Just Survive

Just Survive

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H1Z1DB.net - Interactive Map - Squad Tactical Planning - Pseudo Real Time Player Positioning
By Xaiin and 1 collaborators
This guide describes the functionality available at h1z1db.net, it includes our Interactive Survival Map with 9 levels of Zoom, Squad Management, Tactical Planning colaboration tools and Real Time Player Positioining.
Interactive Map
On loading our map a basic selection of points is displayed

More advanced searching is available based on the communities submissions.

Go to a specific location, places a player marker at a location of your choice.

Paste a copied output from the in game /loc command to show your current location and direction
"x=2289.250 y=49.080 z=1270.540, Heading: 2.994 /loc 2289.250 49.080 1270.540"

Our map features 9 Levels of Map Zoom, the most detailed map on the internet.

Adding quick shareable markers is simple, single click the map at the locations you wish to share

Once you've clicked at least one point, your browser address bar will update to become the shareable link

Copy your link and share with the world, just like I have :)

Adding squad markers is also simple, double click anywhere on our map and define how you want it to look

Adding an item marker to your map gives you the option to share the point with our community (points will be rationalised over time)

Squad Management
Squads allow players to group together and share a map overlay thats private to just themselves. This overlay can be used for various elements as described below.

Create A Squad

Choose the option from the Squad menu or from the Squad Features panel. Please note a user account on our site is required.

Complete the form as required and submit your new squad details.

Squad Search

Players looking for a squad can use the search option to find who they're looking for.

Viewing a Squad

To view a squad simply..
  • Click the "View" option on any searched results
  • Click the squad name on any page you can see it

Viewing a squad shows either the public profile if you're not a member or the private profile if you're the member or owner.

Actions are available for you at the bottom of the view depending on your association with the squad..

Tactical Planning

Tactical planning is a feature we have added to allow your squad to co-oridnate more effectivly. A toolbox is available on the side of your map containing all the abilities you can perform on your squad overlay.

A brief description of each icon is listed below (from top to bottom)
  • Colour selector, choose from a full colour pallete or a selection of 100+ pre-defined ones.
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom out
  • Draw a polyline on the overlay.
  • Draw a polygon (shape) on the overlay.
  • Draw a rectangle on the overlay
  • Draw a circle on the overlay
  • Delete shapes

Before you start planning, ensure you have selected the correct squad layer

Colour Selector

Choose a suitable colour for your shape prior to drawing, click the icon and choose from either the pallette or one of the pre-defined colours.

Drawing a line

Select the "Polyline" icon

Click the location on the map where you would like the line to start

Drag the mouse to the end point and click, repeat this and the previous step for as many points you would like your line to have.

Once finished, click the last point again.

Your finished line is rendered in the colour you have selected.

Drawing a Polygon

Select the "Polygon" icon

Click the location on the map where you would like to start drawing the shape

Move the mouse to the second location and click

Move the mouse to the next location and click, you will notice the shape emerging

Continue clicking until your back at the first marker

Click on the first marker to complete the shape and to render it in your choosen colour

Drawing a Rectangle

Select the "Rectangle" icon from the toolbox

Move to the location on the map where you want the upper right hand corner of the rectangle to be

Click and drag the mouse to size the rectangle accordingly

Release the mouse when your happy to complete the shape and to render it in the colour of your choice.

Drawing a Circle

Select the "Circle" icon from the toolbox

Move to the location on the map where you want the center of the circle to be

Click and drag the mouse to size the circle accordingly

Release the mouse when your happy to complete the shape and to render it in the colour of your choice.

Deleting Shapes & markers

Select the "Trashcan" icon

The following two options emerge, click cancel to cancel the delete action without saving any changes

Click any shapes you wish to delete


Once complete, click the save button to update our server


Use the squad notepad to share messages with your squad members and have them reply,

Type the relevant message in the box provided and click save. Automatic refresh is disabled so use the Refresh button to update your notepad on demand.
Upload Manager (v0.6)

We have devised a unique solution to help players make the most of our maps, couple this with our squads and tactical planning tools we have created a mechanism with which players can upload their location from the game without having the need to tab out.

You achive this by using our unique custom desktop tool which effectively performs the pasting of a /loc command automatically for you.


Create a folder on your computer in which to copy our Upload Manager.

Goto http://www.h1z1db.net/map and look in the Database menu, choose Upload Manager from the list.

Mid way down the page click the download button to download the latest version.

Choose to open the zip file


Drag the single exe file from the archive into the folder you created and create a shortcut to it for ease of use.


Before loading H1Z1 (or prior to uploading your location) launch our application.

The H1Z1 Upload manager main interface is displayed.

Login to your H1Z1DB.net account (not your game account), enter your details and click login.

Once logged in, choose where to post your locations and click ok. The different options you can choose from are:

  • Public - Item locations saved to our community database
  • Private - Locations & Items saved to your private overlay
  • All Squads - Posts your location to all squads your a member of
  • Selected Squad - Choose a specific squad to update.

