Dreaming Sarah

Dreaming Sarah

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Dreaming Sarah Walkthrough/Achievement Guide
By Xaxu-Slyph
This will be a comprehensive guide to Dreaming Sarah that follows the most optimum path to see everything and finish the game.
Getting Started
Welcome to my Walkthrough/Achievement Guide to Dreaming Sarah. I hope this will benefit all who reads it. From those that are lost, to those that just want the achievements in the fastest way possible, to those that might not want to miss anything.(Who is saying I won't miss something myself?) that being said this will be a full walkthrough so spoilers might be abound. Though I will try to be coy about what is going on till we get there! If there is anything I've missed let me know and I'll try to add it and credit those who told me about it! That being said let's start with the Controls and then start the Walkthrough.
Keyboard(Can be Changed!)

Up: Up Arrow
Down: Down Arrow
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow
Jump: Z
Interact: X
Equip: Spacebar
Walk: C
Menu: Enter

GamePad:(I'm using a Rock Candy Xbox 360 Controller myself/Don't know about any other controllers! You can also use JoytoKey to configure things!)

Up: Up DPad/Up (Left Analog Stick)
Down: Down DPad/Down (Left Analog Stick)
Left: Left DPad/Left (Left Analog Stick)
Right: Right DPad/Right (Left Analog Stick)
Jump: A Button
Interact: X Button
Equip: B Button
Walk: Y Button
Menu:'Start' Button
Walkthrough: Forest Dimension
Forest Dimension

We start off in a secluded glade laying down. As soon as we wake up you follow that old instinct that Mario taught you and Metroid try to avert you to and go right. Continue till you find this myserious figure fishing.

(How they are doing so without bait and a hook is beyond me, but....)They tell you that they are missing their umbrella. Might as well keep an eye out for it in our journeys! Continue past the totally unsuspcious broken bridge till you find a cliff. Work your way down it and you will find A curious device...strange!

Take a Careful look at what the Headstone has printed on it. You will also notice a path off to the left and down that you can't access at the moment...maybe the two are connected! We shall note that the Yellow one is Vertical, The Red one is Horizontal, and the Blue one is a Diagonal with the top pointing to the left.(Also take note that the Yellow one is filled in at the moment.) Might as well follow what the blue one says and head back up and to the left. We shall run ALL the way back to the beginning area and beyond! Here we find a Pinwheel that can be rotated and the color matches what we saw earlier.

Turn it till it is pointing up and to the left.

If you were to go back and look at that headstone earlier it would look like this -
Once it's at the right angle we continue on our epic quest of leftward movements.

We find...a weird flower. Nothing to do with it for now, but maybe later! It WILL spin faster if you watch it for awhile though...

Continue to swim leftwards and we happen upon your first item in the game.
The Umbrella!(Cue Zelda Chime) and one of the most used.

Achievement(1/22): Umbrella

Find the Umbrella

It allows you to glide when it is equipped and you can activate it mid jump or by holding jump afterwards. You equip the Umbrella by opening up your Inventory screen and pointing the arrow towards it to toggle it 'on'. It can be toggled 'off', but there is really no reason to EVER have it off. So with this new tool in hand we can FINALLY reach a few more places. Let's start by getting over
that little cliff that is just to your left now. Jump up on the hills to your right and glide down until you are atop the small cliff. Thus free of the bounds of gravity, we continue on our ever epic leftward quest!

Here is another Pinwheel that can be turned and it's color is yellow...BUT! Remember when you first saw that marker indicating which directions they face? This one was full yellow and it's pointing in the right direction already. This means we can leave it alone.

JUST a bit more left of this object we find an eleveator out of freaking NOWHERE. Now we COULD go up in it, but lets go to the left a bit more.

