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coolest guns ever!
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MoterCity MediGun
Created by GG_Underscore
this medigun comes with all the chrome and other polishing of a hot rod. 50% uber charge time, but this also means 50% less uber charge build up with a spped boost. Part of my motercity medic pack – brain pan – compound fracture – second opinion...
Sleeper Agent
Created by Zoey
Knock out the competition, permanently.
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core
Created by Gadget
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core

This high capacity nuclear energy cell is used to power outer space vehicles and also quite destructive on heavy impact.

o Throwable device for Sniper and Scout
o Self-illuminated texture
o Jiggling liquid inside
o Soft green glow par...
Frenchman's Fatigues
Created by Colteh
A knife, camo and pockets. Everything you need to survive in the wild.
Sneaky Slacks
Created by Colteh
Your pelvis has many secrets. Disguise them with camouflage.

The Perfect Average
Created by Cow ✔
The only lethal weapon allowed in class. This pencil will give you a perfect average.

Concept- Democrapcow
Texturing- Mooses Suuri
Modeling- DemocrapCow (75%) Mooses Suuri (25%)

Download the Perfect Average as a re-texture of the Eternal Reward:
The Ripper
Created by S3pirion
The finest in (experimental) laser-guided cutting apparatuses

UPDATED: Style without laser now included in files, removes laser and wires

-Bonesaw for Medic

-Blade Actually Spins!
-Team Colors
-Laser pointer!

Created by donhonk
Stopping Power and Rugged Style, this gun has it all! Inspired by the Nosorog AEK-906 revolver.

Kill Icon
Speed Reloader
Handsome good looks.
Desert Rose
Created by Gadget
Desert Rose

o Engineer secondary weapon
o 3 LODs
o Styles without the engravings included

Concept by Juodvarnis

Feel free to suggest other names and discuss about weapon stats.

Mod download:
Steel Battalion
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
Models: Mooses suuri
Textures: Over Powered
SFM Pictures: King Of The Hill
Other Pictures and Concepting: Master Ville

Join my steam group [URL=
The Diagnostikiller
Created by A pack of badgers
When his spring powered syringe gun just didn't pack enough punch, the Medic decided he needed a little more stopping power.

Concept by A trainded chimpanzee
Model and Texture by A pack of badgers

Now available as a skin
The Quaker Cannon
Created by DANG21
The Crack-Shots Passee
Created by Zoey
All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good gun, and a good gun.

-The true words of Daniel Boone....
White Death
Created by Joey90
When you need the coolest sniper rifle around.

Download (Replaces Machina):

Link to the hat:

Includes No-Icicle style too....
The Bamboo Shoot
Created by Gangstahwezel
Get it?

Mod download:

Model: Gangstahwezel
Texture: Phill
Concept: Mcpoopie...
Gingerbread Spy
Created by GG_Underscore
Looks like a spy – tastes like sweet gingerbread
Nom nom nom nom – spy is moist and delicious!...
Tesla's Secret Taser Prototype
Created by OverPovered
Did you think the Tesla Coil was just a cool science project for the science fair? Well, Tesla had an ace up his sleeve. He was actually developing an early taser! This prototype taser was found among Tesla's garbage, by some creepy guy. Despite the fact t...
Warlitzer 3000
Created by zachL
Help protect our troops from the scourge of the Plutonian communists!

An entry into the Retro-Futurism modding competition.

Map used in screen shot is ctf_moonwalk...
The Victor-Ion
Created by Circle Pipe
Just Zaps your foes against the wall!

Get it as mod release by clicking on the image:

Stagecoach Shotgun
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Long before the default scattergun, bandits used the stagecoach shotgun to shoot anyone who stood in the way of getting their money....
VSS vintorez
Created by Cyxopyk
For all stalker (game) fans.

Possible stats: more zoomed moving speed and less maximum damage per shot.

check out screenshots and try model at
Emerald paint
Created by quadraat.
I though it would be nice to create a paint, which could be combined with agonizing emerald sheen on killstreak weaps (other sheens, like violet, can be used with various kinds of viotlet paints, but not this one) Also, this paint could be combined with "A...
The Manncannon
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
Give your mate a cannon.
Mates love cannons.

Now part of "The Frontline!" community update:


Based somewhat loosely on the Russian PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle from WWII, this is a remake of m...
The Saturday Night Special
Created by Merczy
Our lawyers tell us that this is as close as we can come to making a functional clone of *A RUSSIAN GUN* made originally by *A RUSSIAN GUY* with out getting sued. And no we had no intention of making this on a Saturday. That was just a coincidence. Now if ...
Festival SugarPill
Created by Zalak
Festival backpack, it have jigglebones ;)
Now have 3 LODs.
The Clipper
Created by Jal
Clip the wings off a fly from a mile away with this stylish Sub-Machine Gun!

More screenshots:

You can also check my screenshot library for more updated pict...
The Immunizer
Created by Maple
Herr doctor has been working extra hard in his lab on his newest weapon. Starting with a puny syringe, he uber sized it to incredible dimensions to maximize its pain. The result is The Immunizer - a medical device so frightening that you may run away in fe...
Created by Svdl
Rest in pieces, dear victim.

Heavy duty handheld buzzsaw for the Melee slot.
Includes spinning blade and possible/optional bloodied textures.
4 LODs.

Be sure to check out the rest...
Corkscrew v.2
Created by Rotzlöffel
This weapon is usualy used by robots which don't have feelings or pain. So don't cry like a baby when you just touched the 4000 degrees kelvin ammo.

I have realy no idea why everyone want that I edit the textures. They are the last things wh...
Sarge's Shiny Bauls
Created by Rozzy
Shiny-but-deadly Baubles.

Update: Optional extra for the Demo and Pyro.

Alternate Name: Sarge's Shiny Ornaments...
Informer V2
Created by Astute
"Welcome to the future of communication! Now you can share info with friends, keep tabs on your enemies, follow your coworkers and rivals, or remember that vending machine down the street! A whole new wave of "networking" through a "social" medium entir...
The Dinkum Driveby
SMG for Sniper.

Part of the Facepunch Arms Race competition.

Mod download:

Penalty Shooter
Created by Populus
A hockey themed gun for the Scout.

Part of a set.

The Calamitous Carbine
Uses a heavily modified version of the Sten animations that were added into the game a while ago and removed.

Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!
Triple Threat
Created by Bapaul
Full sliding-clip grenade launcher, including custom animations.

