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Ghost Master 2
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 8, 2015 @ 10:21am
Apr 5, 2015 @ 6:51am
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WIP 17.12.2015
Situation on 16.11.2015
In response to numerous questions about the news and claims to the fact that "I'm not working on project".
We completed all conditions from our side of agreement with Strategy First, but they still don't complete their. That's why we can't continue make it like that. Nobody wants to work for free, our finances almost end and next we need to find another way. It is not mean that project will be closed. Agreement with Strategy First meaning that they should finance development progress, but they don't solve their questions yet, I can't say how long it will.
We thought about Kickstarter, but also we even can't make it without their word "Yes". So, that's why we haven't more news now. Because project moving slowly.

Ghost Master 2: Fan Made
Ghost Master - a top-down game in which you will become the master of ghosts. The game was rated 81% at Metacritic and at the time was quite popular, being published on PC and other platforms. We got an idea to move the game to the modern engine Unreal Engine 4.

This gem form the past re-appears today, and we are developing it. We are happy to do it, because we are fans of game ourselves. Now we are writing scripts for the in-game interfaces and AI. And who said that nothing is repeated twice? This game should mark the reboot of the Ghost Master series. It won't be a remake, rather a sequel with all the new things. Still you can find ghosts and levels from original game in Ghost Master 2. Ghosts will be re-designed; they will be scarier and stronger. You can share your ideas with us and they can be used in game.
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Nocturn Sep 4 @ 6:43am 
Any updates on this?
Qush-Nath Aug 13 @ 12:42pm 
Is this project dead?
ДАМБЛДОР Jul 16 @ 4:03am 
очень жду 2 часть
sleeping.shark Jun 23 @ 1:14pm 
really want to know how this is going. This would be incredible
makitstop May 26 @ 10:50am 
hey um...are you guy's still working on this?
if so could you guy's please post an update or something?
we are all really exited for this game and it'd be a shame for this to be a scam or something
Grognard_87 May 18 @ 7:26pm 
this looks really impressive, but I also had ideas for building my own sequel, however that involved not only getting a decent team together, but obtaining the rights and I'd have no idea to do that. However, you guys seem to actually know what you're doing so I wish you all the best of luck :)
Grognard_87 May 18 @ 7:24pm 
Last I heard, Strategy First bought the publishing rights for Ghost Master so it's now under them as a publisher, despite being on Steam far longer than they were.
Eva May 17 @ 4:16am 
Вау, это моя мечта, что выйдет продолжение этой замечательной игры! :0 Пожалуйста, не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, с удовольствием куплю эту игру! :Heart_with_horns:
zhekashka  [author] May 6 @ 12:55pm 
BlackDaddy, It's not such an information that should bother you, or information that we can tell. Just in any case letting you know, we have a contact with people which have rights.
BlackDaddy May 6 @ 12:07am 
Hello, how would you like to know if the rights of this game are for sale, or if there is a right to continue the project?
I would appreciate an immediate response
thank you very much greetings from Argentina