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Moo's Collection: I Want It All
This is the semi-official mod collection for the players that want LOTS of custom assets and have no cares about performance, disk space or whatever else might be in the way.

I'll add everything I think is nice enough to be officially endorsed here, including...

* Maps
* Custom buildings (zones)
* Custom ploppables
* Decoration assets
* Parks
* Practical roundabouts / intersections
* Color corrections
* ... more?

Please PM me for feedback or concerns.
Items (25)
Simple Tiny Park
Created by Adequate Player
Simple Tiny Park by Steven K Wells...
"The Ninja Star" compact 4 way interchange
Created by Coletrain
Compact 4 way interchange "The Ninja Star" by Coletrain...
Apartments Growable lvl2 4x4
Created by DQ11
Apartments Growable lvl2 4x4 by DQ11
* Residential...
Blockbuster Color Correction
Created by co
Color Correction which brings a blockbuster look to Cities: Skylines...
Book Store 1
Created by DQ11
Book Store 1 by DQ11
* Growable...
Box Factory 1
Created by DQ11
Box Factory 1 by DQ11
* Growable

* Bundled all my buildings into one collection.
Cathedral of Salzburg
Created by YpsilonEule
Cathedral of Salzburg

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Type of Building: Sacred, Cathedral
Effects: Tourism
Menu location: Unique (6)
Costs: 50.000 once, 1.820 per week

OlaHaldor for help at importing
Mack for testing it

I hope you enjoy...
Fall Color Correction
Created by co
A color correction to bring the colors of fall to Cities: Skylines...
Helsinki, Finland
Created by Belannaer
Map I made in the map editor based on the real height map of the Helsinki, Finland. I tried to make the road, rail, boat and plane routes to be fairly realistic but I did take some freedoms to just make them more playable and fit the game more due to there...
(H5 3x4) Modern Condominium [Outdated]
Created by Rush_Freak
New, fully updated version available here:

A high-wealth modern condominium. (3x4 tiles, high-density residential, level 5)
2nd place winner of the Custom Building Competition. Takes up th...
Gula's In-and-Out Burger (3x3)
Created by Gula
Gula's In-and-Out Burger (Level 1 growable!)

Updated for After Dark

Down and out, In and out, whatever you call it, this lovely burger pit is yours for the taking.

1024 Maps
~2700 Tri count

This mod coexists with the L1 Commercial building...
Raerei Cove
Created by Eva
An island archipelago created in the death throes of an ancient volcano.

Cramped spaces, vast views, and roaming wildcats.

Road, ship, and air connections; fertile land and ores.

Will it become a tropical paradise or sweltering dump site?

You c...
Chirper HQ
Created by Printer 🐦
Chirper Headquarters is now avaliable! #newbuilding #goteamchirp #chirpchirp

Level III Unique Building.
c70,000 cost
Allows for workers and tourists.
Same stats as the CO offices.
Feel free to edit it however you like in the Asset Edit...
Gula's StarTrust Office (Growable)
Created by Gula
Level 3 Office (4x4) Growable in the Office zone!

Updated for After Dark

In every great city, there are recognizable structures that define the city’s character, shape its skyline and make it distinct from all other cities. In Tampa, that landmark is...
Turning Torso updated for AD
Created by ArakanI
Turning Torso as a unique building....
Jin Mao Tower
Created by <3Alex
Jin Mao Tower by <3Alex



"What took you
Yes, I...
Emerald Plaza
Created by Remaille
Emerald Plaza by Remaille

Based on The Emerald Plaza building in San Diego.
11*11 Level 5 monument.
Stats are available in the screenshots


948 tris, 1K texture
perfectly working LOD at 210 tris...
One World Trade Center (Standalone)
Created by elementslayer
One World Trade Center (Rebalanced and Redone)

A lot of requests were put in to fix a few things and rebalance the actual building. This is that redone building.

One World Trade Center now a single building allowing it to be taller and lookin...
Gula's Starbucks Coffee (Growable)
Created by Gula
Level 1 Commercial (2x4) coffee shop growable in the commercial zone!

Updated for After Dark

Sherlocks Coffee... Iced two-pump cinnamon dulce americano with cream

787 Tris
512 Texture res - for releases!
Fully connected 6-Way Interchange
Created by euvier
A fully connected 6-way (or hexagonal) interchange.

NOTE: I ran out of bridge pieces in the asset editor, so the asset you will download is only 80% finished. You need to add the outer most connectors yourself (marked red in picture 3), which fortunatel...
Double Roundabout Intersection
Created by Hmuda
Simple but effective for moderately busy parts. It might get clogged if there is a dramatic increase in traffic, but it should handle most situations.

Remember that you can upgrade roads, so if you feel like that the one-lane roundabout is not wide enou...
Marked Incompatible ]  Moving Sun
Created by rmbackslash
Sun automacially moves in a full day cycle, slowly changing the appearance of your city throughout the day. It sets in the west, and rises immediately in the east (skipping night time).
Select a speed, save your settings, hide the interface, enjoy the ga...
NYC_R22_Cities Skylines Edition
Created by MrMaison
NYC_R22_Cities Skylines Edition by MrMaison

Now Updated for After Dark!

The New York City subway system used to have a huge diversity of train car models from clean to graffiti filled and grimey. That gave NYC a unique flavor. My aim with this series...
Modder's Walk of Fame
Created by bennymedia
Modder's Walk of Fame by bennymedia

(ready for After Dark)

This Park Asset is a little tribute to ALL modders of our great community. They`re spending their spare time and enhance this beautiful game with so many great stuff and share it with the com...
Cities Skylines Logo Map
Created by Nattas Sattan
Logo Map by Rob Boss aka /u/joshuasattan....
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isdraken Nov 18, 2015 @ 3:14am 
I want to double the size of the city or use entire FOV. It is after all late 20th
TotalyMoo  [author] Sep 7, 2015 @ 6:36am 
Idk man, people keep releasing stuff way too fast. But I should do a major overhaul of all my lists around After Dark!
Zippa Sep 5, 2015 @ 11:29pm 
So are you ever planning on updating this? :chirp:
funhave Apr 25, 2015 @ 9:12pm 
I would like to have real accel lanes, ramps and transitions, this is one thing that I am much missing in Cities: Skylines, like the SC4 - NAM
NightReaper Apr 9, 2015 @ 1:21pm 
My game is running excellently and I am enjoying the freedom of the asset editor and that is how do i figure stats for buildings so they operate as they are supposed to but can mod the capabilities as i wish.
МαχiMטּs®|!GTA V!!!!] Apr 7, 2015 @ 11:40pm 
Latest patch screwed my game up even more, have to delete even more assets to make it run
МαχiMטּs®|!GTA V!!!!] Apr 6, 2015 @ 5:28am 
Ahhh!! 22 items is considered a lot? I added roughly 500 items an game still runs fine, then i got greedy and added another 500 and now it crashes!
T​​​P​​​B Apr 5, 2015 @ 2:25pm 
OH what a nice collection, thank you TotalyMoo. Hopefully I'll make it on-board some day : - )
Pugsie Apr 2, 2015 @ 9:15am 
Love you! :D
TotalyMoo  [author] Mar 23, 2015 @ 7:13am 
It's the best custom map so far, Eva :)