Model/texture by Bapaul
Concept by Kibble
Animations by Taco

Major thanks to Merczy for the custom sounds in the video!

Please note:
The provided youtube video is done in SFM sinc...
The Soviet Show-off
Created by Hypo
Tired of all those capitalist bullies mocking your puny muscles? Bulk up to mutant mass and show those pigs your true might with a delightful, yet frightening display of fitness, form, and physique!

New Taunt: The Box Trot
Created by Sparkwire
During the cardboard box shortage of 1930 only the wealthiest individuals could be seen wearing boxes. Ever since, box fashion has become a billion dollar industry. Take it back to the classics by wearing this sleek number that is sure to turn heads.

Created by ¡BUNGO!
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

Silent Sprinters
Created by EmAr
Boots of a fast silent killer...

Look at my Workshop page for the rest of the Ninja Scout pack.

Thanks to Damien for the suggestion about the soles....
The Soul Reaper
Created by mr. 3nygma
Everytime you demolish your foe, you reap and devour their soul, for you are the son of Satan.

You are 'The Soul Reaper'.

No mercy.
No nonsense.
Much wow.

Engineer Taunt -
The Soul Devourer
Created by mr. 3nygma
Due to demand for an Engie version of 'The Soul Reaper', comes
- The Soul Devourer -

Brutal revenge or subliminal pwnage, no matter what your agendas are, using this taunt will devour their ego., along with their soul.

Sniper Taunt - {LINK REMOVED}...
Gamer Power Pyro
Created by Cunt
The Gamer Power Is Given Too The Best Pyros And It's Makes You Invincible For 30 Second's..But You Can Only Use It Every 10 minutes...
The Peaked Popo
Created by Eedo Baba
The title on the badge may be meaningless, but the enemy likely won't get a chance to doubt it before they're dead....
DeutschLAN 2015 Supporter Medal
Team colored

Idea, Concept - Ygg
Design, Model, Texture -Py-Bun...
The Kneecopper
Created by Eedo Baba
Are rowdy youths loitering around YOUR intelligence? Happen to stumble upon them while Sasha's got an empty tank? Fret no more. They'll be dropping their backwards baseball caps and rap-blasting boomboxes in fear if you come at them with the Kneecopper....
DeutschLAN 2015 1st Place Medal
Idea, Concept - Ygg
Design, Model, Texture - Py-Bun...
The Spur
Created by Skilln't
Part of the Cave Story Update. Link:

*Note: The developers gave us their permission to model the items; they even wanted to talk to Valve about doing promo items in TF2 for their game 'Cave Sto...
The Spontaneous Combustor M.K. II
Second version of this amazing weapon.
More assets [Killicons, particles, and backpack icons]:
The Donut
Created by Eedo Baba
Patrolling the base is a tiring job. Are you going to spend your lunch break on a meal that doesn't even have sprinkles? I thought not. This ring of fried dough and frosting will get you through the day and back to mowing down enemies with the vigor and en...
Crusader's Flaregun
Created by invisibleStuff
It has been a few months since I've uploaded something sooo have a flaregun.
Somehow my HLMV and my sourcefilm maker all broke. This means that I can't make any "clean" renders for the time being; though I do still have itemtest!

Anyways, here we have...
The Steel Slayer

Model by SedimentarySocks
Texture by Colteh


Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!...
The Suppressed Repressor
Created by boomsta
This gun works wonders when you are silently killing your way through the back lines of the enemy!

Includes 2 LODs and 2 styles!

The mod is here! Includes both styles, LODs, and replaces the Baby Face's Blaster or the Scattergun!

Created by Commie
Like most Australian wildlife, compact and with a tendency to kill people.

If you would like to try it out in-game, mod-replacement version can be found HERE.[]...
The Polarstar
Created by Jal
Part of the Cavestory update
Tote-Table Treat Tower
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Bring all the boys to the beach with this ice cream machine....
Water Bombs
Created by Dynamite
Get ready for summer with these pre-filled water bombs.

Please Note: We've had complaints that a few of our water bombs have actually been filled with piss, so please keep your water balloon packet away from Sniper. Thank you.

***UPDATE***: Sniper go...
The Highlander's Ka-Boom Stick
Created by InfectedPotato
Dynamite launcher for the Demoman.
Has a neat custom dynamite projectile.


Concept: Mr. Gibbly
Texture/SFM assets: SedimentarySocks
Model: InfectedPotato

Special thanks to Karma Charger for creating the demonstration video!

Try to h...
The Gilded Glory
Created by OverPovered
UPDATE: File directories have been updated to be appropriate.

A team colored revolver for the spy.

A special thanks to the TF2 Emporium on Facepunch, without your help the concept would have been lackluster.

SFM Promos and concept developme...
The Twisted Torcher
Created by dpg212012
UPDATE: Check out the Twisted Torcher 2.0 where we have taken all the feedback and added new details and an all blue version!

- Specular mask added

Twisted Torcher gives you multiple ways to fry!...
Sound Blaster
Created by Hell
Part of the toy soldier set. more info soon....
The Demo Sapper
Created by Lowly
It seems that I have murdered your toymaker as well.

=== A sapper meant for the spy. ===

- Changed texture
The Carb Bar
Created by Dynamite
mmm carbohydrates nomnomnom

Team Colored
-75% LOD...
Lil' Sparky
Created by Batandy
Sometimes you just need a little less gun. If that happens, you'd better make sure that your gun packs a punch!...
The Charmer
Created by Batandy
The third shot's the charm!

A new triple barrelled shotgun for the engineer...
Burghausen (Halloween version)
Created by Gadget
Medieval mode map attack / defend mode with 3 stages. This is the Halloween version with night setting, additional pumpkin bombs and the ghost from Harvest.

Thread on for this map:

I'd be happy...
Surprise Sentry
Created by Arsonist
This one was a quickie.

Oh no, not yet another flying sentry? Whatever will we do?

The Surprise Sentry would allow the player to launch a small, low-powered flying sentry from a distance (similar to the distance of Demomans bombs). It would have a sm...
High Noon
Created by Ertz™

When the Clock Strikes Twelve, One Bullet will End it All.

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

-3 lods
-512x512 diffuse

The Heavy Duty
Created by boomsta
boomsta - model, textures, normals, advertisement poster
Metabolic - Concept art


Created by ¡BUNGO!
Bring the boys anywhere!...
The Fire Hose
Created by CoreVixen
tfc inspired flamethrower
Mod download:
The mod doesn't include the tank as no pyro primaries use the tank bodygroup so if you want to use the tfc tank with the tfc flamethrower you will h...
The Buzz Kill
Created by Batandy
A new kind of battery powered engineer hammer!

