Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Combined Status
Created by rezecib
Supports all versions of Don't Starve (Vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, Hamlet, Don't Starve Together). Also available on the [url=
Better Console
Created by squeek.
A few improvements to the console.

Note: This mod is mostly intended for mod developers. For information about the console, see:

Major features
  • Console log is scro
DST Where's My Beefalo?
Created by Afro1967
Playing DS for a pretty good amount of time today.I've decided that i need a direct path to my Beefalo.

Adds minimap icon for the Beefalo.

Requested and added icons for

Winter Koalefants
Summer Koalefants
Molehill Burrows
Red ...
Detailed tooltips
Created by Daynar
Enhances tooltips to display values for: weapon base damage, tool durability, armor condition, armor protection type,armor insulation, and armor damage reduction.

I was using the Display Food Values mod and wanted something similar for other items.
Display Food Values
Created by drbormental
Currently mod is not getting updates. If you want to continue develop the mod, feel free to use all files in my mod.

Now there is the client-server version of this mod. Thanks to @gregdwilson. Here is the link to his mod:
Gesture Wheel
Created by rezecib
Adds a wheel selection interface for emotes, making it easier to emote.

By default, the hotkey is set to G (but you can configure it in the mod config options). Holding G will bring up the gesture wheel, then moving your mouse in a particular direction ...
Minimap HUD
Created by squeek.
Adds a minimap to the HUD
  • The minimap is fully functional; it can be zoomed using the zoom map binds (defaulted to the mousewheel) and can be panned by clicking and dragging.
  • The minimap can be collapsed by hovering over it and clicking the
Created by Isosurface
Players can take ownership of structures and items they craft, and prevent any unauthorized use or destruction.

Own traps and mines can be used against other players. Ownership is persistent.

When an owner gives another player his item, the receiver ...
Global Positions
Created by rezecib
Map sharing works again! You don't even need to be in the A New Reign beta anymore!

  • Show other players on the map (and hover over them to see who they are).
  • Show player indicators (the bubble things o