We find a dead end now, With a small mound(remember this for later) just below another cliff and a bench that you can sit on for...some reason...(Legs get tired on an epic leftwards quest after all!) so after you have parsed the bench for the secrets of the universe we head back right. Here we shall enter the Eleveator and press the buttons once inside. After a bit we shall found ourselves in...
Walkthrough: Eye Dimension
Eye Dimension

Not a very long dimension, but it has it's uses! There is only two screens for this dimension and the one to either the right or left of you.(They both lead to the same place, then wrap around.) I say we choose left because going right is what everyone else does. Whichever you choose will lead you to a large eyeball in the background that follows you across the screen and a floating hat. Let's just be the kelptomaniacts that we are and pick it up!

Achievement(2/22): Hat

Find the Hat

After you have aquired the hat remember this place for later. I smell an Achievement in this area... Make your way back and down the elevator to the the outside
Walkthrough: Forest Dimension 2
Forest Dimension 2

Back outside we resign ourselves to walking ALL the way to the right until you get to that cliff that had the headstone at the bottom that told you which way to point the colored objects. You will notice that the Mysterious Figure that was fishing is gone now and you can't return their umbrella! Sad, but maybe we will met them in our journies...you never know!. Now, Instead of going down, let's take a running jump and use our handy-dandy umbrella to clear that gap!

The final Pinwheel is immediately in front of you after the screen transition.
Adjust that baby to the right way and we have solved the puzzle of the Pinwheels. The Headstone should look like this if everything is done right -

We CAN go down(The barrier that was keeping us from doing so is gone), but I'm going to save you some time and say that you want to keep going instead. If you DO opt to go down you will have to come back for some items to progress anyway so let's just stick on the current path and move past this until we find a stranger on a bench.

Talk to him and he will impart upon you a bag of seed.

Achievement(3/22): Bag of Seed

Find the Bag of Seeds

Said bag of seed can be used on the little mound to the right of him and just a bit before the house(You can also use it on that mound we found earlier all the way to the left. These help to get around better.) This will cause an upwards air current that you can use your umbrella to ride upwards. Now that you have scaled the roof.(Don't mind the door because you don't have a key for it yet. Note the Heart upon it though.) Continue right and you will find yourself in a playground.

Of interest is a boy that is crying. If you speak to him he will tell you that he has lost his hat. So being the nice person that you are, you hand over that hat you found earlier so the boy won't get in trouble.

He thanks you and fades away, but in his place is a portal...a portal to another world...let us go inside!
Walkthrough: Desert Dimension
Desert Dimension(Music: Ambient Wind Noises)

Once inside let's boogey on over to the left for the heck of it.

Adventuring left we find an sailor bloke that tells us that it's easy to get lost here...oh what does he know!? Continue left and you will...ok...maybe he DOES have a point since you find yourself looping and finding him over and over without repreave...we hang our heads and head right instead...

After trudging past the open portal and further right you find a Compass...AHAH! We shouldn't get lost with this...actually...all it does is points towards items within a certain area...or sometimes...other things!

Achievement(4/22): Compass

Find the Compass

Using it now will indicate there is something neat to the left.(Continuing on right just loops you again.) Before we do that I'm getting that eerie feeling again...like being watched..., but I also smell an Achievement!

Heading to the left we find a well....well, we take a chance and jump down the well into...
Walkthrough: Volcano Dimension
Volcano Dimension

Well...Cool Forest to Hot Desert to BOILING LAVA. Sarah doesn't even seem to be breaking a sweat, but who knows...maybe she is.

We shall talk to the person in front of us to find out what's going on all round. He tells us that he hasn't found anything interesting, but will keep looking. As we admire his tenacity as we move onwards to victory! Move right and enter the first cave you see. Ignore the ladder down to the left and jump over to the right.

When you reach a cliff we see the most horrible sight to anyone who has played VVVVVV....SPIKES!, but we are Sarah and we ain't fraid of no Spikes! Plunge yourself down and use your umbrella to guide your path to safety.

You will notice a Stoplight above and to the left. For now it is red, but let's see if we can't change that. For now, Move right until something very bad starts to happen.

As the lava rises you race to not be charcoal!

Take every ladder you see first and ignore the signs pointing to go onwards for now and take the ladder before that.(Don't worry! This place loops so we will come back to it anyway!) After entering the cave just continue left and enter a second cave.

