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TF2 Mods - The (not yet) Complete List
By Mikhail
People often get bored of TF2, calling it repetitive, nothing new.
Players often tire of VALVe's lack of updates or care for TF2.
What they don't realize is how many awesome mods the TF2 community has made!!
In this guide I will be informing you of these epic mods and explaining them!!
Prop Hunt
Prop Hunt, well that might ring a bell.
This is the same crazily awesome gamemode we all know and love from gmod, ported over to TF2.

If you have never heard of this game mode yet, here is how it goes:

There are 2 teams, one of scouts and one of pyros. The scouts are immedietley allowed to run around the map and transform into a prop, from a proplist menu. The pyros must then go and find them.

The pyros use their flamethrower to "spycheck" for scouts. The problem is that for every bit of ammo used, not on an enemy prop (i.e. you suspect a regular barrel is an enemy scout and try to burn it) will hurt you.

The last scout alive will be given a scattergun to run around and defend himself from the remaining pyros.

here is a link to the offical community steam group for the mod

from gaming masters (UK)
server 1 -
server 2 -

from ClanAO (US)
server -

some videos of the mod:
Parkour Fortress
Well you can't talk about TF2 mods without listing some from MechaTheSlag
Basically copying the mechanics of the epic parkour game Mirror's Edge, Parkour Fortress is a parkour simulator where you race other scouts to reach the end of the map in the quickest time!

With awesome mechanics like, wallrunning, running up walls, epic jumping, grapple sliding, and that scary falling thingy, Parkour Fortress is one of the top recommended mods to playwhen your bored!!

»MechaTheSlag Gaming group


from Slag Gaming (US)

server 1 - or
server 2 -

some videos, showing the mod:
TF2 Ware
Another famous mod from MechaTheSlag, a copy of WarioWare
For all of you fans of that DS and Wii-U game WarioWare, you will love this one!
(even if you never played it, this is still incredibely fun, try it)

What TF2 Ware is, is basically a FPS version of WarioWare.
Commands are told to you through text displayed on your screen and points are earned by following them.
Commands vary such as, "Spycrab!", "Needle Jump!" "don't touch the lava!" and math examples that you must type in chat the answer!

After a few commands, you enter amazing BOSS battles, like "escape the huggable heavies" or getting to the end of a death course in the required time!

»MechaTheSlag Gaming group

»TF2ware mod group

from Slag Gaming (US)

server - or

some videos, showing the mod:
Super Zombie Fortress
Wow, yet another famous mod from MechaTheSlag
Spoooooooooky, scary, skele- no wait....those are zombies.

Yup! MechaTheSlag brings humans Versus Zombies to us with this epic game mode
Super Zombie Fortress!

In this mod, survivors must...well...survive!!
The other team consists of spies, heavies, and scouts with special abilities, while the survivors consist of the other classes.
Survivors start off with meelee weapons and gain primary and secondary weapons through weapon pickups. This ability, however, is only available on the official server (which I provide to you).

There are a lot more mechanics which are a bit more complicated, so here is a tutorial video explaining them:

»MechaTheSlag Gaming group

from Slag Gaming (US)

server - or

some videos, showing the mod:
Randomizer Arena
This is a mod developed by a guy who goes by "Falmin' Sarge"

What randomizer is, is a mod in which your class and weapons are randomized each time you respawn. You could be a scout with a flamethrower, jarate, and a persian persuader, or a medic with a minigun, SMG, and market gardener, etc.
You have a chance of being either extremely OP, extremely UP, or oddly average!

you can find servers on

or by searching

here is the
»wiki page for the mod[]

here is the steam group for the mod

here are some videos of the mod:

VS Saxton Hale/Freak Fortress 2
Ever heard of Saxton Hale? He is the CEO of Mann co. and he-

Vs Saxton Hale is an arena mod in which one player is turned into the almighty saxton hale, using nothing but fists, his rage, and his super jump, who must fight the rest of the server. Saxton Hale is given a maximum of 35,539 health and whoever kills the other first, wins!
(Saxton's health is displayed as a bar on the top of the screen)

All users weapons have different buffs and all melee weapons have 100% crits. As well as Saxton, other bosses will appear some rounds such as Horseless Headless Horsemann Jr., The easter bunny, Christian Brutal Sniper, and the Vagineer.

Freak Fortress 2
is a modification of vs Saxton Hale

In Freak Fortress 2 there are slight variations in weapon buffs. The main difference is the ability to add new bosses. There are a whole lot more bosses here than are worth mentioning. to name a few:
Hitler Medic, Gabe Newell, Ninja Spy, Goofy, Luigi doll, doomguy, some alien from that one alien game, Cave Johnson, Demopan, Seeman and seelder, Mentlegen, Spyper, MeeM, Garfield, Ponies, Gentlespy, and MANY more.

