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Garry's Mod

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TFA Base [ Reduxed ]
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Mar 27, 2015 @ 9:08pm
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TFA Base [ Reduxed ]


Help and Support[]
Contribute via Git[]

Join this group if you want news. Don't add me unless it's important!
For users:
-A rich, thoroughly tested feature set including:
  • Holographic HUD, reminiscent of FA:S2
  • Viewbob, with tweakable sensitivity.
  • Ironsights, nearwall, sprinting, holstering, and many more weapon dynamics.
  • Movespeed is changed if you're holding a TFA Base weapon, varying with each weapon and your current actions.
  • Dynamic crosshair and accuracy. Quickscoping is no longer an option, as your accuracy will actually decrease until you're fully sighted in. The crosshair is programmed with smooth animations, and will fade rather than disappearing when you sight in.
  • Dynamic spread, like in CS:GO, means that spraying is no longer an option except in close quarters or with well controlled guns.
  • Advanced animations using quadratic interpolation. Animations like sighting in or lifting up your gun when you're cose to a wall are no longer robotic, and ease in and out like real human motion.
  • Idle and breathing animations.
  • Holstering animations. This adds a tactical decision to getting out a big gun.
  • Your computer, your choices. Each individual user can configure things like the crosshair, ironsights toggle or hold, and others. You aren't forced to play like everyone else.
  • Custom impact effects add a beautiful, realistic touch to gunfights.
  • Dynamic holdtypes for running and ironsights. In thirdperson, your character will put your weapon down when you sprint, and raise it to their face when you aim!
  • Smoke trails and muzzleflashes, properly networked and predicted.
  • Working muzzle flashes when scoped in.
  • Silencers, complete with animations and proper prediction. These decrease the size of your muzzle flash and play a quiter sound.
  • Selective fire, toggleable using E+R.
  • Safety mode is toggleable using Shift+E+R
  • Interrupt reloading on shotgun-style reloads
  • Inspection screen to see your weapon's stats. Accessible with context menu key (C) by default, hold E or rebind (Q -> Utilities -> Keybinds) to access context menu buttons (like player model selection)

For server owners:
  • Optimised netcode, vastly reducing traffic from its potential.
  • Small performance hit for features
  • A clientside panel allows users to customize the way their guns look and function, without giving them any advantages or allowing for any exploits.
  • This base takes into account penetration, dynamic spread, bullet range, and more, meaning that shotguns can no longer double as snipers.
  • If you dislike certain features, such as ricochet, you can disable them using convars. Most take instant effect.

For developers:
  • Competent template[]
  • Versatile, simple, and compatible with standard CS:S/HL2 weapon compiles
  • Easily supports 3D scopes with just one .qc edit ( a third $attachment on the lens )

DBot: Various improvements and tweaks
Juckey: Gun Walking Animation Code
YuRaNnNzZZ: RT Scope Blur
『クリスチャン』: Nearly-empty click sounds
Valve: Shell models/textures
Melee impact effect code: code_gs
Ammo boxes: Gamebanana ( if you know the author, please contact me )
Muzzle flash textures: Nemole/Scotch
Scope Textures: Generic Default
Pocket Fix: Inconceivable!
New World Interactive: Smoke particles/textures
Everything else Me

How you should credit or use the base:
Add the base as a required item, but do NOT redistribute it. If you distribute your own copy, you're not only infringing my rights as the creator, but you're preventing other users from getting future updates. If you want, give credit to any and all of the authors I've listed here. Feel free to redistribute the content models/materials as you see fit, though there's little point.
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