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Playable Derelicts HWRM2.0 July Update
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Mar 17, 2015 @ 9:16am
Jul 13, 2016 @ 7:32pm
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Playable Derelicts HWRM2.0 July Update

HWRM 2.0 Iinformation!: This mod has now been HWRM2.0 patched and
now playable. This meant however that due to the whole system being
patched, the old version became 100% unplayable, thus had to go back
to square 1

But that also means an oppertunity to make something new.
The patch notes can be found below.

Its going to take time for me to make my other mods compadible
with this new version, plus also making them return to their
former glory.

I am forever thankful for your endless support since launch and
i will continiously work hard to make sure that these mods will
work as long as i can.

If you see this message, it means that it is now playable.

This mod allows you to play as a race of Derelicted ships from Karos graveyard.
Unlike most race mods however, strategy and tactics was more focused here.

The selection of ships you have are limited,
and expensive but each ship can be used in different ways to defend yourself.
Selecting and building the right ship for the right task, is important.

The race comes with Auto Guns wich can be placed on important areas.
Junkyard Dog for picking larger targets to distrupt enemy capital ships (currently extremely unbalanced).

The voice you hear from Tower of Yggrasil is meant to sound scrambled, so dont yell at your Vintage Intercom.
This was made to make it sound like corrupted Ai constructs from a forgotten time.

The Auto Guns are extremely important for survival, since Tower of Yggrasil lacks both movements, hyperspace abilities, and
guns. While you start with the JunkYard Dog, it is important to keep it safe and use it when it is really needed.
With the use of the Junkyard dog and the auto guns, you can select a capital ship and bring it to the guns for them to tear apart.

While the Freyja Fighters dont have much firepower, its speed is unmatched by any probe ship, and is capable of distraction. They are also capable of harvesting resoruces (will balance it on later patches)

The Hyperspace Gates that you can build are useful for transporting ships that lack hyperspace abilities for more
tactical moves.

----Known Bugs----
The Hyperspace gates that you can build are spawned inside Tower of Yggrasil and not via hyperspacing, so you need to bring them out.

The Junkyard Dog's mouth will still be open even when the targeted ship was destroyed
Also, as of now, any ship that the Junkyard Dog has in its claws, cannot be targeted. I dont know waht causes this
but i dont know if its fixable or not, but we will see.

HWRM2.0 Patch Notes
*Patched and made it playable.
*Revamped the mod and added a new mothership class ship. The Imobile, but highly Durable Tower of Yggrasil
*Added a unique scrambled voice for Tower of Yggrasil
*Made Freyja single units and extremely fast for perfect distraction, and perfect for resoruce collecting
*Converted the Valkyre Frigate to be a Combat Support and Resource Drop-Off hybrid ship.
*Added a new capital ship, the Dragur Cruiser, a immobile, but hyperspace capable platform.
*Tweaked Valhalla Corvette to be a slow main combat ship.
*Rebalanced the prices
*Removed some ships until future updates.

Patch 1.0 August Update
*Converted and fixed the mod to work on the current version of HWRM
*Changed The Freyja Fighter's price to much higher for balancing
*Changed the price on the Turret ships for balancing.
*Nerfed The Junkyard Dog's speed
*Change the Price of The Yggdrasil Cruiser to much higher to act as an endgame unit.

Patch V0.3 Notes
*Added a new voice for the command office
*Removed the Hyperspace ability from the Junkyard dog to balance it.
*Balanced most units
*Renamed the Heretic Fighter to Freyja Fighter and the Hyperspace gate to Gate of Asgard to match with the other ships with Nordic God names

Patch V0.2 Notes
*Added the Ghost Ship. Currently very WIP, and spawns inside the Offie when built.
*Added 2 Derelict Frigates
*Fixed the Yggrasil Cruiser's Ai. Thank you Dogat Bergaz Arven Belnez for your help!

---To do list---
*Balancing stats and weaponry
The mod currently replaces Vaygr, so for any Vaygr players out there, i am sorry. (The race doesnt have an Ai anyways so it wont mather).
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Sasha The Lynx  [author] Apr 27 @ 9:07am 
I thought it was a coincidence, but it appears that each person who tries to invite me as a friend, plays Homeworld, wich makes me to believe thats the reason they feel compelled to add me due to my mods.

I write this on all my mods now, but for the love of ass, STOP INVITING ME AS A FRIEND! Seriosuly! I made it very clear, and if you really, really want to add me, you either have to get aproved by me on skype or discord, or ask nicely in the comment section atleast. I think it be common sense to atleast ask. This isnt facebook.

Thank you.
Buckler Mar 17 @ 10:39am 
'Kay great to hear from you again.
Sasha The Lynx  [author] Mar 16 @ 3:24am 
Its what my original goal is, but i didnt had time ot add them. The idea with the mod is to give each and every ship a unique role, not just bullet sponges.

When i finaly get around to mod again, i defintly will consider adding the ships and give them a role with this mod.
Buckler Mar 15 @ 9:14pm 
This mod's nice, but it could use more derelicts... Maybe use the Ghost Ship, those Cruisers that look like what the Avatar class Heavy Cruiser was based off of, or maybe even the Agamemnon.
Sasha The Lynx  [author] Sep 17, 2017 @ 5:05pm 

Its a design choice that you only get 1. Considering how OP the ship is, building more could break the flow and strategy of the race. I could make it so that you dont start with the Junkyard Dog and make it an end game unit when you got enouth RU.

Maybe i sould put that to the test in teh test bench for this mod for you people to try out.
cc666phoenix Sep 17, 2017 @ 1:36pm 
@sasha have u thought about making it so we can build a new junkyad dog when the other 1 is destroyed
Sasha The Lynx  [author] Sep 9, 2017 @ 4:12pm 
Heads up guys and gals, the unthinkable has happened.

Im finaly editing some files and getting to get back into Homeworld modding again. I be releasing a test version soon, and I will for the first time, open up my private Testing Bench page for you people to try out when i am experimenting with stuff.

Normaly before releasing a mod, i got private mod pages that is only accessable by me to test the mods if i want to try out something or add new features without comprisimign the main mod (cause unsing the shortcut commands apparnelty never work for me).

Also, i been thinking of reformating the description compeltelty using a seperate website by using one of those free website making tools but i dont know wich one to use. If you got a suggestion, please do tell, i appricaite that.

And ofcorse, thank all of you for your divine patience with my mods.
Sasha The Lynx  [author] Sep 9, 2017 @ 8:54am 

Most mods stopped working thanks to Gearbox's patches. Each patch they did, made huge changes to the system, making the mods stop working.
cc666phoenix Sep 9, 2017 @ 4:40am 
well theres an idea never thourt of that 1 prgenator VS juckyard lol might have to try that if i can get me mods to work half of them stopped working for some odd reason
Dolorem Kot Sep 8, 2017 @ 3:20pm 
Well,we do what we can :)