Uses Saxxy's animations...
Almost Chocolate
Created by Populus
A hot thermos full of almost chocolate substance.

Part of a set.

Gingerbread Medic
Created by Evil_Knevil
A Christmas themed teamcolored Sandvich replacement for the Heavy. Take a look at my Workshop files to see all the other classes....
Super Syringe Gun
Created by Svdl
Medic primary.
Barrels rotate when firing.
Team colors.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set!
Festive Fruitcake
Created by crazy-g
It doesn't add up: fruit good, cake great, fruitcake nasty crap.

Negative voice responses upon eating!
Christmas / winter food for Heavy.
Custom festive plate for throwing at people.

After eating:
-60 HP
3 seconds of rage-induced crit boost

Prole's Provisions
Created by zachL
"Tastes like cat food, metal, and the sweet taste of proletarian brotherhood."

Soviet rations for Heavy

The Russian translates to "FOOD"


Q: Why does the label say food?
A: The label is intended to read 'FOOD', hinting that it's a very s...
Riding with valkyries
Created by ArakanI
!Updated the model and textures, see the first picture for the latest version!

Heavy's first gun, "acquired" by his father for Heavy's 4th birthday.

It's his most beloved belonging....
Consistent Killicons Pack
Created by NeoDement

This submission changes a lot of the killicons to create a generally more consistent style. It also adds some missing killicons.

Full-size preview image here:

Mod version here:

Superb Soaker
Created by NeoDement
Water gun for the summer times. Works on multiple class animations, but only Soldier has the appropriate reload animation.

Has sweet custom particle effects by Chaofanatic, please watch the video.

Available for download as a mod/reskin to replace t...
Silenced Stunner
Created by perrryz

huge thanks to Gadget for helping me with the materials!...
ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

Sydney Six-Shooter
Created by Zoey
A revolving rifle designed around the so far unused revolver animations for sniper.

Created by Svdl
A weapon for the Heavy's shotgun animations. Barrels spin on their own.

Made to be a secondary, but could be a fun primary slot weapon.
In the video the weapon is replacing the Family Business, but it also could be a weapon that is not a shotgun.

Created by Rotzlöffel
From: 01000001

Carley's Gun (The Walking Dead)
Created by Mnemo
A TF2-styled version of Carley's pistol from Telltale's "The Walking Dead" video game.

Glenn's Cap:
The 3lb Trigger
Created by Sparkwire
My gun, without me, and without finger strengthening exercises, is useless....
The Persistent Persuasion
Created by CyanPlastic
The PPSh-41 was a bit too small for Heavy, so he made some necessary adjustments!

Model by Uncle Grumpskin
Texture/UV by Frying Dutchman
Concept by 4885
Specular/Promos by Colteh
Name by Captain Neyo...
Survivalist's Slugger
Created by Populus
The Survivalist's Slugger....
The Totenwerfer
Created by NeoDement
War never changes, but you probably should. Get out there and fight, not behind your men, but alongside them with the Totenwerfer - it werfs totens.

Available to download as a mod here (now updated to 1.1! - 05/08/2014)
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
Created by kiskã
зачем нужно носить два предмета если можно один!!!...
The Conventional
Created by Svdl
This thing is sometimes known as a "gun", you might have heard of one before.
See also the silenced version for a little extra fancy!

Compatible with the new weapon ski...
The Secret Service
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the skin/mod!
Fool's Australium - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
All that glitters is not gold....
The Twin(s)
Created by Dewzie
Say hello to The Twins, boys. Look with your eyes not your hands. Hey... I'm up here......
The Jury Rig
Created by Sparkwire
Only 5 bolts between you and a hole in your chest.

Valve recently changed the comment system, so if you wish to make a comment, click this button :)

The Cardiac Arrest
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Defibrillating teamates!?
Shock and burn the bodily fluids of your enemies instead!

Comes with battery and capacitor.
3 LODs 50% efficiency

Get big posters of the items here:
The Trauma Kit
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Get big posters of the items here:


Join my steam group if you like my items!

3 LODs 50% efficien...
The Trauma Kit (Backpack)
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Get big posters of the items here:

Join my steam group if you like my items!

3 LODs 50% efficiency...
The Precision Cut
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Laser gun! pew pew pew

Join my steam group if you like my items!

Get big posters of the items here:[/url...
The Portable Prescription
Created by Jal
Self-medicating is a terrible thing.
-Team colors
-2 lod's
-512 texture...
Taunt: The Texan Blues
Play a little song for that bit of pulp on the wall that was a Scout mere seconds ago.
Maniac's Maschinenpistole
Does it heal, or does it hurt?
Who knows what kind of gruesome liquid the Medic decided to stuff into his dad's old submachine gun?
Whatever it is, it's probably bad news for anyone on the opposing team.

- Unique MP40-inspired design!
- 4 ...
Outwood's Outlander
Created by HellJumper
This is a medieval sniper bow / arrow featured in the community medieval update.

To download this weapon as a mod, click here[]....
Merlin's Malady
Created by HellJumper
This is a medieval sniper item featured in the community medieval update.

To download this weapon as a mod, click here[]....
The Guardman's Gear
Created by HellJumper
This is a medieval sniper hat featured in the community medieval update.

To download this hat as a mod, click here[].

Updated with the new import system!...
The Hewer's Hatchet
Created by HellJumper
This is a medieval sniper melee weapon featured in the community medieval update.

To download this weapon as a mod, click here[]....
Canned Meat
Created by Overmind5000
Only the Heavy would eat this stuff right out of the can... along with the can itself!

EDIT: Clipping error removed!...
The Treadmill
Created by CoBalt
An updated version of this item can be found here:

A tiny tank for a big man.

- The headlights glow in the dark!
- 3 LODs

The Blaze Blast
Created by perrryz
The kind of heat your enemies don't expect you to be packing.

-team colored
-custom projectile!
-projectile glows in the dark!
Urine Trouble
Created by Sparkwire
Douse your enemies with recycled coffee with this oversize coffee carafe and part-time catheter

Watch the video to see the exclusive animated texture and jigglebones! (keep in mind the video features an old version of the texture and model.

Make sure to ...
The Hawthorn Harbinger
Created by AGStanley
For when you've 'Lost Dracula' for the last time.


