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The Ultimate List of TF2 Youtubers
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Looking for something that can extend your gaming experience? Tired of being killed a lot and just want to sit and relax? Interested in watching comp games or really sick replays and game commentaries? Welcome here, I've made this detailed list just for you.
WARNING: may take a lot of time to watch all the things
Hi there, random tf2 stranger. Welcome to the assorted list of links to different channels.
I'm physically not able to know about all the guys who play tf2 and upload good videos, so if you know more guys (and I'm sure you do) - let me know in the comments below.

Before saying "but where is %username%? godamn stupid worthless guide", try using Ctrl + F.
It was hard to pick a right category for some channels. No offence, just my personal opinion.

[R] - retired channels. Inactive, no longer uploading videos/uploading once a year/mounth.
[V]- various content. May not only contain TF2 videos.
POV's, clips, offies highlights and everything else related to competitive TF2.

  • Teamfortresstv - The official channel. Highlights from offies, full matches with commentaries, top plays and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of everything.
  • eXtelevision official eXtelevision channel. News, matches, moments of glory.
  • LuckyLukeTF2 - mixups, fragmovies, POV's and stuff
  • [V] ThatGuyTagg - tagg's official channel. Pretty much a brilliant guy, however not really uploading videos much now, but still provides some good streaming. 100% worth watching.
  • Grand Vincent - b4nny's channel. Interviews, POV's and so on. You guys know him, right?
  • Comptf - the official channel of Frag clips, some movies.
  • Lange - Lange's channel. Big thoughts, big plays. "I'm Lange. I used to be an okay competitive Team Fortress 2 player. Now I make things with computer."
  • TheSeanbud - POV's, fun-competitive vids and stuff.
  • ShaDowBurn - UGC Plat, ETF2L Prem roamer/pocket. Fragclips and POVs.
  • LazyFinger1 - sandwich airshots.
  • stabbyvideo - UGC Plat spy. Not really active these days, still does good streams.
  • Spitfire - Mainly tf2center HL soldier POVs.
  • ForceBoink - amazing competitive guides and clips.
  • sigafoo - various kinds of competitive engineering.
  • Zebbosai's channel. Amazing solly and scout.
  • Woolen Sleevelet's channel. UGC Plat spy, POVs, some pyro vids.
  • Whistling Pyro's channel. An amazing UGC Plat pyro. POVs, tips and stuff.
  • White-Rice Spy - competitive spy & tips.
  • Carlosto25 - comtetitive-pub spy
  • Salty Phish - the srs that is tf2center?
  • tseni - Finnish competitive TF2 player, sniper.
  • TehRedprint - UGC gold spy.
  • powah - snipy snipe things.
  • max! - you know this guy if you play comp. Sniper things'n'stuff.
  • Whiteglow - UGC Plat med
  • Whisker - well-known comp player
  • Nursey - silly plat med clips
  • - serious discussions and commentaries & med stuff
  • clockwork - one of the best top invite scouts
  • shade - you probably know this guy
  • leaky - top level sniping
  • [V] Mangachu - POVs and things
  • Grape - amazing fragmovies and clips
  • - stream highlits and nice clips[http//ssshttps]
  • Aegis - competitive psychology teacher, 100% worth watching
Semi-competitive / Mixed
Guys that may not only play tf2. Guys that mainly spend their time on pubs. Competitive / pub mixed experience.

  • NISLT - Sin's channel. Daily fragclips, tons of different videos. One of the most popular channels of this kind. Quantity > quallity
  • Tip Of The Hats - the untimate TF2 charity project hosted by well-known TF2 community peope. Includes all categories of possible tf2 video content.
  • StreamHighlights - 100% sick short highlights from different tf2 streamers.
  • [V] STAR_'s channel. Now is not really into uploading tf2 content, but still stays on the top of the most well-known tf2 people.
  • [V] Jerma985 - Jerma's channel. Used to be known as STAR's fellow, but, for god's sake, has his own good independent channel and sence of humor. And a splendid musical talent.
  • iReima - professional sword guy. Tons of demoknight clips .
  • blindpyr0 - the big beggar's bazooka guy. Nothing else to say, just watch.
  • RuwinStream - Ruwin's channel. Is not really being updated (gotta go streaming) but still is full of old POV's and other stuff.
  • Vorobey's channel. Sick pyro tricks, MGing and more.
  • TFHK's channel. TF2 center pyro POVs, taunt kills and lots of fun.
  • CeeJaey - rich comp guy - MvMing, streaming, hl POVs.
  • Shibby2142 - Different games as far as tf2. Charity mixup matches, thoughts, cpmmentaries.
  • Ardy - comp tf2 player, also has non-tf2 related content.
  • Jbird - insane pub sniper gameplay
  • [V] Sal - comp stuff'n'mvm
Probably the largest segment of all the tf2 players. Yes, regular players, just playing a game. Commentaries, thoughts of the future. Most of them are good, trust me.

