Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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How to save Private Ryan - A basic Rising Storm guide
By Rogue Freeman?
This is a (mainly) Rising Storm guide on infantry combat!
In this guide i will be going through some weapons and basic combat traning to get you started in this game.
Basic controlls
In this section i will be showing you some of the controls in the game. (Default controlls)

A=Move Left
S=Move backwards
D=More right
Mouse 1=attack
Mouse 2=aim down sights
Mouse 3 (scroll)=melee (Hold to charge your melee and release to strike, to cancel charge press right mouse click (mouse 2))
CTRL=Cover, Radio, Bandage
ALT=Prone (toggle)
C=Crouch (toggle)
Z=Spot enemies
SHIFT=Sprint or zooming when aiming your weapon
BACKSPACE or L=Drop weapon (You cannot drop all your weapons, dropping weapons will increase your stamina and run speed)
CAPSLOCK=Voice chat (team)
Y=All chat
I=squad chat
t=tactical view (this will show you the hud and objectives etc.)
z=spotting (Use tactical view (t) and see how far away an enemy is)

To change any of the controlls simply go to the options and key bindings and change/manage them there.
Getting started
As you can probably tell this isnt your "day to day" first person shooter.
This game focuses on realism, while still being fun.

Now to get you started you should know a couple of basic things.

1. Dont get mad over your k/d ratio.
Nobody cares about how good you do. Your main goal in this game is teamwork and victory. Yes bugs and glitches might get you killed sometimes but dont get mad over it, nobody can see how many times you have died or not. (And you will die...ALLOT)

2. This game takes allot of time to master!
I have spent over 100 hours and im still not a master of it, it takes loads of time to master this game. like i said earlier this isnt one of your "day to day" shooters, soo be patient.

3. Play with bots if you feel like your not doing too well.
Bots are poorly programmed in this game, but no worries they are easy to kill. Practise with bots and you might come out on top. (i spend most of my playtime with bots, its allot of fun.)
You will start to realise that your soldier has allot of weight, this can mean the difference between life and death. you need to master your movment first, then the weapons.

Lets start of with the rifleman.
This class is almost allways open, soo everyone can pick it. You will start of with a rifle and some grenades. The rifle has high damage long range and high ammo capacity. The springfield is the gun you will start of with, it has a 5 round magazine and has some fairly good iron sights (this gun is my favourite in fact) the gun is pretty easy to master and like i said you can allways play as a rifleman.

Now the M1 GARAND. The iron sights on this beauty is fairly clunky, its the standard m4 sights. It is semi auto and has a 8 round magazine. The reload is fast too, this rifle has clips unlike the other rifles. But be carefull when reloading this gun, because it can give away your position. It makes a loud "Pling" sound when pulling out the magazine.

Once you play Riflemen a longer time and level up the class, you will get a pistol sidearm. Try to only use this in close quaters. (Pistols can be unlocked for all classes)

Automatic Rifleman

In this class u get equipped with a powerfull BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE (BAR). The BAR was the core squad support weapon, firing a 30-caliber rifle round in full or reduced automatic modes, from a 20-round magazine. The weapons spread is hard to controll becouse of its high caliber. Try to tap fire with this gun on long ranges.

Machine Gunner

This class is abit diffrent, with this class your job is too lay down some suppressive fire for your team mates, soo that they can push up. Remember that your gun is Extremely powerfull and can do allot of damage if you manage to get a flank on the japs.


With this class your job is to pick off "high value targets" like machine gunners and that stuff. You can olso scout for your team using the radio. (voice chat)

One of the least usefull classes, their job is to destroy objectives soo that your team can push up or you destroy an objective soo that you can capture it faster. (destroying a destroyible objective will capture it instantly.) Be carefull there isnt many team mates around when you throw that satchel charge, you can try to warn the team when you throw one with teamchat or voice chat.

Flame Thrower
You job is pretty obvious clear out rooms with your flamethrower and suppress the other team. Its extremely lethal, you can walk on the flames from your teamate and die. The fuel is very limmited soo be carefull.

Squad leader

This class can make the difference between victory or defeat. Your job as a squad leader is too listen to what the commander says and provide spawns for your squad, try to stay alive as long as you can as this class. You get to mark artillery for the commander. Try to mark these behind objectives to cut of japs reinforcements, or call them on the objective to clear it out soo that your team can push up in it and capture it. You also get smoke grenades, this will help your team if you are push up. You only have one smoke grenade soo use it carefully. You will be offered with a big arsenal of weapons, M1928 THOMPSON SMG, M12 SHOTGUN "Trench Gun" and M1 CARBINE. You can olso unlock enemy weapons when you level your Class. Some controlls: To call artillery just hold F and click right mouse button (mouse 1).