Created by Archanor

A bright and colorful deathmatch map set on a racetrack.

Filled with interactive thingies and weapons of mass destruction, and a portal to a secret world which must be unlocked somehow...

Official Steam Group: {LINK REMOVED}...
The Soviet Sweeper v3
Created by Maxxim☢
Is time to clean base.

*Weapon model: 6169 tris, 4 LoDs, 2048x2048 texture
*Pickup model: 1960 tris, 256x256 texture

11/28/2017 - Tajealos has ported this item to Garry's Mod! Check it out here:
Space Cream Sandvich
Created by * ReznorsRage *
Life never tasted so nommy! Icecream in a melt free delectable dry cube.

Want to see it in the round? Click below to check out the model:

Space Cream WIP (View in 3D[])
The Moonbeam
Created by RetroMike
If you pull the trigger on this, you're ruining someone's day, somewhere and sometime.

- Custom particles
- Custom animations
- Custom sounds

The Triple-Tap
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
If you like this weapon, vote for it to win Arms Race!

This is one of two submissions for Facepunch's Arms Race Contest. Check out the contest here:
The Gamma Gazer
Created by FiveEyes
"Packs a mean dose of extra-hertz."

Model/SFM - FiveEyes
Texture/Tweaks - Gadget

Part of the "Arms Race" FacePunch community Contest.

Download mod:
True Scotsman's Call
Created by Hypo
A true Scotsman knows how blow into his bag pipes and dance 24 hours a day. A truer Scotsman, however, wouldn't wear anything but his kilt.
With this looping taunt, once you start playing these pipes, you'll have the gumption to keep playing 'til the cows...
The Bigger Stick
Created by Grampa' Soldier
Thank you all for supporting this version! As of now we have made an improved version!
Here is the new version: UPDATED Item!

Listen up sonny! Your old man here is about...
Maggot's Condolence
Created by Mall
Killing is common in the heat of battle, but not just anyone grieves for the dead after kicking the sorry life out of their spineless corpses. A stone, and a permanent marker (and duct tape) is all that's needed to pay your true respects.

The Gamin Texan
Created by Jal
Play games while you build your sentry!
2 LOD's
Rate the collection!
The Efficient Eliminator
Created by Colteh
For when snipin' just ain't good enough.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Overcompensator
Created by Colteh
Boom! Headshot.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
Ol' Snaggle's Tooth
Created by Colteh
Sharper than a crocodile's tooth.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Compact Combustor
Created by CoreVixen
Out of options? Dig this antique out of the closet and hope to high hell it still works!

Thanks to Lev for the description
Video made by Karma Charger
Download on the collection page.
Rising Star (Skin)
Created by Fireshock
Woah, I'm seeing stars here.

Team Colored....
Flaming Riff
Created by Arsonist
The hills are ablaze with the sound of music.

Inspired by the Coma Doof guitar in Fury Road.

Includes 3 LODs.

Models and textures by myself, images created in SFM by Milk O'War....
Created by minions101
"Ahh, so filling, moist, and delicious!"

[UPDATE] Now with pumpernickel bread!
(The Artisan bread is OUT. It is only in the picture for reference, for people who voted earlier on. Unless Valve wants to make it a 'style', those crazy kids.)

This is ...
The Gotham Grappler
Created by Maxxim☢
Batman doesn't kill, but he swings every night.

Made as an expression of my love for the new gamemode, MANNPOWER. Based on Batman's grappling hook in Batman: Arkham Asylum.


The Outfielder
Created by boomsta
This. Shoots. Stuff. Is all you need to know.

Special thanks to MrMarioman for the demonstration video. This video is only replacing the Shortstop, not actually a representation of its stats.

Part of the Hard-hitting Arsenal pack! More info here:
Killa Kan v2
Created by boomsta
Added a new texture that was better than the last.

Model by: boomsta
Texture by: Nassim0

Reupped since I added Nassim0 to the list of contributers. I am not trying to whore votes, but it was necessary to add him to the list. :3

Yes the name is ...
Havoc Attack
Created by Jukebox
Go big or go home.

Includes custom rocket model

Models - Jukebox
Textures - Gadget

Mod Downloads![]

Scottish Wargear
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new shield

Custom skin for Tide Turner
Kommando Knife
Created by Karma^Pt
Triple blade cylindrical knife for Spy......
The Mannvich
Created by Maximoose Freeman
From Hale's own kitchen comes this Iron Ration for our minigun loving coward killers. What doesn't kill you, may give you indigestion.
Other Possible Names: Iron Ration.
Changes: Name, Bread Texture, Scrap Metal pieces.
Thank you all for commenting....
Suicide bomber demo
Created by Albin1997536
offer your self and clear the entier area for your team by blowing your self up.
NOTE; The texture is taken from tf2's files

NOTE: If you thinking "You only reskin the caber" I diden't, Whats up whit everyone thinking that -_-
And im not suppose to pr...
The Med Baron
Created by Norman3D
Get your medic the perfect Smissmas present!

You might also be interested in this item:
The D.I.Y.
Created by Statyk
Based on a PVC Potato Launcher. The "Do-it-Yourself" Rocket Launcher.