  • [V] Muselk's channel. A tranding guy those days. Commentaries, shows and stuff.
  • [R] LazyPurple's channel. Organized stupidity.
  • [R] TFtools - random things are happening. A group of guys playing some tf2.
  • Delfy - a russian guy making giefing and trolling videos. Exploits and so on.
  • BluTF2 - BLU's channel. Montages, moments, no unboxings, no commentaries.
  • ZERO's channel. "entertaining gameplay videos primarily surrounding TF2"
  • sketchek - insane pyro tricks. Just take a look.
  • ArraySeven - mailny cool medic clips, but also contains tons of other vids.
  • OpenGriefing - "The community that plays source games in a hole new way. We think Griefing is an art which requires lots of creativity and dedication to do."
  • iKonakona - pretty much about-everything-casual-commentaries.
  • HIGPS - pretty much about-everything-casual-commentaries (2).
  • Nate Fox - jumping tips, trimping tutorials, commentaries.
  • Rapid000 - discussions, updates, plays.
  • Freddie TF2 - alternative playstyles.
  • UncleDane - engineer videos, MvMing and more.
  • TheMacco26 - guides, giveaways, mainly MvMing.
  • Moysey89 - giveaways, workshop reviews, trading, gameplay.
  • Grizzly Berry - beard
  • FUNKe - gameplay commentaries, a bit of guides.
  • TF2Slurgi - spy tips & commentaries.
  • MrPaladin - Spy tutorials and tips. And more.
  • CulRulDud - more spy gameplay. Trickstabs and stuff.
  • ScottJaw - scout gameplay and commentaries.
  • TheSpyCrap - super random things.
  • [V] SnikkasHD - has tons of non-tf2-related content bu has useful MvM guides.
  • sirkyTF2 - some demo vids.
  • TF2 PublicFerret - pub POVs, mostly as spy.
  • [V] CritzGiggles - various content, tf2 related as well.
  • [R] - A Youtuber who does a lot of commentary and works with Rapid000
  • [R] 2fort2furious - one of the oldest channels. Inactive but is amazing.
  • GlassyGaming - commentaries and some maybe trading things from time to time.
    KingRaja's real channel
  • Senior Noodles - Channel, mostdy dedicated to MvM
  • Chuck Redfield - "videos with a side of salt"
  • Hayden the PotatOS - introduced by himself, an MvM player
  • [R] Walt Disney's Housewives - neat montages'n'stuff
  • SolarLight - various pubbing moments, montage parodies
  • [R] ZyaxitronED - Giveaways and commentaries by a pyro guy
  • Ownage - a really nice guy with a daily updating growing channel
  • Miss Moth - a cute gamer girl, yay!
  • Snow - a sexy voice sniper player
  • Red Robot - werid loadout commentaries and casual plays
Jumping / Surfing
The fastest guys around. Amazing runs through jump maps, speedruns, surfing and stuff.

Sit back and relax. Time to watch non-gameplay videos.

The dark side of TF2, however having its own community. Secrets and news. The richest fellows of tf2 universe.

I need your help!
I'm sure you know more channels. Just let me know in the comments below.
Once again, try using Ctrl + F before c:
Constantly updating, bookmark for future use!

List of amazing contributors:
Mr.pyro (MI), Cat, Püg , nemai, el paco, [KI] Cheesus λ³, Geo1tee, TVR | Neds9kelly, Like Zoinks Scoob!, hawkblade100.z¡p, Tycheee, The Question, Like Zoinks Scoob!, Kaibutsu `怪物くん Princess , Techeton, The OPOne, Tyrannos, Jooris, herms, Corundum, TheBackup30, palmen, Sakuya Izayoi, adolf kritler, Sgt. Deranged Arsonist, V♦V♦R -Stein, Skypercain, frasmuffiN, Burnt Sienna, SUPER THUG! , Super Potato, .vAs.donlee[Straya], Blueberry, ZE MUFFIN MANN_, Dyson, river, Theblahblahgames, Muffin Lord, [EC] Chinesean, IamLCGamer, -WC- S k a r, Яeixi, duck, LOWFLIGHT :3, Redprint, Holy Onion, River (<= special thanks for providing a lot of links for jumping section), Zipplip, MkFlower , Jimmee | GlassyGaming, chriswang0401, Mashpit, BravelT, Hayden the PotatOS, BraveLT, SolarLight, River (thanks for helping with some jumpers), Mag Magnet, Scoutisaspyable, Cloudy Jay, Miasmar, Silver, Retro4214, isoprusse,slorp, Lifelover 3000, DrFlopster... and more!

Thanks for the community support. Cheers!
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this is so outdated
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the ultimate list of cancer
Karelaze | Bday in 2 weeks Jan 1, 2018 @ 5:27am 
Wait, Is there any youtubers who use demoman most?
8BEATER | SFM Dec 30, 2017 @ 5:47am 
JUUD0LF, Doctor Lalve, pyro joe, ninja cookie
Skrublord Kyle Nov 24, 2017 @ 7:09pm 
what about me?
l Ace Spy l Nov 1, 2017 @ 8:30pm 
Uncle Dane? Pyrojoe? Soundsmith? Robtheawsm? Dr Love Cat? Mr Paladin? Swipez? Max Box? Peterscraps? Sir Stanger? Ace The Orcarinia Maker? Doomsday.exe? Me? (Okay ill admit ive only got 2k Subs Lmao)...............
JayJuanJose #TF2SP Sep 19, 2017 @ 6:25pm 
Where's Doctor Lalve, he is pretty much the 2nd kitty0706. Just look at his content
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where the fuck is toomanymoths bitch