You will come out on the other side of that Spike Pit from earlier. A lever is in front of you...a SHINY lever...a CANDY-LIKE lever...oh just pull it already, ya pansy!...Good? Now that is out of your system...

Glide back down to the bottom and you will now notice that the Stoplight is now Green and that there is platforms you can jump on. Head right and mind the Lava! After crossing the Lava let's go upwards and onwards. Climb up the ladders and enter the cave.

After exiting the cave we see....ooh...Shiny!...A magnifying glass...Wonder what it does! Pick it up and you will find out that it toggles you between Macro!Sarah and Micro!Sarah...in other words...It can shrink you!

Achievement(5/22): Magnifying Glass

Find the Magnifying Glass

Now...you may have noticed...little spaces about...let's go explore some of those! Drop down on the right side of where you found the Magnifying Glass and hug the left wall a bit to make sure you land in the right place. Enter the cave below and now you are back in a familiar area. Jump down the pit to your right and float down. Go all the way right and head down the ladder.

Head to the left and pick up the Paint Bucket after shrinking to get in.

Achievement(6/22): Paint Bucket

Find the Paint Bucket

Now...the only think I know about this item is that you can toggle your color with it. One toggle with give you a random color and then the next will return you to normal. Another toggle after that is another random chance for you to get a different color. I myself favor Blue soo...the rest of my screenshots might show as much....moving on! Float on down to the left and enter the cave. One last time must you brave the spike pit. Head right when you get to the bottom and you are back in the area where the lava rose.

I suggest you take the signs suggestions this time and make your way to the cave in the top right.

Here we find a...purple...gate...thing...looks kinda familiar to my brain, but I can't quite place it...ANYWHO! Let's jump right in and find ourselves in...
Walkthrough: Mansion Dimension
Mansion Dimension

You'll see why it's called that in a second. Head either Right or Left. Let's go left so I can show you a scene similar to another game...

Entering from the left you reinact Castlevania one for the NES(At least it looks that way to me and if it doesn't right at this moment it will later.)
Enter the gate and enter...the SPOOKY MANSION!(Or rather BOO! Haunted House)

Oohh...you terrible temptress...showing us an Item SOOO out of reach...let's get those freaking glasses and become...Meganekko!(Glasses Girl) For now we head right till we find some lights on the wall. You might notice as you walk by them that each set kind of makes an arrow.

If we look at this we get (Left, Up, Left, and Down) remember that!

You can also talk to the gent here, but he doesn't have much to add.

If you walk to the right a bit you will see some outlines floating. We can't use them right now so we are going to head back to the entrance and continue left. Just a bit to the left we find an entrance. Go ahead and enter We find ourselves in a room with five entrance/exits. One for each direction and one in the middle. North, East, West, South, and Center. If you enter them at random you ain't getting nowhere, BUT! We do have a clue though....remember those light arrows earlier? WELL! Let's try it! Left/West, Up/North, Left/West, and Down/South. Surprise surprise! It works! Head left past the spotlights that are acting as if they want to find the next contestant on DREAMING SARAH! Continue until you find yourself somewhere...familiar...You are now near the entrance and....!

Continue left and you finally can reach The Glasses! Now these babies are SUPER IMPORTANT. They let you see things that were once invisible! You will find that the glasses not only help see invisible things, but it will also brighten dark areas as well.(Usually you will keep these on indefinately, but certain things toggle them off.)

Acheivement(7/22): Glasses

Find the Glasses

Equip these wonderful glasses and head right! Instead of going back towards the room with 5 entrances. You will instead find yourself on the lower part of the entrance screen of the mansion. Go ahead and continue right and you might have noticed earlier that one of these doors had 'Do Not Cross' yellow tape across it. They are gone now...even WITHOUT the glasses...Enter here and proceed along!

So we head right and find a 'spark' in the dark. As soon as we touch the spark it will start circling us(This is a good thing!) We shall be collecting about 8 of these so this makes (1/8). Continue right and along the path(Those purplish-Pink platforms won't appear if you are not wearing the glasses and you will fall down through them, so make sure you have your glasses on at all times! Let's call them 'Ghost Platforms' for now.)

