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Migrating from Fortress Forever 2.46
By squeek.
Guide to migrating files/settings from the pre-Greenlight version of FF to the Steam version
The Quick and Dirty Approach
Note: If you have a custom HUD or custom materials/models/sounds, you might want to read the relevant sections in The Measured Approach before deciding to take this approach.

If you want to copy absolutely everything in one go, then simply copy
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever
Note: Do not copy the old folder into the new folder. Instead, copy the old folder so that it overwrites the new folder.

Overwrite everything when prompted.

Then, validate the game cache of Fortress Forever in Steam (right click on Fortress Forever in your Library, click Properties, navigate to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Cache). This will overwrite any files that differ from the default versions.
The Measured Approach

Copy all .cfg files from
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever/cfg

Overwrite all files if prompted.


Copy the file
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever/crosshairs.vdf

Overwrite if prompted.


Copy the folder
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever/maps

Note: Do not copy the old maps folder into the new maps folder. Instead, copy the old maps folder so that it overwrites the new maps folder.

Only overwrite folders when prompted to do so (when asked Do you want to merge this folder with this one?, click Yes). Do not overwrite any files (when prompted with There is already a file with the same name in this location, click Don't copy). This will ensure that you do not overwrite any default maps.

Custom Materials/Models/Sounds

There's no good way to do this unless you still have the custom files as they were originally distributed (a zip file, probably).

You could try copying the entire materials, models, and sounds folders from
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever
and then overwrite everything when prompted.

Note also that Steam will probably replace any modified materials/models/sounds if you ever run Verify Integrity of Game Cache, and will likely get overwritten if they are ever changed in a patch. Keeping backups of any customizations so that you can re-apply them if that ever happens is always a good idea.

Custom HUD

Note: Due to changes made to the FF font[], modifications were made to ClientScheme.res and SourceScheme.res between 2.46 and the Steam version of the game. Any HUD customizations might want to be rewritten based on the new versions, otherwise the ingame font in many places will be smaller than normal.

Copy ClientScheme.res and SourceScheme.res from
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever/resource

Also copy HudLayout.res from
<SteamDir>/steamapps/common/Fortress Forever/FortressForever/scripts

Note that these files are very susceptible to being overwritten by patches to the game. If you use modified versions of these files, always keep a backup of your custom version.
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