←Saxton Hale as he appears in the mod

←Bulging Biceps

←Fists of Fury


the official wiki page for the vs Saxton Hale mod is here[]

the official wiki page for the Freak Fortress 2 mod is here[]


vs Saxton Hale

From TF2Data

server -

a list of many other Saxton Hale servers:

Freak Fortress 2
official Freak Fortress 2 server:

from Slag Gaming (US)

server - or

a list of many other Freak Fortress 2 servers:

For More differences and a better explanation of the 2 mods, watch this video:

some videos showcasing the mod:
TF2 x10
The TF2 multiplied by 10 mod is one of the most popular a large majority of trade servers use it

Well the basic explanation of this mod is that it...well, multiplies all weapons stats by 10! Let's say you have a grenade launcher as seen in the picture above, if you hold down M1, the demo will be able to load a maximum of around 40 pills into his grenade launcher and shoot them out upon your release!

Every weapon becomes OP, such as the gunslinger giving +250 health instead of +25, the spy's knife stabbing at 10x the speed, direct hit getting a +250% damage bonus, etc. A full list of x10 modifications can be seen on the wiki or over here[].

So? Just a whirlwind of unbalanced fun!! or is it?
You see, because of it's popularity, servers have begun to edit the mod, to make their version different. Some servers have been trying their best to make all the modifications balanced! Still giving that wacky fun, yet with less rage quitters!

Note: this mod is mostly used with many gamemodes and other mods as well, it is not restricted to just this mod most of the time.

here is the official wiki page[] for the mod

here is the official group for the mod

a few of many SERVERS

official server:
Server #1 -rotation With GRAPPLING HOOKS ADD
Server #2 OPST GA MvMx10
Server #3 OPST GA2 MvMx10
Server #4 OPST GA PayLoAd Rotation
(see more on the official group page)

you can find more by going onto and search for tf2 servers matching names with words such as: 10, x10, by 10, stats 10, x 10, etc.

A few videos showcasing the mod:

Slender Fortress
Slender Fortress, as you might expect is a copy of Mark J. Hadley's Slender: The Eight Pages

In this mod you, as in the regular game, must collect 8 pages while avoiding the creature who is after you. Red team must collect the pages, Blue team is the team waiting to be on red team as there are only 8-10 players each round.

You are given a flashlight (toggle with Right Click), the abbility to sprint (Middle Mouse), and a set amount of time to collect these pages. upon collection, you must sometimes escape the map as well.

The mod also has characters as monsters such as: Slenderman, some alien goblin things, the FNAF crew in fazbear's pizza map, and Buzz Lightyear, Shrek, Luigi doll, and MANY more.
(over 100 bosses)

Just play the mod, you'll love it!

I recommend playing the game as you would normally play a horror game, with friends, no headphones, and lights on. Because you're a wimp, just admit it.

Official steam group for the mod

Glubbable's Slender Fortress #1 (Standard) -
Glubbable's Slender Fortress #2 (FNAF 24/7) -

here is a list of non-official servers supporting this mod:

here are some videos showcasing the mod:
This mod, although in quite a few games, is pretty fun with no exact rules!
In the mod "Jailbreak" BLU team is set as guards and RED team is set as prisoners. Each round, one person on BLU is set as Warden and all must obey his commands. RED starts off in their cells and stripped to melee while BLU spawns in "armoury" with large health and ammo packs.

RED is not allowed to enter armoury lest they be killed. Their are multiple games and other activities on every jailbreak map to do. Through these activities, some on blue may die. If RED disobeys orders, BLU may kill them, if BLU is killed, RED wins. If there is one last player on RED left, he is rewarded.


here is the official wiki page[] for the mod

click here for a list of servers supporting the jailbreak plugin:

here are some videos showcasing the mod:

"Practice and fun at the same time? no way! I don't believe it!"
Screw you then, I don't need to convince you.
TF2 Dodgeball is a mod in which 2 teams of pyros must airblast a homing rocket back and forth. The rocket will auto home to the player nearest to the direction it is shot in and, if the player fials to airblast on time, he gets hit and explodes.

In addition, the rocket gains speed with every airblast, making it harder to survive as time goes on. Practice airblasting and have fun on these awesome custom maps! (there is an ice map where the floor is slippery, beware)


here is the official wki page[] for the mod


Intox Gaming
server -

here is a list of server supporting the mod:

here are some videos showcasing the mod:
Smash Bros
ya'll like knockback? no? too bad! have a mod based on it!
This gamemode makes knocking a player off the map the main priority. any damage dealing hit does 1 damage, basically nothing. What it does do is add to the percentage of knockback to that player's counter!

the higher the percentage, the farther the knockback! Players are killed by being knocked off the map or into the skybox! Players are given 3 lives and infinite ammo (with some exceptions. There are powerups to be collected each round which may be good or bad! Basically, as the name implies, a TF2 version of Super Smash bros


here is the official wiki page[] for the mod


From Gray Mann Gaming

server -

From Intox Gaming

server -

Some Videos showcasing the mod:
it might take you 5 or more tries to recognize all the traps of a map to be able to finally avoid them
In the mod Death Run, RED team consists of "runners" and BLU consists of one "activator" usually in the form of some kind of boss. RED must run across a maze of traps while the activator, behind a special wall that only allows him to view the runners, must activate the traps. If all of RED is killed, BLU wins.