At the end of the 'Ghost Platform' is another Spark(2/8), Collect it and keep heading Right.

At the end of the path you will find a Spark(3/8). Go ahead and take a leap of faith and drop down.

You will land on a ledge, Jump off and float to the left and you will find yet another Spark(4/8),

Jump off to the right to find it's brother Spark(5/8). Drop down and head ALL the way left.

Along the way you will pick up a Spark(6/8). At the end of the path you will drop down. Shrink yourself using the Magnifying Glass and enter the small Hole.

At the end of the small passageway is a Spark(7/8) and a blob. Doesn't have much to say, but we converse with everyone we meet right? You will notice another passageway behind him so lets go there, but before we do...why don't you unequip your glasses for a second and follow blindly in? Either way you get your first Secret Achievement at the end of the passageway....

Achievement(8/22): Secret 3(1/5)

Find the Dead Cat

Lovely piece of senery huh?....moving on...Let's head ALL the way back through the small passage ways until you find a ladder leading up.

At the top you'll want to jump on over to find the final Spark(8/8)

As soon as you collect it they become a Heart-Shaped Key...

Achievements(9/22) Heart-Shaped Key

Find the Heart-Shaped Key

Where have we seen something like that?...Oh! A Door with a Heart on it from earlier! We shall get to that in time, but for now lets head all the way back to the right go up the ladder and head left to exit this current area.

Outside of that door we shall head right until we find those 'Ghost Bookshelves' we couldn't jump on earlier. Now they have become tangible with the help of your Glasses and we can proceed onwards!

Let's jump on them and enter that doorway!
Walkthrough: Library Dimension
Library Dimension
Well...just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder...So let's float on over to the right. You can either float over or drop down. You just keep repeating anyway.

First thing you find is some lady and her cat....they don't seem to respond at all....so let's move on....

A bit further to the right and you will pick up the ID Card. It's blurry enough that you might be able to fake that it's yours!

Achievement(10/22) ID Card

Find the ID Card

With it in hand lets float on to the right.(You can go left if you wish. It doesn't matter) and exit this dimension.
Walkthrough: Mansion Dimension 2
We are now finished with this dimension so let's jump and float off to the right. It will lead you back to the beginning if you keep going and you can now exit this level.

Outside the mansion we shall head to the right and around back....note the nasty looking gates...I mentioned earlier about it looking MORE like Castlevania for the NES...well this one JUST about does it for me...as soon as I saw it I just had a flashback to that game so it seems to invoke that imagry. Enter the back area and head to the right.

We shall find another Door with a Heart on it. Use the key and we find ourselves in...

Ahh...so THAT is where that place leads! First things first. Let's go back to where you first woke up.

There we shall find this small white mound...odd...Let's 'enter it' and find ourselves in the...

Walkthrough: Pill Dimension
Pill Dimension

WELL...if this don't beat all...Not much to do here though.

You can talk to those wierd little 'tree' things and they will ask you to 'Don't...please...'(Oh the articles that are going to be written about that phrase ALONE!) especially when you compound it with the item right next to them on the left...You shall pick up 'The Pill' which 'makes you go back to the beginning.'

Achievement(11/22) The Pill

Find the Pill

Now we CAN drop off this place that we are on, but it will just deposit you next to the sailor that tells you that you will get lost in the desert. Instead let's use that new Item(The Pill).

As soon as you use it you will literally be sent back to the beginning...

Now don't panic like I did and think that you actually reset the whole game...you didn't...The Pill just works as a way to bring you back to the very first area you started.

Now that we have that handy item in hand why don't we head off to the right till you make it to that area with the Headstone that showed all those colors and FINALLY enter that underground passageway. Drop all the way down and head to the right. Enter the 'building' down there.
Walkthrough: Imbetween Dimension
Not much to look at here, but you might notice something. If you changed your appearance with the Paint Bucket, it does not match the reflection that shows you as regular. Though the glasses still show up...odd...(This shows up in a few other places like when the road was wet outside the mansion and in a mirror reflection earlier)

So the only other thing we have here is the TV on the right hand side. 'Enter' it to go deeper...
Walkthrough: TV Dimension
So now we find ourselves inside the tv. Not much in here, but I will note what we find.