This class will provice recon, forced respawns and artillery for your team. squad leaders can mark our artillery for you. You can call artillery and recon in a radio. Forced respawns can be called if you bring up the map (m set as default). Please dont pick this class if you dont have a mic, the mic can help your team more than you think. Many players dont care to look at their maps (m set as default). Because when recon is up it will show you all the enemies on the map. Soo tell your team where the enemies comes from and where they shud push/defend. As a commander you get two smoke grenades, you can either drop them for teammates or go out there yourself.
Combat Tips
Here is some random tips that can help you in combat.

1. Dont peak at the same spot all the time
If you peak at the same spot all the time, your enemy will know. Say if you are in a house with allot of windows, peak at like 3 at diffrent times, enemy snipers will probably not be able to kill you. Dont peak for too long tho', then they will be able to kill you.

2. Use voice chat
Have you ever been in a succsesfull team where nobody is speaking? If the answer is yes then idk what miracle happened, but the point is to use voice chat at all times. It makes the experience a heck of a lot more fun too. As a commander and squad leader it is like a must to use voice chat.

3. Master the bullets gravity
After a while of playing you might realise that your bullets isnt hitting but you point the gun on them, this is called bullet drop. if someone is running 100 meters away and you shoot at him, you wont hit him. try to aim abit infront of him and you might hit him. (this can be practised in bot servers.)

4. Learn ranges and how far your weapon can shoot.
On most weapons when aiming you can scroll and you will get a "Range Finder", this means that if you scroll it to the max with say a M1919A4 it will shoot at 1500 meters away. The standard range on the iron sights is 100 meters. this means that if you have an target say 25 meters away you need to point the tip of the sight a little bit towards the torso to hit the head. Pictures show the range finders. (in the bottom right corner)

5. Upgrading weapons
All weapons and classes have a leveling system. To level a gun you simply need to get kill points with it, easy enought right?
Here is some usefull uppgrades
M1928 THOMPSON SMG lvl 50 (max). this will give you a drum mag and a foregrip to make it more steady, note that you wont be given more ammo if you level this weapon.

M1903 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE lvl 25 or 50. this will give you some more ammo and a bayonet. (lvl 50 will give a bigger bayonet) (hold scroll button to melee.)

M1 GARAND lvl 25 or 50. this will give you a bayonet at lvl 25 and a bigger bayonet and "the pling trick" at lvl 50. Pling trick can be used to trick your enemies that you are reloading. (keyboard 6 to use)
To lear all the weapon upgrades read this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180151731
Remeber that all these uppgrades can be achived in bot servers.

6. Remeber to give ammo
If you hear someone screaming.
"Anyone got a bandolier?" or "Im almost out!" then go up to them and give them ammo. Machine gunners and automatic riflemen have big use of ammo. They can burn through ammo very quickly. (ammo cannot be given to some classes)

7. How to aim more accurate.
If you stand up and shoot you will realise that you are not as accurate as if you would be crouching or prone. You can olso lean on objects like sandbags to make your aiming more accurate.

8. Learn how the enemy looks like.
The enemys movment is diffrent from us americans. The japs run with the gun in one hand and has the other hand free. Us americans run with both hands on our gun. Us americans have green clothing and the japs have brown clothing or white shirt and brown pants (deppending on where you are). The japs can also have grass on their backs soo watchout for that.
Learning how the enemy guns sound like is also valueble, if you hear a jap shoot with their rifle in the distance and you stay quiet you will have the advantage over them. Soo use your ears like you use your eyes.

9. Remember to catch your breath
When you run long enough you will realise that your stamina is out and you run slower, take pauses when running. Because when you are out of stamina you cant aim for crap and you wont be able to to flee from the enemy if♥♥♥♥♥♥goes down'.

Good luck
That was all the tips i can come up with, I hope it helps...good luck out there!
*Feedback will be helpfull*

Edit: i know this guide has spelling erros, I don't care to fix them since you can probably understand the messange either way.
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Rogue Freeman?  [author] Oct 18, 2015 @ 6:53am 
@hunterkiller Thanks, fixed.
HK Oct 3, 2015 @ 5:50am 
The one command I don't see is, 'Healing/Bandage'
Titan Sep 26, 2015 @ 4:20pm 
you say Us Americans, but im an Australian , anyway good guide
Galloping Knob Rot Sep 10, 2015 @ 8:13am 
Even though bots are poorly programmed...ya gotta admit they have some god like accuracy
Madman_Jack [moat.gg] Sep 10, 2015 @ 2:22am 
I am a Private Ryan and I approve of this basics guide.

@Jimanania "The Heroes of the West" mod group/team is working on that.
Jimamania Sep 8, 2015 @ 4:05pm 
I wish there was a usa vs german battles
Satire Sep 7, 2015 @ 8:47pm 
Practise with bots and you might come out on top. (i spend most of my playtime with bots, its allot of fun.

jeezus christ how bad do u have to be to lose to bots autism incarnate right here gas urself
R r a m i r e z Sep 7, 2015 @ 2:45am 
great guide i didnt know why i couldnt go forward but i was pressing numpad 8 instead of w
Limitz Sep 7, 2015 @ 2:45am 
I never knew that W= move forward
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Great guide