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Toggle Traffic Lights
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Apr 12, 2015 @ 2:26pm
May 26 @ 11:52am
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Toggle Traffic Lights

Tool to remove or add traffic lights at junctions. With Cities:Skylines patch 1.7.0 (Mass Transit)[] that functionality was directly included into the game. But Toggle Traffic Lights provides functions beyond of C:S:
  • Access the Junction Tool directly from the Roads Menu.
  • Activate and Deactivate the Junction Tool everywhere. Disabling the Intersection Tool restores the previous used tool.
  • Remove (or add or reset) all traffic lights at once.

A more detailed description can be found on GitHub:

Enable Junction tool via:
  • Button in roads menu.
  • Ctrl+T. Opens Roads Menu.
  • Ctrl+Shiftt++T. Keeps current location. Remembers current tool and restores it when you press the shortcut again.
  • Ctrl+Alt+T. Opens Traffic Routes Junctions Info View. Remembers current tool.
Use the Elevation keys (PageUp and PageDown) to change the view: Overground, Overground with tunnels visible, Underground (Info View, everything's painted in white). Doesn't work with the built-in C:S Traffic Routes Junction tool (Ctrl+Alt+T). This uses the default C:S tool without changes.

Batch commands:
Located in the (C:S built-in) Traffic Routes Junctions Info Window. Besides opening that window via the Info View Menu on the top left you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T (see above) or right click on the TTL button in the roads menu.

Disable Traffic Lights:
When the checkbox is checked new junctions are always created without traffic lights.
Existing Traffic Lights aren't touched by this option. Neither does it prevent manual toggling of traffic lights. All it does is ensure all newly created junctions don't have traffic lights.
The Setting is located in the Traffic Routes Junctions Info Tab.

Note:This is set on a per savegame basis and is not a global setting! That means you can play one map with this option enabled (-> no traffic lights for new junctions), while on another map you use the default C:S behavior.

Note: Previous saved traffic lights via TTL (prior to Mass Transit patch) are discarded. The new version uses the C:S built-in way to save Traffic Lights.

Change Notes: and

Please report issues (and suggestions) on

Source code:
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Editfish Jun 25 @ 1:49am 
I've never had a problem with this mod with any update. I can't live without it!
Craxy  [author] Jun 24 @ 11:08am 
@Swedishkiller12: I can't detect any incompatibilities with the current C:S version. Are you sure TTL is correctly enabled and no other mod is interfering with it? Which error/exception occurs?
Swedishkiller12 Jun 11 @ 1:06pm 
can you update the mod so it is compatible with the newest version
Stifflersmumx1 Jun 1 @ 12:24pm 
@Craxy if TMPE adds that its even better since than it would work with every update (since these guys get early access on game updates to keep the mod working i think)
what TMPE did add is a check before launching with conflicting other mods. and thats been in on Version 10.19 - even ignoring the error my game did crash and its only the combination of TTL and TMPE.
On the actual Version 10.20 they allowed to disable the check for incompatible mods - but the Game still crashes for me. i asked the TMPE guys (aubergine on the TMPE mod about it) and the answer was like, that your mod maybe leads to other functions not working properly in TMPE.

but either way, if u guys could cooperate that TMPE gets your mod features added, that would be the best <3 ty anyways
Craxy  [author] Jun 1 @ 11:11am 
I did nothing regarding Traffic Manager (or any other mod). I just added Editfish request of moving the TTL button. Shouldn't interfere with any other mod.
So if TMPE changed something to make the two mods work, the TTL update shouldn't have changed that.

Currently I'm not play C:S. I just keep this mod here working with new C:S versions and add new features if someone requests it (and it isn't too much work to implement). No extra cooperation with another mod planned.
BUT: TMPE is already considering adding a way disable traffic lights, which would make TTL finally obsolete :)

Stifflersmumx1 May 30 @ 9:22pm 
@Craxy Hi, love this mod. But since TMPE (Traffic Manager) had the Version 10.19 out, which had Error Alerts shown, it didnt work and my game crashed. I wrote that Issue to the TMPE guys, and now they updated to 10.20 but also your mod did get an update - so question is, did you fix/change anything belonging to that TMPE stuff ? or maybe can you work together so people can use both mods ? would be great.
Editfish May 27 @ 12:33am 
@Craxy -- works beautifully; thank you!!!!! :)
Craxy  [author] May 26 @ 12:02pm 
@Bexter36: Just subscribe to this mod -- steam automatically downloads it. (But I think steam only downloads mods while the game is not running).

In C:S go to Content Manager -> Mods and enable TTL.
Craxy  [author] May 26 @ 12:01pm 
@vine: Glad it works now! And no problem -- happens to all of use that we miss something, while it's obvious for others ;)
Craxy  [author] May 26 @ 11:57am 
@Editfish: New version is up.
Button location can now be changed in the Settings.

But adjusting with the button visible is a bit clunky: Pause Menu can't be opened via Escape (because that closes the current menu), and game background gets blurred while pause/settings menu is open.

How to open the Settings menu while keeping the button visible (unfortunately blurred): (copied from Change Notes)

To see the button position while in the settings window:
* Ingame, open the Roads Building Menu
* Open Pause Menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner (**NOT** by pressing ESC -- esc closes the roads menu)
* Open options and move into TTL section
* The TTL button is visible (although blured) in the background