About half-way through you need to drop down from here.(This is one of those 'looping' levels) You will find yourself on a seperate platform and an Item below!

Pick up Blockhead. He doesn't really do anything, but perhaps his very presense has changed something in the world...

Achievement(12/22) Stuffed Doll

Find Blockhead

Continue to the right and you will find this odd Pyramid. Nothing you can do with it, but if you drop off to the right of it.

You will land on a platform below that holds a Rocketship...let's ride! Enter the Rocket
Walkthrough: Purple Moon Dimension
Purple Moon Dimension

Out of this world and yet it still feels like it fits the theme.

Head right and you will find someone that is 'One with the Universe(That is an epic scarf...)' or so they say...

Continue on and you will find a house and a small flag that apparently means Brazil has founded this world...darn...I wanted to call it planet Sarah, but not all is lost.

Somewhere on this small Purple Moon you will find a bunny hopping around. Touch it and you get an achievement

Achievement(13/22): Secret 2(2/5)

Touch the Moon Bunny

Further on you will find a Bar, but you can interact with the trashcan outside of the bar...the lid flies off into outer space and most likely has some deep psychological signfigance in this lucid world...or maybe not...either way enter the bar.
Walkthrough: Bar Dimension
Bar Dimension

We have a Pianist to the right and a bartender to the left.

Let's go see the Pianist for a moment...Is that a Gun on top of the Piano?...Let's back away slowly and just have ourselves a drink.

If you had come here before the Bartender would have refused you service since you don't have an ID on you, but now you have such a thing! Let's have us a Drink!(Shame on you Sarah! How old are you even?)

Well whatever...looks like someone put too much Dizzy in the Drink though. So close the door and shut the blinds...we are going for a ride!(The moment you move you are transported to....)
Walkthrough: Accident Dimension
Accident Dimension

This is another one of those 'Either way leads to the same thing', but let's head right.

You might notice a Dry Bones along the way, but he won't bother you much. Either way we find a place somewhere down the Road....and a bit of the puzzle comes together...

A broke Car, A limp Body, and only your mind to fill in the blanks. Mayhaps we know why we are here now, but let's trudge on to the right.

A bit further we find a Bullet....

Achievement(14/22): Bullet

Find the Bullet

Now I don't know about you, but if you look back at the car accident you might notice the hole in the front glass on the driver side. This can either be attributed to a bullet whole or her head hitting the front when it happened.(Let me also state that right before you entered this dimension...you were drinking...)

Either way we must continue on! We find our way back to where we first began and this time there is this....totem pole thing. Well we have gotten use to strange so why don't we 'Enter' it now? Which brings us back to...
Walkthrough: Forest Dimension 3(Misc Round-Up)
Forest Dimension

We are now just a bit to the left of the eleveator that leads us to the 'Eye Dimension' You CAN skip this part, as you can come back to them at any time, but I'm trying to make the shortest route possible with as little as Backtracking as needed. Enter the Eye Dimension

Eye Dimension

Once inside head back to where you found the hat and stand in front of the giant Eye.

Use your Magnifying Glass and you will shrink not only yourself, but the pupil of the eye as well which nets you.

Achievement(15/22): Secret 1(3/5)

Shrink the Eye

With that done head outside...

Forest Dimension

Head to the left and use the Seeds to cause an updraft to help you float up and over into the Playground. Go through the Portal to the Desert Dimension

Desert Dimension(Music:)

Once here just head to the right to where you found the Compass. You might notice something is different(At least with your glasses on!) I TOLD you it felt like I was being watched! For your troubles you get

Achievement(16/22): Secret 4(4/5)

Discover the Ancient Aliens

With that in our bag let's do some Pills and hop back to the first area again.

Forest Dimension

Here we just head to the left. Ignore the Clock for now as you will need something before you go in there.

