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Doom & Destiny Advanced
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Italian
Mar 18, 2015 @ 4:25am
Nov 15, 2016 @ 4:00pm

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Do&De Advanced NOW Available!
Nerds are back into this preposterous turn-based rpg! Fight against Solomon Steel, the evil businessman, while he tries to conquer the universe with his ruthless startup! Get involved with the development of the game, experience glitch as never before and create with us the game of YOUR dreams! :fsm:

Release date: Beta is ready! Release planned for Autumn 2015
Doom & Destiny Advanced is a hilarious role playing game where you control the destiny of four nerds through an epic journey in an unpredictable fantasy world.

Do&De Advanced is the sequel, prequel and reboot of Doom & Destiny. While using the same premise and the four main characters, it tells a brand new story set in a different timeline and even dimension than Doom & Destiny. Much like the "Zelda" series has been doing in the past 20 years :D

This time, the four nerdy friends face an evil business man with the power of travelling across dimensions. Unfortunately our heroes are still a bunch of low level characters and they end up losing their first fight. After reincarnating into the bodies of mystical heroes, with new amazing powers, they will travel across dimensions to hunt down the preposterous business man and take revenge!

Awesome Game Features #1
Doom & Destiny Advanced is an epic old-school JRPG with a huge story, a♥♥♥♥♥♥load of content and an in-depth party customization! Something that recently you can't always find in a 60$ AAA game ;)
  • Long lasting gameplay due to the inclusion of recurring FREE DLCs
  • Sidequests, secrets, challenges, camoes, parodies! Pure nerdgasm!
  • Specialize each nerdy hero archetype at each "level up"
  • Unlock 40 different classes, each with it's own 20 different special powers and costumes!

Awesome Game Features #2
Multiplayer, multi platform, multiverse!!!
  • Customize your party battle strategy and let them challenge your friends... ONLINE!
  • ... and it's CROSS PLATFORM!
  • Share save files across all version of Doom & Destiny Advanced! Steam, Google Play, WindowsPhone, iOS! Play it everywhere! Even when you poop!!!

Awesome Game Features #3
YOU can craft the ultimate jrpg experience!
While you're reading this message, the game is currently in closed Beta on mobile and pc.
If we get greenlit, we plan to get YOU involved into the making of Doom & Destiny Advanced thanks to STEAM EARLY ACCESS. Get access to the beta on Steam, share with us your thoughts and ideas and help us create the nerdiest rpg ever made!

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Benjamin Ficus  [author] Jun 5, 2015 @ 8:40am 
it's finally happening. the early access is finally live! :fsm:
Thea.rExMix Jun 5, 2015 @ 8:36am 
Benjamin Ficus  [author] Jun 2, 2015 @ 2:23am 
my pleasure :mybeer:
uncbasketball500 Jun 1, 2015 @ 3:22pm 
Oh that's great news :). Thanks for the heads up Ben.
Benjamin Ficus  [author] May 30, 2015 @ 2:24am 
you'll to wait a little, BUT not the full release. we hope to do the mac/linux shortly after the EA launch
uncbasketball500 May 29, 2015 @ 8:27pm 
Is this going to be available for Mac right off the bat (for early access) or will we have to wait until the full release?
Mighty Mombu May 29, 2015 @ 6:56am 
grazie :D e complimenti per la versione su android.
Un unico commento l' HEY TEAM è troppo XD
Benjamin Ficus  [author] May 29, 2015 @ 2:52am 
aspetta qualche giorno e poi la rovi su steam :D
Mighty Mombu May 28, 2015 @ 2:07pm 
dove posso comprare questa versione?
Atreides May 26, 2015 @ 8:36am 
I can't wait to start playing the second part, i just beat the first one, amazing game full of fun!!!!