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Beginners Guide
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The game is currently in Alpha and I wanted to help folks get a start on this great new game. I've put most of the spoilers in the second section to help those avoid them if they want to. As the game progresses in development, I'll add more to the guide. There is a wiki site (google it), but it's fairly sparse on content at the moment. It does however have basic information on the items and material (crafting resources) in the game, so I've not included them here. If you find any issues, you can post them in the forum and I'll correct them.
Introduction (Warning, spoilers in the second part of guide...)
The latest release has changed a great many things... I'm still early into a new play through for the new version (currently lvl 35). Due to the size of the crafting section, I'm breaking it out to its own guide. For all crafting related questions, go there. I'll continue making changes to this guide as I learn more or get input from the community.

Crea is a game similar to Terraria, Starbound, etc. It's a side scrolling, rogue like, game involving crafting, mining, fighting, exploring, and the like. The difference is the inclusion of RPG elements. You'll gain levels (affects many things) by leveling all the different areas or talents, and fighting. Like combat, exploration, gathering (resources), magic, crafting, research, etc. The game is still in early Alpha, but has many elements working and 3 main bosses plus randomly generated mini-bosses. In addition, each release may change things as I've laid out here. There is the world you create (three sizes) with multiple mini-realms available for exploration and conquest.

I'll attempt to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but beware, I'm sure one or two will sneak in...
Shout out to a number of community members for their help in the content contained here and in the crafting guide. Those members are; ZaneKek & Follower for crafting information and CNHB for details on some creature weaknesses.
Starting Out
Please go through the tutorial in the game, they are adding new things to it that will help you get started. First I recommend the player look at the controls to see which commands are bound to which keys, they are similar to the others games of this nature. You start with basic tools and a weapon/shield made of wood. You have one rucksack that holds about 25 items. You'll spawn near a crystal, there are many of these throughout the world and are used for quick transportation. The one you spawn next to is automatically attuned to you and if you die, you'll spawn back here. When you find others, you can attune to them to re-spawn there or use them to travel quickly. They require a number of the way crystals to work, mine them near a main crystal.

Near this first crystal creatures should be lvl 1 (same as you) and get higher the farther away from the starting crystal you go. They won't attack you until you attack them (some attack at night, others will if you attack that species). Sometimes the creatures spawn with their nest/home. Attacking the nest will bring all creatures from that nest. Once the nest is destroyed a portal may appear. This portal will only remain up for a few minutes and takes you to a mini-realm containing more of the same creatures (all leveled to match you).

You'll find many crystals throughout the land, both above and below ground. To keep them straight, you can rename them to whatever name you like. Many of them are labeled 'Normal Portal' and it can be confusing once you start finding a lot of them. The ones above ground are usually named after the biome type they're found in (cactus, oil, summit, sky, etc.) Some of the underground ones are also named, but most are simply ‘Normal Portal’. Using names like 'Home' will make navigating easier. I also like to add the lvl # to the name so I know what I'm getting into when I travel.

You'll see smaller crystals growing near all portal crystals; harvest these with your mining/chopping tool or by hand (toolbar slot 1 & 2). These small crystals allow you a one way teleport back to your 'attuned' crystal. If you want to return to your location (just go back to base to drop off things), then wait until these crystals are fully grown. You may get a large Way Crystal, these allow you to open a onetime use portal back to your 'attuned' portal and return. It stays open for 30 minutes or until used for two way travel.


Your biome (plains, mountains, desert, forest, scorched land, more) will depend on your seed (world name). Each biome has its own plants and animals, with unique and common drops. Wood is one of the resources you'll use most often, so gather all the trees in your area (one screen’s worth, they'll grow back). Keep the seeds, they have uses later. You should be able to kill the lvl 1 & 2 creatures in your area, but don't wander too far or you'll soon be over your head. Look around for some pots and a small structure; pots contain many useful items, including keys (required for opening chests). The contents of pots will level with the area they're found in.
There is a small building near your initial spawn point. It has a box that contains useful starting items, including a researcher costume and maybe a mannequin. Currently there are many costumes in the game; they serve as NPCs once they're put them on a mannequin. The mannequin setup and break down allows the player to move these NPCs anywhere you want them. Using your default toolbar slot 2 (hand for picking things up), you can pick the box off the floor (when empty) and the mannequin. Early in game play it's useful to collect the boxes and chests for storage in your base.

Take the contents of the box (mannequin too if it spawned) and go back near the spawning crystal. Here you can begin building your first base or home. For convenience, having your first base near the spawn point allows you quick access to your stuff (teleport) and if you die access to your base. I built mine underground to help with some of the more annoying creatures in the biome I spawned in. Start digging down and carve out a room 3-4 tiles high and 30 or so tiles long. There are plenty of caves in the area, if one is close, you can use it as a starter. Leave a small entrance (3 tiles high) for a door. Once researched, you can craft a door and shut out the world while you do other things (crafting, research, etc.)