To the Left we find someone selling Lemonade(According to the sign), but he offers you a Free Orange Juice(Note that it has a Nasty Smell...maybe we shouldn't drink it...) instead.

Achievement(17/22): Juice Box

Find the Juice Box

With this in hand we shall head just a bit more to the left and find a girl next to that spinning flower. She comments on it being Wierd(We seem to be on a similar wavelength today!) and that's it. Before we continue let's get that last Secret Achievement out of the way. To get it you will need to find the Pianist again. So go back to where those Headstones showed you what direction to point the Pinwheels in and head underground->Inbetween Dimension->TV Dimension->Purple Moon Dimension->Bar Dimension.

Simply give the Pianist the bullet and she will stop playing....back away slowly and exit.

When you come back in you will find that she offed herself, the police arrived, and everything was done by the time you got back. There is a reason the music in this place is aptly named (Suicidal Panist) For your troubles you get the Last Secret Acheivement

Achievement(18/22): Secret 5(5/5)

Help the Pianist

With that done we Take The Pill and Head back to the Clock and 'Enter' it. We shall be heading to...
Walkthrough: Clock Dimension
Clock Dimension(Music:)

I'm going to save you some time and say head right because the only thing on the left is a rude balloon that asks you if you are lost, before you can say a thing he tells you that it's 'Not His Problem'! Well let's just leave him there and make our way 'Rightwards'.

Jump over the first pit to your left and drop down the second one. Drop down the pit right next to you then zig-zag down. There is one last pit on the lower left that you need to drop down, but before you do. You will need your umbrella at the read. Jump down and hang right while floating. As you drop down Count approximately 5 seconds and then let go.

You SHOULD land right next to a Giant Tooth and a pit off to the right of it. You have two choices:Teeth Dimension or Sea Dimension. I would suggest the Sea Dimension. You need something past the Mouth Dimension to progress in the Sea Dimension, but we shall loop around and come back in either case! So drop down in the pit to the right side. Exit on the right hole and count to approximately 2 quickly and you might land where you need to. If not then just keep falling till you get it. Your goal is to land in that opening at the top. As soon as you drop down into the middle of it you will find yourself transported to...
Walkthrough: Sea Dimension
Sea Dimension(Music:)

Inside this Underwater cavern we have only ONE way to go. To the right.

On the right side we find a mermaid....that has seen better days, but you are probably more interested in the Item in front of you. The Shell Necklace!

Achievement(19/22): Shell Necklace

Find the Shell Necklace

If you use it in the menu then you toggle between being Sarah and being a Fish!Sarah.(You might notice that her colors are a bit dependant on what color you currently have on with the Paint Bucket). Let's try out our newest power and become a Fish! Flop around till you land in the water and head down.

Just to the left, under where you first arrived here, is An Anchor. You can 'Enter it' and you will wind up in the Forest Dimension just below the broken bridge we have passed so many times now. We don't need to go there right now so lets head right and down. Follow the path(Don't mind the Underwater Mines...the don't seem to hurt you any...) As soon as you can go up, do so, and then head right and down.

You will find a body floating here. You can get near it, but if you do then it turns the whole area blood red...
It's your choice whether you wish for this to be so or not. Either way let's continue. Head up, right, and down till you hit bottom then go left. Zig-Zag down and keep close to the bottom floor while you make your way left.

A wall will rise infront of you and no timing in the world will help you get past it. Fret not, for this is not an obstacle that we can't get past later, with the proper equipment! So head back a bit while hugging the room and you can now take the upper path and to the left.

You will find a Toilet....yeah...and you seem JUST the right size to fit down into it...Let's get Flushed Away and find ourselves in...
Walkthrough: Club World
Club Dimension(Music:)

You jump out of the toilet to find yourself in a restroom(Where else?) Turn back into human and try not to notice your reflection in the mirror starring at you(She will sometimes yawn)...Head to the right quickly!

Out of the bathroom we find the main part of the Club(Not much going on here!) You can talk to the Snooty Girl, The Flirty Girl, or the guy quoting Linkin Park.

Nothing really important so lets go out the middle door and out.

