

    An old-style map designed to be fun for TTT, featuring a Traitor Tester, lots of weapon spawns (that are random so your server weapons will spawn too,) and a room where spectators can possess props. It was originally mea...
    Created by MiezeKotze12
    The traitor tester compares the role of the subjects
    -> Red = different role
    -> Green = same role

    hope you like it

    leave a comment ~...
    Created by Probio

    Welcome to the second installment of the clocktower map this time map specifically for the Trouble in Terrorist Town Game mode, although it can be played in sand box. This is a re-made re-vamped version of my original gm_clocktower, som...
    Created by Rafe96
    TTT_Rubik [Rubik]
    Created by Lingry
    Credits Creating map to Snoooz

    maps reupload my too to credit addons likes comment



    Good Times
    You can move the cubes with your use key, therefor the map is always changing while you play. ...
    Created by Frostik
    The important stuff first
    No CS:S needed!

    Welcome to ttt_toon_ville. This is the first map of a toon based mappack for Trouble in Terrorist Town.

    If you use this map in a video or whatever, please add a link to this page.

    Please report bugs in ...
    Created by Zen
    Created by Lingry
    Thank you for choosing "freakyrats". With that you get a brand new Ratsmap, it offers you besides cool visuals, a great variety and many possibilities. You will find out, what this exactly means to you. Have fun playing this map and collecting many frags! ...
    Created by KenoN
    This is my first TTT map

    - Traitor Room
    - 2 Traitor Traps
    - 25 player spawns
    Created by Lingry
    credit to Dukeblooders

    *** OLD VERSION **** ------------------------------------ Here my SONIC map inspired by the two first levels of Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis, Green Hill and Marble Zone). Rings, sounds, TVs, ...
    TTT Sprint
    Created by Fresh Garry
    This is a sprint Addon for TTT with stamina.
    If it is installed you are allowed to sprint while pressing FORWARD (Default: W) and your Sprint key (by default USE Default: E or Shift key) until you have no stamina anymore. It regenerates if you are not spr...
    TTT Impact Pistol
    Introducing the Impact Pistol for TTT.

    Get your hands on a Superb Traitor Weapon for TTT, Left Click to Fire and Right Click to Taunt.


    Created by Mka0207.

    Installation: Simply Add to your Servers Wo...
    TTT Malfunction Pistol
    Created by Jack5500
    This is for TROUBLE IN TERRORIST TOWN only!

    The weapon has three shots and can be bought from the traitor menu and looks like a normal pistol anyone could find, but shoots with the sound of a silenced pistol. Who ever gets shot is forced to fire his ma...
    Created by ToS-Master
    Teleport Lab is a fast paced map for the TTT-Gamemode for Garrys Mod.
    Best played with 5 to 10 people, but it is possible to play with more.
    Features a traitor tester and mostly random ammo and weapon distributions.
    This map requires CS:S.

    The map fe...
    TTT - Influenza Pistol
    Created by SithLee
    NOTE: This weapon is still working but is now discontinued.

    Shoot you traget and infect them for 10 seconds.
    Slowing your targets speed until they die of exhaustion.

    Traitors / Limited Stock

    Please do not reupload with out premission....
    TTT Rollermine Traitor Weapon
    Created by Badger
    This is a TTT traitor weapon, useful for discouraging players from staying in parts of the map.

    The rollermines will attack fellow traitors, so make sure to warn your teammates!
    They will give the appearance of trying to kill the player...