Comes in team colors, 3 LODs, a custom shoot sound, backpack icons, and awesomeness. :D

~~~~~ RESKIN ~~~~~

* Direct Hit: {LINK REMOVED}
* Liberty Lau...
The Shrouded Cur
Created by Mongoose J. A
Pease remember to rate this up if you wish to see it in game!
To Whom It May Concern:

The Dead Frame II
Created by nano393
"Win a Saxxy? Yeah yeah, but, How about a fantastic recruitment movie to show everyone how REAL men beat REAL hippies? How about that private?"

2 LODs...
Crash Cymbal
Created by invisibleStuff
New Itemset Incoming!

But yeah, this was one of my more stubborn models to make. Thinking of removing the arm bands all together.

Any Feedback or suggestions would be nice!...
Eager Hat
Created by invisibleStuff
Spy: Well Solly, this is exactly how I pictured your team would look.

Soldier: Thats his...Eager Hat....
Created by invisibleStuff
This symphony is going to end with a big bang.

A Stickybomb Launcher for my "Battle of the Bands" set.

More weapons on the way!...
Shockgun v2
Created by mexican coybow
version 2...
The drawing murder
Created by Hackerman
Who said that colored pencil was only use to draw? Well if you think that, YOU'RE WRONG.

When you were young, those wax pencil were use to draw some stupid thing on a white paper.

Now that you're older, why dont you take does colored pencil and release ...
the Butterfly
Created by Deity Link
Only the stealthiest and most experienced of assassins can wield the Butterfly, but it provides incredible dexterity in murder.

First submission of my [TF2DOTA2] Project...
the Divine Rapier
Created by Deity Link
So powerful, it cannot have a single owner.

Sixth submission of my [TF2DOTA2] Project....
The Apple-a-Day
Created by Contrebasse
(*Only if you aim well enough)

UPDATE 7/22 : Hi guys ! I can't believe this got so much attention ! Thank you all for your support ! I understand that a custom bat is the least I could do, using the existing bat is a bit cheap. I'm definitely gonna make...
Prompt Perforator V4
Created by Astute
"An innocent novelty that conceals a sinister intent. Now, it only dispenses a quick demise..."

This happened to be my first item that I made for TF2. It had a lot of rough around the edges, and I decided that it deserved a remake. It's seen a ...
The Soviet Striker
Created by Rozzy
Come with 3 styles for each team:-

Team Logo

Q: So what is this?
A: It is a weapon for Heavy....
The Wire Tap
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
They laughed at his silenced revolver. He laughed at their silenced corpses.

Skin download link:

Video provided by [url=
The Saboteur's Sabre
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
Half knife, half knuckleduster, all deadly.

Skin download link:
The Metal Killer
Created by nano393
Not even a tank is gonna save you

3 LODs...
Fireworks - Unusual Weapon effect
Created by TacoVFX
Now with 100% more Knife and Wrench!

Celebrate this Smissmass with a bang... and the bang isnt coming from the fireworks

Simply put, these are Unusual weapon effects that are in the festive spirit.
These particles use texture/materials that are alre...
Lonesome Lily
The inventor of "The Lazy Ladykiller" and "Iron Armada" now comes The Lonesome Lily! Now, with 100% more glitter as you tear up your fellow mercenaries.

Proposed stats:

+5 clip size
+20% Firing Rate
+10% Movement speed for 5 seconds after switching...
Created by Dirc
Heroic spirit!!!
Gift of god of the car...
Мои работы(My works):
The Shark Attack
Created by AsG_Alligator
First things first:
This is my very first model for source and my very very first attempt to texture something in TF2 style. Be gentle then :)

Now to the intresting part: the weapon!

Because what can be funnier than blowing stuff up with your very o...
The Bonker
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
I remade my old items "Bonk! Ponk Hammer".

This weapon is promotional item from Bonk! company.

I have a few idea for weapon attribute.
1. very low damage, successful hit add Drink gauge.
2. critical hit is no damage and short stun. (like a Holiday ...
Created by [BIO]ThebigXer
The Explodo-Sapper can be destroyed with two melee hits. However, this causes the Explodo-Sapper to explode, dealing 25% damage to the building, and causing splash damage. Left alone the sapper will deal 50% of a sentrys health....
Laser Impact Quiver
Created by OverPovered
A space-grade quiver that withstands the heat of Laser Arrows! (AA Batteries NOT included)

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

You can't go to a Moon Base with some dusty earth quiver, you need a quiver engineered for SPACE! Nothing is more embarrasin...
Astral Assassin
Created by ZoraKirby
Assasinate your target from over a planet away with these rocket-propelled energy arrows!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

(ALSO check out the animated gif of the energy effect!)

Update: Fixed the "string" of the bow looking crazy in lower LODs. Also...
Meteoroid Debris Protector
Created by OverPovered
Rustproof hardhat with SpaceVision 2.0 lenses to make yourself the safest merc on the Moon!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

You wouldn't walk in a construction site without a hardhat, why should you run around a moonbase without one either? Protec...
The Ceasefire
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
The newest Thermal Activated Obfuscation Emitter from Spytech. Enjoy an incendiary free workplace with no ill-effects*

*Product not rated for blunt, piercing or explosive trauma. Use at your own risk.

Other items in the pack:
Candy Apple
Created by Pow!
A terrorific Halloween treat! Nom!

Fancy some horrible flavors? Use your favorite paint as a color additive! Added 'om!

WARNING: May cause nightmares if consumed too quickly.

#Revision 1: Uploaded
#Revision 2: Added paint support
#Revision 3: ...
The High Society
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
The High Society (alt-fire model)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
The Bad Sport
***Updated, tried to improve the viewmodel as suggested, also another pass on the texture.

New Sniper Melee. Forged in the very best of Australian sporting traditions, combining the much loved passtimes of cricket and barbeques in one item!

Petite Fleur Morte
Created by Frump
A Stiletto for the spy with a fancy engraving. Team coloured!

Additional Images:

Follow me on Twitter...
The Sneaky Feet [OLD]
Created by 'R' DoubleTap
***UPDATE*** This taunt is an older version, V2 can be found here:

A walking loop taunt for the Spy.

While your teammates dance and prance around, you can take a stealthier approac...
Fumbler's Fanfare
Created by Codenator
Everybody makes mistakes, rub it in with this trombone taunt!

Codenator: Animation, video, backpack icon
FiveEyes: Modelling, texturing, promos...
The Iron Dream
Created by boomsta
A rocket launcher for soldier. Idk it does stuff. Concept by metabolic...
HALE 9000
Created by Dewzie
I'm sorry Dell, I'm afraid I can't do that....