Outside we find a 'Thing' off to the right that thinks a bit too highly of himself. Ignore him and head to the left.

Hey! It's that guy that gave us the seeds! Good to see he's got some work!

Off a bit more to the left is a girl that just wants to get into the club. Surely we can be a pal and help her out right? So you talk to the Seed Guy and he seems distracted enough that the girl slips by him. All seems well! We should go inside and see if she livened up the party!



Apparently not...

Head off to the left and you will aquire the Bus Card!

Achievement(20/22): Bus Card

Find the Bus Card

Now...Yin(The Developer) posted a Gif on one of his updates of Sarah entering a Bus at a bus stop JUST outside of this club and off to the left or right. Now I can't find that Bus Stop myself and if anyone else has seen it, I would like to know.
Outside the 'Thing' knows what you did, but we shall get away before the police arrive to question us! Use The Pill and make your way back to the place where the Tooth Dimension was waiting for us to enter it. Forest Dimension->Clock Dimension->Giant Tooth Entrance...Enter the Giant Tooth.
Walkthrough: Teeth Dimension
Teeth Dimension(Music:)

This is a rather short Dimension that leads to a much bigger one.

The only obstacle between here and there is this Red Blob in front of us that is just SO HAPPY to be alive. He asks if you wouldn't mind giving him your Orange Juice. You didn't really need it anyway.

As he happily slurps it up he....oh dear...We will just let him be and head right and enter the...
Walkthrough: Dentist Dimension
Dentist Office Dimension

Immediately head left and talk to the receptionist. She asks you to take a seat(You can do so and I think it adds a bit of dialog about him taking a long time) she finally suggests you go find him.

Go right and head past the entrance and you will find him stuck in a vending machine...Turns out the Doctor is a Duck(What a Quack!) and tells you to meet him back in his office. Head back to where the receptionist is and enter the office.

Now I've played this game a few times and only recently finished it, but last time he was in the office.

THIS time I found him back in the vending machine after he didn't show up at his office. In either place he will give you his Watch.

Achievement:(21/22) Watch

Find the Watch

This baby can Slow Down Time.(Za Warudo!). You can also talk to him multiple times by exiting and entering the office to here him make other quibs.

With the Watch we could NOW get past that wall in the Sea Dimension, but I'm going to tell you right now...not really worth it except for the exploration. Skip this section or follow it. Skip to Dentist Dimension2 if you don't want to deal with it. I will note anything interesting along the way anyway

So lets go Pill->Forest Dimension->Clock Dimension->Sea Dimension
Walkthrough: Sea Dimension 2
Sea Dimension

Before you transform into a fish, go ahead and activate the Watch. This will slow down time and allow you to get past that wall that was moving up and down. Once you are past that just drop down and head right.

Here you will find a Cool Rock with a lame joke...well...not that lame, but still...Let's head back up.

As you go up you will see a Torpedo, but we can't do anything with it.

Continue going up and you will zig-zagging towards this odd structure that does the sames as the Anchor. It just leads you back to the Broken Bridge...what a waste of time!

If you didn't skip this then you will have to make your way back to the Dentist Dimension

Forest Dimension->Clock Dimension->Tooth Dimension->Dentist Dimension
Walkthrough: Dentist Dimension 2
Dentist Dimension

Now that we have the Watch we head to the right from the Doctors Office and you might notice that the Boys Bathroom is open...Out of curiosity we check it out...As we head in we move to the left and....jeez...is this what all boys bathrooms are like? You will notice a Giant Spike.

You can just zoom past this one, but after you descend the ladder there is NO WAY you are making it past all of them. Toggle your Handy-Dandy Watch and slow down time. Run this guantlet and the one down below and move into the light for the final area...
Walkthrough: Dimension of Wakening/The End
Dimension of Wakening

As you run out of the light we find ourselves on a bridge at sunset(Or sunrise! As if Waking up!).

Run along it and you will find a woman to talk to. She asks you if you are sure this is what you want?(She will say you are not ready yet or something equvilent if you don't have certain itmes. I believe you will not be able to end the game without certain requirements.) And says she 'will be waiting'(Awww!) I get a Silent Hill 2 or FFVIII vibe when I hear that though...