If you're more adventurous, you can build a small enclosure, around the crystal. This will allow you to teleport inside your first base.

Next sections go into some detail of the major parts of the game, the last section contains spoilers so be warned.
Game Basics (Part One)

Most of the elements in this area are similar to most games out there, so I won't go into detail here. The one are that is a little different it the toolbar. There are ten spots on the toolbar, with the first five predefined and the last five for the players use. The first five are in order; 1 - gather tool, 2, item pickup (hand), 3 - weapon, 4 - magical stance, 5 - spell selection. The rest can be setup by the player by dragging items from your inventory to slots 6 thru 10 (0 on the keyboard). Put things here that you will use frequently, like potions, torches, platforms, etc. Your middle mouse wheel will allow you to move from slot to slot, or simply hit the corresponding number key (1-0). If you're having issues removing something from one of the windows, try holding down ctrl while click the item. Some of the windows require it.


They have removed bags from the game as an item; they are now learned as a perk/talent (shadow folding) in your exploration skill. As you move around the map, both on the surface and underground, you'll gain exploration experience. There are many perks in the exploration skill that will assist in your travels while playing. Besides more inventory space, there is movement speed, jumping height, ledge grab, and many more. Spend your experience points on whatever skill you feel will help you during game play. Choose wisely as you can't currently get a refund on points spent.


There will be some fundamental items you can craft without research, but it's not much. Place a mannequin in a corner (right click) and put the research costume on it (left click), right-click on NPC to activate a research window. Research will cost one of two things, scraps or a resource (some are very rare). You'll find these scraps in loot and earn them if you spend other resources for research. My recommendation is to spend common resources (woods, dirt, etc. that are easy to get) for research and save the scraps for research requiring rare resources. You'll get scrap as you spend common resources for research. Scrap can be used only if it's in your main inventory bag while doing research. Other resources can be used for research if it's in any of your bags or in a chest/box near the research station. More details below on the particular nuances of this area, if you can't figure something out. Check back when you level up for new research options, as recipes unlock as you level up.

This area is one of the most confusing, next to crafting, for a beginner. One good tip to get started is to explore the area you spawn in and harvest any resource you can find. This include plants, trees, material (dirt, stone, wood), and pots. The more material you have the more options for research will be presented to you. I'll spend more time in the next section on the details of getting the recipes you need for the game. Stop here if you want to figure it out yourself.


You can choose to go non-magical, magical, or both. For leveling, do what you like first, then work the other skills with lower level mobs to gain levels. Non-magical and magical has both melee and range, so both play styles are balanced in function. Non-magical is sword/spear and shield or bow, and magical is Sylic blade/wand and shield. Spells can be cast from the starting set (healing and fire), but only one type at a time. Consider this like a stance you must be in to cast spells from different schools. Later, as you level syle, you'll open up other schools of magic (water, air, etc.) Default toolbar spot 4 & 5 are reserved for spells, 4 allows you to change stance and 5 is the current spell for that stance. For melee, you have to click for each strike currently (left mouse button), blocking with right mouse button. Spells can be cast by choosing the stance (4) and then choosing the spell (5). You can hold your mouse button for multiple casts, there is a short cool down between castings. Your stamina is spent by any attack and must regen over time. Beware running out because you can't swing, cast or run without it fully recharging, if depleted completely. More details below on combat specific, if you're having issues. The new release has changed combat a lot, with most affecting the magic side. There are changes planned for the magical part, so I'll leave that out until they're complete.


Crafting is the most challenging and rewarding area of this game. Making simple things to play and use is fairly easy. The player must stand near one of three stations (Forge, Workstation, or Syle Chamber) to craft. Which is required, by the recipe, is indicated by a small icon near the bottom of the window (near the "Craft" button). Each recipe has two requirements, a list of resource(s) and a station (mentioned above). The simple recipes can be done anywhere without device (like wood, platforms, and torches). As long as the resources are in your inventory or in a chest/box near the station, you can use them. Follow the menus in the crafting window to find the recipe you want to make, if it's highlighted, you have all the resources and are near the required station. Recipes will be discovered through research or scrolls found as loot. Scrolls are deciphered by the Research NPC. Two of the most important things to research and craft first are your weapon and mining/chopping tool.

Please see the separate Crafting Guide for more details.