The UltraBlaster
Created by FiveEyes
"Batteries not included"

- Team Colored
- 3 LoDs

FiveEyes: Model/LoDs
Gadget: Texture/BP icons...
Hand-held Howitzer
Created by Svdl
Self-propelled artillery for the Demoman. Includes projectiles....
The Industrialist
Created by goldenjohnson
"First you revolutionize manufacturing robots, then you revolutionize destroying them."

You can download it as a MOD here
Created by Astute
"Harm with impunity. Heal with precision."

A compact spring-based dart gun for the Medic. It utilizes the Crusader's Crossbow's rig, and operates much the same way. The design revolves around the idea that it was originally an actual crossbow, ...
The Silent Slayer
Created by Colteh
A spy revolver which is the lovechild of a mauser, tranquilizer gun and a normal revolver....
Project 22: Experimental Augmented Tube Fed Pump Shotgun

When most people have a week off, they sit around, drink and pretend they have better things to do. Dell Conagher on the other hand, designs, fabricates and tests a shotgun from scratch, just to see...
The Scottish Fire Cracker
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Woh woooh wo woooow oooo. Don't shake the drink.
This Nitro packs one hell of a punch, in and out of the belly.

Melee weapon for The Mitigator pack.

Gameplay mechanic suggestions:
On hit explode.
On taunt (drink, its a nitro bottle) increases sh...
Limewood Leg-Up
Created by Astute
"Healing is just a hobby."

A fancy medigun made using the torso of a large marionette. The original marionette was split and hollowed out to make room for the medigun components. The arm and leg holes were capped using large rubber stoppers, an...
Controller's Crux
Created by Astute
"Suitable for man-sized puppets."

A giant wooden marionette/puppet cross that's been patched together and fashioned into a makeshift weapon. There isn't much to be said about it. It's the first entry in a set of puppetry-themed items I've been ...
Puppet Fortress
Created by Astute
"Functionally identical."

Wow, where to start with this. These guys were originally supposed to be simple background props to add ambience to my puppet-themed Medic set. Boy, did this get out of hand. They went from hand-sized marionettes to fu...
ARM Core Annihilator
Created by Wowza
So nice of that Spy-bot to lend an arm...


If you liked this item, follow the creators![url={LINK REMOVED}...
Danger Ranger (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
UPDATE: Alright, if anyone wants to check it out for themselfs in the game, here is a download link for a mod that will replace the Direct Hit with Danger Ranger:

- - - - -

Because if you want to win wars and b...
Gear Gutter
Created by Pixenal
Stolen from a giant's garage!

• Replaces Demoman's melee
• 3 LODs (Levels Of Detail)

Submission for Iron Gauntlet...
Burning Billy
Created by Pixenal
Douse you foe's in only the highest quality fuel.

[Updated Lightwarp in VMT, is brighter now and has better shading]

o Replaces Sniper's Jarate
o 2 LODs (Levels Of Detail)
o Team Colored

Submission for Iron Gauntlet...
View of Cuivre
Created by Pixenal
It's a steampunk themed revolver for spy, it has 2 lenses.

o 3 LODs (Levels Of Detail)
o Refraction effect on the lens

Submission for Iron Gauntlet

I fixed the mod, heres the link to the download page:
The Nailbiter
Created by Wowza
When a hammer and a wrench love each other very much...

Mod download:

If you liked this item, follow the creators!
The Haymaker 5000
Created by Wowza
A major key to success is having a high-powered ray gun.

-Custom Particles
-Custom Animation

Mod download:

If you liked this item, follow the creators!
Bio Breaker
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest! (And Iron Gauntlet Showcase)

"My drill is the drill that will pierce your chest"

- Its a drill
- 3 LoDs
- Team colored
- Did I mention its a drill?

MarkII Sniper Rifle to go with the SMG MarkII. Features 2 fire modes:
No Pew

4 LOD's

Mod version:

Update: Fixed issue with vmt so effects work properly...
The SMG MarkII. Features 3 fire modes:
Pew, Pew, Pew…
No Pew

3 LOD’s


Edit: v 1.0.1 Modified texture for cleaner look

Edit: fixed vmt issue so effects work properly...
Halligan MarkII
The melee piece to my MarkII set. This does not go pew... just bash.. bash... bash

2 LOD's

Mod version:
Machete MarkII
This was my original melee weapon for my MarkII set, but I decided to submit it anyways! This also does not go pew… just Slash… Slash… Slash

2 LODs

Mod version:
Performance Proliferater
Created by mexican coybow
Gives that boost you need to get gold....
Sweeney's Razor
Created by Rotzlöffel
Would let you shave a foreign person around your throat with an ultra dangerous knife? You wouldn't. But some other people would definitely let you backstap them with such a dangerous razor....
The Ice Breaker (Back in Action)
Created by KingPooChicken
“Winter is coming, and you know what that means. It means your gonna be stuck in a cabin with a bunch of people who stare at each other awkwardly for hours. But with the ”Ice Breaker” you can break the ice by telling them stories of how you used it to clim...
The Funeral Pyre
Created by Sir Kunt
The Funeral Pyre is a flamethrower developped for the Gamebanana Halloween skinning contest. You can download it here :
The Chef's Couteau
Created by slug
Like a hot knife through what we can't believe isn't butter.

Normal mapped, shiny, warm texture.

Change notes:
6/8/13 - Toned down shininess, updated texture for more color+gradient, updated preview picture, added another video.
6/1/13 - Updated li...
The Rusty Chap
Created by Ernest
A revolver for engineer

Ernest: Phong,Models,Textures,Lods,Compiling

Compiling,Sfm promos,Additional help

Thanks to Milk O'War for the name

follow me...
Parsing Pistol
Created by invisibleStuff
Process and analyze your enemies with bullet shells made of energy.

This is an alternative Secondary Weapon for my Analytic Attack set....
Bamboo Wrench
Created by Sims_doc
I just honestly can't think of a name for this or even its stats..

Also, if it reachs 1k of favorites i will convert it into a mod on request....
Spanner Sword
Created by invisibleStuff
"The man who believes that the sword is mightier than the wrench has yet to use this beaut."

*1024x256 Texture
*2008 Triangles

I'm gonna be honest here, I got lazy with the name on this one. I tried using homophones, portmanteaus, and Olde English. ...
The Hostitalian Revenge
Created by Ducksink
Some say that it can cut a man to 8 whole pieces!

3 LODs...
Created by Orko
"When the cannons fall silent, it's just because you can't hear them over the sound of this baby!"

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Created by Orko
"If the enemy wants a peace offering, offer them a piece of this."

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
The Backrack
Created by Orko
" what a good Soldier calls a "Nice Rack""...
The Blue Printer