So we head right and find a break in the bridge. We take a deep breath and leap to free ourselves from this world.

As you fall into darkness all the items you aquired throught the game float out from you and slowly disappear one by one. As they do it fades to Credits...Be sure to read all those wonderful people that made and contributed to this game.

As the Credits finish the white fades to a last image...Sarah waking up in a hospital bed. We leave her now, but who knows if she may sleep again...and dream of another world...

The End

Achievement(22/22): The End

The End
Misc: Missed Stuff
Just a few things in this section I would like to include. Just a few things we might have missed or are interesting.

Not sure where to put this, but sometimes, when you come out of that small tunnel at the beginning of the Volcano Dimension. You will meet that one person that was missing her Umbrella. She appologizes for how she acted earlier and says she found her Umbrella!(Apparently the Leaf above her head!...Wrong Umbrella we picked up!) I'm not sure what actually triggers this or WHEN it is suppose to happen or if she disappears permantly after you see her once. If anyone has any Idea I would like to know and you will be credited.

I would be interested to know WHAT triggers WHAT in this game.

Jaws has informed me that Blockhead spawns the Clock Dimension and THAT helped me plan out my route
Misc: Glitches
I myself love finding Glitches and in a game as short as this can be. It's not as much a hinderance as it would to something you play 30 hours into and then it just breaks your game. Of note here are a few I have encountered. Before we begin though I would like to mention that MOST of these have been fixed in the most current version, but they were fun to find anyway.

In one version you could use the Compass and if you ducked and timed it, you could spawn more than a few on screen at one time.

In that same version you could get stuck in mid-air using that same kind of combination back and forth real fast.

Same version again, You could 'Jump' up above the 'Get Screen' if you spawned your Inventory while it was still showing.

Same thing again(I broke the HECK out of that version), You could fall through the world(The platform would disappear) if you pulled up your inventory too quickly.

This was in V.1 actually!(Currently there is V.1.1), by standing in a doorway and going in AND activating your Inventory, You could have it freeze on screen and overlap.

I was also able to use the Pill in V.1, Where upon Sarah will stay in her 'Forward' pose and you can move her back and forth with her stuck like that.

I will list more if I find them. You can check my screenshots on my profile for more and NOT just that game...I seem to break alot of things!
Misc: Thanks
I would like to Credit a few People. The list might go on as I go.

Yin: For making the game itself, A labor of love it seems, and their tireless effort to fix everything we ever brought up.(I left them about....oh...5 or 6 pages worth of info each time I played through.)

Jaws: For Informing me about Blockhead triggering the Clock Dimension to Spawn. And Finding a way around the -0- Glitch.

Cloud: For helping me hash out some details along the way.

You: For actually taking your time to read this Guide! I am glad I could have helped.

Thank You All! And if there is anything I need to Add, Just let me know. This is the first Version of this Guide and the game is Currently at V.1.1 so there might be more by the end. I still have to add some Screenshots here and there before I'm done!

The End...For Now...

Keep Dreaming!

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|TvM| Agoura_Steve Mar 7 @ 4:42pm 
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I too had to receive the watch from the doc at the vending machine but whatever, I guess I can just imagine the game was purposefully giving me a run-around and he couldn't truly help himself out, making me wait in vain again. I hadn't noticed what the seeds were for, I just sorta thought I was turning on some sort of fans, the one next to the guy's house appearing to have disappeared (but still able to be triggered).
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I had this glitch where, after I had gone into full screen and went out of it again through the options in the menu, the window stayed large while the graphics were smaller. So, I saw more of the game than I was supposed to. This made it a bit easier to navigate (like when falling in the clock dimension) but when I got to the teeth dimension and talked to that red blob, the game froze and the sound of him talking kept on looping.
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If you still want to find the bus stop, exit the club massacre back to where the bouncer and rock are and keep going left. You'll reach a bus stop where a bus picks you up and automatically takes you to the forest dimension.