If RED successfully finishes the map, they are sometimes spawned into a room with choices for the ending. Either an instant win, a fight to the death with the remaining players, a Minigame, or make the activator die.


here is the official wiki page[] for the mod


a list of servers that support the deathrun mod:

some videos showcasing the mod:

TF2 Sandbox
"I don't have Gmod and I want the sandbox gamemode. I am too lazy to spend $2.50 for Gmod. What do I do?"
TF2 sandbox is basically Gmod sandbox brought over to TF2. You respawn with TAB and bring up the menu with TAB. In this menu you can equip any weapon from any class, spawn props, and more! once you have spawned a prop, you may edit it. /t will let you equip the duplicator gun. with this you may M1 to change object's color and M2 to duplicate objects!

Everyone has their own area of building, you may not build near another's area. There are even bots, if the server isn't full, that you can claim and edit their properties! You can freeze animations and even use /g to pull up the gravity gun!


from MSTR

from (poni³)
(poni+ sandbox)

server 1 -
server 2 -

here is a more detailed explanation of the mod in a video:

some videos showcasing the mod:
Stop That Tank!
While this mod isn't public (only official servers run it), the server should be quite enough fun for a day!
Stop The Tank! is a Gamemode in which the payload cart is replaced by a MvM tank. Because of Payload race and regular Payload, there are 2 gamemodes within this one:

The BLU team obtain robot skins and must protect the tank and escort the bomb to the finish.
The RED team must destroy the tank before they are able to deploy their bomb.
When the tank is destroyed, a player from BLU spawns as a Giant robot and must capture the remaining points and deploy the bomb himself.

Payload Race:
Both teams' cart is replaced by a Tank and both teams have robot skins. Each team must slow down the other teams cart by damaging it and speed up their own cart by removing attackers from it. Shortly into the round, a player from each team spawns as a giant robot and they both fight to the death!


click here for the official group for the mod Stop The Tank!


From official Stop that Tank! servers

Dallas, USA -
Germany -
Sydney, Australia -

some videos showcasing the mod:
TF2 instagib, is a mod based off of a quake mod, instagib.
What instagib is, is really what it sounds like - instantly gib an opponent! (gib as in kill)

similar to the game Ratz Instagib you can get on steam, you fire instakill weapons at your opponents in an arena. In TF2 instagib, you spawn as a scout. With the ability to double jump and set amount of lives, you must fire rays at your opponent with a sniper rifle to get frags.

there are currently 2 versions of tf2 instagib. the public version, and the private version where you are able to rocket jump off of your own blasts as seen in Ratz Instagib.


Here is the official steam group for the public mod

Public mod -
Private mod -

The Hidden
The Hidden mod, while pretty old and brought through various games, is still really fun.
The mod pits an entire red team against one spy.
Sound pretty stupid? There's a catch:
The spy on blue, the hidden, has longer cloak, dash/leaping, ability to stun players, and a ton of health. The hidden can also see outlines of players on red team through walls. The spy only ever uncloaks once he attacks or super-jumps for around 2 seconds. In addition to all this, the hidden replenishes cloak and health on kills and mainy weapons are nerfed.

Once the spy is defeated a new spy is chosen. It varies on how this process works - some servers have a queue, others have it that whoever kills the spy gets to be the spy, while some make it just admins and/or donors.

Alternatively, the spy can kill the entire red team and usually again, depending on the server's specifications, play spy for the next round.


here is the official wiki page[] for the mod - Panda Community Hidden mod - Star Spawn Gaming 24/7 Hidden - 24/7 hidden

well this got way more popular than I expected, so i will have to set somethings clear:

1.This guide isn't finished and probably never will be (100% finished)
although I try to make a new section everyday, there will never be no more mods, the community is always active.

2. I am not a team, I can only finish this on my own time, when I have time.
I am pretty busy, so...I will try, I will try.

3. the following are things I don't consider to be mods and therefore will not be added to this list:

  • Trade
    this isn't a mod. Firstly there are TONS of trade servers, each with their own unique set of plugins. Secondly, it isn't a mod, it is a map. No way to download a Trade plugin.
  • Idle
    this is similar to trade servers, not a mod.
  • Achievement
    if by this you mean those that cheat to get you all achievements then no. That is either against rules or at the very least frowned upon by VALVe.
  • Surf
    maybe, just maybe, I might add this.
  • Rocket Jumping
    the only plugin here is health and ammo regen, basically nothing. the map is what it is, not a mod.

4. Here are the mods I hope to cover in future updates of this guide:

  • Vampire Slayer
  • maybe class warfare
  • Gun Game
  • Uber Upgrades
  • bBall
  • Fortwars
  • Balloon Battle
    and more!

I also intend to update already made sections of this guide to make it easier to read, well formatted, and up to date.
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Yeah, almost half of these modes are dead right now, it's a shame :P
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@Ross Scott
The mods were closing down as I was making this list. Really sucks, but it meant I had to provide less info in each section. Sounds like a good thing, but I didn't want to continue on a deprecated guide.
Thod May 24 @ 5:27pm 
legend has it it's still unfinished
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good times
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