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PostProcessFX v1.9.0
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Mar 31, 2015 @ 7:49am
Nov 17, 2017 @ 11:51am
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PostProcessFX v1.9.0

Enable additional post processing effects such as bloom, lensflare, different anti aliasing options and ambient occlusion.

Bloom and lensflare

Can be fully controlled with the ingame UI with the following settings:

- Enable Bloom: Enables the bloom effect.
- Intensity: The intensity of the bloom effect.
- Threshold: Lower means bloom occurs with lower light intensity.
- Spread: The amount that the bloom is blurred.
- Blur Iteration: Higher iterations cause a more smoothed blur.

- Enable Lensflare: Enables a lens flare effect.
- Intensity: The intensity of the lensflare effect.
- Threshhold: Lower means that less bloom is needed to create lensflare.
- Saturation: Higher saturation makes the lensflare more like the light color.
- Rotation: In which rotation the lensflare expands.
- Width: The width of the lensflare effect.
- Blur Iterations: Higher iterations cause a more smoothed lens flare ends.
- Style: Different lens flare styles.

Comparison image[].

Anti Aliasing

Supports FXAA and SMAA.

- FXAA is Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing.
- Five presets ranging from very low to ultra.

- SMAA is Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
- Four presets ranging from low to ultra.
- Enable Temporal: Enables SMAA T2x, this setting causes some flickering however.

- NOTE: Temporal only works with bloom enabled (You can set intensity to zero and have to toggle bloom once after enabling temporal).

Not as effective as the DynamicResolution mod, but cheaper and can be combined if desired.

Comparison image[].

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

This is different implementation then the other SSAO mod, so chose one depending on preference.

- Intensity: How much the surfaces are darkened.
- Radius: Controls the spread of the occlusion.
- Sample Count: The amount of samples taken around each pixel, impacts performance.
- Occlusion: Either depth or depth + normal is used, looks slightly different.
- Enable Downsampling: Only sample at half resolution, impacts performance.

Comparison image[].

Additional Information

All effects can be disabled so they don't have any performance impact. An ingame UI is provided to tweak the options and can be toggled with F9 (default), the toggle key can be changed in UI. Here[] is a list of possible keycodes, fill in the string and not the corresponding number.

Changelog v1.9.0

- Made compatible with Cities Skylines v.1.9.0.
- Attempted to make it work on Linux and OSX, but I cannot test that.

Changelog v1.7.2

- Improved the available anti aliasing options.
- Added another ambient occlusion effect.
- Removed motion blur.
- Fixed the effects for the Mass Transit patch.
- Fixed the effects for the After Dark patch.
- Added some presets and the options to load the saved configuration.
- Added draggable config ui.
- Options are split into tabs, added more options and renamed some options.

Recommended and Compactible Mods

The DynamicResolution and SunShafts mods are other great enhancements.
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gamophyte Jun 23 @ 3:23pm 
Render It was very visually buggy when I tried it, this is still king, and I've not had any issues with it. That said, I plan to go back and try Render It again in the future, as it is as least active.
rnealj62 May 26 @ 2:13am 
The UI is supposed to appear if you hit the F9 key. Sometimes when I load my game, the UI is already open when the save finishes loading, other times it's not. If it is not open when the save loads, F9 will not load it and my saved presets will not load. Anyone else have this problem?
CiobbyFx Mar 2 @ 9:09am 
@ 拆房子找蛐蛐 make sure you hit the "SAVE" button under "Global" tab. For me, SSAO settings are reloading just fine.
拆房子找蛐蛐 Feb 20 @ 12:11am 
Ask the boss a question: postprocessfx v1 9.0 why can't the mod save the setting parameters? Every time you log in to the game, it is the default parameter~:steamthumbsup:
0specgamerdad Feb 5 @ 11:55am 
dont have issues with this mod
StayHungryStayFoolish Feb 1 @ 12:53am 

Do not use this mod. It has errors in it, old and abandoned. Use Render it!

mrknack Jan 31 @ 4:16pm 
Any idea how to fix the Bloom error? I simply cant use this option at all.
PlayerOneTimmy Jan 13 @ 11:17am 
Works fine on Linux, no issues with any effect or saving/loading settings but you'll need to remember to hit the Save button in the Global tab to keep your settings between gaming sessions
StayHungryStayFoolish Nov 30, 2021 @ 8:24am 
I have the same issue. Bloom is not working. The Debug Output says that the 3 config XML files were failed to load: bloom, aa, and ambientocclusion.
gardenstater Oct 5, 2021 @ 7:34am 
Sorry, I meant @mahgunz. Steam was being weird.