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Shadowrun Returns

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GiTS Campaign Additional UGC's
Additional UGC's for fan-made Campaign "Ghost in the Shell Source of a Soul"

Дополнительный контент для пользовательской кампании "Призрак в доспехах: Источник души"
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Geeked - portraits and props
Created by Geeked
22sept2014 - update added/updated VTOL props - black and UCAS versions, added Glutman and Akimi portraits for SNES Reboot

DESCRIPTION: A big barrel of props to use with SRR UGC. Includes;

(barrens) - window glow for barrens building 04, hotel signa...
Henshep's Props
Created by Jombler
New, custom props for your UGC. I'm creating a LOT of these for my Berlin campaign, so many in fact that I'm not sure if the actual module will ever be done. Anyway, I'll happily take requests (mostly altering original HBS stuff, since drawing original pro...
Props and Stuff
Created by Divinity_One
This is a props and stuff pack I intend to regularly update to create a source for both new and existing, but modified, props from the existing game. There is no overall theme to this pack, the items included (listed below) are simply creations I have made...
Shadowrun Fifth Edition Profiles v1.0.1
Created by Daemon
These are various character portraits that I have found in the Shadowrun Fifth Edition core rulebook. These include the pregenerated characters as well as various other characters found within the pages of the sourcebook. These are free to be used by anyon...
Alternate Player Outfits
Created by R.I.P
Alternate Player Outfits

This data-only content pack includes statted Npc alternate versions of the player outfits for player use.Once added via the Shadowrun Returns editor,The Alt.versions can be found in the editor "player outfits" list or on three...