There’s a lot of mobs above and below ground. The further you are away from your original spawn point, the higher the level of the mobs. That applies to both above and below ground. The surface of the world is riddled with cave openings and shallow nooks. Each may have items of interests (pots, chests, resources, etc.) You get experience for adventuring, so explore. Before going underground, do a few things. First, improve your mining tool (cutting through stone and minerals will take a long time with the starter tool). Second, make a lot of torches and platforms. There is no light underground and there are large gaps, rooms, and chasms to cross or get down. Having platforms in place will help with the descent and provide an escape route if things turn ugly... Mobs and pots drop keys (silver, gold, and imperial), you'll need these to open the chests you'll find (lock picking comes later as a perk). These chests come in small or large sizes and are filled randomly with loot. Once empty, you can also pick them up and use them in your house/base for storage (you can make them too, but they’re easy to find). Additional crystals can be found above and below ground to help with re-spawn and travel. If you attune to a new crystal, you will re-spawn there, and can travel to any discovered crystals.

More in next section, ran out of space here...
Game Basics (Part Two)
Armor and Weapons

The latest update has changed how items in this category function. All armor and weapon now have level requirements the player has to meet to equip them. There are a few options for the beginner, but only a couple for lvl 1-4, at level 5 a few more are added. About every 5-6 levels new items are available for upgrading your arsenal and protection. You'll find many starter items in chests and boxes, but crafting will get you the best items to use. The right weapon and armor will depend on your play style, most fit into 3 levels of play. The three basic styles supported are full melee, mixed, and range. As such the amount of protection is from max to least. Even the simple wood armor for a beginner is useful for protection. More later on this subject.


The latest update has added a lot of new items to the game that you will find in loot from chests and buildings throughout the world. You'll find many things for crafting, home decor, armor, weapons, and resources. One thing I've never seen in any drop or chest is a mining tool; you'll have to craft them as you research higher leveled ones. Some resources require that you progress past certain bosses for them to start dropping. As you can imagine, resources that drop off of creature somewhat match they’re appearance or type (wool from sheep, etc.) Almost everything in the game is a resource for something. If you don't want to tear up the world you decide to stay on, you can create a new world to pillage and strip mine...


The creatures that inhabit this place are a varied lot. They crawl, run, fly, blink, and pass through the walls like ghosts. Some attack from range (even through walls), some cast spells and melee, some are melee only. Many have defenses that affect a melee attacker like poison, electrical, and others. Most can be outrun, but once you attack a type of mobs most in the area will join the fight. As the fight lingers, more and more will come to your location, beware. If there are a large number, plan your fight (single out individuals, escape route, healing places). Mini-bosses have exclusive attacks and defenses that are much more challenging (as they should be). Each mob drops resources that you will need for crafting and research. At present, none of the mobs fight each other, some though will not attack if you don't attack first, other attack on sight.


Resources can be mined from below ground including dirt, stone, clay, sand, soot, obsidian, ores (copper, iron, silver, gold, adamantite, and Corium), and gems (ruby, sapphire, and diamond). Each of these can be used for research and crafting. The higher level items can be found deeper, as expected (I have found iron, silver, and gold at the surface, higher level area required). Gems are found as fragments and take 10 to make a whole gem. Wood, bamboo, cactus, clay, dirt, and stone can be crafted into material for building your home/base with many wall, roof, and furniture styles and decorations. Sand can be made into glass for windows and bottles. Clay can make pots and other clay base products. Many ores and items will not appear in the game until you defeat each boss.

Game Mechanics

Without giving away specific spoiler like content, this game has many areas that confuse some players. Attempt to look at each issue in a practical manner and the solution will be found. I'll give one example, to fill a bottle with water; it has to be equipped while you are in water and trigger (left mouse click) to fill it. This seems obvious when stated as such, but a lot of games don't go through the motions. Aiming is straight forward for magic spell and wands, but gravity affects arrows so it's different for a bow, practice before a fight... Use terrain to your advantage. If you like the bow, be sure to research a quiver, make 999 arrows and combine. This will allow you to shoot forever without have to restock your arrows. Arrows come in three varieties (wood, stone, iron), research each to make them.
Advanced Topics (Spoilers ahead, you've been warned)

The latest update has provided much more depth to the game in many areas. I'll try to provide what I've learned so far and will continue to add more as I go along. Below are the areas that need some help for new folks and I will need to expose what most would consider spoilers to explain the details.

Crafting (Chaos)

Please refer to the Crafting Guide for help in this area.


Research has not been changed much from the previous release. I've rewritten the following information to handle the new changes and provide more details on the process. I've decide to structure research into three sections for this explanation. This helped me understand the process better and get my results.


