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VOX - Complete Vocalizer
Game Content: Sounds, Scripts, UI
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Mar 20, 2015 @ 4:03am
Dec 6, 2020 @ 5:16am
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VOX - Complete Vocalizer


    To install, bind the radial menus in OptionsKeyboard/MouseEdit Keys/Buttons.

    If the VOX vocalizer section is missing from your options, disable conflicting addons first. You can re-enable conflicting addons after binding the radial menus.


    6 generic menus + up to 10 specific menus for each character
    Select your character to load his/her menus. Each menu follows a theme to stay intuitive.

    Over 6000 recordings for all characters
    All voicelines from the game carefully picked to ensure they work in most situations.

    Enhanced generic menus
    Similar voicelines are grouped together and randomized. For example when selecting "Hunter", your character will alternate between calling out "Hunter!" or whispering "There's a hunter around".

    Space-saving configuration
    Specific menus can be flipped to display even more voicelines. No need to play twister on your keyboard to vocalize.

    Easy character-switching
    While AFK, select a character in the "Characters" menu to switch. Make sure the character you want is available before selecting it.

    Many UI improvements
    Character selection highlighting, confirmation sounds, etc.


  • Do other people hear this?
    Yes, everyone on the server will hear your character, even if they haven't subscribed.

  • Does this vocalizer work on all servers?
    Yes, it works on all servers that allow addons. Addons are disabled in versus unless the server explicitly allows them.

  • Why are some dialogue menus missing?
    The L4D1 characters have less voicelines in game, so they have fewer menus.

  • Why are some generic voicelines silent?
    Because you haven't selected your character in the "Characters" menu.

  • Where are the voicelines from the original built-in vocalizer?
    Some voicelines are merged with others when they are similar, including:
    - "Go ahead" and "I'm with you"
    - "Taunt" and "Hurrah"
    - "Swear" and "Argh"
    - "Hurry" and "Run"

  • Can I save my keybindings in an autoexec.cfg file instead?
    Yes, paste the following:
    bind z +g1
    bind x +g2
    bind c +g3
    bind v +g4
    bind b +g5
    bind n +g6
    bind 1 +s1
    bind 2 +s2
    bind 3 +s3
    bind 4 +s4
    bind 5 +s5
    bind g +x1

    alias -g1 -mouse_menu
    alias -g2 -mouse_menu
    alias -g3 -mouse_menu
    alias -g4 -mouse_menu
    alias -g5 -mouse_menu
    alias -g6 -mouse_menu
    alias -s1 -mouse_menu
    alias -s2 -mouse_menu
    alias -s3 -mouse_menu
    alias -s4 -mouse_menu
    alias -s5 -mouse_menu
    alias -x1 -mouse_menu

    alias +g1 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +g2 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +g3 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +g4 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +g5 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +g6 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +s1 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +s2 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +s3 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +s4 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +s5 +mouse_menu x0
    alias +x1 +mouse_menu x1
    Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg\autoexec.cfg

  • Why can't I get this to work?
    Try a clean installation:
    1. Unsubscribe.
    2. Quit L4D2 and Steam.
    3. Remove the VOX vpk (410726312.vpk) from your workshop folder:
    Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons\workshop\
    4. Make sure you don't have any other leftover vocalizer in your addons folder:
    Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons\
    5. Follow the installation instructions again. You can also configure your keybindings in your autoexec.cfg file as mentioned above.

  • Can I use this with your third person addon?
    Yes, follow the installation instructions. The addons will be detected as conflicting as they both add entries to your game's Keys/Buttons menu, but they work perfectly together once your key bindings are saved for each one of them.

  • Any bonus content?
    Here are some sprays: download link[drive.google.com]
    Loadable in game with OptionsMultiplayerImport spray.

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Hwandit Jun 19 @ 5:01am 
10/10 louis groan
scav Jun 5 @ 5:59pm 
Jorda May 6 @ 8:50pm 
Everytime annoying people who actively using vocalizer with That was me(ellis) and he playing coach, everytime he say no it's get me everytime XD
mckaay17 Apr 26 @ 7:34pm 
ellis say no
teddybearjackson78 Apr 20 @ 2:49pm 
what do i hit i was hitting Z and X
Deadlierhades53 Apr 15 @ 8:19am 
I love this mod, it works for all the survivors and the funny lines lol.
Jmod Apr 14 @ 1:37pm 
Where are the "No Nick/No Ellis lines" and the "GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING" voice lines for coach?
SrNoob Apr 8 @ 11:16am 
MixailSend Apr 8 @ 5:54am 
funny deathscream spam
Sexy Toadsworth Mar 27 @ 1:02pm 
Sometimes spamming the afk script duplicates survivors. Legit finished the first campaign with 7 survivors.