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Flag Commander 2.5 - Single Player Campaign - Remastered
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Flag Commander 2.5 - Single Player Campaign - Remastered

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Flag Commander
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A total conversion mod for the Wing Commander universe taking place in the timeframe of Wing Commander III and IV. The mod is, as the original games, heavily centered around fighter and bomber warfare, while keeping a healthy importance to capital ships. Play as the Terran Confederation, the Union of Border Worlds, the Black Lance or the Kilrathi Empire, all with dozens of units and different gameplay. This is the working version of the mod for Homeworld Remastered compatible with the 2.1 version of the game. You can play both against the AI (of the vanilla factions only) in local or in multiplayer.

Unit guide available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1177630694

SECRET MISSIONS 1 optional content available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1177490387
Two new factions with a dozen ships each, for the Confederation and the Kilrathi of... Wing Commander I and II!

Latest update:

-- Final mission of the prologue single-player campaign.
-- Rework of the previous missions of the campaign with new backgrounds and character icons.


- automated convoy system spawning transport ships from a randomly-placed Jump Buoy (always 35 to 40 km away), bringing extra resources to your base. Defend your transports and raid enemy transports! Bounties highly recommended for the games.
- four factions from Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger and Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. The Terran Confederation, the Kilrathi Empire, the Black Lance and the Union of Border Worlds, all of them with their units and research.
- emphasis on carrier warfare, with powerful fighters yet unable to damage capital ships and bombers (corvettes) equipped with devastating anti-ship torpedoes.
- balance between offence and defence as torpedoes can be intercepted making a properly escorted fleet a very tough nut to crack.
- fuel management for strikecrafts (fighters and bombers). This feature, as far as I know, implemented for the first time ever in a Total Conversion for HW2/HWR, makes carriers critical to bombing ops, as all strikecrafts will have a limited range beyond which they will lose most of their speed and will go back to their carrier automatically. Now, hitting the enemy carrier is a very good tactic to neutralize an overwhelming strike force!
- carrier battle mode, with starting fleets limited to a single carrier and its battlegroup, forcing you to hunt the other one and try to break its defences before it does the same to you. Midway in space!
- hero fighters, unique upgraded fighters and bombers with named pilots from the original game, giving you the extra edge you need.
- ammunition management system.

Highlights of the new feature: bombers have a limited amount of anti-ship torpedoes which will be indicated in the unit icon next to the vanilla stats and as soon as they fired all their torpedoes, they automatically head back to a place where they can land to reload. To make sure the reload takes place correctly, select the option to keep the craft landed, as it might take a few seconds to reload. Launch the crafter after, with a shiny new torpedo. When the torpedo is reloaded, you can attack again.

Each bomber class has a different number of torpedoes, which is indicated in its description. The RTB (Return To Base) system is initially automatic, sending your bombers either to a close carrier if there is one or to a random one.

Thanks to goldfish_boy for reporting the bug which allowed me to achieve that very important milestone.
Thanks to Krnt and PulsarMagic for the improved fuel script.

In the future:

- More single-player missions. Planned campaign.
- Improvement in the game mechanics.
- Return of all the features from the HWRM 1.x versions of the mod.
- Wing Commander Prophecy era ships (DefianceIndustries and others are working on a huge remastering of these ships).

Credits given to:
- czacen, for making the initial mod several years ago,
- the Wing Commander community, for being so supportive and making new models of the fighters and capital ships,
- the Blue Planet mod team and the Ancient-Shivan War team at www.hard-light.net(campaign) for the hyperspace animation used in this mod,
- DefianceIndustries for a large part of the Border Worlds and Black Lance ships
- the Wing Commander Saga team for their awesome models and textures of the Kilrathi fleet as well as the initial template for the new icons,
- the Phoenix Interactive mod team, for their support and advices on the art of HW2/HWRM modding. Merci, les gars !
- Krnt for his coding help,
- Klavs81 for some of his incredibly detailed models of old Wing Commander ships, now present in the game.
- Deathsnake for his model of the Tolmacy, imagined by NinjaLA and conceptualized by Howard Day, as well as the Gettysburg and the Crossbow.
- the 9CCN mod team for the excellent AI script, available here: http://www.moddb.com/games/homeworld-remastered/downloads/hwrm-custom-ai-script-v10#downloadsform

Mod initially created by Aaron 'czacen' Thomas who vanished half a dozen years ago after publishing this mod and allowing me to tinker with it and improve its gameplay and balance features. This is the definitive version, hosted by the Wing Commander CIC fansite www.wcnews.com, and uploaded to the workshop with their authorization.

Integration of the hyperspace animation used with authorization from the Blue Planet FreeSpace mod, hyperspace/subspace animation created by the Ancient-Shivan War team[www.hard-light.net]
Most WC3/4 HD Confederation and Kilrathi Empire ships' models and textures by the Wing Commander Saga Team[www.wcsaga.com], integrated with their authorization,
Additional map backgrounds from Wing Commander Saga.

Additional models/textures by Klavs81, Deathsnake and DefianceIndustries.
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Rufus Shinra  [author] Feb 26 @ 12:35am 
Oh, yep. I haven't configured the ships to have team colours enabled. Better let these by default and not touch it.
deadsponge Feb 25 @ 11:30pm 
edit to previous: issue was that the colour runs from secondary colour rather than primary as just tested on rapier j.
deadsponge Feb 25 @ 11:16pm 
hello there, playing black lance the dragon fighter is mostly black as in practically a shadow with just the engine and the red parts coloured and also the rapier j for borderworlds had the same issue, i tried changing my colour scheme then tested black lance but was the same problem but didnt try bw. havent tested other factions. any idea what it could be?? cheers.
Rufus Shinra  [author] Feb 7 @ 10:20pm 
Please follow the instructions in the pinned thread about what is likely to be a corrupted download caused by the Steam Workshop.
klanker200 Feb 7 @ 4:09pm 
keeps crashing, am i doing something wrong? would love to play
Rufus Shinra  [author] Jan 29 @ 12:41am 
For the past 12 years? Working on it here and there. :-)
MasterManiac Jan 28 @ 11:01pm 
A Wing Commander mod for Homeworld? Where have you been all my life?!
Linglightning Dec 25, 2018 @ 6:58am 
Merry Christmas!
Rufus Shinra  [author] Dec 24, 2018 @ 5:07pm 
Joyeux Noël, people! I just added a few more maps with some pretty awesome backgrounds coming from Wing Commander Saga. Enjoy!
Rufus Shinra  [author] Nov 19, 2018 @ 3:29pm 
Heh, it was a few internal modifications, no big content upgrades - just that some small corrections can affect bigger files.