Ever wanted to print large blue papers on the go? Now's your chance with the highly portable Blue Printer!

3 LODs...
High Noon
Created by Ertz™
"When a man with a rifle meets a man with a .45, you say the man with the pistol is a dead man. Let's see if thats true."


-1024x1024 texture
-Team colors
-Works with ...
Created by OverPovered
UPDATE: reuploaded to use the "Jungle" tag which Valve introduced alongside the announcement of jungle themed weapons.

Update August 17,...
Iron Impactor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Arm-mounted high-powered metal delivery device....
Created by Hunter
LOD levels
The Combuster
Created by Jal
The Combuster uses an attached gas cannister as a source of ammunition, allowing you to shoot blazing infernos of fire into the faces of your unfortunate enemies...
(Un)Healthy Leak
Created by Vermilion Wlad
Pretty great for givin' people superpowers.

Turns out you can't have paintable weapons, but i'll leave the image for pimping shades of goo....
[Unusual Effect] Solar Eclipse
Created by 'R' DoubleTap
The mayans predicted this would appear above your head more than 2,000 years ago!

**A longer demo is coming soon. There's a flickering issue with the sunbeams as seen in the game demo, but will be fixed shortly**

Has custom animated sprite...
Created by Pogo
Tasty and Terrifying!

Also part of the "Morsel Combat" Pack:
Sandy & Claws
Melanie's Melon Cap
The Smasher
Created by Habboi
A melee hammer which consists of the engineers sentry rocket launcher and a metal handle that was forced through it.

This is part of the "Mismatch Pyro Pack" by Habboi and APesquera.

Better picture:
The Landlord
Created by Toad
If anyone steps anywhere near you or your territory they are going to have to answer to this.

You can download this here

- I know the mag reloads backwards it's a fault with the original an...
The Invigorator
Created by Gangstahwezel
A medigun and backpack created for the Arms Race community weapon mod competition.

Model by: Gangstahwezel
Concept and texture by: CoBalt

The Devil's Tumble Dryer
Created by Lobster

Model & Texture by Lobster.
Includes 4 LOD files.

I know what you're going to ask: "Why would a man attach a jet turbine to a machine gun?" to which I can only respond "I honestly have no idea but would you argue with a man ...
Tesla Shocker
Created by Folkye
Special thanks to Demi for amazing SFM shot!

Special thanks to Ciel Freeman and #trigger_hurt for inspiring to make this weapon and for their design suggestions.

FissionMetroid has made lightning spark ...
Second Opinion
Created by GG_Underscore
When going into battle it is always good to have a second opinion! This modified grease gun has interchangeable barrels (just alt fire). Go between a half clip rapid fire or a jumbo sized single shot horse tranquilizer. Part of the Motor City medic pack....
The Speed Sweeper
Created by XylemTube
Becuase the default pistol was too slow....

Download here:

And here:
Shiv-arous Shoehorn
Created by otterwolfy
I'm going to kill you and take your shoes.
Frozen Frags (popsicle)
Created by DPV
You like to carry them around despite not being able to eat them. Thanks for nothing, lactose intolerance!...
Conagher's Wish
Created by Seeaitch
"Let every single Spy suffer, son!"
- Conagher

A father's pistol just shoots a little bit better!


3 LODs
Works as pist...
Created by Orko
You carry this just in case you see bear.
When you see bear, bear no more.

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
The Bald Eagle (Clipping Fixed)
Created by Radical VEWI
Firstperson clipping issue is now fixed.

(Part of the Pack of the Fourth)

The best kind of eagle, and you can be damn sure that it doesn't come from the desert.

Includes 2 LODs
The Crash Course
Created by CoBalt
Time for a lesson in getting blown up.

- 4 LODs!
- Durable!
- Reliable!
First catch
1 First catch of The Whaleman
2 Half of the Sawfish

-50% dmg
+30% attack rate when in water
+70% speed of movement when in water
+On hit, causes bleed for 5 seconds
+ restores 3 health points when in water...
Can O'Worms
Created by Zoey
Gone fishin'


512x Diffuse
256x Normal
Particle Effects
The Bombardier's Defender.
Created by boomsta
Use this piece of demolition to make sure the other team don't get in your trenches. Part of the Bombardier Set!

UPDATE!: LODs have now been added to the whole pack! Each weapon now has 2 LODs each....
The Deadly Rose
Created by JPRAS
Make them think you're a stylish rogue but in the end, shoot them in the face and show them how painful you can be!

LOD 0, 1;
Backpack Icon;
Packed like Goldstar'd items!

-------------------------------Click the image to view the rest of...
Created by Sir.Grey

The long awaited nope.taunt is finally here, brought to you by CrazyHalo, Kritzkast[] and by the creator of this iconic meme: [url...
Assault Cannon
Created by Svdl
A (very slightly) TFC inspired Minigun for the heavy.
Four LODs, single texture.

Sounds taken from Team Fortress Classic, and have been made louder since the video was taken.

Video has no first person footage due to replay bugs.

The Not-so Longsword
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
Never throw your broken weapons away, you might need them someday.

Modelling and texturing: Mooses Suuri
Concept Design: Master Ville
SFM work: King of the Hill

Download the mod!

Join my steam group[URL=h...
Saxton's Spinach
Created by Evil_Knevil
You want to be as strong as Saxton Hale? Now it's possible! Part of my Scout Sailor Pack.

YouTube video:

Download the mod here:
The Carved Cutter
Created by Kirillian
A Knife created for Mayann Project.

Please check out Sketchfab link outside of steam to get a better view. You can find it here:
Or by clicking the 3D icon on the sketchfab preview on Steam p...
Created by Dio Joestar
Repeated exposure may cause headache, hysterical pregnancy, and/or premature death.
Created by Svdl
Old west revolver for the Spy. Cavalry issue.
Comes in standard and engraved versions.

See also the rest of the set!

Engineer I'm sorry....
Created by Hypo
Embrace your inner arsonist with this absolutely twisted taunt!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the video trailer! I had a lot of fun with it! There is a video demonstration of the taunt (rendered without motion blur for animation clari...
The Treadmill (v2)
Created by CoBalt
Cooler, heavier, and safer, or your money back.

- 4 LODs!
- Improved design and texture and everything really.

Magenta Bleach Stickybomb Launcher
Created by Rip
Bleach Never Looked So Refreshing!


Follow us on steam for more skins like this!:

Shaitan Truba
Created by Svdl
A thermobaric rocket launcher, a type of weapon often officially classified as flamethrowers.

Pyro secondary.
4 lods, single texture.

See also the rest of the set!...
Prinny Knife
Created by NIS America
The official knife issued to all Prinnies.
It's good for slashing, stabbing, and raising HL.

For more Prinny action, search for Disgaea PC on Steam, coming February 2016!...
The Ankle Biter
