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The Munitions Maniac

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A set of items for Soldier that shows just much he loves hoarding ammo and how little he cares for his teammates. All paintable.
Items (3)
The Improv Trooper
Created by Kaymon95
When you're under fire on the battlefield, anything's a helmet!

Upside-down ammo can as a helmet, with some taped on spare ammo. Paintable.
The Ammo Baron
Created by Kaymon95
Someone's hoarding ammo? It's not me, this stuff was on the vest when I got it.

Ammunition vest for Soldier, compatible with grenade replacements. Paintable.
The Cartridge King
Created by Kaymon95
Spray 'em down, boys, spray 'em down. You've gotta murder a lot of clowns.

Arm and leg bands carrying shotgun shells. Paintable.