Research can be done when a variety of conditions are met:
  • You have the right resource on your person or in a box within close proximity to the research station or Research NPC.
  • You are the right character level; some items are higher level and can't be researched until you level up. Check back after leveling up to see if anything has become available.
  • You have the right crafted item on your person or in a box within close proximity to the research station or NPC. Some research requires a crafted item (like a clay pot).
  • You have upgraded your perks in the craft skill window (innovate). This allows you to research items you can’t use yet.

To determine which thing above is holding you back from researching something, you have to use the Recipes tab. Pick a category and look to the right. It will show an outline of what you’re missing. There are many things that share outlines, so use some deduction and look for the missing item. The Material tab has a list of all items. If it’s greyed out, you haven’t found or made it yet.

If you know you have the right item and it’s still not allowing you to research something, then it’s a level issue. Come back when you level up and check. Often times I find I placed some items in a chest too far away to for the research to see it. Also, most items have an ‘imbued’ version of the same thing. Once you start seeing high level recipes, they require these. Bosses are also the only source for some resources, so defeating them more than once may be required.

On the Research tab, pick an area for research that has a number by the tab (indicates how many items are available to research). This number will depend on what you have available to research. The Material tab will should you a progress bar or say ‘mastered’. If there is a bar, you have more recipes for that resource available to find.

Scrolls have to be translated for you to learn the recipe. Only the research NPCs can do this, not the research workstation. It costs between 300 and 800 Auri for each translation. These are for important things like rings, charms, and the like. The combat ring improves melee damage by 20%, the style ring improves magic damage by 20%, and there's a scarf that provides underwater breathing. There are more items like shields and things to find.

Like other games, advanced materials show up after a boss is defeated. There are currently three bosses in the game at present with a fourth planned. Besides the metals, there are various triangular gems representing 'Remna' that are used for research, crafting, and Imbuing. These ‘Remna’ stone can be used to imbue low level items (feather) to their high level versions using an Imbuing Chamber. Or they can be found on any lvl10 creature or higher, after the first boss is defeated. Dream Cloth, and Nightmare Skulls (falls from second boss), and level 2 remna (of quake, agility, etc.) will start to drop from creatures after you defeat the third boss.


Once you get the right level, other NPCs will begin to appear in your researchable recipes. They are healer, scavenger, merchant, and Cartographer. These costumes have to be placed on a mannequin, just like the Researcher. They each sell things related to their type, with the merchant being the only one currently able to buy things from you. A gold leaf symbolizing Auri represents the money in this game. Careful though on browsing the vendors, just mouse over to get the description. If you click it and have the money, you will buy it. Selling it afterwards will only return a portion of your Auri. Currently none of the vendors sell armor, weapons, or jewelry. They only sell material for research and crafting. Most have a stable selection with some offering daily specials. The cartographer will sell information (displayed on your map) to locations of interest. The healer doesn’t sell anything, just heals you. The scavenger will pick up things off the floor (not really, just has random stuff, sometimes high level) once a day and resell them to you.

Dying on easy or normal mode is not too hard on you. So far nothing is lost and you re-spawn next to whichever crystal you attuned to. If you haven't attuned to one, it will spawn you next to the starting crystal. There are groups of mobs around small spawn nests, above and underground. If you defeat the mobs and destroy the nest, it may open a portal to another realm. In this area will be multiple nests and many mobs. You cannot leave until they are defeated or you are dead. If you defeat them and destroy the nests, a chest will appear and a portal to take you back. Loot and return to your realm. If you die in this realm, you will be cast out to your spawn point and the realm will closed. They are talking about adding a death penalty in the future, no information on what yet.

As you defeat more and more mobs in an area, the spawn may increases and include multiple mini-bosses. Some of them may teleport you into the middle of the fight (through walls), if you try to run away. Other will erect walls to cut off your escape and/or summon minions to add to your fun. It can become quite a challenge if you get a variety of mobs in one fight, melee, flying, wall passing, mini-bosses, casters, flying casters, etc. If you are gone long enough, they will de-spawn. If you die repeatedly, just move off to another area with lower level mobs and try again later.
If you're fighting only one type of creature, like the mini realm fights, having the right elemental damage will help.

Sano's pillar form, per Baskinein, is non-elemental magic so any monster with low int will be weak to it.

Boss Fights

There are three boss fights now with one more planned. The current boss fights are on YouTube, just look them up if you’re having issues. They are tricky and involve knowing the patterns for three things; avoiding damage, Dealing damage, and overcoming tricky defenses.

From the forums (hat tip CNHB), here's a quick recap on weaknesses:

Glow Bat
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@RAIDIALFLAME @ShroomSpore On a keyboard, by pressing Shift + Mouse 1. I've heard with controllers is with one of the shoulder buttons.
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Sinew Will be dropped from ocopus-like creatures that conducts power and fires it at you.
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hold right shift
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