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Garry's Mod

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Wheatley's Parkour
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Mar 19, 2015 @ 9:35pm
Mar 31, 2016 @ 9:05pm
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Wheatley's Parkour

Wheatley's Parkour Mod for Garry's Mod
This is actually a project I has abandoned a long ago, but a week ago (12-13 march 2015) I started work on it again.
And now it's finnished!

This is my own HUD on the screenshots, its not part of the parkour mod.
No, I'm not gonna release it!
(anyway, I don't have the code anymore)

Where can you find it?
Open your spawn menu, go to Weapons tab, Wheatley's SWEPs, Parkour Mod.

Please read this guide about tricks in this mod.

Pipes and other special props
As climbable pipes you should use these props:

They can be found in Construction Props in Your spawn menu.
Don't forgot to disable collision of your pipe prop!
(Context Menu (C key) > Right Click on the pipe > Disable Collisions)

This 2 props may save your life if you land on them from any height.
The one on left can be found in the same folder as Pipe props.
The right one requires Team Fortress 2 and situated in Team Fortress 2 -> Props category in spawn menu.

Ramps and Obstructions
Ramps - props (world brushes) 36 units height which will 'throw' player in the air.
Obstruction - props (world brushes) 48 units height that player can over-jump.

Configuring Tricks, HUD and Visual Effects

This menu allows you to modify mod's tricks, HUD and some visual effects such as Motion Blur and Adrenaline Effects.
You can find it in Your spawn menu, in options tab.

Server-side convars
There is small list of Server-controled convars, which allows you to control some of the mod's functions:
pm_sv_climbvel - amount of velocity to apply while climbing - default 160
pm_sv_disableadr - disables adrenaline feature - default 0
pm_sv_disablehud - disables HUD for everyone on the server - default 0
pm_sv_maxjump - clamps jumping velocity - default 650
pm_sv_maxspeed - clamps running speed - default 500
pm_sv_disabledoorbust - disables door bust (works only from server's console)
pm_sv_disablestabing - disables stabing (works only from server's console)
pm_sv_disablehealthregen - disables health regeneration (works only from server's console)

Can I use other weapons while using Parkour mod?
Will this ^ feature added in future?
No. In order to have hands, Parkour mod will remain SWEP.

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Licenced under APACHE LICENCE 2.0[].

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Bomber Aug 12 @ 9:50am 
Will this work for TTT?
спицнас Aug 11 @ 3:27pm 
забыл про то что бы можно было отбить удары
спицнас Aug 11 @ 3:26pm 
уитли а можешь сделать first person gmod что бы бои с метрокопами или солдатами альянса вглядели ещё реалестичнее (типо скинуть с крыши наколоть на что то острое или же взаемодействовать с предметами:steamhappy:)
jacob123456798 Aug 9 @ 11:23am 
Jump man over here
Jesus thats a high jump
DdBrey Aug 4 @ 6:34am 
Cool mod,but maybe addon been amazing with animations
Inaki Jul 29 @ 10:27pm 
Does this conflict with S.M.A..R.T parkour mod?
ЕНОТ!!! Jul 29 @ 4:14am 
Russia flag in 1:19
MrGreenie Jul 25 @ 1:56pm 
pair it with cl_pitchup/pitchdown 900 to do sicc flips!
Kyle-Bikerman of the East Jul 23 @ 10:00am 
Best swep ever.
Some Canadian Boy Jul 19 @ 5:08pm 
Amazing. 100/5