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Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 3, 2015 @ 10:00am
Apr 23, 2015 @ 7:34am
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48 Hours left on the Kickstarter
Hello Everyone!

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is now entering its last 48 Hours on the Kickstarter campaign! Thank you everyone for keeping up with Deadwood and supporting us through this incredible journey! We're looking for one last push to reach those last few stretch goals. The Kickstarter is less than $3k away from unlocking Dungeons and Caves! (which we would love to give you all).

Help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and messenger bird! This goal is definitely not out of our reach!

Thank you Everyone! Let's Roll on!

- Steamroller

Team 17 Announcement!

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist. You play as Lathe, a teenage woodling and an avid inventor. During your adventures you are accompanied by a stone giant named Roguard. Together you must fight back hordes of wooden zombies, better known as "The Deadwood" and stop the curse from spreading through the land of Knottington.

By day, Roguard will protect you from the deadwood. This will allow you the freedom to explore the land of Knottington. You’ll scavenge for resources and then use those resources to craft your weapons and defenses. Because when the sun sets, Roguard falls asleep, leaving you alone to fight back the deadwood and protect your stone companion. With the right balance of strategy and skill you may just survive the night.

  • Zelda meets Don’t Starve. A unique blend of adventuring and survival.
  • An incredible story about an unlikely friendship in a world ravaged by wooden zombies.
  • Scavenge for resources and then build customized weapons and defenses.
  • Wide variety of interesting weapons at your disposal.
  • Amber modifiers give every weapon a unique and strategic attribute.
  • Huge open world filled with fun, quirky characters.
  • Beautiful art and animation with a stylized, cartoony feel.
  • Platforms - PC, Linux, Mac (more to come).

Visit for more details!

At it’s core, Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is about learning the true meaning of friendship. Players will progress through the story line as Lathe, our young avid inventor, who teams up with our lovable stone giant Roguard. Together they will learn that the only way to survive is to work together.


The Almighty Deodar Tree brought the Deadwood curse to the land of Knottington many centuries ago. The tree started out as a seed that washed ashore and was picked up by a monk, named Ingot Barton. He planted it, cherished it, and for decades, watched it grow into Knottington's most wonderful living entity. The monk named it the Almighty Deodar.

No one could have foretold what transpired after the monk's sudden death. The tree's darker intent manifested and it awakened the dead monk. Out of his grave the undead monk rose, thus beginning the deadwood plague.

The Almighty Deodar's power could not be stopped, but it was kept at bay by 4 mysterious stone companions. They cast a spell that contained the Deadwood curse within the forest later known as the Deadwood Forest.


The tree never bore any seeds, until a few years ago when an old woodling named Radley (aka The Keeper) came across a seed hanging from the highest branch of The Almighty Deodar.

Radley was terrified. He openly spoke about the curse that could once again be set on the land, but he was only laughed at. Too many years had past and the Deadwood curse had long been forgotten. So Radley took it upon himself to protect and monitor the seed. Lathe worked as Radley's apprentice and was taught everything he needed to know regarding the survival of a deadwood apocalypse.

Core Reasons you'll want to play Deadwood

Deadwood:The Forgotten Curse is an epic tale about two very different characters learning about the true meaning of friendship. This engaging story is partnered with our unique gameplay blend of survival and adventuring.

Day/Night Cycle. Our world changes and the player must be able to adapt quickly in order to survive the night. Use your crafting skills to build tactical defenses and weapons to protect your sleepy friend, Roguard, against the Deadwood.

Art Driven World. Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse has a beautifully painted art style and fun cartoony animation. Explore a "quirky and cute" world filled with dangerous forests, vast plains, and tons of fun and unique characters.

Let's get crafty! Our crafting system allows the player to build various types of weapons and defenses. Use the materials and amber modifiers you've gathered while scavenging on your journey. As long as you've acquired the design and the proper materials, you can craft away.

There are four core defense types: landmines, barricades, turrets, and decoys. All will require different materials and amber to craft, and each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

Scavenge, Secure, Survive

  • Scavenge: Search buildings/bodies for materials. Breakdown certain items for resources. Explore areas for items such as ammo and health.

  • Secure: Build barricades, traps, mines, and decoys to help hold down the fort and plan for the night’s attack. Also fortify/repair existing structures during attacks as deadwoods wear them down.

  • Survive: Omni-directional top-down shooting mechanics. The deadwood take effort and strategy to kill, so be careful, they never stop coming.

Uncover Amber. During your exploration of Knottington you'll gather many types of amber, which is used to modify weapons and defenses. Each modifier has a unique source of energy.

Lathe - An avid inventor with a tendency to day dream most of his hours away, works as an apprentice to Radley, the old Keeper of Deadwood Pass. The Keepers job is to watch over the Almighty tree of Deadwood Forest, and to make sure no-one ever plucks its wicked seed. Having worked with Radley for the past few years, Lathe has grown fond of the old Woodling.... and learning about a possible Deadwood apocalypse is much more fun than going to school or doing house chores. Lathe enjoys the fact that Radley is incredibly passionate about his job as the Keeper, and takes the job of Apprentice Keeper very seriously, even though the town's people feel it's just a silly job to keep an old woodling occupied.

Roguard -This deadwood infestation cannot be stopped by Lathe alone. Who would a true hero be, like Lathe, without his rock solid companion. Roguard is made of stone and has a big heart that's captured by life’s simple beauty. Roguard unfortunately has no recollection of where he's come from with the exception that he knows he's lived in the mountains for many, many years. He is troubled by one thought however. He feels the need to find these... sparkles, but he has no idea to what these sparkles could be. When he runs into Lathe he realizes that there is a bigger problem afoot and swears to help in anyway he can to prevent further danger to woodlings.

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Mar 17, 2015 @ 4:43am
How about a translation to Portuguese (Brazil)?
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AgentAnderson Jan 12 @ 7:22pm 
Looks like they got the "Forgotten" part right
Lord CeXXXar. Jul 17, 2015 @ 12:43am 
really interesting game
Preytorkamen May 19, 2015 @ 5:35pm 
The golem reminds me of Clash of Clans
Kaseki May 3, 2015 @ 1:59am 
So looking forward to this :D
This is the first thing I've backed on kickstarter :)
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡Ovicior Apr 23, 2015 @ 2:20pm 
Don't want to sound racist, biased, or stereotyped in anyway. There aren't many Indians in the game industry, and I've noticed one of the developers is Indian. What did he do before this project? Curious because I'm an aspiring game dev, and I too am Indian :)
SRS  [author] Apr 23, 2015 @ 7:34am 
Thanks for all the great feedback guys! We will definitely be optimizing it before we release it on Steam!

At the Moment we are working towards our PS4 Stretch Goal on Kickstarter! We just unlocked Endless Mode!
Bagel Apr 19, 2015 @ 3:00pm 
Hey I made a video of the demo if anyone is interested.
Video Here
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡Ovicior Apr 19, 2015 @ 2:44pm 
Will the game be better optimized when released on Steam?
soup thief Apr 18, 2015 @ 11:37pm 
yup could be great +
luigicali Apr 17, 2015 @ 7:12am