Squad has been selected.

Your Upload Manager is now ready for use and you can close it with the X. This doesnt end the program but minimises down to your system tray (next to your clock). Right click the icon to change squad or exit, or double click it to restore the gui.
Real Time Player Positioning

So your running along or sat somwhere in cover and want to update your squad mates, instead of trying to describe where you are use the tool.

Upload Manager is triggered when it sees a new loc command copied into your clipboard. The process to do this is the same for all sites on the net.

  1. Type /loc and press enter
  2. Press minus to enable your mouse. (Used to be M)
  3. Copy the text associated with the command
  4. Press CTRL & C to copy it to your clipboard.

If succesful, you will hear an audiable beep advising the location was captured.

At this point you would continue playing however to confirm it works, tab out and double click the icon to restore your Upload Manager (if minimised). You can see the Upload Manager has reported a location was submitted.

On a second screen, laptop, mobile, tablet or Steam Browser load our map: http://www.h1z1db.net/map

Ensure you have selected the correct squad your updating

Your map will update to reflect your current location, the heading your facing and your player name. This location changes every time you re-submit a /loc command.

At a glance you can see where all your squad mates are.
Automatic Map Pan

This new feature added on the 14th march allows your map to automatically move to a newly pasted /loc. No longer will you need to tab out of game to move your screen accross to find your player. Simply ensure the option is activated in your "Edit Profile" page and your good to go.

Placing Map Markers In Game

Markers are a very useful tool and can quickly point your squad at a certain location on the map. We have showen you how to do this on the map by double clicking.

Harnessing the power of our unique Upload Manager tool, we have created the functionality to do this from within your game, without the need to tabout!!

Placing a Marker

Goto a location where you want to place a marker and copy your /loc output.

Now our Upload Manager knows where you are, go ahead and give it another command..

On the chat line..
  1. Type in Item=Marker (dont press enter)
  2. Highlight this text
  3. Press Ctrl + C to copy
  4. Upload Manager will recognise this command and give you an audiable beep that the command was copied succesfully.

Move to another location and take a copy of your new /loc output

As above, type in the item=Marker command and copy it. (Dont forget, dont press enter!)

Move to another location and perform a final /loc copy

Place a final marker using our command..

Finally, for this example we look back at our previous route and perform a final /loc to show our journey.

Confirm (if you wish) that your Upload Manager has been uploading your points / markers by opening its GUI, the status line reports what you have been doing...

Your squad map will have updated in real time as you placed the markers but for reference, here is the map and route I just plotted..

Use this method to plot as many markers as you wish.
Updated By
Base version of the guide released
Added details of the Squad Notepad functionality
Moved Upload Manager to its own section and added details of the new auto map pan on loc functionality
Updated the enable mouse key from M to minus
Added a new single click feature into the Interactive Map Section
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Mitch Oct 3, 2015 @ 9:45pm 
Thank's brother!!! And again...great job...i really like this tool!! Congrats!!!
Xaiin  [author] Oct 2, 2015 @ 3:45pm 
Nah man, this is nothing to do with the game. Nobody has got banned for using this.
Mitch Sep 30, 2015 @ 10:58pm 
Great tool brother!! I have a question...Could i get ban for use this??
algel Aug 17, 2015 @ 11:10am 
i dont hear beep sound help pls
Xaiin  [author] Mar 13, 2015 @ 7:02pm 
Thanks :) We like to think outside the box, remember you saw it here first :D
Beasto Mar 13, 2015 @ 3:37pm 
Upload Manager is the smartest thing... ever, why hasnt anyone thought of that before you LOL GENIUS
Trey Mar 10, 2015 @ 2:00am 
"...thats how I see it." Just saying...Valve doesn't give a shit :(
I'm not saying anything about your map - haven't installed it and won't, burnt my hand once...don't want to do it twice.
Xaiin  [author] Mar 9, 2015 @ 9:22am 
I've invited the Dev's to comment on Reddit and Tweeted them, so far not heard anything.

The only thing specifc to the game is the fact your copying a portion of its text to your clipboard. As I say, this would also suggest you should be banned for every map you use on the internet as this is the trigger for all of them.

What you do with your clipboard contents is your own business, thats how I see it.
Cryptodream Mar 9, 2015 @ 5:03am 
Yesterday I was using all day and I had no problem. Also I played a Battle Royal and I was tempted to use it, but I did not, because I respect fair play. When you tell me that all he does is emulate the way from you do Ctrl + C, until you stick on the web, I believe, and in theory should be no problem.

But a wild Trey appeared, and now i´m a little confusing.

Dvelopers have not said anything on reddit?
Anyway, amazing job, hopefully no problem because the system is cool.
Bad translate by google.translate.com
Trey Mar 9, 2015 @ 4:41am 
Well...just saying - used once same type of "map" with Rust...now VAC...tried to explain to support - VAC is VAC :)