Created by NeoDement
An SMG based (loosely) off an M4 Carbine for our favourite Australian (sorry Robin)....
The Burst Beacon
Created by Kowalo
A flare gun that delivers distress rather than preventing it....
Poacher's Pride V2
Created by QuestionablyInsane

-4 LODs
-Custom animations including a KillTaunt
-Premade kill Icons.
-Jiggle boned sling

The Tempest [Resubmit]
Created by Spike Nitros
Ride the wind that brings the rain!

A sawn-off over/under shotgun, uses FaN animations. Based mostly off franchi renaissance and winchester 101. Loaded with two remington buckshot shells and a very dangerous bump map. Resubmit with better thumbn...
Sum of war
Sum of War. Russian name is Samovar.
Samovar is a Russian traditional water boiler that people used to use for tea-drinking. That is why Heavy is so angry, this samovar was actually his.
No matter if it's not your thing. Importantly that it suits you bet...
The Shotgonator
Created by OinkOink!!!
Replace the old basic shotgun :D...
The Burping Blaster
Created by (_)wilverb
Due to the sounds it produced when firing sounded like burping, this gun was nicknamed to be the "BURP GUN" or Burping Blaster if you wanted some extra flair....

*Based on the MP40, dubbed the "Burp Gun" by many*

-6 LODs
-Stattrack Support
Created by ColonelBD
An Old timey flare gun, which is inspired by the Black Box.

Download link on Gamebanana and TF2mods....
The Suction Cup Sentry Gun
Created by MadMeatBall
I think the Engineers Sentry Gun is just too predictable and old. Everyone knows where there are clusters of Sentries and all Demoman knows exactly where to shoot for you to have a baaad day.

So I've thought of lots of ideas how to vary the Engineer cl...
Boom Cylinder
Created by Svdl
I guess it's a nail gun of sorts.



Maybe not.
Heavy Caliber
Created by Astute
"...Hold on, you did say you wanted a powerful revolver right? We ran some numbers with the measurements you gave us, and the best we could do was scale up a few of our existing revolver designs. We ended up with a large bear-sized handgun that weighs a...
Fixed weapon sounds!
Created by Tr3b0r
I really hated the fact that so many weapons were plagued with inappropiate re-used sounds (e.g. pain train bottle), so I decided to take the matter into my own hands, and fix em!


-Candy Cane now uses Wooden impact sounds. (acually sounds go...
The Sinister Six Shot
Created by Merczy
Do you hate not being able to fire MORE bullets into your enemy's skull?
Well have we got the weapon for you!
Introducing the Sinister Six Shot, with 80% more chamber then you'll ever need!
Laugh while you watch your foes try to fight you with stupid, one-...
the Dark Soultaker
Created by Deity Link
No one knows for sure the orgins of that peculiar artifact, what some people learned however, is that holding it puts the user in a soul harvesting trance, but few of them managed to save their own soul from that knife.
Would you take that risk to quench y...
Forward March
Created by AGStanley
For the front line Medic.

Medigun, "The Forward March."
4 LOD Models, RED and BLU team textures, SPEC and Normalmap.

Made with Maya 2011, Photoshop and Illustrator....
Dr. Grordbort's Man of Science Items
Created by Weta Workshop
Stage 2 - how about a closer look at the proposed Dr.G Medic items?

Let us know what you think.

See the full pack here:
The Transfusion
Created by AGStanley
It takes two to Transfuse.

Medic melee weapon, "The Transfusion."
4 LOD Models, RED and BLU team textures, SPEC and Normalmap. Jiggle Bones blood bag.

Made with Maya 2011, Photoshop and Illustrator....
The Ammo Rezerv
Created by ZOAG
For when you run out of Boolets.

Uncle Dane - Original Idea, Promotion
ZOAG - Project Lead, Initial Model, LODs, Uploader, Promo Posters
Dio Joestar - Model Adjustments
Mr. 3nygma - Rigging, Animations
Folkye - UV Unwrap, Texture Adjustmen...
The Drunkard's Wrath
Created by FiveEyes
"These 100mm explosive rounds will make short work of any outlaws, go get 'em bounty hunter..."

- Revolver themed grenade launcher

- Custom Projectiles

- 3 LODS

Model: FiveEyes
Comrade's Comb
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
- This sticky honey comb snack really is the bee's knees! (warning may contain bee's knees)

name/desc creds:
- Square
- Shadoxa...
Space Operator
Created by Sparkwire
This revolver is made using a top secret australium-based alloy that lets it fire the most concentrated energy beams on the market.
However unlike those measly other energy weapons out there you wont be able to just crank a lever to charge this up, but rat...
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]


"You decided it would be best to look ahead to the next point. Deep undercover, you count the enemies setting up near the choke point. A s...
Created by Diva Dan
CP_RAVINE is a 3cp map that takes place in a janky ravine. Behind the facade, however, lies a space station ready to utilize the ravine's natural zealandium ore to launch a rocket or something cool like that.

This map is currently in the ALPHA STAGES of ...
The Ultimatum
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Sometimes people just don't get it. Their buildin’ has to come down and there's nothin' they can do about it. For those times you take this paint-grenade firin' beauty and coat your targets in thick yellow paint. Now everybody knows that this buildin' is ...
The Texan Army Wrench
Created by Stoffe
A double barrled multi-tool, perfect for any situation you may find yourself in. Comes with LOD's and skins for both teams....
[Unusual] Synth Waves
Created by FissionMetroid101
Originally for the Iron Gauntlet Community Project.

FissionMetroid101 : Created the particles
Hydrogen : Lending use of his server for the vie...
[Unusual] Malfunctioning
Created by FissionMetroid101
Originally for the Iron Gauntlet Community Project.

FissionMetroid101 : Created the particles
Hydrogen : Lending use of his server for the vie...
The Musketeer's Musket
Created by Fettgondel
A musket I made for the set "The Musketeer's Equipment".

It's a grenade launcher and this is my suggestion for it's features:

+ xx% longer range
+ xx% projectile speed
+ xx% (maybe up to 50) more damage
- xx% clipsize (just one shot)...
L.A.S.E.R. Pan
Created by Gadget
L.A.S.E.R. Pan

After spacelab scientists invented traveling at the speed of light they got hungry so they also invented cooking at the speed of light. This pan is going to roast your steak in just about 10^-42 seconds.

o All-class melee weapon
o Sel...
Created by Aviven
My own version of the map cp_orange
New spawnrooms
New walls
New "towers"
Middle of the map is now balanced, its the same for both sides....
Craft (Target Practice)
TR_Craft, created for Crafting and his costum Team Fortress 2 weapon demonstration videos.

[Fixed Version RC 4]

The Heatwave
Created by Sparkwire
If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?

Check out the rest of the set!!![url={LINK REMOVED}...
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